SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a Spare the Air alert for Sunday, banning fires in the Bay Area on Christmas Day.

The alert, the tenth in the region since the winter season started on November 1, was issued because of anticipated cold and still weather conditions that will trap air pollution close to the ground.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

The 24-hour ban prevents the use of fireplaces, woodstoves, outdoor fire pits or any other wood-burning devices. Homes without permanently installed heating are exempt from the ban.

During the winter months, wood smoke is the leading cause of air pollution in the Bay Area, according to district officials.

More information about the ban can be found at or by calling 877-4NO-BURN. Those wishing to receive automatic phone calls when a Winter Spare the Air alert is issued can register by calling (800) 430-1515.

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Comments (11)
  1. robert c says:

    it’s all about govt. control than air quailty…….

  2. i hate BAAQMD says:

    that’s BULLS***. they have no right to ban fires. they don’t ban cars in the summer because they can’t and they also can’t ban fires. it infringes on our rights and they can suck it.

    1. Rosinante says:

      I think your wrong about Cars. They have every intention of replacing cars with good old urine smelling, dirty, filth ridden, gang banging , low life. Public Transportation.
      From SF to San Jose right down El Camino Real. Its called ” The Grand Avenue”. Just check out
      They City, County and State Government also want you to live in there “Stackem and Packem Apts. Along these and other “Grand Avenues” using Public Transportation.
      How are they to get you out of your home. Easy, Penninsula Open Space or other Groups like them will use eminent domain to get you out. Sounds absurd doesn’t it. Your house is now in a natural migration corridor between “Open Space Preserves” or Butterfly breeding areas or what ever flavor of the month they succeed at.
      Its all there, written down in there plan. The shame is the Government provides the funding for these draconian measures.
      Using consent by public meetings with only 100 people per county they will get there way. Using “Delphi” meeting techhniques where they leave no time for questions or answers. Packing the meetings with Civil Cervants they get forced consensus. And claim down the road everyone was informed. Oh! by the way do you think 100 people from each Bay Area County is a represenitve sampling of the Nine Bay Area Counties? Click on “ and find out. Scarry stuff !

  3. randy says:

    actually what is going on by a source i cant reveal is the gov is getting kick backs fron the electric companies that make money when we have to use our gas heaters so for them to make this money they have state spare the air days for the whopping amount of kickbacs that they receive

  4. fedup!!! says:

    Every time BAAQMD calls for one of the BULLS%^$# days I’ll be throwing some extra big logs on the fire for just for them! Try to come get me; I dare you!

  5. Guapi says:

    I know those Scrooges at the BAAQMD and their big brother investigators don’t want to work on a holiday so it’s the perfect time to burn baby burn!!

  6. Booga says:

    Its just the gov can give out fines to make money. we no longer live in a free country any more.

  7. David M. Delia says:

    It’s the shadow goverment at work. Take back your state Californians, between BAAQMD, the Coastal Commisiion, Friends of the Bay and numerous other extremists groups the majority has no say in our state. All some group has to do to get air time is say the word “environmental” and the kooks get airtime and for some reason instant cred. I site a few, remember wind turbines? The answer to our power problems? Now their killing birds so now their bad. Remeber paper bags at the market and how they were helping with deforestation? Well now the replacement plastic bags are the problem and they want you to pay for the paper ones, I guess the forest has grown back. The fact is this state is out of control with special interest groups who dictate to the majority and it needs to stop. They want to control every aspect of your life from what you put in your body to where and how you live, how much money you must pay in so that others do not have to, that the working folks of this state can pay the freight for those who do not have the legal right to be here. Socialism failed around the world, let’s put a stop to it here in Califorrnia!

    1. Rosinante says:

      Its called. “” reads like Mein Kamptf ! Don’t think so, its just a click away….. what have you got to loose, but everything…..

      “Save a Tree, Please use Plastic Bags” I remember…..

  8. Rosinante says:

    Psssst ! Hay Mister, you want to buy some incandescent lights. Don’t trust those squiggly bulbs they are not for you. You have kids. They have Mercury in them. Only $15, but for you and a couple gallons of Ethynol. I can give it to you for $5.