SARATOGA (CBS/ALICE @ 97.3) – Bay Area Midday Jock, Jayn of Alice@97.3 had a chance to talk to legendary band, Duran Duran during their concert stop at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga Monday night.

Jayn: Last night was one of the best, most entertaining shows I have been to in the LONGEST time. Duran Duran still 100% have it, and they brought it to Saratoga last night. I was lucky enough to host a Q and A with the band before the show, and then snap some pics of Alice winners after that!

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My favorite part of the Q and A was when I asked each of the guys (John, Roger, and Nick were there for that part… Simon joined in later) what extravagant gift they had bought themselves when they knew they had made it… in other words, after the initial massive success of Duran Duran, what did they each buy themselves as their first true celebratory indulgence.

(L-R) John Taylor, Roger Taylor & Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran

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PICTURES: Duran Duran At Mountain Winery

John said his “We made it” purchase was an Aston Martin. Roger’s was a Mercedes Benz convertible (hilarious side note to his story was that he had let his driver’s license lapse… so he had a Benz and no license! He had to take the test all over again just to drive it.) But it was Nick who had the absolute best answer… he told me, very directly, that he “put a Picasso on his AMEX.” Best. Answer. Ever.

Originally written by Jayn
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