SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The talk was jobs at an economic conference hosted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Wednesday in Mission Bay, where the state’s new job czar shared some ideas for making the state friendlier for business.

Governor Jerry Brown’s newly appointed Job Czar Michael Rossi, said that the government should “set the table” for the private sector to create jobs, and that can be done with continued efforts.

“The governor has been working since before I’ve been there with other legislators to further reduce the regulatory burden,” said Rossi. “Now, we’re all Californians and we know that is not easy, but it’s imperative.”

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Rossi would like to see a service-oriented approach to helping businesses who want to expand in the state.

“I’d like to be sure that we get every advantage to manufacture the products created in Silicon Valley in California,” said Rossi.

He’s also an advocate of high speed rail, calling it a tipping point exercise for jobs and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo has become the Small Business Administration’s first bank to lend a billion dollars in a year to small business.

“They are lending money to small businesses and middle-sized businesses so that they can invest more in their capital and hire more people. The economy benefits as a result,” said President of San Francisco Bay Region for Wells Fargo, Mike Billeci, who adds the bank has loaned 27 percent more small business loan dollars in the year ending in August, as compared to a year ago.

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