SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – The wave of protests that began with “Occupy Wall Street” in September is continuing to expand in the Bay Area, and activists began camping out in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza Monday.

PICTURES: Bay Area Occupy Protests

The protests are intended to draw attention to the widening gap between rich and poor in the U.S. and widespread unemployment. More than 850 people had said on Facebook that they would attend the beginning of Occupy Oakland Monday.

The Oakland demonstration comes on the heels of a similar demonstration in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and in front of City Hall in San Jose. A march in support of “Occupy SF” drew hundreds to San Francisco’s Financial District on Wednesday afternoon.

On Monday, Police arrested an “Occupy SF”  protester in front of the bank. Witnesses said two officers approached a man sitting at the corner of Spear and Market streets after smelling marijuana smoke. The man extinguished the marijuana before being asked for his medical marijuana card, they said.

After the man attempted to leave the scene he was reportedly tackled by officers.

A Federal Reserve police officer said the man was arrested for assault.

San Jose police have tried to persuade the protesters to pack up their tents near City Hall, but the group is staying strong.

“We, The People, Are Too Big To Fail,” read a sign from Paul Johnson of Santa Clara, who said he was happy to lend his voice to the movement. “It’s a good opportunity to get out and practice a little democracy.”

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Shannon Rupright, who has a good union job, said she fears that the rising cost of education will begin to really hurt the country. That’s why she came out to join the protests in San Jose Monday.

“How do you expect to pull this country out of the rut that it’s in if we can’t afford to educate ourselves,” said Rupright. “That’s the future of this country.”

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Comments (19)
  1. SFG1ant says:


  2. Val Laurent says:

    yeah keep going, economic theory or policy reform/revolution !

  3. CAL says:

    Those who ridicule the protesters are obviously not affected by the greed and corruption between the big corporations and the government which they denounce. For if they were affected they would truly understand. These types of protests have been occurring round the world, have witnessed one in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol this past May. Ironically the locals supported the protesters there.

  4. Richard says:

    I fully support the protests going on in a civil manner. I find tired arguments like

    “How do you expect to pull this country out of the rut that it’s in if we can’t afford to educate ourselves,” said Rupright. “That’s the future of this country.”

    to be ludicrous. If we can’t begin solving high unemployment, what outlook does future college students have in regards to the job market. Not holding my breath for a middle class government bailout.

    1. dread_the_reds says:

      ummmm, not sure what point you are trying to make…?

      1. Michael JA says:

        I think what he is saying is that, even if EVERYONE had a college education, without a thriving economy in which people could get jobs, the college education is pointless/worthless Or……at this point in time, maybe people should be more concerned with fixing the economy than with the cost of a college education.

  5. S says:

    Its easier said than done. I wonder if the protestors realize that….

    1. bighorse says:

      A college education is not anything special if the majority have it. You don’t enrich yourself. You just create competition for existing college grads.

      The same with welfare to the poor. You don’t make the poor wealthier. You make the middle class live the same life as the poor.

  6. PLW says:

    Protestors should be protesting to their Government Representatives and Leaders. They are the ones that allowed businesses to become what they are today. They can change the Laws and Regulations, plus they have the power of over-seeing the procedures. If our Representatives and Leaders don’t represent the American people then they should be replaced ASAP!

    1. uglysexy says:

      if corporate leaders are unpatriotic they should be replaced

      1. CMMV says:

        corprate leader are unpatriotic. they will move the manufacturing any where they can sqeeze more pennies from a dollar. they follow only money. patriotism is not for wall street.

  7. Jerry Frey says:

    Remember when the Chris Matthews crowd painted the Tea Party with their ideological tar brush of racism? Support for Herman Cain proves they were fools. Now, the Republicans are the ideological fools for describing the Occupy Wall Street Movement as an anti-capitalist mob of hippies.

    The middle class, the backbone and benchmark of our democracy, has been decimated. People who once lived comfortable lives and were confident about the future for themselves and their children, now live in their cars and reluctantly utilize food banks. Protestors on Wall Street who represent anger and frustration with the status quo will begin making an impact when the protests are transferred to Pennsylvania Ave. and McClean, Va.

    Social unrest, revolution, ensues when the people see nothing to lose.

    People are more important than profits. Families are more important than market share.

  8. VoiceOfReason says:

    Quit whining and get out and do something to better yourself. Corporations will continue to make money for their investors. Do you really think Corporations and the wealthy are going to start giving away money to people? Get a grip people and MAKE something happen in your life instead of complaining.

    1. hillip Hasbro says:

      There’s nothing to make better. Your beloved corporations detest Americana, as do the GoP, and want only money. America has been abandoned by the corporations it spawned. Just wait until it gets ten times worse.

      1. VoiceOfReason says:

        I don’t love the corporations…I’m just realistic about the reason businesses exist is to earn money for owners & investors. I’m fed up with Republicans and Democrats alike. I just don’t see what you’re going to accomplish. Do you honestly think you’re going to change the attitudes of the ‘haves’? Do you really think laws and regulations should be passed to divvy up the money?

        I’m saying if you have time to protest…volunteer locally or get on a local government board or mentor a teenager….If you don’t have a job, stop protesting and get a job. And that means any job available including vegetable picking or filpping burgers.

  9. sara says:

    @Cal… everyone is getting hit hard… dont kid yourself…

    But what makes me wonder how much these protesters actually know… the “Sharpie”pen used to write on their card stock paper, cooperate america made that… the polo shirt, sketcher shoes, the hanes socks, with their Union bay pants, etc… ALL COOPERATE AMERICA…. everything they are “against” they are using.. ohh ohh and their phones, by LG, Apple, etc.. on the networks they tweeting, Facebooking to.. hmmmmm……… take all that away…. then maybe just maybe… i could have some compassion….

  10. Essie Baradar says:

    Thank you the “Occupy SJ” people who are doing somethiing and taking action about the the bankers & Wall Street greed. It’s about time folks sitting on the sideline pay attention. A concerned grandma