FREMONT (CBS SF) – Halloween is still weeks away, but already a popular Haunted House in Fremont is being forced to close its doors after the city called it a public safety hazard.

For the past seven years, Chris Stelle has transformed his parents’ backyard into an elaborate haunted house for Halloween. Thousands of friends and neighbors have been through the annual freak show.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

But this year, the city of Fremont got wise to the house, constructed mostly out of wood pallets, and declared it a safety hazard.

”We just don’t want to stop,” said Stelle. “We want to continue on with the spirit of Halloween and make people happy.”

Stelle is hoping to move the entire house to a local church, if he can get a permit from the city.

“I think it’s stupid, I really do,” said neighbor Helen Marquez. “I think they should just let it go.”

The city is giving the family until the 26th to have the house dismantled, or face daily fines.

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  1. Terry Furlough says:

    Gonzales that is..

    1. Ed Bodensick says:

      Maybe the city should bring some of their contractors in to make the Haunted house safe. With all the bad news during the holidays it would be nice for a good ending to this story.

  2. Not Chicken Little says:

    What in the world would you people in Fremont do without the city government to watch over you and protect you from this outrageous life-threatening hazard that could wipe out life as we know it in your city?

    I’m glad Fremont is finally addressing this since they must have solved all the crime and other problems your city used to have.

    1. David Lorell Hoskins says:

      Twitter the city of Fremont @Fremont_CA

  3. Steven Moshlak says:

    Appeal it to buy time. Then take it down, on 1 November.

    1. Carlo B. says:

      exactly, good call

  4. Jason Budd says:

    Just a reminder that the government owns all property. This is communism, we just call it different things, like “zoning,” and “regulation to keep the kids safe.” But at the end of the day, if the occupier fails to pay rent (“property tax”) to the true owner (the government), or fails to obey the dictates of the true owner (the government), the true owner (the government) evicts the occupier. It’s taken almost 100 years, but the US is a communist country.

    1. Carlo B. says:

      WOW I honestly never thought of it that way…my mind has been opened, thank you sir.

    2. Jombi Jeenie says:

      Exactly. We are no longer a free country, folks.

      It’s time to take our country back, once city at a time.

      1. The Last Real American says:

        That is what THEY are doing. It is called the United Nations Agenda 21 Ever notice how drastically America changed course around 1992? Just after Bush 1 announced the New World Order? The NWO is Agenda 21. Every decade had its own sound, 50’s rockabilly, 60’s the British Invasion, 70’s Motown and disco, 80’s heavy metal and pop. Ever since the 90’s began we’ve had rap/hip hop! When will it ever go away??? Freakin goin on nearly 30 years of this garbage!!!

      2. Joe Palooka says:

        Ever since Roosevelt and the demokkkrat socialist elite grabbed power in 1933 it’s been a slow slide to state-ism. The socialist policy’s he introduced nearly broke the country and made slaves out of the working stiffs. People were still complaining about his policy’s when the war broke out in 1941.

    3. charlie says:

      I agree that it is wrong for the city to do this but it is Facism, not communism. Facism is when private parties are allowed to own property as long as they use it the way government wants them to. See mousolini’s Italy.

      1. Jason Budd says:

        That’s my point – there is no private ownership of land. Government owns the property, it just acts as a landlord to the tenant occupier. If the occupier owned the property, it would not have to pay rent (“property tax”) to the landlord (government), or ask permission to use it. When government owns all property, as it does today, that is communism.

      2. Wearyman says:

        I hate to break it to you Charlie, but Fascism is just another form of Communism. They are brothers in ideology. Two parallel schools of thought, with Totalitarianism being the ultimate end result (even if it isn’t the “stated” goal). With either one you get with an all-powerful government being the ultimate arbiter of “fairness” and “equality”. Of course, since the only thing government does well is destroy, everyone is equally poor (except the elites, who are better than us proles, of course) and what is “fair” changes on a daily basis depending on the whim of those same elites.

        In the end, returning to the original Constitutional principles of LIMITED government is the only way to be free. Chain the government and the people will be free.

    4. The Last Real American says:

      Free men do not pay taxes.

    5. JHB says:

      I know it’s there, I looked in “,” in both State and Federal, but couldn’t find it, for the Regulation that one must obtain a LIcense to breathe, or pay a daily fine.
      It’ll be there by tomorrow……………..
      I DID find the Regulation that requires the Heart Beat License….

      1. Wide Awake says:

        Actually Govt IS now regulating and taxing us to eat, breathe, and sleep.
        Its all under the auspices of ObamaCare

    6. Joe Pulaski says:

      You should be able to eventually pay off your property tax so you can own it. What if you could cut it off at a 100% tax? Then you’ve paid for your house twice, but then it would be yours!

    7. Mark says:

      If we are not free to make bad choices are we truly free?

    8. jimmerz says:

      Per the wikipedia page: “The Assembly recognized progress as ‘uneven’ and identified key trends including increasing globalization, widening inequalities in income and a continued deterioration of the global environment”

      Looks as if our leader in Washington, is doing his part to change those key trends. Take from those who pay rent, and give to those who “can’t”, or won’t. Charge higher rent to “fix” our global environment. And to obey and give obeisance to the UN, in order to increase globalization.

  5. Randy says:

    Euro-Frisco. What do you expect?

  6. jlenta says:

    yeah kid, whats wrong with you? you should be out on the corner pushing meth, or shooting up a school……

    It’s never enough for these people!!

  7. JB says:

    Send those that want to be scared on a tour of Congress..real life freaks there

    1. Sarah says:

      We just want to scare them a little, not have them die of fright!

      1. Robert says:

        Talk about a haunted house.

    2. 51 Phantom says:

      OMG! Could you imagine Barney Frank popping out of a dark corner shouting “Bwoo! That could be enough to kill you.

  8. LukeJohn says:

    Like the places that shut down little kids’ lemonade stands because they “don’t have a permit/license” The city will claim it is because of public safety but in REALITY, it’s all about money.

    Cities mile a nice amount of money from permit and license fees.

    People probably get more e.col, salmonellae and listeria attacks from “licensed” restaurants, shops with permits than from all the lemonade stands in the country.

    Ditto “illegal” haunted houses, tree-houses, etc.

    Typical bureaucratic/political greed.

  9. The Grinch says:

    The Grinch who stole Halloween!

  10. Robert says:

    And that is how Democrats are turned into Republicans.

    1. RuRu says:

      Let’s hope so!!

    2. Brent says:

      Ha, exactly what I was thinking

  11. Gladys says:

    Someone who knows, please publish the phone numbers of the appropriate officials in Fremont.

  12. RuRu says:

    Looks like the Liberals are on the loose. They claim they are for freedom, but only if you do as they would like. People are going to be so sorry for electing all these liberals, it is starting to seethe all over. These people are the worst. Thanks for unleashing all these crazy, looney liberals on all of us!!!
    Now the kids can’t even have a haunted house. Olive Garden says you can’t bring an American Flag in their dumpy restaurants. Little girls can’t have a lemonade stand. They will be the scourge of America, these LIBERALS

    1. The Last Real American says:

      It’s the Russian/French Revolution all over again!!!

    2. Christopher says:

      Liberal Democrats always pull Left demanding Republicans must compromise while they rarely reciprocate. Reps cave since they never resist the personal attacks and ultimately agree to ‘compromise’ their values. This has gone on far too long and now the Establishment Republicans are to the Left of Kennedy. The Boomers watched as the next generation Xed out virtually all forms of integrity with inane or perverse humor and over the top pathetic drama of losers in entertainment media. While news medias expanded to twenty four hour coverage they reported far less information and became tabloids to distract from the dangerous trends in Gov’t. There is virtually no investigative work in media. So many people are sheep that the wool has been an abundant eye covering. Conservatives tend to like reliable consistency and and not being wasteful. Liberals tend towards being disorderly and undisciplined, demanding of others while resisting any responsibility to reciprocate. No give and take (business, trade) -just take, take, take.

  13. BigBoa says:

    Jason Budd you are exactly correct. Now, if the mighty Boa lived in the area, he might consider aiding in a protest. But remember when they began to wage war against people smoking? And so many people failed to stand up for people’s rights then? Well, the mighty Boa would have to figure you don’t HAVE to have a Haunted House. Nobody HAS to ski, and risk breaking their leg. Nobody HAS to play softball on the weekend, and sprain an ankle. Those people would be running up medical costs……

  14. Bob Peterson says:

    Or maybe change it to obama-sama.


      1. metastar says:

        I see fake birth certificates.

      2. Ewe Jankass says:

        I thnk there’s a whole in your tin foil hat there….better get to fixing it.

      3. Ewe Jankass says:

        Put your tin foil hat back on there, idiot.

    2. JustAGuy says:

      Hey Ewe Jankass, is there a whole in his tinfoil hat or a half?

      Personally, I suspect excessive use of photoshop.

    3. Monsta Ward says:

      How does that even make sense?

  15. Bob says:

    Claim it’s a Wall Street protest.
    You’ll have no problems!

  16. David Griffin says:

    They only want to protect you comrade

  17. porchhound says:

    Most gov’t officials believe authority not exercised is no authority at all…little tyrants get exposed on the internet daily…if they had donated the money to La Raza or the Gay Alliance the city would have let them alone.

  18. TD says:

    I think we all should call it iHalloween, maybe then they would allow it!

  19. mobildata says:

    There is nothing like a good olde fascist dictatorship to make people right at home on planet earth. It boggles the mind to wonder how human beings can treat one another this way. Is really worth the paycheck?

    1. heatherfeather says:

      The fine collector, fee charger, and code enforcer aren’t completely human. They are parasites in human form.

      1. Theodore R. Smith says:

        As are the pharmacists who willfully sell people life-saving drugs that cost $0.01 to make and charge the individual humans $1,000 per month to take. There’s a special place in Hell for all these people.

  20. NorCal says:

    Already on FaceBook – showing how stupid the City of Fremont officials are!!! Complete idiots

  21. Kevin says:

    Isn’t there at least 1 poster who tihnks it might be dangerous?

    You’d all be screaming bloody mureder if people were injured or killed in a fire I know how can that happen in structure made of pallets, probably with candles nearby?

    Think it can’t happen,? Here’s a true haunted house horror story:


    1. thedwaytou says:

      Your point is meaningless Six flags had state local and federal approval.

      1. Kevin says:

        My point has meaning to people concerned with safety.

        I can’t even tell what your point is.

        Are you saying if they had the approvals it was fine that 8 teenagers died?

        BTW, your comment they had state & Federal approvals for their haunted house isn’t even true.

        They had no permits.

        And there are no federal building permit.

        If you think the US Govt is overreaching maybe it’s because you pull untrue claims about them out of your butt.

        And because they’re from your butt, where you keep your head, you think they’re fine.

    2. Theodore R. Smith says:

      It’d be a tragedy, sure, but government regulations infringing on a sovereign individual’s right to utilize his paid-for private domicile is not worth the extra potential savings.

      What I’m saying is that it’d be better — far better — to have hundreds die a year in a million “haunted” shanties than to restrict EVERYONE”s liberties in such an abyssian way.

      It would be a loss of life, but people would wise up and not put themselves in danger. Let’s man up and accept our own responsibility. No one is forcing people into any sort of fire hazard at a haunted house.

      Live free or die.

      1. jose says:

        Live free or KILL! That is the Texas moto!!!

      2. Kevin says:

        Thanks for your well articulated reply.

        I guess we just differ on what’s more important, principle or reality.

        I ask myself if I were in the blazing pallet structure would I agree the reality of the horrible death I’d be facing is less important than the principle that government should let its citizens do any stupid thing they want.

        The majority of posters seem to think the decision should be to protect the rights of people to be stupid.

        And judging by a lot of the posts they seem to want to protect their rights because they feel a strong kinship with those stupid people.

    3. David says:

      8 victims 27 years ago? While tragic, these disasters seem to be extremely rare. I can’t rely on a government system to eliminate all risk in my life.

    4. alex says:

      Kevin everyone enjoys jumping on the bandwagons of others. It is easy to yell and scream upon what people are doing now adays but they have very little ideas upon what to change for the better other then no more government involvement and we all know that isnt a real solution.

      I’m with oyu on the severe fire hazard and glad someone stepped in. At this point I’ve tried to argue my point but the only thing I ever get back is how much I’m some government loving big brother loving kinda guy. When really it could be further from the truth.

      The only solution I have seen is to let natural selection takes it course and thin out the herd my friend.

      Maybe some of them should get a clue and read the NFPA. That would take too much time though……

    5. K.J. Pierson says:

      People make a conscious decision to go into the house. We don’t need government regulating a decision beyond that. What’s next passed that.

      “We’re sorry sir, we have detected you are 1 lb overweight today, you are not allowed to eat that.”

      If people choose to go into the haunted house, its their choice. Let the people wanting to go thru it sign a liability waiver and all is set. Government permits and all about safety is just a scam, usually thats the worst things to touch as once you have the permits, then you’re free to relax all your safety.

    6. i'mnotafraid says:

      You are an ass. If you’re so afraid of everything stay in your house and STFU. Life is full of dangers large and small, real and imagined. You probably wear a helmet to walk your dog, that is if you’re not afraid to own one.

  22. Zomboid says:

    Sounds like somebody in city hall wants his cut and the honest citizen told him to do his own haunted city hall.

  23. theJackal says:

    Just turn it into a gay/latino haunted house and they would advertise it for free. What a joke, the town figured, hey we aren’t making any money off this, lets kill it.

  24. Caleb says:

    I love when big government steps in to make things right. <– sarcasm

  25. heatherfeather says:

    “We want to continue on with the spirit of Halloween and make people happy.”

    There will be no happiness as long as the code enforcer, fine collector and fee charger are alive.

  26. tanya says:

    It was Fremont not San Francisco who has the problem.

    1. Daniel Morgan says:

      Doesn’t matter, most of them are idiots anyway.

  27. Mike Donovan says:

    City of Fremont

    (510) 284-4000

    All numbers at

  28. kshanks says:

    Hey everyone, let’s TP the city officials house on halloween.

    1. niki says:

      you’d be arrested for littering and trespassing.

  29. Timdc says:

    Unless we resist these tryannical governments, it will not stop. Rise up America and put a stop to it! That goes for closing down lemonade stands run by five year olds too!!

    Ignore them and run them out of town. It worked 100 and 200 years ago no reason it won’t work now…

    1. The Last Real American says:


  30. David Lorell Hoskins says:

    Twitter Town of Fremont @Fremont_CA

  31. David Lorell Hoskins says:

    Come on now, do something constructive and Twitter the town @Fremont_CA

  32. Jack says:

    As a firefighter this is the right move. Things like this keep my job a secure. Now if this thing caught fire and some kids were injured or killed you’d be screaming where was the city at to protect them. This is just plain community safety. I question that it’s been going on for so many years unknown.

    1. Jim Hosse says:

      Hey Jack you in a Gov. workers Union?
      Do you feed your family from the Tax payers money?
      Who do you work for us or them?
      Think about that and then answer.
      You just might see what some of us are talking about.
      But then again maybe not.

      1. Jeff says:

        What does a govt workers union have to do with a firefighter giving his professional opinion on this situation. He also risks his life for that “tax payer money”. What do you do for yours? Could or would doe his? Do you have the guts? This is not about us vs. them. It’s about a professional expressing his informed professional opinion. He gets to clean up after people like you so keep it up. You are his job security.

    2. Theodore R. Smith says:

      The freedom of the many should always outweigh the lives of a few.

      I’m sorry, but let’s not be all panzy!!

      If we outlawed everything to save a few lives, definitely cars would be illegal, and we’d live in an abject state of despotism.

      Let people be free and evolution do the rest.

    3. ALeishman says:

      I hear this argument all the time but I’ve never seen any public outcry when someone gets hurt in a home. Show me where people blame the government for getting harmed in a persons back yard.

    4. Kim Darnell says:

      Im curious…if it’s such a hazard, why are they giving them almost two weeks to shut it down? If it’s a hazard shouldn’t they shut it down NOW? I am all for making sure things are safe, but just do it…don’t wait and see if you have to fine them later.

      Also, why didn’t they check this out when the kid first started this seven years ago?
      As for the peopl saying it’s government intervention? Are youreally that ignorant? Stop believeing every conspiracy theory you ever hear…lol.

  33. Joe says:

    You clowns keep electing Democrats and then you are surprised and shocked when big government gets into your lives.

    You all deserve it, your getting exactly what you voted for.

    1. Theodore R. Smith says:

      It’s not a democrat or republican thing.

      It’s called Statism and it is caused by well-meaning people actually believing regulation of the many for the protection of a few is a good thing.

      1. niki says:

        Call it whatever you want, controlling other people is not of God. God doesn’t make people do ANYTHING. He sits around waiting for our hearts and minds to change so that when there finally is change, it’s of our own volition. Controlling people and making them do what you feel is right is wrong. Even if it’s painful, we have to let each other be free to make our own mistakes, otherwise, how will we learn? You can’t if someone is always there stopping you from making them. For good or bad, people must be free.

      2. Wearyman says:


        You may have missed it, but by and large the home of Statism is the modern Democrat party. Oh, there are a few GOP statists too, we call the RINOs. But the home of LIMITED government is the Republican party, and becoming more so every day.

        The point is this: If you want BIG GOVERNMENT then vote Democrat. If you want Limited Government, then vote Republican. This is the 21st century reality of the parties. They are very different.

        Anyone trying to make them seem the same is either uninformed, or deliberately trying to obfuscate the truth (IE: a Democrat trying to smoke screen the statism of the Dem party.)

  34. jake says:

    Put the names of the city officials on sign in the front of your house. Come reelection maybe those jerks will be gone.

    1. John Farrar says:

      Better yet….pass out fliers on Halloween with their names all over it…..

    2. The Truth says:

      Capital suggestion.

      Perhaps a few building code enforcement officials should also be on the signs

    3. alex says:

      Yea because it is there fault that he didnt get a proper permit nor inspection for his halloween house of flaming murder. You understand the risks involved with these homemade death structures? Not only does it have to be built to proper fire code but ALL decorations mus tbe fire rated as well. you may as well send your kids to a creamatorium if you allow them to go into such a structure

    4. Shawnie says:

      @Alex- If people are willing to go into that home made Halloween house then they need to be responsible for anything that happens to them. If kids are there? Where are there parents? This notion that Government should be the protector at all times…even for something like this is ridiculous. Personal responsibility has to play a more prominent role.

    5. alex says:

      For some people (building code officials) it is there job to protect not only the public but the home owner from their own ignorance. This in NO way is rediculous at all. The homeowner built an unapproved structure on his own property end of story. I’m glad that someone got out of their chair and did their job to stop an extreme fire hazard.

    6. dog says:

      @ alex Nanny state sissies like you are destroying the economy with excessive permitting. Now children can’t even start a lemonade stand without getting a $600 permit. Great job you government enabling doof.

      Community events like this haunted house have been going on for DECADES, and you sit around pretending that there is some kind of danger. How come there aren’t any news stories about children dying in structures like these?

      Ohhh becasue it doesn’t happen.

      You are probably a code enforcement agent or some other bureaucrat sent by our loving government to eat the substance of the people. You are an anti-american

    7. Alex says:

      @dog Made me lol @ nannie state sissy lol. Lets think here brother. FIRE SAFETY. Can you honestly think that this contraption of dim lit, narrow walk ways filled with flammables is a good idea? There are reasons why there are codes and I can promise it isnt to give everyone a hard time. Life safety is the name of the game. I’m sorry that thinking that protecting life is a good idea. maybe we should jsut let natural selection take place and have people like you dwindle out of the gene pool…..

      Oh and why do fires like these not occur? that would be thanks to the people who actually give a damn about what they do for a living and make sure hazards like these are stopped before they happen. OH and I promise you this isnt the first halloween death box to be stopped before it happened. but, instead of complaining people do what needs done to make it a safe structure.

    8. alex says:

      @ dog

      Oh and btw if you want proof of what kind of disasters can happen try researching the 1984 fire at six flags haunted house.

    9. Sick Of The Idiots says:

      Alex, it is people like you who are absolutely destroying this country. The government is not your nanny. The government is not your mother. You may want Big Brother to wipe your butt from the day you’re born, but a great many of the rest of us don’t. Please take you, your hysterics, and your horror at the notion of living life without government sanction and move somewhere else. Leave the rest of us alone. I beg you.

  35. Beau says:

    Don’t you just love Kalifornia?

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      Da’ Komerad!

  36. Mike Alright says:

    Will you idiotic Americans please stop pretending you live in as free country. You live in a feminized nanny-state so that you can all “feel” safe.

    1. niki says:

      I know. It’s sad.

  37. FreedomWatch says:

    Fremont needs to organize its constitutional militia and stand guard around this haunted house. Too much government nanny meddling into our lives from every level of governance. The city council of Fremont can jump in a pile of mud.

  38. Ryan Cooner says:

    Just offer marijuana at the end, and call the haunted house a “waiting line”… that should pass muster in San Fran.

    1. Ryan Cooner says:

      er Fremont… my bad.

    2. Tom says:

      It;s always the libs doing this stuff, folks. Always. We need to wise up at the ballot box before it’s too late- although maybe it already is

  39. Fred says:

    2 words: Pete Stark.

  40. Thinkist says:

    The “OCCUPIERS” are a public hazard walking around in piles of rotting garbage, urine and feces causing disease that will infect the public now and for monthes to come as these maggots walk among other people.

  41. Mike_88 says:

    Sorry folks, free has left the country. The new word is Feedoom.

  42. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Degenerate government composed of mentally deficient people who should now be investigated as they are entrusted with spending the city’s tax revenue and so poorly. Where there is waste there is fraud. Where there is fraud there is theft, corruption and the compromised handing out favors.

    Investigate the entire city government.

  43. OneNation says:

    Cripe, he lives in CA, what was he thinking….. there is no freedom there.

  44. Mike says:

    San Francisco…..It’s just like Cuba except with gays and marijuana.

  45. The Last Real American says:

    1. sj says:

      Most people will just skip by this link… I suggest EVERYONE watch it. It is worth every second. Thank you… Real American!

  46. Jon Edward Klement says:

    If the haunted house is on THEIR property and visitors come OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL and those running the haunted house are WILLING OT ACCEPT THE RISK of a lawsuit if someone really did get hurt, then the town should LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    Reading things like this everyday makes me realize we live in a post-freedom America.

    Welcome to post-freedom America.

  47. Jasonn says:

    Petty BS like this is one of the main reasons that folks lose respect for government.

  48. comenovember says:

    Thank God for the authorities sent by my Overlord. Haunted houses for fun on Halloween? Absolutely not.

  49. Richard Henkle says:

    Sure, not a big deal until something happens and Steele and the City get sued.

    1. ALeishman says:

      Why drive a car when there is always a chance of getting hurt? Why live near a lake? Why take vitamins?

      Your comment seems paranoid…. extremely paranoid. Should everyone abstain from doing anything for fear of harming themselves or others? Soon, it will be against the law to have friends over to watch a football game, unless I get my home inspected and approved for meetings by the local and state governments. Of course, this inspection would require an annual “re-inspection” and a license… at a nominal fee.

  50. omstrat says:

    Government better back off everyone’s butt. It’s getting out of control , they want to own , tax and control every aspect of our lives. Probably Democrats

    1. CYnthia says:

      ‘Probably’ Democrats???? Lets go with ‘Definitely’ Democrats. All of the Lefties I have ever known preach tolerance and acceptance . . . of their OWN views and beliefs . . . but when it comes to the views and beliefs and freedoms of others, they have absolutely NO tolerance and will do everything in their power to stomp you out! Liberalism is a mental disorder!

    2. rook says:

      Right… because republicans are never ever about restricting people’s freedoms in the least… or about laws being ‘black and white with no grey area’… or about being ‘strictly business’. Those ideals hardly fit the republican party in the least.

    3. niki says:

      Republicans are moderate to liberal so when people say “Republicans” people are right, they do things like that. Republican is a party whose beliefs, values, etc. change over time. LIberalism and Conservativism are philosophies. So, as people’s views change, then the political party will change. They move from one philosophical belief to the next starting with the least amount of governement to total government control; anarchy, libertarianism, conservativism, liberalism, fascism, communism. Political parties shift all over this spectrum as societies belief’s change. Republicans used to be conservative but now they are moderate to liberal. And since Democrats are farther to the left of Repubs., then most by belief, not all, now fall into the liberalism-communism philosophy.

    4. Democrats are morons says:

      Definitely democrats. Democrats are always telling on what we can do or cannot do, Democrats are socialist!

  51. phillysmart says:

    You see this more and more in cities and townsall over the country….government taking our freedoms away simple pleasures are no longer permitted…boyhood tree houses dismantled…decrations …flags now halloween festivities , christmas trees banned …crosses banned ….welcome to the socialist dictators of America the democrats….no tradition…no values….no religion…controlling our diets and health care….. they are already have our kids with their indoctrination camps in school…..wake up America …a “1984” society is fast approaching////either we get rid of the democrat socialist or forever be their slaves

    1. mobildata says:

      It’s here. Also, in case you didn’t notice, our Democrat President merely tripled down on the fascists policies of his Republican predecessor. In Amerika we have a left and right wing of a single fascist party.

  52. Dorothy says:

    Villages, towns, all forms of government get away with this kind of thing because the citizens let them. Those elected somehow go through a strange transformation that makes them believe they are superior beings and the rest of us are stupid. In one respect we tell them that. How many people go to village board meetings, township meetings, library board meetings or any other kind of local meeting at least once a month? How many keep an eye on local government and speak up when they see something wrong. Very, very few people? This tells the elected ones they can get away with anything they want to do. Complaining in comments sections does nothing to change things.

  53. bill says:

    California loves their dems=marxist.
    You keep electing them.
    Now be quiet abd do as you’re told.
    That’s why you elect the dems isn’t.
    You can.t think for yourself they know thaty.

  54. phillysmart says:

    Your right and we need to do something about it because it is not reality…take your kids out of their schools….turn off the left wing propaganda and spread the word about the true intent of the enmy within the democrat socialist…inform the common people of the tyrants and their intentions and the rest will take care of itself…most people will resist

    1. rook says:

      Most people will be far too poor to resist when our corporatisied government comes a marching in… and really, we won’t see them coming anyhow. They won’t come in with tanks and guns… they’ll just keep coming like they already are… through the news, your neighbors, etc.

      Where the right wingers fail is in realizing that your enemy isn’t left or right. What interest would people like obama have in making this country socialist? Because they hate America or because they hate Freedom? That’s idiotic. The interest lies in getting more wealthy. Obama is just a minor cog in the machine of wealth gathering… this is where the 99%’s really aren’t that far off from the Tea Party folks, but they’re still all too dumb to realize they’re fighting different symptoms of the same beast. This isn’t about left wing propaganda, or public schools, or lefties, or libs, or righties, or neocons, etc… its about a few powerful and wealthy people pulling the strings of the majority. Obama’s ‘socialist’ decisions are made to allow the wealthy access to more and more wealth… because they fund him. Bush’s ‘neocon’ decisions are made to allow the wealthy more and more access to wealth… because they fund him. No amount of regulation or deregulation is going to change that because they’ve hedged every bet. If you deregulate, they get a free pass to rape us all that much more. If you regulate, you just put up more walls around them to protect them. The most important thing of all is that we all keep pacifying ourselves bickering about whose fault, defending ther defenders, etc this is while they continue to increase the gap.

      1. TheRealKingMax says:

        Rook, I’ve read your well-copied mantra from the Daily KAOS, and after careful contemplation:

        You’re an assclown.

        You try to come across as independent and neutral, but your stupidity shows through in your hate and lies about anything conservative.

        Pretty pathetic. Just another lying liberal (yes, I know, that’s redundant).

        Stick to your day job: a poster child for abortion rights.

  55. Ron says:

    Welcome to the Democrat plantation. Its getting bigger and stronger, and we slaves had better realize who massa is.

  56. metastar says:

    Its not fair. Why should Washington be the only place that gets to have a freak show?

  57. katrina anderson says:

    Everyone please go to this link and sign a petition to help us stay open!! Someone in the community started this petition and we are VERY grateful for the SUPPORT!!! Please continue your support to KEEP THE FREMONT- HAUNTED HOUSE OPEN!!!

  58. getmikey says:

    How much is the fine???

    Why not just “ask” for a donation for those who enter to assist you in dealing with your local city hall?

    And then do like Donald Trump did when they told him he had to take down his American flag! They sent him a bill, he just PAID IT and kept right on going!

    If the amount of “donations” (AKA cover charge) is enough to cover the fines from the 26th to the 31st, then just take it down on Nov 1.

    If you have an overage of “donations” then find a charity that can use extra publicity and make a donation to them!

    City hall outed, enjoyment continues!


  59. getmikey says:

    On that collection of donations:

    Hire someone to stand there and take the money and give change.

    You have now created a job in this economy! More than likely more than those at City Hall will have done.

  60. Alice Polarbear says:

    Government exists to stifle creativity.

    1. Daniel Morgan says:

      What the government cannot regulate, mandate or legislate, they seek to destroy.

      1. Sammie Jo says:

        If more people paid attention to what govt is doing ALL the time, not just when it applies to them, govt might have a harder time of getting away with all these ridiculous ordinances and rules.
        How many people actually go to city council meetings to see what is going on? If you don’t go, and stop them in their tracks, you have no one to blame but yourself when they tell you what you can or can’t do on your own property.
        Never leave the varmints unwatched.

  61. Clearhead says:

    It appears that the local “authorities” (ha-ha) will be changing the city’s name quite soon to ‘BONDAGEMONT” since they’ve obviously taken the “FREE” out of “FREmont” . I am so thankful that I don’t have to exist there!!

  62. Mario says:

    Only white people think they are oppressed.

    1. Dave says:

      HA!!! Black people STILL pull the race card EVERY SINGLE time they are pulled over or detained or they don’t get a large KOOL AID at Denny’s. Fact is that #’s show that crimes are committed by young black males…..look at the prison population…thats proof enough. Whites DO NOT think they are oppressed/…

    2. Wide Awake says:

      Gee Mario where is all the legislation with preferential treatment of whites?
      I can name plenty for “minorities”, or anyone non-white…. Think before you write.

  63. Stan Marsh says:

    Wake up People!! What we’ve known is coming for a long time is now about to over take us. It’s time we stopped doing what we are doing and get things right. We can’t just sit back and take it easy anymore. Only we can prevent it from happening. First, there was Oklahoma City, then 9/11, then Katrina. Now this. What’s next? We have got to work together or it’s over for our kids and all future Americans. We all know this began when Ike was elected President with help from the big European money machines who just wanted a piece of America. He got his interstate highway system and the first step was taken. JFK, RFK, MLK died and who lied about it? Everybody who knew. Nixon’s daughter married Ike’s grandson and we got another generation closer to the end. Carter almost blew the top off, but that rabbit did him in. 8 years of Reagan, 4 for Bush Sr., then 8 for Willie and who steps in??? That’s right — Bush, Jr. and the final key was turned. They got their man Obama in and leading the way and this is our last chance. Well, I’m not going to take it sitting down and you shouldn’t either. Our kids are next and no one cares.

  64. Daniel Morgan says:

    Shouldn’t the city be out shutting down lemonade stands and arresting private traders (that is what the Communists called capitalists before the purges)?

    Or maybe the kid should join a gang, then the city would leave him alone.

    1. TheRealTamPax says:

      “Shutting down lemonade stands”??????!

      OH, NO! What is Suzie going to do when there’s no more dumbazz lemonade/Verizon commercials to appear in????

  65. Ryan Johnson says:

    The sickest thing is that these buzzkills have jobs, jobs paid for by tax payers so they can come into our lives unannounced and take the fun out of life. Remember the good ol’ days when you wanted to do something without having worry about permits.

    Hide your spice racks, at this point I’m just waiting for someone to get fined over a homemade spice rack.

  66. Jock Lewdow says:

    All he has to do is make it a “gay” haunted house and then he can claim that the city is violating his rights.

  67. Craig says:

    Oh, dear. It seems somebody tried to say the word, “I” without permission.

    Sorry, Chris. Welcome to our brave, new world.

  68. proudnot2bliberal says:

    Two things the kid can do 10 claim its a habittat for the rare horney toed bung beatle 2) claim its a gay/alternative life style education center.

    either case not only would the city leave him alone they would give him tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars

  69. R Anderson says:

    He’s been doing this for the past 7 years? I would think this would provide him with some rights. I do remember two generations ago when the House of Hades burned down in Chicago’s Riverview Park, but that was huge compared to this backyard amusement. Even considering liability issues, let him keep his haunted house.

  70. ExLib says:

    Ok, so after 7 years, why, all of a sudden, is this now a “safety hazard”?? Growing up, we had “safety hazards” all over the place. Ya know what we were told? BE CAREFUL!!! And guess what? We. Were. Careful. Personal responsibility and sane logic has clearly fled this world.

  71. qquizz says:

    Haunted House at a church? Something about that doesn’t seem right.

  72. Ewe Jankass says:

    The guy should build a replica of the town hall and put nazi flags all over it. This is definitely part of Bush’s “New World Order” put in motion. Heil Bush!

  73. GMan says:

    Ahhh San Fran area of CA. No happy meals with toys, no haunted houses. Can’t imagine what’s next in the nanny state.

  74. tsiok says:

    “a public safety hazard.” Life is a hazard and no-one gets out alive so deal with it. I think the officials are a public safety hazard. Just look at how our quality of life has gone down. Kids can’t even have fun now. Sick

  75. Steve says:

    Anything to generate revenue, eh? By turning the average joe into a criminal.

  76. Scratch says:

    Unfortunately, the city knows that if someone gets hurt, they (the city) will be included as a defendant in the inevitable lawsuit.

  77. RealityCheck says:

    Socialist Government ‘over reach’ is what you get when you vote in “Hope and Change”

    This is the ‘change’

  78. MaverickThrowback says:


  79. Ron Staiger says:

    At first I thought this was another example of a local government gone regulation-crazy but then I remembered the kids who died in a haunted house constructed of truck-trailers in which the interiors were sprayed with flammable foam at Great Adventure in Jackson NJ in the 80’s. What was most disturbing about Great Adventure’s response in that case was charging the relatives of the dead to come in and leave flowers where the children died. I have not been to a Six Flags owned park since.

  80. SomeDude68 says:

    People should band together and contribute to pay the daily fines if possible. They would only need to pay for 6 daily fines. That would give them Nov. 1 to tear it down. Perhaps the fines are only $25 a day!

  81. diogenes says:

    @rook: FTW.
    Most of the Tea Partiers ARE in the 99% of us who aren’t pulling the strings.

  82. harmaj says:

    BTW, what church would host a Halloween haunted house? Just wondering. Seems a little bit against doctrine. I know it’s all in good fun, but still, witches, undead, warlocks, vampires, etc….

  83. ME says:

    Good thing he didn’t have a lemonade stand there, too, or they would have sent in the SWAT team….

  84. Kermie says:

    Conduct a gay marriage at the entrance and sell medical pot at the exit and you’ll have no problems.

  85. Alex says:

    It is hilarious how people are all angry about government taking too much action on things like this when it is an obvious fire hazard. Are you people even aware of how dangerous one of these self built haloween horror houses are. Does ALL of his decorations have proper fire ratings? This can easily EASILY turn into a big problem if it was not permitted and inspected by a proper building code official. If you would even think of letting your kids enter such a homemade halloween attraction you may as well be sending them to a crematorium.

    1. alex says:

      How is that irrelevant at all? Im pretty sure it is quite relevant that this person created a public safety issue in his own backyard. What if this went up in flames spread to the house thanks to the lack of fire rated construction and maybe even a neighboring yard? Bring factual information to this conversation or just become another ignorant person who thinks they know something.

    2. Doug says:

      Oh Alex you represent everything that is wrong with this Country. Mr. Nanny State I’m not even going to bother trying to educate you on why this is wrong because it would be pointless. Where does it end. Candy makes people fat so we should ban trick or treating. Sugar is unhealthy so lets ban that too. Why don’t you go somewhere like Iran if you want the government to be responsible for everything.

      1. alex says:

        Who said be responsible for everything? I think you are the one assuming that that is the way I would like it to be. I’m I happy that someone stopped someone else from potentially putting others in harms way unbeknownst to him.. yes. Do I think zoning is stupid and shouldnt be allowed to tell people what they can and cant do with their own property… Yes. Would I care if this guy was 5 houses down from me… No. Would I care if I was his neighbor and put a hazard to my own property… u betcha.

  86. Asa says:

    Don’t blame the rules, blame the rule breaker. Now that the city has acknowledged the problem, they can’t back away. What if someone gets hurt?

  87. Randy says:

    As Hank Jr would say…….United Socialist of America….how do you like the change

  88. Tmoney says:

    Dont you want to know that before you go into a Haunted House that a federal regulator has checked it out and declared it safe.

  89. Lee Yarbrough says:

    You have to love all the do nothing folks that can turn a zoning violation into the government taking over your lives.

    You are not the solution, you have become the problem.

    If this haunted house had gone up in flames and killed 100 kids you would be all over the city for them allowing it to happen.

    You can’t have it both ways. Take responsibility for your actions. The government is not what is hurting this country, Americans are hurting this country with their ‘you owe me” attitude.

    1. tenexe says:

      That’s right Lee so the answer to stop people from getting upset with the Government is continue to make all our decisions for us. Your logic is absurd. If the house went up in flames it would have been tragic. Then you can blame the kid who set it up and the parents who didn’t monitor their children and let them in. Your the kind of person who would support the lawsuit against McDonalds for hot coffee or the idiot who sued a contraceptive company because she put her contraceptive jelly on toast and got pregnant.

  90. Rowdy Boots says:

    Nice to see California People are getting some of the results of their voting for Morons and Liberals.

    Here we have a young entrepreneur, artist, producer and project manager with a history of persistance–and he is being STIFLED BY THE GOD DAMNED GOVERMENT THAT CREATED THIS DEPRESSION IN THE FIRST PLACE.



    1. Alex says:

      Ermmm. Do you even know what permitting means? Or who is even involved in the process of permitting? Try the local building official. Which doesnt have anything to do with the political government. This kid is lucky that he didnt kill anyone in the past years of doing this. If this young entrpreneur would have went about this quite differently (getting proper building permit/zoning permit/plans reviewed and inspected) I’m sure there wouldnt have been a problem. Stop spouting ignorance and get a clue my friend.

      1. tinnee says:

        You are the ignorant one Alex.

      2. alex says:

        @ tinnee

        You call me ignorant yet I’m not sure if you know how the word should even be used. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. I believe I provided plenty of knowledge towards this conversation while you are just trying to belittle another. Please come back when you have something worth saying.

  91. Dave Shaffer says:

    Once again, California leads the way.

  92. Matt Doobs Dubea says:

    it’s all about money, they want cash for a permit or they want cash from fines. UnFreemont is cracking down on an entrepreneur, plain and simple.

  93. Smitty says:

    @ Alex

    Your a tool.

  94. BrianM says:

    Don’t do it they have no right to regulate this stuff! What a bunch of eco-nazis. This is still America you communists. This should be a wake up call to what’s going on in this country especially in California and especially in the Bay Area where it’s completely out of control.

    1. kacisptx says:

      I wouldn’t take it down either… as long as he isn’t charging for it, I don’t see how it is any of the city’s business…

  95. kacisptx says:

    This is just stupid, government run amuck. Give the kid a break and stop this flippin NANNY STATE before we end up like England where kids aren’t allowed to blow up balloons!

  96. Freeland Dave says:

    Knowing Freakmont CA as I do, having lived there and passing through there for decades, this is nothing more than a city looking for fees so they can misappropriate spending taxpayer dollars elsewhere.

    Yes, the permit process was thwarted but considering the egregious safety performances of the City elsewhere this structure is a non-issue.

    Now this is not to say that Fremont is not safer than other communities surrounding it, most notably Newark, Hayward or Milpitas, but it does adequately demonstrate how Fremont, like other cities are tightening up code enforcement to increase revenues by focusing their attention on the small fry instead of the whales also swimming in their Lake Elizabeth ponds.

    Move along folks, this is nothing new for the City of Fremont. Nothing to be seen here.

  97. Vote Loud says:

    Alex: “you may as well send your kids to a creamatorium if you allow them to go into such a structure”


    Glad I was not raised there, nor my kids. What will Alex do in a catastrophe… Cry about being abandoned by Uncle Sugar???

  98. Mrs. Knickertwist says:

    Wait till SF bans Holloween because candy is unhealthy. Just wait,

  99. DG says:

    Liberals can’t stand seeing anyone having fun.

  100. Commie Smasher says:

    Ugh; you commies have destroyed that state. I hope you break from the union so we never have to bail your ass out.

    Reap what you sow, statist morons!

  101. vizionary says:

    no matter what the report is about, ya’ll just can’t help but fight over politicks. This is what both sides want. Politricks only seed war in the peoples lives. Both side are mental disorders.. Wake Up & Live. Overstand all this and lets build our conscious community.

    And yes, this is a stupid problem. I read that kids this summer got busted for lemonade stands around the nation.. .For not having a permit & that the food wasn’t OSHA safe…

    One Love

  102. Michelle Obama says:

    What a typical nanny state ninny you are! I’m sure you feel right at home in Nanny State Heaven, the San Francisco bay area. Thank God I live in Texas where even though we’re sinking down the nanny state rat hole ourselves, we’re not nearly as far gone as California… yet! And this notion that homeowners need to be “protected from themselves”… says who? And in this instance, your argument is a double fail because this kid has had the haunted house for seven years and evidently no problems! Go back to sucking your thumb and leave the rest of us alone, you castrated wuss!

  103. doug says:

    sorry Alex your an idiot. Take your big brother ideology somewhere else.

  104. keith says:

    seriously? It’s on private propery, so leave the guy alone….what he does in his backyard is his business and if he wants to do something for the good of the neighborhood then let him…..would you rather he not and kids instead go out and commit crimes and join gangs? Heck city hall is the real HORROR show

  105. dvrdannavet says:

    WOW. Lotta political naievete, ignorance of history & hatemongering racist hogwash being spewed here over a zoning/safety violation. Yeah. Just keep the firetrap open so the kid can learn that rules apply to everyone but him. That’ll improve America’s quality of life & show ’em all.
    More than likely some ultra religious, anti- halloween freak dropped the dime on the kid.

    1. Tom Menino says:

      “so the kid can learn that rules apply to everyone but him..”

      Like the dooshnozzles who are clogging up the streets of our cities and camping illegally because rules apply to everyone but them? Like that?

  106. UppityProle says:

    Every time the libs shake down the taxpayers for more loot, they ALWAYS hold the cops, teachers, and firemen hostage. Why is the Department of Haunted House Compliance’s budget never threatened?

  107. Tom Menino says:

    Easy solution: Just have one of the zombies in the exhibit stand there holding an “Occupy Wall Street” sign and they’ll bring free food, a porta-potty, and you can stand there smoking weed without getting busted.

  108. John McGraw says:

    And where is freedom. Taken over by reckless, free spending, power hungry tyrants minding everyone else’s business except their own.

  109. peanut9244 says:

    FINALLY I have found a Fremont dumber than my Fremont in Ohio.

  110. Ed Bodensick says:

    I didn’t see my post so I’ll post it again. I think the city should have some of it’s contractors help make the haunted house safe. It’s nice to have a happy ending to this story after all the bad press after holloween. This could be a one time exemption from the city.

  111. Maxoverload says:

    Scrooge …… out getting an early start for the coming holidays …….. Couldnt wait for december ……… hes out without costume , showing his real face for Haloween ………….