SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – A new report shows Bay Area rents – especially in the South Bay And Peninsula – are climbing quickly.

In Santa Clara County, the average apartment rental is now $1,792 a month, according to Real Facts. San Mateo County has seen an 11 percent annual increase to $1,866 average.

The climbing rates are largely attributed to renewed hiring in Silicon Valley and an increase in former homeowners looking to rent.

“A lot of people who could not afford a $6,000-a-month mortgage payment gave up their house, their credit took a hit. But now if they have to go and rent a place for $1,500 or $2,000. They can do that,” said Ron Stern of Bay Rentals.

Stern said there are some high-priced areas driving up averages, but there are still many relatively affordable places available.

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  1. Sam Mallory says:


  2. cracklewalk says:

    Absolute BS. A big money grab on the victims of the greedy banks.

  3. Exploited Renter says:

    My greedy landlord increased the rent to my tiny studio to $1295 per month! He said its due to increased “maintenance costs” but after reading this article, I knew he just wanted more money because he could get away with it!