SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The year-end numbers are out for San Francisco labor costs, with some of the figures astoundingly high.

KCBS political insider Phil Matier said this is not the first time the city has had a problem paying thousands of dollars in overtime.

“A huge number of people are making over $250,000 a year and there are questions about overtime and management,” Matier said. “Especially when you see a lot of the highest paid employees, those making over $300,000, shifted from the usual police and fire guys and gals who are about to retire over to the Public Health Department.”

KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier:

In all, 10 nurses made over $250,000 in fiscal 2010-11 and four made over $300,000. According to the Health Department, they worked an average of 67 ½ hours a week.

Matier said that many people are now bringing up the issue because a lot of these employees are working tremendously long hours at high-stress jobs.

“Whether it’s about police who carry guns, firefighters who save lives and nurses and such and the administrators,” said Matier. “And the administrators, what pay and benefits they’re getting?”

He said this has been an issue for quite some time but it is very rare not only in San Francisco, but any part of the state, to have a public hearing over payroll questions.

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