CONCORD (KCBS) – Open carry gun activists gathered outside of Concord’s Sunvalley Shopping Center Wednesday night in response to an incident a week ago in which police stopped two people carrying unloaded guns as they walked outside a mall restaurant.

The protesters were hoping to point out that it’s still legal to carry an unloaded gun, at least until January 1st, when a ban against open carrying of handguns in California goes into effect.  Governor Jerry Brown signed the measure into law in October.

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KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

About a dozen activists were in attendance at the gathering, which they said was also about protesting the new law.

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Jerry Dunhill, who wore a pistol at his hip said that he believes people may file lawsuits to overturn the law.

”The point is education,” said Dunhill. “People can look at someone like myself, who is carrying a firearm, two ways. They can look at me as a threat, or they can look at me as a deterrent. I prefer that they look at me as a deterrent because in every state that has ‘shall-issue’ conceal carry, or open carry, the violent crime rate has dramatically decreased.”

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