Shaun O’Kelly, who’s on the 26th day of his self-declared 99 day protest was handed a letter by the City of San Jose ordering him to cease and desist from trespassing on City Hall property.

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O’Kelly said he had no intention of obeying.

“A lot of people like me being up here, I’m still bringing public awareness. People have been coming by daily, ‘hey stay up there man, they can’t stop us if you’re up there’ and stuff like that,” he recounted.

The cease and desist letter could soon be followed by a court order.

O’Kelly, however, has resolved to stay put.

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“There’s been a lot of people that’s been coming by asking me of there’s anything I need, they’ve been really supporting me being up here,” he said. “And a lot of people have been saying that just me being up here, they can’t stop the Occupation, it continues as long as you’re up there.”

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed reasoned that a harder stance was necessary because of a deteriorating situation at Occupy San Jose.

“It’s not the protesters, it’s the other hangers-on that are coming down just to cause trouble, we’ve seen this in other cities. When the anarchists show up, they cause a lot of trouble so we have people who are just hanging around for free food, free drugs and cause trouble, and they are causing trouble. Not just for the protestors but for the surrounding neighborhood and for property,” he warned.

“They have attracted a lot of other people who are just hanging around, looking for trouble,” said Reed.

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