MONTEREY (KCBS)— While a Monterey man continues to nurse serious injuries from an apparent shark attack on Saturday, at least one shark expert said it should come as no surprise.

This is just about the peak of shark activity along California’s so called Red Triangle from Stinson Beach, down to Monterey, and over to the Farallon Islands, according to David McGuire, shark researcher at the California Academy of Sciences.

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In fact, shark sightings and contact with humans is so prevalent in this region this time of year that experts now refer to it as “Sharktober”.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

Surfers look a lot like seals from below, said McGuire.

“White sharks especially are ambush predators. They hit, they investigate with their teeth and generally they let go,” McGuire said.

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He added the young man in Saturday’s attack did the right thing by having a buddy along with him in an area of fairly high risk.

“There has been loss of life in this area beach historically,” said McGuire. “But he had a friend who immediately got him to shore took some emergency response measures. They saved his life,” he said.

Attacks like this have the ability to instantly ramp up anti-shark sentiments, but McGuire pointed out it’s the animal that’s really in danger of becoming over-fished and on the verge of extinction.

He stressed the importance of protecting the entire eco-system, sharks included.

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