SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A battle is heating up in San Francisco over the air conditioning unit at the new Laguna Honda Hospital.

A group of residents near Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco’s Twin Peaks have a problem with their big neighbor. They are very unhappy about the almost constant hum emitted from the nursing home’s large industrial air conditioning system. Scores of angry neighbors have signed a petition protesting the noise.

Members of the Midtown Terrace Homeowners Association have met with hospital staff to discuss ways to turn the system’s volume down. But despite efforts by hospital staff to reduce the hum’s intensity, nearby residents continue to complain.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

”People are opening their windows on a warm night, trying to sleep and it’s just grating,” said neighbor Terry Thompson. “I work from home, so I’m especially aware of it, but a lot of my neighbors are really displeased.”

A bond measure approved in 1999 helped pay for the rebuilding of Laguna Honda. The renovated facility opened a year ago. Neighbors say that during the planning process noise was never raised an issue.

The hospital is working with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to see how other medical centers have reduced noise coming from their air conditioning systems.

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