CUPERTINO (CBS 5) – Apple Inc. is getting a little too big for its current Cupertino home. Now the company’s plans for expansion are being met with opposition from neighbors.

A second Apple campus would be good news for the city, adding more jobs and additional revenue. But, as some residents pointed out at a community meeting Thursday, it could also add traffic.

Apple wants to build a facility, dubbed “the spaceship,” on a 100 acre parcel currently home to former Hewlett Packard offices in the northeast section of the city.

The gleaming four-story circular structure would be surrounded by orchards, and house offices for 12,000 workers.

“I want it done right. I want to make sure that the public gets their input in there,” said Patrick Robbins, who would be one of the building’s closest neighbors. “It wouldn’t break my heart if it didn’t happen.”

The proposal also calls for the closure of Pruneridge Ave.

Resident Darrell Lum said closing Pruneridge would cut off neighboring Sunnyvale customers from reaching local businesses.

“All of sudden there’s a wall there,” said Lum.

“It’s probably going to be a little hit for us, for something that’s bigger for the City of Cupertino and Silicon Valley,” said Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong.

Thursday’s meeting was just an early step toward constructing the second campus.

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Comments (14)
  1. Poock says:

    So 49ers stadium is not too big for Santa Clara but new Apple building is too big for Cupertino. And I thought that all of you Silicone Valley geeks was in love with Apple.

  2. Moock says:

    Come to Santa Clara – Cupertino can have the 49ers…

  3. Cathat says:

    Whiners – I live near there. Its really no big deal. So there’s more traffic – that is inevitable as cities grow. They’re displacing a big old office complex area anyway. Maybe some of the pathetic strip malls near by will get better and this will improve this part of the city.

    I like the fact that as apple grows its not abandoning the area for some place North or East in the SF bay like so many companies do to save a few bucks.

  4. MWS says:

    What you(Cupertino) are complaining about does’t make any since because there will be 12,000 people added to the area to shop. So who cares about access from Sunnyvale? Plus the boost in the community jobs and area overrides your petty concerns. Some of us who are unemployed right now because construction is down say you are nuts. So wake up Cupertino and accept it. If you don’t like it move. People like you are the reason why it is taking so long for the recession to recover because of all the hassle businesses have to go through to get anything done, are you part of the problem or the answer, your choice?

    1. WillSee says:

      The new campus IS a space ship. When completed, an all hands meeting will be called and those who attend will be transported to Pluto. “To Serve Man” is a cookbook! Soylent Green is people.

  5. CupRes says:

    As a Cupertino resident who lives near the proposed Apple 2 site I couldn’t be happier with the prospect of this new building! I foresee a tremendous boost to the local businesses and restaurants. Maybe this is the jolt that will rejuvenate our dismal Vallco mall. Home values near Apple 2 are also bound to go up as well.C

  6. RG says:

    As a former Cupertino resident and former HP employee and now living in San Jose, I think it is fantastic that Apple wants to use the old HP location for a new campus. It is good for Apple, good for Cupertino, and good for the County. Any analysis would show the positives outweigh minor issues like an increase in traffic.

    Residents who don’t want Apple to have new campus in their neighborhood have rocks in their heads. Cupertino is a great city and Apple as has helped make it great.

  7. MP says:

    Fools. This is going to raise property values and not in a trivial way either. If you still don’t like it, then sell at a nice profit in a year or two to an Apple employee and move.

  8. roxpop says:

    Why is apple manufacturing all in China? People would buy their products anyway – with $50 – 100 more. Is this a real competition?
    I like Jobs, I like what they did but I am not sure I will buy any more products from them as long all manufacturing in in Asia

  9. ben says:

    The old HP-Compaq buildings are eyesores. Some are empty, because they are structurally unsound. Here, Apple wants to provide 12,000 jobs, and much-needed municipal revenue for Cupertino….but PEOPLE STILL COMPLAIN!!!! Maybe Apple should just move EVERYTHING to China, and let these ungrateful Cupertinians see their taxes go up 500%

  10. MM says:

    They’re PC users…

  11. Cecile says:

    . . . Glorified Morons at the very least….Always a few idiots voicing their worthless opinion to a Great project and Company…WE in San Jose, did the same stupid move many years ago

  12. Nicky says:

    Wthat the hell is wrong with these people. Don’t they get it? Having the Apple Campus in your neighborhood will increase your property’s value. Besides, would you rathjer see the Apple Campus built in some other state rather than in Cupertino. I say you don;t like the idea…move somewhere else.

  13. Betty says:

    I live quite near where this new building site is and I say bring it on! It will be great for the local businesses and will raise property values for everyone. As for the traffic, whatever. The people said the same thing when Kaiser went in at Lawrence and Homestead and there is no more traffic now than there was before. To those complaining about Pruneridge being closed off, again, who cares. The stretch they are planning to close off is a dead zone anyway, I’m sure they’ve done traffic survey’s and figured out that the impact is minimal compared to the overall gain for the area.