OAKLAND (CBS SF)– Occupy Oakland organizers said Monday that they are calling for work stoppages, school walkouts and the closure of banks and corporations during a general strike and mass day of action that’s planned for Wednesday.

Speaking at a news conference at the intersection of Broadway and Telegraph Avenue in downtown Oakland, which was the center of the city’s last general strike in 1946, Louise Michel said there has been “an overwhelming consensus” by the group’s members to call a general strike.

Michel said the strike goals are “solidarity with the worldwide Occupy movement, ending police attacks on our communities and defending Oakland schools and libraries.”

She said the fourth goal is opposing what she described as “an economic system built on imperialism, inequality and corporate power that perpetuates all forms of oppression and the destruction of the environment.”

Tim Simmons of Occupy Oakland said demonstrations will converge at the corner of 14th Street and Broadway at three different times to make the day of action as accessible to as many workers as possible: 9 a.m., noon and 5 p.m.

Rapper Boots Riley of The Coup and the Street Sweeper Social Club said the 5 p.m. action is a march to the Port to Oakland “to blockade the flow of capital” and to show solidarity with longshore workers in their struggle in Longview, Wash., whom he said are involved in a labor dispute with the grain exporter EGT.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

Riley said, “The entire world is fed up and the strike is a warning shot to the 1 percent whose wealth only exists because it takes it from the 99 percent.”

Riley vowed, “We’re going to shut down the Port” and said “tens of thousands of people” might march on the Port.

Asked what protesters would do if police try to stop them from shutting down the Port, Riley said, “I’m assuming the police won’t stop democracy.”

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Former Oakland high school teacher Javier Armas said he’s upset that Oakland Unified School District officials have decided to close five elementary schools in East Oakland, an action he said will “destabilize the community.”

Armas said, “We will take over the schools and run them ourselves.”

Crystalee Crain, a political science and sociology teacher at De Anza College and the College of Alameda, said she will participate in the general strike because, “I cannot lead by example and still say that capitalism is OK and complacency is acceptable.”

Crain said she will invite her students to join her in the strike.

Joseph Haraburda, the president and chief executive of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, said he’s concerned about Occupy Oakland’s statement on its posters and pamphlets that “all banks and corporations must close down for the day or demonstrators will march on them,” saying he thinks such a comment is a threat.

Haraburda said, “It’s ill-conceived to threaten businesses” and he doesn’t think strike organizers have a coherent message and goal.

“Cool heads need to prevail. If they have issues, bring them forward and get them resolved,” he said.

Haraburda also expressed frustration that the city’s leadership hasn’t clearly said how it will respond to the general strike and day of action, asking, “What’s the city going to do?”

He said, “We need to hear a message from the city.”

The office of Mayor Jean Quan issued a statement late in the day on Monday saying city offices and services will remain open on Wednesday and “we are not urging businesses to close.”

Instead, businesses should “use common sense precautions,” Quan’s office said.

The mayor’s office said, “Keeping peace on our streets and protecting Oakland businesses and residents is our top priority” but didn’t cite any specific actions it will take.

Quan’s office said, “This is a fluid situation” and it’s asking businesses and the public to sign up for alerts by email or wireless devices.

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Comments (24)
  1. PLW says:

    The Demonstrators should demonstrate against the Representatives that created this mess and they are only self-serving Politicians. The Demonstrators are only hurting the Taxpayers and working citizens who have to pick up the Demonstrators’ bill that will include their toilets to the damages they incur. Marx would be proud!

    1. Oakalnd Taxpayer says:

      and the question, how many of these “occupy Oakland” protestors actually live and pay taxes in Oakland? Patronize the small business too? How many Oakland residents are now shopping in San Leandro, Hayward, Union City, Fremont?

    2. Steven Lehman says:

      If You liked the way it used to be:

      BUY AMERICAN 99%

  2. Ed says:

    Occupy Where ever turning RED before our eyes

  3. Dawg says:

    What a bunch of morons, shutting down the Port of Oakland, therefor making it difficult for the hundreds of port employee and truckers to earn an honest day’s pay. It’s actions like this that make it hard for me to sympathise with them.

    1. Joshua says:

      The International Longshoreman’s and Warehouseman’s Union has explicitly pledged that it will not cross a picket line created by Occupy Oakland if OO can show that it can actually organize well enough to effectively shut down the entrance to the port. They’re actually working together. Furthermore, people who are working together to unionize the truck drivers (meaning some of the drivers themselves) are also supporting OO’s efforts.

      If you troubled yourself to actually look into the facts instead of criticizing from the sidelines, like most people, you might understand that this is about working people organizing (finally, maybe) to get a fair return for what they contribute to our economy. Granted, most longshoremen and warehouse workers make something in excess of $80,000 a year, plus benefits. But that’s because 60-plus years ago they organized in much the same fashion as the Occupiers are now (granted, back then, with much, much more violence). It’s very dangerous work, and the amount ILWU members make doesn’t come close to what the retail CEOs, freight brokerage firms, trucking company CEOs, insurance company CEOs, et cetera, make. And they don’t come anywhere near the terminals they use to get rich.

  4. John Blausey says:

    Why doesn’t the media actually report what is going on? The unions are paying these people to protest for them. This is about a dispute with EBC, a company in a labor dispute. This has nothing to do with any occupy dispute. The unions did the same thing in NY and the occupy protesters went to protest at other locations in standard labor disputes. Why doesn’t the liberal media report what is actually going on here? I’m talking to you Holly Quan.

  5. matt says:

    Why do these Glenn Beck wannabes keep making these posts about how the Occupy movement is all being funded by the unions or George Soros or whatever? They have yet to produce any hard evidence of this, just their own disbelief that we all don’t want to keep grabbing our ankles for the corporate elite. Show us the evidence or shut the !$^&@% up.

    1. Peter Notarianni says:


      1. "stretch" says:

        Like they use to say, “If you got it, flaunt it.” Let’s see it. wheres it at?

    2. Brian Millard says:

      Hey Matt,

      Look at the printed signs that are produced by SEIU. Educate yourselft, look around and be aware instead of be pwned by labor unions and socialist front groups. You can be a slave to the democratic plantation and Occupy will be your future. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and all the other locally elected policitians are lining their pockets and increasing their networth using fools like you to do their dirty work. Wake up man!

      A Reformed Progressive

      1. Nancy says:

        Thank you for a commomn sense answer. ENOUGH of these hooligans and misfits holding the city hostage and making a mess.. I feel sorry for the stores and businesses who are trying to make an honest living with these idiots around them. Tell them al to take a hike, get a job and a shower and a haircut, ditch the drugs, and become Americans.

    3. Zippy says:

      Do you really think these useful idiots of Alinsky want an equal chance at making a living? Give me a break. How is it they can camp out 24-7? Aren’t they afraid of losing their jobs? Oh, yeah wait. Most of them don’t have one, but they want the rest of us that do give them some of what we earn.They are just hollering for a handout! How many people do you know that work hard, pay their taxes, and contribute to the community are going to keep working to give earnings to freeloaders. We are not! My parents grew up picking cotton. My mother with a 2nd grade education managed to start her own dry cleaning business without affirmative action, without minority business loans, and without WHINING about not getting a fair break. She did it by working with her brothers and sisters until each of them owned their own business. I was stupid and dropped out of school in 9th grade, got my GEd at 16 and was working full time by the time I was 18. I work for one of the top accounting firms globally. Until last year I was working a full time job and three partime jobs. Why? Because I wanted to pay off my credit cards and buy a home. Did I sit on my butt and complain because people that had the smarts and the drive to spend 4 – 6 years in higher education to earn six figure plus salaries, join a country club and vacation in Europe? No I do not begrude them anything, nor think that I am entiled to a fare share of their earnings. My boss is worth more than several million. More power to him. he paid the price to scrafice and pay his way through colllege and work long hours. How dare those OW flea bags thing they should have a slice of his pie or limit his earnings. Yes, I had to step over some of the OW bums in San Francisco.

      1. "stretch" says:

        Support the mentally challenged………TAKE A TEABAGGER TO LUNCH!!!!!!

    4. Pat says:

      Because GLENN BECK IS Right. The truth hurts doesn’t it !!? Marxism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in America and if the protestors who are nothing more tha a bunch of lazy, whiny good for nothing bums want a real fight, they won’t have to look far to get it.

  6. Oakalnd Taxpayer says:

    Let me ask some very simple questions, since I’m part of the 99%. As an Oakland resident, taxpayer, what gets gained shutting down Oakland? Why not go to Washington DC and camp out at Congress. Those are the folks, not Oakland, we’re broke. And to the mayor? What services will be cut here to offset the overtime for cleaning? And, allow me one another question… how many of theses “occupy Oakland” protestors actually reside in Oakland and frequent, like I do, small businesses in Oakland. I stayed away from shopping in Oakland this week, and will continue so I don’t get stuck in traffic. Last I looked, San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont, Union City…

  7. The New Mayor says:

    To me these are just the freaks and tweeks running this campaign. I too can’t stand the fact that Corporate America is buying out our politicians. But I don’t want these weirdos sending the message for me.
    But Damit, Spell out exactly what you want rather then generalize about the Bad people in our society. What do these Morons have to see before they all go home or back to the bridge they live under.
    Looks like their looking for a free ride. Watch how little you will have in your Socialistic dream land. We can set up a part of Nevada where they all hold their Burning man BS at and live out there and share with each other. Problem is you have to have something to share.

  8. bill costley says:

    Fearing people’s shutting down shopping only proves that consumerism is what his country is being reduced to nowadays. It used to be manufacturing. Off-shoring, etc. have hollowed-out the shrinking economy. It’s time to rebuild this country with everyone involved, immigrants & unions included. The 1% fear this.