SAN CARLOS (CBS SF) – Thieves stole at least 125 Apple iPads from a Best Buy electronics store in San Carlos Thursday night, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies reported to the store at 1127 Industrial Road at about 11:50 p.m., one minute after the commercial alarm began sounding when the suspects pried open the store’s front doors and a security roll-up door, according to the sheriff’s office.

The deputies determined that the suspects slid under the jacked-up security gate and dragged a large locked steel rack containing the 125 tablet computers through a fire exit door and onto a vehicle.

Sheriff’s officials said the loss to the store is estimated to be more than $100,000. According to Best Buy’s website, the latest generation iPads retail for between $500 and $830, depending on storage and networking options.

The suspects fled the scene and had not been found as of Friday morning. The sheriff’s office said there was no description immediately available for them or their vehicle.

Anyone who has information about the burglary is asked to contact sheriff’s Detective Victor Bertolozzi at (650) 363-4057 or to call the office’s anonymous tip line at (800) 547-2700.

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Comments (146)
  1. Robbing hoods says:

    Round up all the employees and put through lie detector.

    1. Bubbles says:

      I’m glad you see things our way.

    2. John Scott says:

      sorry I mean were they white???

    3. Keefer Beefer says:

      Clearly you are deranged and confused. A big whopping total of 3 people have been waterboarded and they were known terrorists, not thieves.

    4. Clayton Bigsby says:

      Doubt it. These guys sound clever.

      1. tyutr says:

        well they sound like thieves – so there is your true indicator they aren’t white. Oh I’m sorry – did the racist offend the racist in denial?

    5. A white guy says:

      serves best buy right… over priced idiots

      1. Adam says:

        What a fool!

      2. security says:

        its because of the theives that the prices go up dum az

      3. George says:

        Apple sets the price for which their product can be sold you schmuck

    6. Tim says:

      This wasn’t an inside job, you moron.

    7. Mark Christopher says:

      Waterbording is good for you….

    8. Benny Moore says:

      With it’s war on Christmas last year and it”s war on Santa this year, I AM GLAD BEST BUY GOT ROBBED.

      1. Bubba says:

        Best Buy has a war on Christmas. You are an idiot, without Christmas and Santa their sales would be markedly reduced.

        You fall for all that Christian victimhood BS. Commercial entities are to make sales not further spirituality.

    9. Sgt. Schultz says:

      Obama will bail them out, they are just redistributing wealth for all the poor people in the hood, yo.

      1. Beatdude says:

        Sgt, you little white pointy hat is beginning to show!

      2. afsd says:

        @beatdude – truth hurts don’t it? Your little black dunce cap is showing

      3. H H Rules says:

        Beatdude is a li b ta rd.

    10. John says:

      The only thing the thieves did not think about should not the ipads be registered before use if so the thieves will be tracked down.

      1. JTK01 says:

        Assuming Best Buy has the servial numbers of the stolen units. Pity on those that purchase these stolen units.

  2. Kevin says:

    So all employees are guilty until proven innocent? Glad you’re not a Judge.

    1. ted says:

      Glad you’re not a detective

      1. Common sense says:

        Someone working there knows something, as it’s almost certain that inside information was needed. It won’t take a lie detector to figure it out – just a good detective who knows what to look for. The person(s) hiding something will stand out.

        Presumed innocent or presumed guilty, why is it deemed unjust for law enforcement to investigate all possible leads? If it was your stuff stolen you’d want a thorough investigation.

    2. Mike says:

      Hold it, and electronics store and no video cameras Daaaaaa

      1. John Scott says:

        buymore!!!!!!! call in Chuck!!!!!!!!11

      2. Church Lady says:

        Nerd Herd to the rescue!

  3. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    The more to the left California drifts, the better example they set for what the rest of us shouldn’t be doing. California dreamin’? No thanks.

    1. Sheepleherder says:

      Wow, I never realized that the rest of the country was crime free.

  4. PDQ says:

    Sell them $250 each on Craigslist, they will be gone in 30 minutes

    1. Common Sense says:

      Not without a trace. Most criminals aren’t smart enough to know how to obscure their IP address. Short of out of the back of a car, there is always a trail. Granted, Craigslist is one of the smarter ways to do it online, but it’s not foolproof.

      1. Tu says:

        One could use,
        Starbucks free wifi.
        Cheap usb wifi adapter.
        Smash hard drive and adapter when done.

    2. Bubbles says:

      Serial numbers? On iPads? Nonsense!

      1. Eagle35 says:

        All apple products have serial numbers and have to be activated with a Apple ID with a credit card number.

    3. Steve-Oh says:

      Apple products are typically fenced overseas. I’m sure these are on their way to Mexico or out to sea with a cargo ship that just left a west coast port of call headed into Asia. Some smarties will reset their MAC address and sold on the black market. Apple will just write this off as shrink and the store employees are not going to see any bonuses anytime soon.

    4. Heh says:

      Someone should post 200+ ipads for sale on San Fran craigslist.

  5. Goodgold says:

    Just wait until the stolen iPads try to access the internet. I’m sure their codes and IDs are already in a database waiting for some idiot to get online.

  6. Eric Swinson says:

    I find it hard to believe all 125 iPads were the 3G 64GB models. I think the loss should be a little south of $70k

    1. mike says:

      add any damages to the store, the loss in display equipment, and the need to change any locks or replace display cases that may have been keyed the same as the stolen display case.

    2. R_S says:

      Their actual loss as recognized by their insurance carrier will be the amount that they paid for them (wholesale) not the retail value.

  7. duong phuoc says:

    Asian gangs… Probably Vietnamese Chinese did this…

    1. avenger1 says:

      more likely guidos ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    2. artemis133 says:

      I call Amish.

    3. Clayton Bigsby says:

      obv it was viking marauders. duh.

    4. Walljasper says:

      Those damned thieving Irish!

      1. Tu says:

        Nanook of the north,
        Those pesky Eskimos!

    5. Eric Long says:

      My guess is Whitey did it.

    6. Josh says:

      I’m gonna go with midget clowns on unicycles. A whole platoon of the b@$t@rd$, led by a leprechaun riding a miniature unicorn from Zimbabwe.

    7. Duong Phuoc Fuceek says:

      What is your name again, Is it Dong Me Suck?

  8. Mary Wright says:

    Its gonna be fun when the iPads tell the authorities where they are!

  9. sailordude says:

    “Deputies reported to the store at 1127 Industrial Road at about 11:50 p.m., one minute after the commercial alarm began sounding”

    Those are some fast thieves if the cops were there ONE MINUTE after the alarm sounded!

    1. Guys Against Women says:

      so now everyone knows “GONE IN 60 SECONDS” is actually real life requirements to be successful. thanks.

    2. andrewc says:

      almost like they knew where the merchandise was before they went in.

      1. Rent A Yenta says:

        Hmm. Imagine that!

  10. Greg Buls says:

    Criminals are pressing in on us, from the top to the bottom: Criminal crony government, rigged gangster casino markets, counterfeit money the Fed generates at will, millions of looters who contribute nothing and bleed taxpayers dry, street criminals brazenly assaulting people in mob attacks, stores being overrun by gangs of ‘youth’, foreign criminal gangs dealing in theft of all kinds, millions of criminals strolling over our unprotected borders or paying human smugglers, giant pedophilia rings at ‘respectable’ institutions, et fricking cetera.

    1. TheChairman says:

      Greg, you have summarized the dire situation facing the good citizens of the USA…

      In a word: lawlessness

      1. Keith says:

        In a word: Anarchy

      2. ex-infantry says:

        Exactly why I have a CHL and carry 24/7.

      3. ex-infantry says:

        Oh, just realized this is in Kalifornia where only the rich and famous can get a CHL, but say the average Joe shouldn’t be allowed to carry. Isn’t it great that people who surround themselves with armed bodyguards deny others the ability to defend themselves?

  11. Ella Stone says:

    at least they were not trying to live in a city park for free…

    1. Joe ThePimpernel says:

      Free to them, but costing the city millions and driving local businesses to bankruptcy.

      But anybody trying to earn a living by selling stuff to other human beings is part of the 1%.

      If they were real human beings, they would work for free and give away all their products for free.

      Of course their suppliers would stop supplying them when they didn’t get paid, because they’re part of the 1% too.

  12. Midge Masters says:

    They will phone home and the criminals will be in prison just in time for xmas.

  13. dbatch1715 says:

    Steve Jobs would be proud that they only stole I-Pads, not Microsoft junk.

      1. ted says:

        gay comment

  14. ThankstoU says:

    What’s it cost to have off-hours monitored video survelliance where they can put a camera on the perps immediately and initiate a response? $100/night?

    What’s an armed guard on property after hours run, $500/night?

    Combine the two at random locations on random nights and for an average of $300/night you have a pretty burglar proof inventory.

    1. kenny says:

      Why do you need security when your merchandise will alert you to where it is?

    2. Joe ThePimpernel says:

      Unless it’s an inside job.

    3. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      You’re forgetting that to qualify as a security guard you need a minimum of 25 violent felony convictions.

  15. clown says:

    Just bought a super cheap Ipad on craigslist. guy was living in a van. i’m sure it was legit….he said he could sell me 500 more. lol. jk

  16. George Johnson says:

    And lets not forget, the OWS crowd would be cheering these guys on. This is what they live for, stickin’ it to the man!! Dang that capitalism!!

  17. patrick says:

    I do not understand how people who will be getting caught by using these think that it is worth the prison term? No one will be able to use these with the serial numbers waiting to be used via the internet. As soon at they go online they will be caught. Why not work the hours and buy one. Even at min. wage that is less than a week of work. Versus a year in county or even probation its not worth the fines and penalties. We are just one diasaster from total chaos here in California. The mobs of ignorant and violent youth that care only about how they are seen and what they got instead of real values are angry at whitey and those that have what they want, only a matter of time until they swarm.

    1. Ted says:

      If you have to measure your gadget budget by how many weeks of work it will take to gt the gadget, then you are too poor to afford gadgets. Gadgets are for people with disposable income, not losers who have to hock their granny for an iPad.

  18. Herb says:

    I’m not sure which is more unbelievable. The fact that the burglars were able to do all of what the article reports and be clean gone in less than a minute. Or that the cops showed up only one minute after the alarm went off.

    1. ex-infantry says:

      I seriously doubt the cops were there one minute after the alarm went off. They were likely there one minute after being dispatched to check the alarm (which itself is a damn excellent response time – average response time in my city is 7 minutes between dispatch and officer arriving on scene. Must have been a car right there). There is a delay between the alarm going off, dispatch getting the notification of the alarm from the alarm company, and dispatch assigning a unit to the location.

      More likely, the police were there 5-10 minutes after the alarm initially went off.

  19. Mike Orsburn says:

    they obviously hid in the store and then broke out geniuses.

  20. ironbill says:

    Any potential buyer with half a brain will see it’s hot. As soon as it connects to the internet it will scream “stolen” and the sucker that bought it will quickly give up whomever he bought it from.
    The real losers are the consumers who’ll have to pay more at Best Buy to make up for the loss/increased insurance premium

    1. Bubbles says:

      Being forced to purchase all of my electronics at Best Buy is really breaking my bank account.

  21. BSG78 says:

    When I lived in Florida this kind of crime was going on and it was an inside job at the Rent A Centers. The employees would take the electronics off the walls, out the back door, then come back in and make it look like a break in. By the time the alarm went off the truck with the electronics was long gone.

  22. Ted says:

    Those iPads were “liberated” from Best Buy, just like the OWS squatters “liberate” homes from WAMU.

    What’s the prob?

  23. Chris says:

    The I-pad will I-rat!

  24. seeker469 says:

    If these people were smart enough to get through the door and the pull-down gate, and then have a vehicle ready to have the iPads loaded and gone within a minute, they are likely smart enough to know what precautions must be taken to not get caught with the goods.

  25. Al Tango says:

    Best Buy has all the serial numbers of the stolen devices, so when the end user activates his device, over-the-internet alarms will go off. Tracking will commence and people will be arrested. Stealing one of these is grand theft, a felony. But alas, California lets no crime go punished, so Best Buy will be sued for the money it lost.

    I hope these crinals are captured outside of California.

    Stupid criminals, liberal democrats, same thing.

    1. Dave2 says:

      Yep, unfortunately in California DOES let crimes go unpunished now! They’ll do very little time…maybe several months to a couple years in a county jail because the prisons are so full and the state makes the county take them, then the counties let them get out early. Thanks Dems!

      1. Bubbles says:

        As long as the thieves didn’t break the on-box security tape or void any warranties, everything will work out ok.

    2. Dave Mowers says:

      That’s right steal from a retail store your a major criminal, steal billions from your clients accounts at MF Global and you’re just really smart and deserve a golden parachute with bonus.

  26. Dave says:

    So the police arrived a “minute” after the alarm went off and the thieves pried opened two doors, slid under, dragged a steel container through another door and loaded it into a car in that minute……
    Why do I doubt the police?

    1. vinko says:

      Maybe it was a Police job.

  27. srg says:

    glad i dont work for master robbing hoods as im sure your upper management some where. God i need to move to Russia a country full of Putins has to be better than the current USA.

    1. delatopia says:

      No one’s stopping you. Bon voyage.

      1. srg says:

        commrade delatopia sorry about the comment i wasnt tring to upset you.

  28. Ranger01 says:

    All Best Buy Stores have 24hr camera surveillance. these fools are toast.

    1. Mike says:

      Unless they disabled them too.

  29. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Could this be another Eric Holder botched Fast n Furious operation?

  30. Tim says:

    unless the thieves are idiots they are already on their way east. Im sure they could sell 125 ipads to unsuspecting people in Vegas overnight. My guess is we wont ever see these until unsuspecting people open up their christmas presents.

  31. Phillydude says:

    Proof positive iyou can’t cure stupid. Anyone who is dumb enough to steal anything electronic in this day and age deserves the whooping that will come their way. Every camera, car, phone, computer, tv, dvd player etc has tracking devices on board. Even if they jail break the IPADS, yank out the battery whatever they can still track you. That computer can and will be tracked and the low iq idiots that stole them are looking at felonies given the dollar value of the items taken…

    1. Steve-Oh says:

      Unfortunately there are ways to resetting the serial number and MAC addy on these things. Comes down to how sophisticated they are. This a bunch of local hoods that will try to sell them at local flea market or a sophisticated syndicate with a third world smuggling line?

    2. Dave Mowers says:

      Those things will sell like fire on craigslist…in fact at one hundred grand for one minutes work I bet they take it nice and easy and sell a half dozen a month while living like investment bankers for the next six months. Cudos, they learned how to really profit in modern America THANK GOD for Fox News and Republicans teaching everyone tat crime DOES PAY in the U.S.!!!

  32. Barney says:

    Best Buy got ripped off…boo-hoo, care not I.

    1. peter says:

      Barney, lawlessness thrives because people like you except thievery, there is no excuse for steeling whoever the victim is.

      1. Dave Mowers says:

        Lawlessness thrives because the 1% are showing everyone stealing it the way to get rich quick. NO ONE EMULATES THE POOR MORON.

      2. harold says:

        @Dave – hmmmm please poitn out the last time a multimillionaire B&E’d a Best Buy – or camped illegally in a public place and deficated in public, or did a mob rush on a 7-11 – oh I guess you’re the moron Dave – not to mention obviously a bitter, lazy loser who doesn’t have the talent to make their own way so whines abotu those that do

      3. harold says:

        @Dave – hmmmm please poitn out the last time a multimillionaire B&E’d a Best Buy – or camped illegally in a public place and deficated in public, or did a mob rush on a 7-11 – oh I guess you’re the moron Dave – not to mention obviously a bitter, lazy loser who doesn’t have the talent to make their own way so whines abotu those that do

  33. Sid says:

    Freeking Democrats! Check the people who voted for Obama…… one of them did it.

  34. Texasbil says:

    No problem, California likes those illegal aliens. They let them get by with most anything.

  35. teacher says:

    Steve Oh- You’re sure that a burned in address BIA can be reset?

    1. gallipoli says:

      oooh more techie posers… it’s a chip you idiot – anything can be spoofed – it shows you’re a teacher because you are clueless but felt the need to open your mouth anyway – just like Steve O and his MAC “addy” – techrejects

  36. Joe Drager says:

    Pretty efficient thieves to get to the steel rack, carry it to and out of the fire exit, load it on their vehicle and drive away; all in under one minute.

  37. JJ says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer store….Best Buy SUX!!!!!

  38. G. Smith says:

    Should we hold a charity event for Best Buy?

  39. Last minute Christmas shopper says:

    All I want to know is where can I find these recently discounted iPads?

  40. Steven Moshlak says:

    This was an inside job. See you on EBay and Craigslist.

  41. vinko says:

    How do they plan on disabling the tracking chip without ruining the device? must be destined for China

    1. dfdgf says:

      they don’t you idiot – they sell them to ignorant inner city aholes that think they’re getting over on the man by buying stolen goods – it’s not a service contract you mushminded freak. Sell cheap and disappear

  42. Dave Mowers says:

    Congratulations! Nothing like seeing some average poor Americas getting back some of them 16 trillion dollars stolen by the rich during the bail out charades. If more Americans were patriotic like these guys we’d see the wealth gap dissolving quick and the economy turning around. It is only fair to steal from the rich they stole from you to become rich.

    1. Vinny says:

      Dave, Communists like you are the problem!

  43. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

    I cannot believe these thieves got away with this.


    Oh well: anyone want a really good deal on an iPad2? Got ’em in black and white, will ship to you!

  44. justin says:

    No cameras Best Buy??

  45. Northlander says:

    Best Buy was created from a tornado that hit a TV store in Minnesota. The store salvaged what it could and had a Best Buy sale. The sale was so successful that Best Buy company was formed to give people the best prices around. I love Best Buy. I hope they catch the crooks.

  46. Andrew H says:

    I feel sorry for the people who will buy these stole iPad2 for $50 to $100 cheap and try to activate them on iTunes. Bestbuy probably has already provided the stolen iPad2’s serial numbers to iTune. When these people try to active their stolen iPad2 on iTunes, it will either cannot be activated or the police show up a few hours later after activation. “THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT!”

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  48. SextIT says:

    Im sure theres 123 californias who purchased an Ipad from off the street recently for $300 or less. ( Dont forget the thieves kept one each for themselves).

  49. doggydog says:

    They will hit again once they spend all that money on drugs. I bet you these guys have facebooks hehe.