OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland police said they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest of U.S. Army veteran Kayvan Sabeghi, who was hospitalized after an arrest during this week’s Occupy Oakland protests.

Sabeghi, 32, an owner of the El Cerrito brewpub Elevation 66, told fellow Occupy Oakland protesters that he was walking away from a police raid early Thursday morning when officers struck him with batons.

Sabeghi claimed he was in severe pain while in jail for hours before he received medical treatment, according to a fellow protester and acquaintance of Sabeghi who asked to remain anonymous.

He was taken to Highland Hospital where he underwent surgery on Friday, protesters said.

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Sabeghi is the second veteran who was injured during Occupy Oakland protests. Scott Olsen, an Iraq war veteran, suffered a fractured skull when he was struck by a police projectile on Oct. 25, according to a statement by Iraq Veterans Against War.

Oakland police on Friday said that the incident is under investigation and are asking anyone with information to call the Major Crimes Section at (510) 238-3821.

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Comments (8)
  1. Michael Nelson says:

    Stay home you won’t get hurt….you fool. The police are only doing their job.

    1. hepster says:

      michael must be a me bager

  2. Roger Ewing says:

    Doing their job? Is doing their job brutally beating up the taxpayers? THANKS TO THE OPD, The new Facebook Group Angry Veterans for a Fair America was born…We will continue to grow as a group advocating fair treatment of our Veterans and fellow citizens and we will be pushing for law enforcement to weed out and jail these rogue cops for violating that mans Constitutional Rights..Beat a Vet and 500 more will pop up….See ya on the streets of Oakland soon…

    1. Hector S. says:

      A good percentage of the Police force are Veterans, what about their rights to not have rocks, concrete, M1000’s etc.. thrown at them?

  3. frank ogawa says:

    “This is an unlawful assembly” means, leave the area now for all of you that don’t get it. A soldier, with ANY honor, would know to leave. When he/she doesn’t, they are a law violator and lose ALL sympathy from the citizenry, including the thanks for serving stuff.

    1. hepster says:

      gee frank , what part of freedom to assemble don’t you understand.
      this citizen doesn’t think like you , ya got to love them for what they did for you and me , they stood for you , now be quiet and stand for them ,