ALAMEDA (KCBS) – Dozens of discouraged teachers packed the Alameda Unified School District board meeting Tuesday night to vent over contract negotiations that are at an impasse.

The teachers said that they want the same three percent raise that Alameda Unified Superintendent Kirsten Vital is getting. They’re upset over Vital’s recently approved four year contract that they contend tops $230,000 annually when you add in health benefits and performance bonuses.

Alameda High School special education instructor Robert Bunker said that teachers are falling behind.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

“The veteran teacher of 23 years only makes about $24 a month more than he or she did eight years ago,” said Bunker. “What this means is that there are veteran teachers who qualify for food stamps.”

Alameda Unified leaders said that they’re committed to reaching a new labor deal with the teachers.

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Comments (2)
  1. TC says:

    Waspy, you make no sense. Go back to school. Private school teachers are teachers, too.

    I am an Alameda teacher who spoke articulately and rationally at the meeting Tuesday. I am fit and slender, graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors, exercise my way through emotional frustration sans medication, legal or otherwise. I am not overpaid. I keep my politics out of the classroom out of respect for my students’ many views, I am tenured, and I am a public employee.

    And I know how to spell government.

  2. mmcmuldren says:

    Please explain how much a teacher is paid that is so low as to qualify for food stamps. I find statement hard to fathom.