SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Starting January 1st, San Jose police will no longer respond to unverified burglary alarms, simply because they don’t have the man-power.

”We’re at 1,100 officers right now, whereas as little as three or four years ago we had 1,400 officers,” said San Jose Police spokesman Jason Dwyer.

He said that the majority of home burglary alarm calls turn out to be false anyway.

”We had 12,450 alarm calls in 2010, and 98.4 percent of those were false alarms,” said Dwyer.

Nevertheless, homeowners in the area are dismayed.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

”I’m sure they just announced this to all of the criminals and burglars. ‘It’s open season now,'” said one angry San Jose resident.  “‘You’re welcome to come along because we’re not going to have any police response to this.’”

However, police point to the fact that other cities who have implemented this policy, such as Fremont, have not seen a spike in burglaries.

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Comments (9)
  1. Eric Domejean says:

    How do you know they are false. Perhaps they scared the criminals away?

  2. Mark Zemke says:

    The SJ police officers union will use this “we didn’t have enough officers to …” excuse when they bully their way to having more cops on the force. DO YOUR JOBS – serve and protect and quit WHINING … only the teachers unions whine more than the police officers unions … PLAY THE CARDS YOU ARE DEALT, and quit asking for an 6th and 7th and 8th card in a game of 5-card stud.

  3. Dennis says:

    If you want to be “served and protected”, hire a bodyguard. Police get paid to enforce the laws of their jurisdiction, nothing more.

    1. Tere Robles says:

      we as tax payers, pay the police to protect us!!!!!

  4. Booga says:

    Get a Pit Bull and a shotgun. They are reporting gun sales has gun up this year, thats becuase we are now lacking the protection of the Police, so of course people gotta buy a gun to protect them self from low life thugs that the Police careless about now days.

  5. SJPO'd says:

    Just another attempt to get us to raise taxes on ourselves so that public employees can keep their outrageous pensions. When is the mayor going to attack the pensions so we can lower the costs and hire more police?

    Do you get a 90% pension? Do you get to keep and sell all your sick leave? Do you have free health care? Is your rate of return fixed at a high rate? No you only get to pay for all of it while they complain.

    What BS.

  6. Tere Robles says:

    As the friend of a person whose house has been broken into twice, and after having seen how badly the police “responded” to him calling them, I completely disagree with the police not doing their job. It doesnt matter if 98% of the alarm calls are false, police are there to serve and protect the public and they HAVE to respond to every call. Thats what we tax payers pay them for. What if someone is in danger? how can they decide whether the call is false or not, until they go to the house?. They should do their job and stop compalining, at least they have a job. Stop your routine of getting your coffee and donuts and seating in your patrol car somewhere hiding to let the shift pass and get paid for nothing!!!! Earn your money, you chose this profession, nobody forced you. GET TO WORK!!! or else let someone else who actually wants to work take you job.

  7. tn says:

    Holiday gift-taking has now been officially extended year-round to all SJ burglars.

  8. JB says:

    There’s already been 3 burglaries in our neighborhood since the announcement came out. San Jose is turning into a ghetto. Tine to move to another city.

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