OAKLAND (CBS/AP) — A resident unhappy about strict enforcement of eyesore properties is complaining about the unkempt property of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, dubbing her the “Queen of Residential Blight.”

Ken Pratt showed up at this week’s Oakland City Council meeting with photographs of overgrown ivy and brush at the mayor’s hillside home.

The homeowner said city building inspectors are mistreating property owners for blight conditions with excessive fines and liens. Pratt accused the city of giving special treatment to the mayor.

Late Wednesday, after the council meeting, video was broadcast of a gardener cleaning up Quan’s property.

Quan acknowledged Thursday that she had failed to clear her property of overgrown vegetation, but she denies her property was an eyesore and insists she’s not getting special treatment.

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  1. Cliff Flores says:

    That is not so unusual with public officials. In Milpitas, many years ago, we had a neighbor who routinely let his German shepard out to wander the neighborhood and defecate wherever he was inclined. Personally confronting the owner’s wife, their story was…”Oh, I guess Rocky got out again.” (Later, the owner became the Mayor of San Jose!!!!