STOCKTON (CBS SF) – Stockton firefighters had to remove part of the chimney at a home Thursday in order to free a teenage boy who was stuck inside.

The rescue happened at 520 Baker Street. According to firefighters, the teen’s family first said he became stuck while trying to sneak inside after curfew, but later said the boy was only cleaning the chimney.

The fireplace is in the teen’s room.

Firefighters pulled the boy out at around 11 a.m. using ropes.

The teen did not appear to be injured.

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Comments (3)
  1. JayR727 says:

    This kid is lucky.

    A doctor tried same thing last year:

  2. Jeff says:

    They put warning labels on everything else, maybe they should on Chimney’s…

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh please, Parents!!!! Stick to your original story that he was trying to sneak in after curfew. Making excuses for him makes you as dumb as he is! Stop making excuses for your kids actions or you may be calling the fire dept again for something else he was just trying to “clean” after curfew.

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