SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Eight-month-old Santino Stavrikikis is impossibly cute. But the story of how he came to be is extraordinary.

Santino’s dad, 50-year-old Dino Stavrikikis runs a popular pizza parlor on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. He’s a confirmed bachelor with no plans to marry.

But he really wanted a son.

So Stavrikikis looked for parenthood in a Petri dish. He would need two women, one for her eggs, and the other to carry his baby.

“The hard part was at the beginning, I wasn’t that internet savvy. But once I got a grip on it I was so determined,” Stavrikikis said.

It’s a complex way to make a baby, but it’s happening more often than in the past. Success rates are way up.

“Pregnancy rates have gone from 5–10 percent to now maybe 60-70 percent,” said Dr. Carl Herbert of the Pacific Fertility Center.

The key to success is a good egg.

Stavrikikis used ‘The Donor Source’ to find an egg. It’s a service that screens and lists women who will give up eggs for a fee.

For Stavrikikis, it wasn’t easy an easy pick.

“They could be pretty, but they could be crazy too. I’m already crazy. I don’t need another crazy one running around. I asked her questions – her sleep patterns, what she liked as a baby. I was shooting for the happiest and healthiest kid,” said Stavrikikis.

He finally chose 27-year-old Shayna Parisi of Florida.

“I wanted to do it to help others,” said Parisi.

With Starvikikis’ sperm in a test tube, Santino was almost here. He just had to pick a womb for hire.

Starvikikis found Dusty Kenney of Los Angeles to carry his child. And it wasn’t cheap. The total cost to father Santino was $135,000.

“The biggest expense is the carrier. A donor gets paid $7,000. There’s her agency that has put in advertising, so they have a fee,” according to Dr. Herbert.

Stavrikikis paid even more to make sure his baby was a boy – an extra $10,000. Scientific advances in fertility labs are making that possible.

Stavrikikis has no regrets. Santino’s family includes the customers of his dad’s pizza parlor. And Stavrikikis isn’t shy about telling everyone how Santino’s life began. He can’t wait to let Santino know either.

“I want him to know everything. He’s really well adjusted. He’s an old soul,” said Stavrikikis.

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Comments (11)
  1. God's Warrior says:

    This is messing with nature.

    1. dinio says:

      anytime you like to diccuss this in person i would love to chat with dino a son of god

  2. sfmom says:

    I’m okay with helping people who need it to have a baby, but being able to choose what sex your child will be just seems wrong. I understand that a boy would probably be easier for a single dad to raise, but usually parents don’t get that choice; that’s a good thing–it makes us grow as parents.

    1. dino says:

      there is more to it than just wanting a boy chat with me anytine i perfer in person

      1. sfmom says:

        Maybe I will. What’s the name of your pizzeria? My kids love pizza and I love to hear other people’s points of view. In truth I’m not a very black-or-white person, but I do worry about the implications of being able to choose the various traits of our children. I have an unusual birth story myself. If you want to email me privately at we can chat privately.

  3. I go to Dino’s Pizzeria all the time and it’s amazing to know the story behind the signs in the window! Congrats to Dino and his beautiful boy. Wishing you all the best, truly.

    1. dino says:

      thank you very much

  4. Scapa Flow says:

    na sas zisi!

  5. Rragsdale says:

    If it weren’t for Dino’s, I wouldn’t have met my husband and had my son! Do what works best for you and leave the judgment at the door. Santino is a blessing!

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