NAPA (CBS SF) — Two people suffered minor injuries when a small plane skidded off a runway at Napa County Airport and collided with a car on a nearby highway.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Mike Fergus said preliminary information indicates that the single-engine Beech aircraft lost power and made a “gear-up” landing Sunday afternoon.

Fergus said when the plane skidded off the runway it hit the back of a car on Highway 29.

Two people in the car suffered minor injuries. Two people on board the plane were not hurt, though Fergus said the plane suffered “substantial damage.”

The incident is being investigated by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.

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  1. Art Morris says:

    Your news story regarding the airplane crashing near the Napa County Airport was poorly researched and reported on. Your report said that it “skidded off a runway”. There are no runways near 29 without first running through the buildings of an industrial complex. The distance between the end of runway 6 and hwy 29 is more than 4000 feet or about 3/4 of a mile away. Please check out this story by Napa Patch

    They reported that the plane hit a light signal, but there are no light signals right there. The closest is at the intersection 1/8 mile north. The pilot however, did hit the “Signal Ahead Sign” as evidenced from the photo in the story. Not sure what happened but I would venture that the pilot was trying to land or take-off from runway 6 (from west to east direction). He probably stalled the aircraft meaning that the air was no longer coming over the wings, and he lost lift. He then nosed it over and “landed” (crashed) into 29 and came to rest between 29 and the Doctor’s Company. (my opinion based on the story and photos).

    Also, a quick check of Google maps on satellite view would have shown you that it is impossible for an airplane to skid off the end of the runway into hwy 29.

  2. Tyneesha says:

    this story ??? u r fired !!

  3. steve gallagher says:

    Art Morris is correct; there’s no way you could skid off a runway onto Hwy 29. However, I believe Art is just as wrong as the article he criticizes by guessing as to the cause of the accident. There is no evidence whatsoever that this was a departure stall accident. In fact, the article he cites says the plane was trying to land.

  4. Art Morris says:

    Steve, you are correct that there is no evidence as to a stall, and I said that was just an opinion. The opinion was based on one of the largest causes of aircraft going down: the stall. Everyone knows that stalls occur usually when a pilot pulls back on the yoke and increases the angle of attack to a point where there is not enough airflow over the wings. Since we both agree that the accident could not have happened upon landing since hwy 29 is 3/4 mile away and there are numerous industrial buildings between the runway and hwy 29, the pilot had to once again be airborne when the problem occurred. I theorized that after he landed and did a touch and go, or approached the landing had to go around for a missed approach. Since there are buildings on the far end of the runway, it is logical to assume that he possibly pulled back too hard on the yoke and stalled the airplane trying to climb over the buildings after a touchdown. This would have then resulted in a pitch-down attitude and the pilot would have then had to put it down where he could with what little altitude and airspeed he had.

    Another option was that he lost power upon either doing a touch-and-go or a missed approach. He very well could have had power upon take off, but may have lost power and would have to also find a quick place to put it down. Either way, there is no way this accident happened upon landing. If that was the case, the airplane would have either landed safely, crashed on the runway, or run off the end of the runway. The accident had to have happened after the pilot took off again for the above reasons. The only other possible scenario that I can think of it that the pilot was in pattern waiting to land and lost power and had to set it down. The plane is on display in the parking lot of the Napa Airport if anyone wants to see it.

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