(L-R) Christopher Hampton, Woody Allen & Diablo Cody (Photo by Getty Images)

(CBS SF) – What do Woody Allen, Diablo Cody and Christopher Hampton have in common? Three amazing screenplays, says KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl: “Midnight in Paris,” “Young Adult,” and “A Dangerous Method.”

Jan calls it a pity that more people aren’t seeing “A Dangerous Method,” which is a brilliant film about Freud and Jung’s first time employing their method of psychotherapy. She says it’s a screenplay that was written with fire and passion.

Cody’s “Young Adult” once again gives us a sharp and edgy film, and Allen comes back to all of his fans in “Midnight in Paris,” with a screenplay that beautifully illustrates other times and colorful characters, giving us the gift of appreciating the present.

Allen is the only one of the three to receive a Golden Globe nomination for screenplay, but we can hope Oscar doesn’t overlook the others. The Globes, once unimportant and even laughable, is now a highly publicized and much watched show.

KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl:

See Right Now:
The Descendents,” “The Artist,” “Hugo,” “Young Adult,” “A Dangerous Method,” “My Week With Marilyn,” “We Bought a Zoo.”

DVD/Home Video:
The Help,” “Midnight in Paris, “50/50,” “Moneyball,” “Bridesmaids.”

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