BERKELEY (CBS/AP) — The union representing University of California, Berkeley police said a video showing baton-wielding officers jabbing demonstrators earlier this month is misleading and doesn’t show officers being hit, pushed and threatened.

The UC Berkeley Police Officers’ Association on Monday released a letter to the community, saying it supports a full investigation of the Nov. 9 incident.

Police clashed with campus protesters, who were defending the tents they had pitched as part of an Occupy-related demonstration against university budget cuts.

The letter noted that police tried asking them to leave multiple times before moving in. It also says some demonstrators attacked officers with backpacks and skateboards.

The letter also criticized UC officials, saying they asked police to enforce their policies then refused to stand by officers when they did.

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Comments (3)
  1. dbarco says:

    As usual, the media only shows what it wants and not the whole interaction!
    If I were those cops, I would call in sick rather than stand out there to take the abuse and not get any support. Let’s bring in the National Guard and see what they can do better.

  2. PLW says:

    UC Berkeley Police did the job they were assigned and trained to do… Just because it was Demonstrators breaking the law, does not exempt the Demonstators from obeying the Law. Maybe the first class in College should be: do not disobey the Law and do not resist Law Enforcement Officers. Of course, the Union Liberal Educators would not teach such a course…

    1. Craig Sonneborn says:

      PLW, Have you ever heard of the First ammendment ?

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