OAKLAND (CBS 5) – CBS 5 has obtained a series of emails from Dr. Floyd Huen, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s husband and a long-time Oakland activist, brainstorming with fellow activists about how to shut down the Occupy Oakland encampment without the spectacle of violent police clashes.

The e-mails are posted in the BBON Google group – Quan’s so-called “Block By Block Organizing Network” – which consists primarily of neighborhood activists and Quan loyalists.

They provide a behind-the-scenes look at how much Huen is playing an active role in trying to resolve the Occupy situation, at times even expressing the mayor’s own frustration with her unique position: as a former activist who finds herself at odds with the movement.

Huen wrote: “I want to remind all of you that OO HAS NO NEGOTIATING TEAM. They are the only ones in the country that do not. You need to know how exasperating this has been for this type of encampment to exist in a city with a progressive mayor who is offering to help but nobody to talk to about it.”

In other e-mails, Huen implores his fellow activists to come up with a way to get the Occupy folks to move to an alternate city site. When some BBON folks seem to sympathize with Occupy Oakland’s determination to stay in Frank Ogawa Plaza, Huen tells them to “wake up” to the political reality of the situation.

Huen wrote, “I am afraid that some of the comments from my BBBON colleagues show how out of touch they are with Oakland right now. The City Council, which sets policy for the City of Oakland and in which the Mayor only votes in case of a tie, UNANIMOUSLY wants the camp moved, either voluntarily or involunatrily (sic).

“Wake up everybody. I actually feel that the Council does indeed represent the majority sentiment in Oakland. So comments about the importance of the movement AT THIS POINT will only be important IF we can get the encampment to move elsewhere and continue the movement at another site in Oakland.

“There is interest from among them to do that.

“Please focus on making this happen.”

When CBS 5 called Huen for a comment, he said, “I think I’d rather not speak to the media about this … we’re trying to keep our city safe.” Then he hung up.

In the e-mails, Huen said he had attended several Occupy general assemblies, but later decided to back off because of his high profile.

Huen urged BBON members to try to persuade the Occupy folks to adopt a “non-violence resolution,” but they eventually backed off that effort when it became clear that the Occupy folks would reject it.

During the e-mail discussions, some BBON members let Huen know they adamantly oppose a police raid. They propose several sites for relocating the protest site overnight, including the “occupation of foreclosed buildings.” Although the proposals would involve putting them in those buildings at taxpayer expense, they claim that would be less expensive than a police action — with the ensuing lawsuits sure to follow any violent clashes.

In another e-mail, Huen wrote, “This movement can continue without the camping, and certainly not in the official center of the city. It could continue at another site, perhaps indoors. A private indoor property would be the best so as to take the City out of it. The Occupy Wall Street occupies a private plot of land outdoors.

“I think OO should consider:
1. Continuing the GA without the camp. or
2. Finding an alternative indoor site, preferably private. A foreclosed property might even be good for the new owner to rent out; and the movement can raise the monthly rent and everybody wins.”

In his latest e-mail, Huen said he is helping plan an effort for community members to descend on the encampment to encourage Occupy Oakland to move to an alternate location.

Huen wrote, “Jose Dorado is proposing a community effort this weekend to go as a group to the camp to engage and express our concerns about it hurting both the image and the business in our city to add to the Mayor’s request that they move…”

The mayor’s husband took a high profile role in the Occupy movement’s general strike on Nov. 2. He was among the thousands who marched to the Port of Oakland, blocking the entrances and shutting it down for several hours.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

Comments (28)
  1. Gene Atwood says:

    probably shouldn’t have repressed them so viciously to begin with.

  2. Jim Charles says:

    #OP = Organize Parasites.

  3. Jay says:

    Dr. Huen is a copy of his wife, Jean Quan,,,,,lots of talks & ideas while Oakland suffers more black eyes and the merchants loosing more $$$$$.

    1. MaryStein says:

      people are more important than businesses!

  4. Charlotte says:

    The biggest threat to business in Oakland is the banks not loaning to small businesses. Small Businesses are the financial backbone of Oakland.

    1. Paul Dsu says:

      busy are closing sooner thanks to OO.

  5. megerks says:

    Good Morning;
    Occupy in Oakland NEEDS to get a leader to communicate with the media! Our regular news stations ARE run by what they are aloud to present. On Comcast the REAL news is on channel 68, on Directv I believe it’ 358, I accidently turned on 358 and a news person was interviewing a marcher from Oakland….AND guess what REALLY happened, peaceful march thousands of protesters ? Marchers were marching peacefully, they walked a few miles, they turned right at a corner, the police put up a baracade, ??someone?? set the baracade on fire! Were the police told to baracade when there was a PEACEFUL march?? Come on, this is AMERICA (I THINK) and WE CAN MARCH……AND NOT FROM INSIDE SOME PLACE YOU PROVIDE!! Protest are to provide WHY YOU’RE MARCHING!!! We are SICK of the 1% taking UNEARNED MONEY from bo (the crook), we want them to pay back the BILLIONS and “NOT GIVE CEO’s MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN BONUS’S…” YOU CREEPS/LIARS/” that’s why we HAVE THE RIGHT TO MARCH!

    1. wiseold snail says:

      we are all leaders. we do not need to ‘communicate with the media.’ we are making our own truthful media. if the news confuses you, look for the truth instead.
      we agree on so much, megerks. but we have zero interest in choosing a spokesperson, who can then be manipulated by both government and media. we are many voices, and will continue that way.

  6. sigmund says:

    Maybe they could move them to Sobrante Park, or, the Oakland Coluseum (Would be nice to see how OO interacts with Raider Fans), or tell them you’ll give them jobs, sweeping streets in E.Oakland. Have them clean up yards etc…… Help those ‘poor’ people out that can’t seem to clean up their neighborhoods.

  7. Oakland Taxpayer says:

    As an Oakland resident, taxpayer, and voter, (not now but was a) a downtown shopper), our mayor (and her husband, he’s also the mayor too?) and council have morphed Oakland in to a national circus. Instead of promoting Oakland’s finest: Museum, Chabot Space and Science, Jack London Square, and downtown… we’re promoting occupiers (and I’d suspect too many not even residents). Isn’t Oakland just dandy? Makes us taxpayers want to raise our taxes…perhaps there’s a box on my tax statement to check to increase my tax to support the mayor(s) and councils newest residents, the occupiers. And, I’m sure the small businesses in Oakland would love this too… perhaps we could increase the occupation all the way to Jack London Square, too?

    Please advise where the box on my tax return is or do I just include a supplemental to finance Occupiers 2. Perhaps we could rename the city from Oakland to “Occupiers?”

    1. wiseold snail says:

      please clarify what evidence you have to show that this occupation of space has cost the city so much money. the expenditures approved by the city were not caused by this movement, but by big business in the form of the chamber of commerce ,which, btw, does not represent local business, pressuring the mayor et all to do something. unfortunately, she and they allowed that pressure to guide them to spend a couple million to violently repress the people. in the long run, the cost will be many millions more in payouts for city and state sponsored police violence.

      1. Oakland Taxpayer says:

        Please allow me to ask if you are a(n) 1) homeowner-property taxpayer in Oakland, 2) reside (address) in Oakland currently, 3) registered to vote in Oakland, 4) regular shopper in downtown (before occupation)…I’ll then respond appropriately to your answers. In the meantime, KPIX, KTVU, and KGO all reported after the first few weeks it had cost the city between $700,000 – 1,000,000… and the costs to the businesses…they’ve spoken on KPIX, KTVU, and KGO, and since have spok for themselves…

      2. LarueKnows says:

        The Oakland City Administrator’s office issued a release on Friday containing estimated city costs related to the Occupy Oakland protests. The personnel cost estimates are only through October 28, 2011, a time period that concludes before this week’s strike and late night protest. According to the release, these are preliminary estimates and could change over time.

        The costs are estimated to total $1,002,000, which include:

        $700,000 in overtime personnel costs, and $70,000 in hard costs, for the Oakland Police Department staff.

        $28,000 in overtime personnel costs for the Public Works Agency staff, and $70,000 in hard costs for Public Works Agency.

        $9,000 in overtime personnel costs for the Information Technology staff, and $100,000 for security improvements to the police department’s website.

        $25,000 for glass replacement due to damage done to plaza buildings on November 2.

  8. Arthur Bailey says:

    ya he should find a woman that has a spine and not a guttless wonder.

  9. wiseold snail says:

    we are not moving. visibility, easy access, and the fact that the plaza belongs to us are among the reasons why we will not move. the point of occupying public space, and of occupying buildings and houses which have been foreclosed on by banks, is to take the space which belongs to the people, not just to make a point. it is childish, simplistic, and incredibly ignorant for supposedly educated ‘leaders’ of oakland to pretend not to know these things.
    let’s see the city make it illegal for a bank to keep a foreclosed on building empty longer than the three weeks it might take to clean and paint it. let’s see the city of oakland prevent home foreclosures, which are creating more homelessness than ever.
    as we indicated many weeks ago, if anyone wishes to communicate with the people of this movement, they can come unarmed and stand in line like the rest of us, following protocol of the general assembly. a great description of that process is available on the http://www.occupyoakland.org website.
    notices and threats of violence from police will be ignored. we are staying.

    1. LarueKnows says:

      why would the city prevent home foreclosures? if you cannot pay your bills, including your mortgage, you should probably not have purchased the item.

      it’s pretty obvious to me that the majority of people out on Frank Ogawa plaza are homeless because they don’t want to work to make money to pay their bills. there are a lot of jobs available, but you actually have to apply for one to get one.

    2. Oakland Taxpayer says:

      “…the fact that the plaza belongs to us…” Your name(s) is(are) on the deed and you are paying the property tax for that parcel too?

      1. wiseold snail says:

        yeah, your name is also on the deed and you are paying the property tax, TAXPAYER

    3. Oakland99%er says:

      Oh yes. You ARE leaving. Your hateful treatment of residents and small business owners has made the majority of residents in this city despise each and every one you. Over 70% of the residents of this City want you out and out you will be and out you will stay. One way or another.

      1. Mrs. M says:

        speak for yourself, i never found oakland so welcoming as now, except for the cops of course.

  10. mark says:

    So, Quan and her supporters met, in secret, behind close doors, to decide what to do, eh? This is a clear violation of the brown Act which forbids such secrecy from the public. What do you have to hide, Oakland officials?

  11. praveen says:

    Tens of thousands of oaklanders came out to march in favor of occupy oakland. The merchants association that is pressuring the city council and quan to remove the protestors that claims to represent surrounding businesses is actually comprised of 48 banks and 1 cafe. The shooting downtown had was blocks away from the camp and was wholly unrelated to the occupy movement. Instead of addressing Oakland’s problems with violence, Quan and the council have despicably used the unrelated tragedy as a spectacle to shut down the camp. Enough of the lies and the political business as usual!

  12. Oakland Taxpayer says:

    “Tens of thousands of oaklanders came out to march in favor of occupy oakland.”

    All from Oakland? That’s not what was reported. KPIX, KTVU, KGO reported busloads of folks were transported here, not counting those who carpooled, plus BART which reported a higher than normal amount of ridership.

  13. Mrs M. says:

    the $ amounts are a bunch of bull….first of all, dont blame the occupy oakland for the need to beef up security on the computer system. that is a given for everyone with websites. and hard costs are regular hours they would work anyways……also, the police dept is very good at padding pay with overtime every day of the year, oo protests or not. we all know this is all a bunch of bull, trying to make them look like they are hurting oakland oh so bad.

    also, mr mayor, the sentiment in oakland is more like 50/50.

  14. Mrs. M says:

    u know, i am pretty sure the plaza belongs to the people. they got my vote to use my part of it, anyone else? I want to hold a recall on Quan and all of the Council members. they have not even asked the voters and taxpayers what they want, they just held secretive closed door meetings. who do they serve…..the 1% cuz they have not even asked the rest of us. they are the problem, not the solution obviously. oh, hats off to your legal advisor…. at least someone is worried about upholding the constitutional rights of all of us, not just the ones that Quan and council cares about. you, mr advisor, are a hero and an outstanding citizen and attorney. thanks for doing not what you think others want, but what is actually right and American. There would not be a need for Occupy Oakland if our politicians in this country had even half of you know-how, intelligence, and occupational expertise. you rock.

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