BERKELEY (CBS SF) – Fever, headaches, muscle aches and fatigue. For members of the University of California at Berkeley community, these symptoms could spell more than a common cold—they could mean a case of the mumps.

The university community is experiencing an outbreak of the viral infection after several cases of mumps were confirmed in students last Thursday, campus health officials said.

On Tuesday, UC Berkeley’s health services website posted an alert about the outbreak, encouraging all Cal students, faculty and staff—regardless of their vaccination history—to receive an additional dose of the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, or MMR.

Most people receive two doses of MMR, with the first administered at 12 to 15 months of age and the second given any time at least four weeks after the first dose.

Mumps is spread by droplets of saliva or mucus originating from the mouth, nose or throat of an infected person.

“University Health Services and the City of Berkeley’s Public Health Division are working closely with the California Department of Public Health to limit (the) spread of the disease,” the alert read.

Members of the UC Berkeley community should review their vaccination history, and health officials recommend that people seek vaccination if they are not sure whether they have received two doses of MMR.

Officials also said that a third MMR dose may be helpful in stopping mumps outbreaks.

The cases confirmed last week involved students residing on the Clark-Kerr campus, which is about half a mile south of the main campus, and living in the Cloyne student cooperative on the north side of campus. A suspected case also involved a student residing in the Cheney Hall dormitory.

The number of confirmed cases was not provided in the alert.

Symptoms generally develop 16 to 18 days after exposure to the virus, but may manifest anywhere between 14 to 25 days after exposure, health officials said.

Those who may have been exposed to mumps should be alert for symptoms including fever, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite, as well as swollen or tender salivary glands under the ears, jaw or under the tongue—on one or both sides of the face.

Treatment involves getting plenty of rest and consuming fluids. Antibiotics, which are not effective against viruses, are not useful in treating mumps.

University health officials advice those who may be infected to stay home and contact a health care provider. UC Berkeley students or Tang Center patients may contact the nurse advice line at (510) 643-7197.

Calls to representatives from University Health Services and the City of Berkeley’s Public Health Division seeking comment were not immediately returned Wednesday.

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  1. Leapin Lizzy says:

    So the kids got the mumps.
    Oh My God!
    Bring out the cavalry.
    Bring out the scaremongers.
    Bring out the vaccine fascists.
    Make sure all the 12 year old girls have the HPV vaccine.
    Deny their civil rights if they won’t accept vaccines with thimerosal.
    Give them the useless flu shot while you’re at it.
    Bring in the SWAT teams.
    Oh my God.
    Oh my God.

    1. Reality Check says:

      If a young man contracts mumps, he may be rendered permanently infertile. While your mother may have celebrated, it may have a profound impact on those effected.

      1. krp says:

        At Berkley? FEWER LIBERALS!!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!

      2. FRAUD OUTBREAK IN D.C. says:

      3. CHANGE, WE CAN BEREAVE IN says:

        @ FRAUD…

        I just reported you to

      4. Shadow says:

        If this means some of those looney liberals there won’t be able to reproduce, this isn’t all bad.

      5. Timothy says:

        Left out the part about painful, swollen testicles that cause the sterility in adult males with mumps.

      6. kattisch says:

        Think about this, they are sterilizing you with the vaccines so what’s the difference? I’d rather take my chances. Also, why would there be an outbreak if everyone is already vaccinated? Seems like more reason to stay AWAY from vaccinations. Honestly, do some research on what’s in your vaccinations. It’s a eugenicist weapon against ignorant people!

      7. glenp says:

        I see what vaccines have done to destroy your thought processes and possibly your brain matter.

        You can’t even put 2 words together to make sense

      8. Gabriel says:

        If that were true, your very existence would prove it’s inefficacy.

      9. hateislam says:

        Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people

      10. Oliver Coco says:

        Outbreak can be traced to Julio Sanchez Ramirez Gomez – the ILLEGAL alien that got into Bezerkely with a 600 SAT score and all college expenses paid for by the late, great bankrupt state of CA. The whole SF Bay Area (once a great place) is now a liberal cesspool. You are witnessing the future of America.

        Liberalism really is a Mental disorder.

      11. Mumpless says:

        Fantastic… Less libs to reproduce!!!

    2. Tom Menino says:


    3. JERKSY says:

      classic… so the college kids are sharing bowls…. stop sharing bongs and bowls.

    4. Dimensio says:

      I am curious; do you suffer physical discomfort as a consequence of your demonstrable mental incompetence?

    5. Russ says:

      People who don’t have their kids vaccinated against these common and totally preventible diseases are complete fools. Sound like anyone you know, Lizzy? I suspect you’re in Berkeley – go get a few big sloppy kisses from some guy with the mumps, why don’t ya.

      1. TroyG says:

        You know Russ, what the Medical community thinks it knows today, may be totally wrong. What it knew 50 years ago was even worse. There are recent studies which question whether Cholesterol, and Salt are the devils they have been made out to be for decades. Regular doses of aspirin have recently been shown to have a hand in blindness.
        Ever hear of Antibiotic Resistant bacteria? It’s a huge problem, and becoming worse.
        Here’s my prediction, all these immunizations are actually harmful to the species as a whole. 100 years from now, they will still be finding links to new disease caused by Timmy or Joan not having traditional childhood diseases. I’ve had measles, mumps, and chickenpox, while they might have killed me, they didn’t, and I’m certain my immune system received a benefit by my contracting those diseases.
        So you see, there are some who believe that those who continue to sign up for all these immunizations are the fools amongst us, it just isn’t proven yet. It will be because mother nature is a bit*h.

      2. WhiteSquare says:

        Troy, you are the worst kind of activist. You have a small amount of knowledge, yet you think you know a lot. Let’s begin.

        There’s a difference between moderate consumption of cholesterol and salt (which don’t need be capitalized, btw) and over-consumption. The only people that make any consumption of those two out to be bad simply want your money. There has never been any kind of report that said those two were bad for you, but an excess of those two has been proven harmful in many ways.

        Also, comparing that subject to whether or not vaccinations are safe is like comparing the athletic benefits of judo to whether or not a specific type of car is worth driving. One is not related to the other.

        The aspirin claim is only related to people that are already pre-disposed to blindness, not everyone that takes it. Additionally, no one should ever take aspirin regularly unless they’ve consulted with their medical provider so that their own individual risk factors could be evaluated.

        Antibiotic resistant bacteria have nothing to do with virus vaccinations. Virus and bacteria are not related, except they are both microscopic. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses and viral vaccines have no affect on bacteria. Again, judo and car driving.

        The benefit of vaccinations is that people have been protected from disease. Thousands, even millions, have been protected from infertility, blindness, paraplegia, death and a host of other disease all because of vaccinations.

        If you’re worried about the POTENTIAL negative affects of vaccinations, you should stop driving. Forever. Actually, you should stop eating, as thousands of people choke TO DEATH on their food every year.

        The only benefit your immune system received from having those diseases is that you are now immune to those diseases. Your immune system is not better in any other way, nor will it help you fight any other disease because you had them. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any need for vaccinations because once we had our quota of diseases, our immune system would have enough experience points to level up and fight everything else. Sadly, life is not a video game.

        I’d rather be living, walking, seeing fool with immunizations than a childless, handicapped, blind, dead fool without them.

        Take a biology class sometime. That might help your understanding of the human body and how it works.

  2. bitters says:

    Berkley you say? Wonder if it’s true that mumps makes guys sterile..couldn’t happen in a better place…

  3. sfoxe says:

    Liberal students want things for free, there ya go. Got some lumps on your faces.

    1. Argus says:

      Now THAT’S a funny comment. I make it a point to find something funny to laugh about everyday and this satisfies my search for today. The comment, not the mumps. Had those as a child, so I’m not being unkind. Still laughing. Thanks!

    2. Get Well says:

      UC Berkeley deserves credit for being the only University I know of who tested the milk, vegetables, etc. in the U.S. for radation from Japan’s nuclear plant meltdowns.

      Learn more about the radiation in the U.S. from Japan’s 3 nuclear meltdowns:

      1. www dot enenews dot com
      2. Google “Berkeley radiation forum”
      3. Google “Jeff McMahon Forbes radiation milk”

      1. Russ says:

        No radiation will get through their tinfoil hats.

  4. lawrenzo says:

    Berkley… to bad mumps isn’t fatal

    1. Recapture America says:

      right on schedule…be careful what you wish for. you may find your held higher than thou medical adviser, AKA as your dr. was wrong about the efficacy or that there are no side effects (LOL!!) of the vaccines you are so proud to be genetically modified to. good luck..get more..its good for you.- its obviously helped your awesome awareness and knowledge.. 🙂

    2. Recapture America says:

      hey Lawrenzo, break out the bubbly…you got your stoopitasswish..
      Potentially Fatal Bacterial Outbreak At San Francisco Hospital

      but you might not know this…mumps is caused by a virus and this deadlty outbreak in the hospital is a bacteria…but death is death and its all cool, right?

      my g-d, you ignorant idiots that are so quick to wish and dish out death to fellow humans..


      1. HPS says:

        OMG I’m dead?? I had the mumps.. so I guess I should get all my tax dollars back since I am not here..Your the ignorant idiot.. you do realize before they gave shots for this 99.9% of people who caught the MUMPS survived.. and the other .01% died from something other than the mumps virus.. A VIRUS is something ones BODY builds up an immunity to.. just like the FLU.. WARTS.. etc. and for those of us like myself who CAN’T have the flu shot we get the flu SELDOM.. because our BODIES were allowed to build up a NATURAL immunity.. do don’t get your panties in a bunch..

      2. Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILED 'E-VERIFY' says: will now Vaccinate-U… and you’ll live on to destroy the USA.

  5. Hp says:

    This is because of the crazies who get medical advice from playboy bunnies like Jenny McCarthy

    I guess we willnhave to get the old polio iron lungs out from the dust they have been collecting since the polio vaccine came out

    Hpv vaccine prevents cervical cancer the religious nut wings want girls to get cancer if they think of sex

    1. Dont drink the Kool Aid says:

      Please read the National Vaccine Information Centers website before you make uneducated comments regarding vaccines.
      If the vaccines worked so well, why is there an outbreak?

      1. TruthSpeaker says:

        oh, how about illegals????

      2. Joebob Briggs says:

        Because a large portion of the Berkly campus didn’t get vaccinated because they foolishly think the vaccines side effects are worse than getting the mumps… a disease that can KILL you. Research “herd immunity” and educate yourself. If you do not get vaccinated, you not only put your life in danger, you put us all in danger.

      3. Big E in VA says:

        Because their “progressive” parents refused to allow them to be vaccinated! Got the ACLU involved, wasted MILLIONS in law suits against the government… They are now reaping what they sowed and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

      4. ra says:

        exactly!! these sheep that think vaccines work?? outbreak is not only amongst illegals..i would like to know however, how many poeple that were vaccinated got the mumps and the number of peop0le that werent vaccinated,gor the mumps..

        and that assinine statement that people not vaccinate pose a threat to those that are vaccinated??/how does that work? logically speaking of course., not stupid ass speaking. People need to do real research regarding LIFE., and not just continue the BS spread by those that do little REAL research or lie about the results to push an agenda to buy their harmful meds or junk food. people need to learn the role of, nutrition, with diseases, etc…

      5. david says:

        Some people cannot be vaccinated or for some reason the vaccine doesn’t work. Those people relyon other people to be vaccinated in order to be protected. The reason is simple. If the spread of the virus is limited because people are vaccinated, less people are exposed tothe virus and are therefore less likely to contract the virus. That is what is meant by herd immunity. When people refuse to be vaccinated, they put those people, the ones who cannot be vaccinated, at risk. As for the vaccine being more dangerous than the virus, any informed person can easily see that the rates of death and injury from the virus before vaccination existed were much higher than the rates of people who are injured by the vaccination and virus since the vaccine has been used. For those who prefer to get their information from uneducated, ignorant people, i guess they’ll also remain ignorant.

      6. Jason says:

        You make a good point. Students who have had the MMR shot can still get Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. And all the boosters in the world won’t necessarily prevent it from happening. Please don’t generalize and assume the people who have the mumps at Berkeley were the people who were never vaccinated.

      7. Scientician Jones says:

        Because vaccination rates dropped.

        It’s quite simple, vaccination rates increase, preventable disease rates fall.

        Vaccination rates decrease preventable disease rates increase.

        Our parents and grandparents saw what these diseases could do, and the lack of seeing their effects have lulled us into a false sense of security.

    2. Mao Che what says:

      Hp is the crazy!

      Religious people want choice. They want to decide if they want a particular vaccine. Any one should have that choice. Religious or not.

      If vaccinations are so effective, why do people need more shots? Why does it matter if some people opt not to get shots? People who receive their vaccinations should be immune.

      Look up contaminated batch of vaccination serum. Vaccination is more voodoo than science.

      Pig pox, cancer cells, green monkey cancer cells, recombined DNA…

      Talk with old school surgeons. Ask their views about this debate. I was surprised to find that they are more worried about long term chronic illness vs a short term illness (mumps).

      Public sanitation has been the blessing.

      1. Big E in VA says:

        Went to Berkeley did you? How’s that woking out for you?

      2. lsld says:

        As a microbiologist, I just have to comment on two items you mentioned. First of all, doctors are typically not experts in micro. In fact, we often have seen resistance in trying to get them to implement proper aseptic techniques as well as prescribing fewer antibiotics in cases that don’t require them. As far as public sanitation goes, yes, it has been a blessing except for the fact it is the one factor that caused the large scale Polio outbreaks in the early to mid 20th century. It is a disease that took advantage of cleanliness.

      3. Gabriel says:

        Mao’s logic is unassailable. “If vaccinations are so effective, why do people need more shots?” I agree. By the same token, seatbelts are worthless, otherwise, why do people die in car crashes? Why is drunk driving illegal? If seatbelts are worn, nobody’s gonna get hurt in the crash. In reality, however, nothing is 100% effective. Yes, you may die in a car crash even wearing your seatbelt, but that is not a reason not to wear one. Yes, even with a vaccine, you may still get sick, but chances are you will not.

    3. Sheri says:

      I’m a pharmacist. The HPV vaccine only possibly protects against two kinds of strains of HPV that may cause cancer, and it only protects for a few years. Forty two girls have died from this vaccine and there have been over 17,500 reports of side effects. Some of these side effects are very serious, such as permanent paralysis. My daughter will never receive this vaccine and I cannot in good conscience recommend it for any one else. Expose your daughter to these risks if you want but leave the rest of us alone! I am not anti-vaccine. My children have all the required shots for school but both have had serious reactions to the DPT vaccine so they will not be receiving any more than the required vaccines. In my opinion Gardasil should have been removed from the market years ago. Maybe you should educate yourself before you criticize Christians who don’t want to expose their children to this vaccine.

      1. Correlation=Causation? says:

        First, everyone should know that “no cause-effect links have been found between HPV vaccine and adverse events, including blood clots, allergic reactions, strokes, seizures, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, birth defects, miscarriages, or infant/fetal deaths.”

        Go here for HPV vaccine facts:

        Second, to the poster above: you’re a pharmacist, not a doctor. In your opinion–which should be humbly limited to your scope of practice–the life-saving HPV vaccine should be removed from the market? Have you ever treated a woman dying from cervical cancer? I have. Cervical cancer is a devastatingly sad thing to see. Yes, you are correct in saying that the most common formulation of the HPV vaccine “only” protects against two specific cancer-causing HPV serotypes (16 and 18). Only? Is protection against two of the most common cancer causing HPV serotypes not good enough for your daughter? By the way, the vaccine also protects against two serotypes associated with genital warts (6 and 11)–hardly a benign condition.

        Your assertion that the HPV vaccine protects women from cervical cancer for “only a few years” is based on what science? I won’t delve into the specifics of vaccine immunology, the heterogenous host responses to the human papillomavirus, cancer biology, or the basic science research behind this truly remarkable life-saving treatment, but I want the readers of this story to know that this claim is simply false.

        Again, if you–or other readers of this story–really want to educate yourself, go here:

        Whom do you trust? Leading pediatricians at one of the top children’s hospitals in the country who have dedicated their lives to research and treating children, or someone like Jenny McCarthy, a playboy bunny irresponsibly and dangerously posing as a public health expert?

        I won’t describe why your misrepresentation of the statistics of vaccine safety is wrong and dangerous (again, refer to the website above for a scientific explanation of the risks and benefits of vaccines, which is based on an actual analysis of the entire medical literature, not the citation of cherry-picked statistics). I will merely point readers to your error in suggesting that correlation equals causation. In other words, just because event A happens around exposure X does not necessarily mean that X CAUSED A. Vaccine epidemiology is an enormously complex (and fascinating) field, but one of the core concepts of this scientific discipline is exactly this point. The truth? ZERO girls have died or developed permanent paralysis from the HPV vaccine.

      2. MDstudent says:

        Have you ever seen cervical cancer? A really bad case of genital warts (I’m talking warts the size of a basketball)? Yeah, the vaccine only protects against 2 (or 4 with with Gardisil) strands of HPV, but those 4 strains account for 70% percent of cervical cancer and 90% of genital warts. 4000 women die every year from cervical cancer in the US- over 250,000 worldwide. That means that widespread use of the HPV vaccine would save 7700 women from cancer every year, in the US alone, and prevent nearly 3000 deaths. In my mind, that makes up for the 40 deaths, (none of which are causally linked to the vaccines- they simply died within x number of days later from other causes. Correlation does not equal causation.) and the risks of side effects (not severe, just any side effects) is less than one percent. Flu shots are worse than that, just from sore shoulders.

        And finally- it does not “only” protect for four years. They simply don’t guarantee it for longer than that, as it has only been around for a few years. Current thinking is that they won’t need a booster.

        Bottom line- vaccinate, and give yourself and your child protection from an STD that somewhere between 20 and 40% of the population has at any given time, avoiding disfiguring warts and one of the most common cancers in women? Or don’t, and become part of that STD statistic.

        Oh, and by the way- med student, not pharmacist. I’ve actually read the literature. I’m a guy, and I got the vaccine. It’s just common sense.

    4. Klaus says:

      It would be very helpful to know how many students of those with symptoms received the vaccine in the past and it failed. An informed, personal decision is always best for each individual and head of household.

      1. Jason says:

        I’m a nurse, and I know first hand that vaccines have a way of not working. I am in agreement about making informed, personal decisions rather than relying on the one hand on the opinion of a Doctor (who could be biased based upon his/her relationship with the drug companies), or on the other hand information from various internet sites. All people should keep an open mind and take care to think the various pros and cons through before making a final decision.

    5. Russ says:

      Hp, now that is a stupid, stupid comment.

  6. Hiheels says:

    they are bothersome beasties for children, but ohh soo nasty for the big boys.. he he he you little commie chits.. some wont be able to breed that cali commie gene..

  7. Ouch says:

    Mumps can really swell up testicles, and can cause infertility.

    1. hazeylee says:

      Yes it can. No joke.

      1. Russ says:

        Imagine if there was a disease that was easily spread and could cause breast cancer – would these same people be so flip about dismissing the vaccine for it? Gee, I wonder. But it’s only a disease that can really harm males, I guess, so no biggie.

    2. Joe Mama says:

      So can looking at a picture of your mom.

  8. Des says:

    HAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAA. I hope they all die.

  9. KG says:

    The second dose of the MMR vaccine is given between 4-6 YEARS of age.
    Journalism at it’s worst.

    1. lsld says:

      That only began in 1989, so there are quite a few adults who never got the second dose. My university required it, but I am not sure about Cal.

  10. infested by LIBS says:

    Please tell me it will make their dredlocks fall off.

  11. Segeny says:

    Since mumps makes males sterile, this seems to be God’s way of reducing the Dummycrat population. Works for me 🙂

    1. Gabriel says:

      Heh, since science creates medicine, and Republicans hate science, you guys only have a few more years. Tell your imaginary god I said ‘Hi’. Or, take medicine and drown in hypocrisy.

  12. Tejas says:

    Dang! The mortality rate from mumps is only reported as 1.6% too! Aint that a bummer? Not much cleaning of the california gene pool with a rate like that!

  13. karen says:

    wow, imagine its spreading at Occupy Wall Street right now.

  14. Rob Schapiro says:

    Are you sure all these students received their required MMR shots? The liberals have been bad mouthing vaccinations for years and I would not be shocked to discover their parents decided their kids don’t need it. The same thing happened in Nigeria when some loon convinced them vaccinations were unnecessary and it only ended after their kids dropped like flies.

  15. Tango says:

    Ha Ha! Maybe hippies exist to serve as a warning to the rest of us.

  16. malcom says:

    lets hope there are many many of these dumb anti American liberals are dying of it.

  17. Trent Willard says:

    not surprised. all the kook liberals i know think vaccines are poison. most don’t vaccinate their kids. not surprised at all these unvaccinated kids in our society. this is just kook liberalism reaping what it sowed.

  18. Charles Ulysses Farley says:

    Hippies stink. All hail the mumps. “If I put on more patchouli, everything will be okay. Won’t it?”

  19. peenie says:

    I was hoping it would be Ebola. Too bad. Maybe next time. The human race really needs a break from these people.

  20. GarandFan says:

    I’m sure the learned fools of Berkeley don’t need no stinking vaccinations. Those are tools of the man to keep the people down.

  21. Diego Roswell says:

    I went to UC Berkeley. The place is filthy. The students, faculty, staff and residents are filthy. Most of all, the student population, today, is nearly 50% asian, from China, without immunization records. It would not surprise me one bit if the end of times pandemic starts at a filthy place like UC Berkeley.

  22. Khwaja says:

    People who get sterilized by the mumps got vaccinated and then lost their imunity after sexual maturity. Natural immunity is never lost.

  23. Billy Bob says:

    Can’t think of a better place for this to happen.Where’s a tsunami when you need it?

    1. Big Red One says:

      I’d settle for another earthquake…

      1. Russ says:

        Or a giant sinkhole a mile across and a hundred yards deep that then filled with water. Baths at last for the students!

  24. luxomni says:

    Hot damn! Berkeley students are a genetic dead end! Will wonders never cease?

  25. Big Red One says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of neo-communist America-hating liberal pigs.

  26. bo says:

    can you say “DREAM ACT” ahhhh there is a downside…you knuckleheads!!!!!

  27. Marian Carter-Rice says:

    Wow!!! It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of deadheads!!! We can ONLY hope for sterility for those too stupid to get vaccinated…

  28. djohnson says:

    All of you who do not vaccinate your kids feel safe doing it because the rest of us vaccinate ours. I bet if you were moving to a third world country where very few kids where vaccinated, you would make sure your kids had those shots.

    1. marie says:

      And you people who vaccinate aren’t safe either because vaccines are not a lifelong immunity they are a somewhat shabby temporary fix. I say shabby because vaccines can STILL spread the disease if they are made from a live virus because the body can shed lives vaccine virus cells. Wake up, vaccines don’t prevent disease, they kill the immune system that should have developed in childhood. If these young adults at Berkeley had been allowed to experience childhood diseases at the appropriate age they wouldn’t be facing possible sterility now. Childhood diseases are called that for a reason: they were meant to be experienced by kids not by adults whose vaccines have wore off.

      1. Gabriel says:

        It’s funny, people who know nothing about cars or computers never try to tell everyone else how to fix them, because they realize their ignorance. Why do people who know nothing about science or medicine spout nonsense as if they are authorities?

      2. Russ says:

        How many kids do we have these days getting polio? In the 50’s there were many hundreds of thousands of cases per year; after the vaccine, about 1000 total. Be a fool, go on, and make sure you don’t vaccinate your own kids whatever you do.

  29. Son of Bob says:

    So, now the Berkley students have Herpes AND mumps? Damn.

  30. JMS says:

    I think the irony here is that finally both the extreme right and extreme left finally agree on something….vaccines are bad! Like all extremes though…nature has a way of mitigating them…in this case, mumps can sterilize males, thus taking them out of the gene pool.

  31. Ken Clouse says:

    This could spell the end of liberals!!

  32. marie says:

    And you people who vaccinate aren’t safe either. Vaccine immunity doesnt last a life time it’s only a temporary shabby fix. I say shabby because vaccines made from live virus cells can be shed by the body and actually spread a mutated form of the virus which is harder for those who catch it. Vaccines actually destroy the immune system. If these young adults at Berkeley had been allowed to experience mumps at the appropriate age they wouldn’t be facing possible sterility now. Childhood diseases are called that for a reason, they are meant to be experienced by a kid not by an adult..

    1. lsld says:

      You need to watch where you are getting your info. Live virus does not shed a mutated form. It is dangerous to those who haven’t been immunized to that particular virus, and still the chance is very remote. Come and talk to my mom sometime if you want to reintroduce diseases such as polio. She got it at 13 months of age and has suffered its effects for 60+ years. It will be what kills her, thanks to PPS. I recommend researching that “childhood disease” and see if you would like to see its return.

  33. sickofliberals says:

    Perhaps the healing process will cause the entire student population to acquire common sense. Something greatly lacking in college students these days, and not fostered in the least by their ridiculous indulgent professors.

  34. Terry Knows Moore says:

    Illegals…..we have a huge run on third world sickness everywhere, whooping cough, TB…small pox..bed bugs…and now mumps…whats next black plauge..all students are suppose to have up-dated shot records when I went to college.

  35. HPS says:

    Give them a pickle (dill).. if it HURTS when they try to eat it.. than YES it’ the mumps..lasts about 2 weeks .. most people suffer no lasting side effects.. and when you can eat the dill pickle and it doesn’t hurt they are gone.. BTW.. while someone on this board claimed that it would kill you .. that’s not true.. HOWEVER.. at the age the kids at BERKLEY are it can cause a male to become sterile.. or so they say.. knew a few people who got when they were older but they all have kids.. However.. think of all the money with a lessor population that they can save now with Obamacare.. Just saying..

  36. Larry G Olsen says:

    No consequences here, no balls to worry about in Berkley.

    1. Russ says:

      Right – the enrollment consists of women, and women without vaginas.

  37. TheRealKingMax says:


    Mumps are no fun, and can certainly have a risk:

    But, it’s a lot better than the 20 kiloton airburst over the town that Berkeley truly deserves.

    Ironic – the epicenter of the Cancer of America is suffering from the mumps.

    Imagine… no seed, no breed!

  38. Henry Thoreau says:

    A bunch of sterile communists. Tell me the down side again?

  39. hamncheese says:

    These are the same people who don’t believe in vaccinations. Perhaps a way to purify the gene pool.

  40. jasperddbgghost says:

    Where is your atheist god now, gay liberals?

  41. James Benoit says:

    Calm down wealthy, spoiled Berkely commies, all the Marx and Engles, Cloward and Piven and Obama and Holder you can ingest will still be there when you get to feeling better…

  42. Patrick says:

    Already the wacko Leftist Liberals are blaming Sarah Palin not the ILLEGAL Aliens!!!

  43. daniel says:

    If the outbreak is real…I’ll bet 98% of the cases are those that have been vaccinated already

    1. Khwaja says:

      Has anybody noticed this is about “several cases of mumps,” a number too embarrassingly small to report? This is a sales scam for unused vaccines.

      Wonder if they’ve even been serologically confirmed?

    2. Russ says:

      “I’ll bet”… now that is some fine scientific research! Maybe some aromatherapy and unicorn pictures will make it all better for the sick ones.

  44. Ruebacca says:

    they don’t wash there hands to save water for the delta smelt.

  45. R.J. says:

    Let’s send them out to infect the occupy Wall Street protestors!

  46. hank1231` says:

    oh no, the non-vaccinated students are getting mumps…perhaps vaccines aren’t as bad for you as you thought you folish self-righteous snobs…

  47. Chicago Nick says:

    Must be the Tea Party and Bush’s fault.

    1. Fanny BurpThatYouSlurp says:

      Chicago Nick said, “Must be the Tea Party and Bush’s fault”.

      Absolutely. Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of stupid America-loving, Constitution-respecting, hard working weirdos.

      Bush? Well, he’s just stupid. Just ask any liberal or Democrat. No where near as smart as Obama. Scourge of everything wrong with our country, causes mold in loaves of bread, impregnates guinea pigs, causes your neighbor’s dog to go into heat….


      Sorry, I just can’t lie like a liberal progressive, no matter how hard I try.

      1. Gabriel says:

        Yeah, it’s hard to lie effectively with such utterly ridiculous material to work with. It also helps if you try to believe it yourself, but with such asinine statements, I forgive the shortcoming.

  48. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Over 20,000 people starve to death everyday. More hobgoblins to distract from the other things that are being done to you as GMO foods, MSG/Aspartame, fluoride poisoning and more. The Old Media is almost dead. Good riddance.

  49. Teufelhund says:

    With any luck it’s the plague

  50. kcsparky says:

    Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” place.

  51. emwoodward says:

    I had mumps (and measles) in the 1950’s. Get the vaccine now. The disease is miserable.

    1. Roy Rogers says:

      So is living under an Obama totalitarian regime.

      Bewtween mumps & Obama, I think it’s a tossup.

      Oh well. Just remember:

      Berkeley spelled backwards is “CaliforniaCommies”.

  52. Brent says:

    I can’t think of a more deserving group. Semper Fi!

  53. longun45 says:

    But it’s natural – so it must be good for you – right?

  54. Berkeley Anti-Bigot Patrol says:

    If it’s Berkeley California, then all you need to do is introduce a single person with any disease that can only be transmitted sexually, and within one week, every single resident of Berkeley will have it! If there was ever a modern-day version of Sodom and Gomorrah, that is THE place! Don’t EVER go there if you have the NERVE to believe in any open mind, or alternative viewpoint, or any deity, or soap, or hygiene!

  55. GD says:

    Awesome. Did God smite them?

  56. Joe says:

    OMG – it’s the beginning of the zombie apocalypse

  57. CB says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of y’all calling the students things like “commies” are also MISSPELLING THE NAME. If you knew enough about the school and its students to have any reason to make that kind of judgment, you would at least know how to write the darn name correctly. Some very un-Christian comments here from people lambasting liberals… I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure the Berkeley Republicans are grateful for the support from their ideological brethren.

    1. MDWhite says:

      Hey, lumpy, where’s your righteous ire when the “un-Christian comments” are aimed at conservatives?

      Yeah…cue the crickets.

  58. glenp says:

    MUMPS is MEN cause sterility —no better place to sterilize than all the whacko Ca leftists–THERE IS A GOD!!!

  59. glenp says:

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL and guarentee a loser

    Vote for RON PAUL and maybe you put OBAMA in fr a second term

  60. jack says:

    Give all of them mumps and hope it mkes them all sterile,

  61. Ellie Enlightened says:

    Maybe it will knock some sense in these left looney tunes.

  62. funny says:

    my mumps
    my mumps
    my lovely
    lady mumps………….

  63. Charlie Horz says:

    Sooooo vaccinations don’t work the first or second time? FTW?

  64. JT says:

    That’s disappointing. I was hoping for AIDS.

  65. Turban says:

    You lie down with dogs, you get up with mumps.

  66. Fearless Bystander says:

    If there was poetic justice, it would have been an outbreak of hemorrhoids..

  67. Taxpayer Bob says:

    Next up on campus, dengue fever, brought to you by those ever-luvin instate-tuition-payin’ illegal aliens. Between the gay diseases and the third world diseases, “academia” is the place to be.

  68. Activision says:

    It’s a shame that, instead of the mumps, there isn’t an outbreak of “common sense” at Berkeley, in San Francisco or within the entire state of California.

  69. Kala says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha All the anti-vacine mothers must not want their sons to procreate.
    Remember to ice down at the neck and the groin areas.

  70. Marie says:

    Dr Casadaban was working on an inactivated plague vaccine and ended up dying from the plague. Why? Because he had a hidden genetic marker for a disease that allowed the plague to thrive in his body although it was inactivated. The CDC knows that vaccines can trigger autoimmune diseases and suggests that if you or any member of your family have a autoimmune disease that you not be vaccinated with a live vaccine. Do they test anyone before giving them a vaccine? No. Even inactivated vaccines can harm as in the case of Dr. Casadaban. Do your research people.

    1. Gabriel says:

      It’s estimated that airbags have killed 155 people since they are mandated on cars. Automotive people KNOW that airbags kill, yet they STILL put them in cars! C’mon, people, do your research! Airbags are a liberal plot to kill people involved in car crashes! Oh, wait. That’s ridiculous, just like the anti-vaccine nonsense you spout.

  71. Marie says:

    Nigeria Sees Polio Outbreak from Mutated Vaccine Virus

    Vaccines can spread disease. There are plenty of horror stories just do your research. Stop believing the lies. No more vaccines!

    1. Gabriel says:

      To quote the article you provide a link to – “The oral vaccine contains weakened live polio virus to build immunity in the patient, but can spread from a vaccinated person to the unvaccinated public and grow more virulent.” Did you catch that key word there? *Unvaccinated* (That was the key word.) So, if everyone was vaccinated, there would be no spread. Interesting. It seems as if vaccinating people will stop the disease. Thank you for the informative article that proves my point.

      1. Stroganovsky says:

        Thank just the same, Gabe, but I have no intention of ending up as acceptable collateral damage to a procedure that has more than too much risk to it.

      2. Gabriel says:

        You are saying there is more risk getting vaccinated than not? Do you make up your information, or can you back it up? According to WHO (the World Health Organization) there were 63 reported cases of measles in the US (where we vaccinate). In Ethiopia (where they don’t vaccinate) there were 6205 cases. In relation to population density, that’s 0.02 cases per 100000 people in the US, as opposed to 7.48 per 100000 in Ethiopia. I guess vaccines only seem riskier if you ignore ALL of the data available, and instead concentrate on the insane ramblings of ignorant people.

  72. Diane says:

    The vaccines have not been evaluated for their potential to impair fertility so just as in taking a risk contracting the mumps, you take an even greater risk injecting it on purpose. Read the vaccine labels, the carcinogenic and mutagenic effects have not been evaluated either. So how do “experts” back ups their claims of “safety?”
    Does anyone consider the potential adverse event of autism listed on page 11 of the Tripedia label no “evidence” of a causal link to autism? What more evidence do they/we need? We already have a Mt Everest of vaccine injured victims:

  73. Tuscaneer says:

    Three things, all anecdotal – the kind of thing that doctors hate:

    1) The only time I ever got a flu shot, I got sick as a dog for two weeks. Never again.

    2) College students are more ignorant than medieval peasants. There was a clap epidemic at San Francisco State University in 1968 that I witnessed first hand. (San Francisco, 1968. What else would you expect?) In order to preserve some invisible “right” to have sex, the student health service was giving out tetracycline to *all* the students — to use as *prophylactics*! Here, take this and don’t worry about catching anything. F**k like bunnies! And you wonder why our antibiotics are losing effectiveness. Naturally, it was *doctors* giving this stuff out.

    3) Gays are as ignorant as students and student health services. In the mid-eighties, gays were loading up on antibiotics, again to be used as prophylactics, given to them by their doctors, so that they could have worry free sex junkets to New York, Chicago, etc. The only problem was, antibiotics do not in the least protect you from HIV.

    Thanks in large part to a generation of children who just wanted to have fun, the only antibiotics that have much effect nowadays are so potent they really ought to be classified as chemotherapy. And they still can’t handle some of the spiffy new antibiotic resistant organisms that have been so carefully nurtured in the bosoms and rectums of the educated ignorant.

  74. marie says:

    Read online book “The Horrors of Vaccines” a book written in 1920 by a doctor who tried fighting against compulsory vaccinations.. According to the book, vaccinations were causing far more deaths than smallpox itself at that time. It also exposes the dangers of big pharma’s and their influence over our government’ . This book could have been written yesterday.

  75. zoe says:

    I had MMR vaccine as a child and then got measles anyway….Bottom line, we will never know how effective these vaccines are until we are willing to research more in this area and be honest about it. It seems like they test vaccines on people, pull them off the market temporarily after serious side effects (ex.rotavirus and intersusseption) and then reintroduce them playing off of social panic and hysteria. Most side effects are never even reported to Vaers by the brilliant health care providers most of whom are afraid to make the connection between the symptoms they see everyday and vaccines. Another bottom line: vaccines make tons of money for the medical/pharmaceutical world. Now imagine 30 yrs or so ago we got three vaccines, how did we ever survive? Now 9 in first 2 yrs of life and then all the infections, colds, double lung pneumonias, ear infections croups. seizures of unknown origin, developmental delays etc. Imagine the profit?… But anyway, you right we should also add Aids vaccine, cancer vaccine, ear infection vaccine, TB vaccine, all the possible STDs vaccines and lets see what happens to our kids….Again I dont know how we ever survived through life with only three to begin with……And btw what percentage of immunized people got mumps in this “outbreak?” I am curious what percentage of male population becomes sterile. We can use these numbers for future vaccine research and compare against side effects of MMR vaccine….