SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A state assemblywoman accused of shoplifting at a Neiman Marcus store in San Francisco’s Union Square pleaded no contest Friday to a misdemeanor charge and her attorney said a benign brain tumor might have led to the incident.

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, initially pleaded not guilty to a felony grand theft charge after her arrest on Oct. 25 at the store at 150 Stockton St. and was released on $15,000 bail.

A security guard had stopped Hayashi with items worth $2,445 that she had not paid for, according to prosecutors.

Hayashi, 45, appeared in court Friday afternoon and changed her plea after the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Judge Gerardo Sandoval immediately sentenced Hayashi to three years of unsupervised court probation and ordered her to stay 50 feet away from the Neiman Marcus store. She was also ordered to pay $180 in fines and fees, which she promptly did after leaving court.

Hayashi, who was wearing a pair of cheetah-print high heels, a green jacket and black slacks and had a black Chanel purse slung over her shoulder, declined to speak to reporters following the hearing.

Hayashi’s defense attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that the assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities.

Rappaport said the tumor is curable and treatable and “is no longer affecting her concentration or her judgment.”

He said, “according to (medical) experts,” the tumor has likely impacted her behavior.

The information about the tumor was “recently” presented to prosecutors, he said.

Rappaport indicated outside of court that the case could have been dismissed Friday, giving the district attorney’s office the opportunity to refile charges.

“In the spirit of compromise, now that Ms. Hayashi’s medical conditions resulting in her arrest have been taken care of, she decided to resolve the case as well,” he said.

After an unrelated news conference Friday morning, before learning that the charge against Hayashi would be reduced to a misdemeanor, District Attorney George Gascon said he and his office would support such a change.

“We’re dealing with a first-time offender, and if the court decides to go in a different direction, we’re going to support that,” Gascon said.

Although Gascon said prosecutors felt that there was clear evidence to treat the crime as a felony, he added, “the way that we begin a case is not always the way that the case ends, and that is also part of the process.”

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Comments (382)
  1. Thomas H. Clifford says:

    If I walked out of Neiman Marcus with $2,445.00 worth of goods I’m damd sure I be charged with a felony.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      To True….

      1. californica_nation says:

        Just call for a flash mob to hit the store, Hayashi’s pagoda or the DA’s office. I turned down a job in Californica because it’s so corrupt. And BTW this is an example of Asian, Affirmative Action. That’s right Asians are racists too!

    2. tn says:

      This is what a high-level (oxymoron) attorney will get you- The perfect alibi for this and coverage of future shoplifting offenses she gets caught with; “Oh, the tumor must have come out of remission and has again, affected her decision-making processes….but she is really okay now…”
      I’m sure Judge Hayashi of Oakland isn’t too happy with this fiasco, especially as he addresses the courts and jurors every day he works.

      1. Joe Average says:

        Judge Hayashi?
        That says it all.

      2. Libertarian Advocate says:

        Re-read the article: It was Judge Gerardo Sandoval, not “Hayashi”. That said, the brain tumor defense is indeed B.S.

      3. Juan Carlos Reyes says:

        Um, her husband is a judge in Oakland. Judge Dennis Hayashi

      4. Bilford Rielly says:

        This sets an interresting Case Law……You can go into N/M steal over $2,000 worth of STUFF and if you get caught you only pay $180. I Iike the odds………. I think I’ll go shopping today……….N/M here I come.
        Just for the Judges info (who might be trying me if I get caught) the pollups in my colon have returned. Here take a look for yourself judge!

      5. tn says:

        The judge needs to add 100 hours of “Community Service” to her sentence where she has to be a volunteer Greeter at an the Oakland WalMart off Hegenberger, and wear the vest.

      6. yogiman says:

        Bull, a tumor doesn’t make you an unintentional thief. She knows it and the judge knows it. And as one who has had a brain tumor, I know it.

        I wish I could have used that excuse. Hell, I might have even gotten me a new car.

    3. Larry Ochs says:

      She committed a Felony and is a very poor example to her constituents. She should be removed from office.

      1. tn says:

        I hope her punishment for her crime, tumor or not, is for her to have mandatory hair cuts at Supercuts for 6 months with a 2 year probation, and if caught mindlessly shoplifting again, will have to receive 2 more years of Supercut salon services. If that doesn’t “cure” her, then nothing will.

      2. Miles Hession says:

        You forget, it is San Francisco. I’m surprised they didn’t fine NM for making the charge.

      3. Congress says:

        Removed from office? She is ready for congress now! A thief and a liar, with ready made excuses for bizzare illegal behavior – dem in congress for sure!

      4. freecheese says:

        If her lawyer admitted that her brain housing group is broken, why is she still making decisions for the tax payers?

      5. John Guy says:

        I agree, but most won’t because of the 1% they are suffering as well…. huh….. MY ASS

    4. Dave Turner says:

      The lesson here is to get a doctor’s note that you have a brain tumor. Then you can apparently do whatever you want.

      1. Patrick Henry says:

        No, the lesson is, be a Democrat, the law doesn’t apply to you.

      2. Mireya Ayala says:

        She just took a cue from Obama and wanted Neiman Marcus to “spread the wealth” to her wardrobe.

      3. spaceman says:

        She probably has a pimple on her butt that caused her to be a kleptomaniac.

    5. Grizz Mann says:

      D-Hayward, the D stands for Democrat. I hope that answers why you would be charged.

    6. Barry Wisecrack says:

      If she were handing out $100 bills to the homeless as well as shoplifting, then I’d consider the tumor defense. But it was to benefit her, so she could wear expensive things

      1. John_B says:

        I would liked to have seen the prosecutor rummage through her home and see if she could come up with receipts for all the other expensive NM items she has lying around.

    7. Patriot1742 says:

      When will the people of California figure out that this is the reason that California is in the mess that they now have – WAKE UP people of California before you are officially part of the third wold community.

      1. George says:

        Mass. Isn’t far behind

      2. bob says:

        The people of California will never figure anything out. Their a BLUE state & are already somewhat of a third world community.

    8. John Steele says:

      NOT only would you and I be charged with a felony, we’d have to pay thousands to to lawyers. Her husband is a well connected DEMOCRAT Judge. The Marxists NEVER let one of their own go to jail. If this was a Conservative… He or she would have got life in prison. Wanna bet she now is going to go ahead and run for the Kalifornia Senate. The zombies will vote her into office were she will then steal millions of taxpayer dollars and blame it again on a brain tumor… She disgusts me

      1. jolazopa says:

        ahhhh,no wonder,thanks john!!!!!!!

    9. TomT says:

      So she is still allowed to be in office even though she has a medical condition affecting her choice making???

      1. Tami L Thomas-Paisley says:

        I absolutely think this is the question. If said tumor (which they know about and can be treated, but has not) is affecting lower level right and wrong decision making ability, what about higher level decision making that afffects california residents? You’re a theif, and a corrupt liberal who thinks the laws apply to everyone but yourself. Do me a favor, open up california for all the libs make them move there then separate it from the USA so the rest of us can live in peace.

    10. carlb says:

      i am sure you have a benign tumor. lol

    11. Robert says:

      Of course, she’s not responsible. She’s a liberal! It was the tumor’s fault!

    12. john says:

      I had a benign brain tumor the size of a golf ball and had no compulsion to steal designer clothes or accessories.

    13. jolazopa says:

      the 9th circut ,the most liberal in the usa ,plus its san francisco ,lots of pluses no minusws, get picked up in texas ,see what happens to you,you might as well get a dwi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. desaylor says:

      Benign brain tumor makes her steal from a department store what will she steal from the taxpayer. She is not fit to be in the California assembly! Impeach her!

    15. Peace2000 says:

      It’s amazing that the tumor’s effects were so discriminating.. struck at Neiman Marcas and not at Walmart or Dollar General. MMMM.

    16. H Beale says:

      Is anyone shocked that a San Francisco Democrat gets away with a felony or any other crime? Tumor my a$$. I’m surprised she didn’t blame it on Bush.

      1. Just Saying says:

        @ H Beale: You are missing the word “the” in between “on Bush.” I know, it was a low blow.

      2. Bippy Bellito says:

        Nancy Pelosi has been getting away with her crimes for years as well. How many times have the S.F. police released her and/or her husband for drinking and driving? How many fender benders is Nancy allowed to stumble away from? Where is justice in the Cali. courts?

    17. Mike R says:

      Our elected representatives have no shame…no regret, ‘cept gettin’ caught. These creeps have no fear of their constituents ’cause their constituents don’t care as long as their benfits keep rollin’ in.

    18. Mike R says:

      Our elected representatives have no shame…no regret, ‘cept gettin’ caught. These creeps have no fear of their constituents ’cause their constituents don’t care as long as their benefits keep rollin’ in.

    19. krackerhac says:

      I wonder if an illegal alien in the Sanctuary City was arrested for a similar crime if his charge would be knocked down to a misdemeanor?

    20. SirGareth says:

      The law is a farce and always has been, why is anyone surprised at this?

    21. jasperddbgghost says:

      Send this zipperface to the cleaners.

      …and not the one with Mr. WashiWashi.

      Go home and be a family guy….

      1. AZN says:

        @Casperddbgghost: Excuse me!- I resemble that remark! Please be informed- it’s called zipperhead, not zipperface. And your Mr. WashiWashi is NOT for the Japanese. In fact it’s for Chinese. If you’re going to talk about us Asians, try learning and understanding your history before you open your dumb redneck mouth. Guess skool didn’t learn you nuthin.

    22. Haler says:

      Cheetah-print high heels? WWJJD (what would Judge Judy do)?

    23. sam8131 says:

      Just change your party to D and you can go free!

    24. jay says:

      Only if you had a tumor 😉

  2. Albert says:

    Really? First it was her cell phone, now a benign brain tumor. She had the clothes in her bag on top of that. Who goes shopping for clothes and puts the clothes in a bag? She gets away with this because her husband is also a judge; someone else would pay dearly for the same thing.
    If she’s so impaired, then resign and turn in your driver’s license.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      That is j justice for the 1%…..

      1. oldgeez says:

        I thought only Republicans could be in the 1%.

    2. Ignacio De La Fuente-DUI says:

      Remember the charges against Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente for DUI. His case went bye-bye also.

    3. tn says:

      @ Albert- Don’t you know that the use of her cell phone exasperated the condition of her tumor? (Rat) Studies show that when being subjected to large amounts of electromagnetic fields such as cell phones, rats have had a higher tendency to steal food and expensive ear and tail rings from other rats! said her attorney Douglas Rattaport.

      1. Rube says:

        Shame on Verizon! They have made a device that emits electromagnetic radiation that causes this sweet girl’s benign brain tumor to cause her to do untoward things! We’ll see Verizon in court! Damages should also include the humiliation of having her face on TV, and smiling….we’ll have to sue the TV station, also, I see. We should see about $50-million out of this.

        Rube Goldberg, Esq

      2. Rube says:

        I also forgot our suit agains Neiman Marcus for having the products out in full reach and view that enabled her to take them. That’s another $25-million.

        Rube Goldberg, Esq

  3. Roger Craig says:

    Another Example of the 1% getting away with anything they want to, Would it have been an average person Felony charges would have been filed and they would have been locked up for 6 months or more…..

    1. Sebastian Xavier says:

      So we can assume Occupy SF will be protesting the councilwoman?

      1. ed357 says:


        She’s a Democrat……..

        One of the OVERSEERS……..

        but as long as the tiny handouts keep coming……..

        Democrats will keep getting a pass and the votes.

    2. NoMoreOccupy says:

      Just remember that the 1% you hate so much has many Democrats in its club. Instead of labeling all of the 1% as bad, why not focus on individuals such as this corrupt politician? Why not focus on those killing the jobs, killing our economy and feeding you so many false facts that have misguided you in your Occupy everything protests?

      1. Dave Turner says:

        That’s just not possible because they’re looking out for u…. sorry I can’t type that with a straight face.

  4. PL says:

    She must be removed from office! No more than a common THIEF and a shame on good government. OUT!

    1. NVRAT says:

      San Fran has a good government? WOW that is news to me.

      1. Herb Cain says:

        She’s perfect for SF — always want something for nothing

    2. Dennis Wingo says:


      What you aren’t getting is that all of them are thieves. Look at your state government, they are stealing from everyone, what makes this any different?

  5. YeahRight says:

    A benign tumor made her shoplift in Neiman Marcus? What type of tumor differentiates between Neiman Marcus and a Safeway store where she shops for groceries?? If the tumor makes her shoplift, she better let her husband do all the shopping for the next three years during her unsupervised probation period.

    1. Herb Cain says:

      Her attorney already took care of that point. She had a tumor at the moment of the theft; now the tumor is “cured”.

      1. Mireya Ayala says:

        Was the “tumor” cured by the attempted theft or by the fact that she was caught?

    2. Richard Barton says:

      According to her attorney, a pimple on the forehead is considered a benign brain tumor.

  6. Henry says:

    What would it take to get the Occupy actors to occupy her front lawn for the winter?

    1. george says:

      She is one of the Occupiers’ ideological comrades. ‘Nuff said?

  7. D'nini says:

    The verdict doesn’t surprise me, and neither does Gascon’s response. An assembly woman married to a judge? No justice at all in this case. After weeks of negotiations, she suddenly comes up with the excuse of a brain tumor. Give me a break. I don’t believe it……it is all politics. Disgusting that she got away with it. Time for a change in the SF judicial system.

  8. Terry says:

    This woman needs to be removed from office! Now we have thieves enacting our laws?! How dare she insult the voting public’s intelligence by coming up with the excuse of a benign tumor that caused her to steal?!

    Listen, lady, if you have a tumor that IMPAIRS YOUR JUDGEMENT as regards knowing the difference between right and wrong, then you clearly CANNOT do your job and you are NOT fit to represent us!

    1. oldgeez says:

      “Now we have thieves enacting our laws?! ”

      We’ve always had thieves enacting our laws….with an occasional honorable person mixed in.

    2. Cheryl says:

      TOTALLY AGREE! Resign or recall, we don’t need you.

  9. NotStupid says:

    This country is becoming increasingly corrupt with every passing moment. The woman, as a result of her position in elected office, as well as by virtue of being married to a JUDGE, KNOWS better than to do what she did. Why is it that her supposed tumor didn’t cause her to engage in MORAL and APPROPRIATE behavior, such as donating all of her worldly possessions to the poor and needy?! Oh, no, it resulted in the self-serving and self-indulgent behavior of shoplifting! The only reason she got off with this very light tap on the wrist is because of her connections and because her husband is a judge! Shame on her and shame on her husband!

    1. mmercier says:

      Shame is a limited commodity today.

      Shame should be placed on those will reelect her by an overwhelming majorityl next poll.

      there is no shame, only enlightened self interest.

  10. Philip Scharfy says:

    Did the brain tumor turn her into yet another entitled liberal?

  11. Christina G. says:

    OMG, a brain tumor made her shoplift. And now she’s miraculously cured with no treatment whatsoever. The citizens who voted this dirt bag into office should be turn in their voter registration cards and promise to never vote again.

    1. george says:

      Get real! These are the same kinds of voters who salivate for the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Jerry Brown, and Obama. That’s a track record they’re hardly going to sacrifice.

      1. UpChuck Liberals says:

        You could have made the list much longer with Maxine Waters, Bunny Frank ……

    2. Sue B. says:

      The judge should also be voted out of office.

  12. Not my fault says:

    OK, so if I ever decide to shop lift, can I blame it on PMS?

    1. george says:

      Only if you’re a Democrat. Being a politician will help too.

    2. digitus says:

      Wonderful comment. I suffer from PSAS. It is true and is permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. I swear some idiot did come up with that.

  13. Denise Selna Nelson says:

    If her judgement is impaired by a medical condition, then she is unable to make the decisions needed on behalf of the voters. Has she resigned?

    1. oldgeez says:

      You would hope but according to her attorney….

      “Rappaport said the tumor is curable and treatable and “is no longer affecting her concentration or her judgment.””

    2. LEL MN says:

      No resignation. She had her head fixed and has recovered and is no longer impaired. Good as ever now.

    3. Mo says:

      Shoot, forget shoplifting, she needs to not be DRIVING if this alleged tumor is impairing her judgement… if the tumor impacts her judgement regarding judgement expensive fashion theft decisions how can we know it won’t impair her “Which lane should I be driving in” decisions, and her “What color does that traffic light mean in the next 2 seconds!” decisions?

      I know two year olds that lie better than this skank and her attorney.

  14. Mitch Rapp says:

    Crime certainly Pays Well when you’re a Politician with connections. If SF were Chicago would they have allowed her to go back and increase her take?

    1. Sebastian Xavier says:

      Yes, no doubt.

  15. mike12493 says:

    I stole once when I was 8 years old…my mother made we walk back down to the store and hand over the goods and apologize…..with the threat of a call to the store for verification. I was never more humiliated and embarrassed and I never took anything that wasn’t mine ever again.

    1. george says:

      My brother stole a fruitcake from a bakery when he was a small kid. Our mother not only made him confess to the bakery staff but made him eat the entire fruitcake in one sitting as well. To this day — and he is over 70 years old — he will not go near a fruitcake, let alone eat it. Maybe a similar punishment would be appropriate here. Make the perp go around nude for the rest of her life.

      1. oldgeez says:

        “To this day — and he is over 70 years old — he will not go near a fruitcake”

        That could just be “good sense” and not related to the punishment.

      2. Joe Publican says:

        What does society do when the fruitcake is the culprit? The law is just too complicated for me. It doesn’t affect me so why should I care? Hey, what’s on TV tonight?

  16. Jon Lewis says:

    Of course she’s got a brain tumor. She’s a democrat.

    1. oldgeez says:

      Thank you….I am laughing and people around me are afraid I’m going to have a stroke. Made my day.

    2. LEL MN says:

      I’ve heard liberalism is a mental disorder.

  17. No Trust Anymore says:

    The store is owned by those evil Republicans so it was justidied.

    1. LEL MN says:

      Yes, a one percenter stealing money from the 99’ers by offering worthless rags in exchange for their cash.

  18. Bill Jones says:

    I wonder how many times her tumor caused her to shoplift on previous occasions? And did not get caught??????

  19. drifter77 says:

    So I assume she is going to be a good democrat and resign her elected position because of her medical condition that impares good judgement.

  20. Midge Martin says:

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken

  21. drifter77 says:

    I apologize for my prior comment assuming that her good judgement would be impaired as a politician – Good judgement is not required for politicians, they have been exempted.

    1. LEL MN says:

      Rank amateur thieves perfect their skills after a few terms in political office.

  22. Lou says:

    It would be refreshing, for a change, to see someone stand up & face the music by actually admitting they are guilty.

    I would have more respect for her than I do now.

  23. Phil Mckracken says:

    I thought asian people believed in honour?

    SHAME Mary Hayashi SHAME! I hope that your parents are still alive to see your criminal actions!

    Do the honourable thing – Your ancestors demand it!

    1. Honor my butt says:

      Not this old hole!

    2. tn says:

      But this Asian person hung around and learned from whitey? If she were “truly” Japanese, seppuku may be the honorable cure…

  24. dam says:

    Tumor, thy name is liberalism.

  25. karen says:

    The top 1 % of democrats who get away with anything , while the 99% – the rest of us – are held accountable. IT is time the top 1% of democrat politicians pay their fair share and accept repsonsibility for their actions. Occupy the DNC.

  26. Anon says:

    Her disease is being a Liberal.

  27. BigBoa says:


    Exactly the same thing the mighty Boa thought. Must be a very DISCRIMINATING tumor eh?….

    Target? No….
    Walmart? No….
    K-Mart? No…..
    Nieman Marcus? Proceed…

    What an absolute crock….

  28. BigBoa says:

    THAT’S no tumor!!

    That’s a liberal brain!

    How convenient that it has already been taken care of too……

  29. phillips says:

    The comments are better than the story. Good lawyers do this everyday.

  30. BigBoa says:

    “No longer affecting”?

    For some reason, after reading that, the mighty Boa thought it had already been treated. Yet upon re-reading, it says it IS treatable…. So how did it magically STOP “affecting” her judgement? This has to be one of the most ridiculous attempts yet in defense of a crime….. The tumor not only forces her to shoplift at upscale stores, it apparently comes and goes as well…..

    1. Bob Lippert says:

      Ha, first time I every saw/heard of the tumor card being played

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        Is it something like the race card?

      2. Haler says:

        Yeah, race into the store and steal the clothes before the tumor’s effect wears off. Has anyone asked for what ‘big event’ the clothes were intended? Another lawsuit!

    2. george says:

      “one of the most ridiculous attempts yet in defense of a crime”? Hey, it worked, didn’t it?

  31. pokey says:

    Is anyone surprised? The elitist are not held to account…..again!

  32. DocChuck says:

    Typical politician. They all think they are above the law — and in a practical sense, they are. If they can’t steal enough through their political position they will steal it from somewhere else.

    I think many Californians are simply enamored with thieves and criminals of all types at ALL levels, i.e. Pelosi.


  33. jojo says:

    I recently retired after 40 years in the bay area, most people know just how bad its become in San Francisco, probably one of the most corrupt cities in the world.Although one of the most beautiful areas in the world,the bay area,led by liberals who have become steeped in immorality and hatred for anything striving to be good,will not rest until every bit of moral reason and sanity has been driven out…which,by the way, is a small example of how the decency and compassion for others ,the quest for truth and justice for all of us,and the strengths this country was built on over 200 years ago, are being portrayed as radical right wing threats .Yes,I am a Christian,I read the Bible,I consider the wants and needs of others,both spiritual and physical,to be most important in these very troubled times…and I believe in my heart that prayer for others,…everyone,can change things. But as the Bible said, in the last days, good will become as evil,and evil will become as good…all we have to do is look at “leaders” such as our President,Vice President,not to mention Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reed,Barbara Boxer, …these are good examples of the people who are literally trying to tear this nation apart, and for some reason,still have some support while they continue their madness and insanity.But, as I am finding out,the core,the strength of this country,has never waivered,a MAJORITY of the citizens in this country,are fed up with the corruptness,ineptitude,and quite frankly the evil agenda that is eminating from the Whitehouse all the way down to a councilwoman shoplifting in San Francisco.

    1. JT says:

      All their time is coming to an end…the
      PEOPLE know injustice when they see it. These distortions of justice are all adding up and we are fast coming to a breaking point. Our corrupt leaders will find out, too late for themselves, that when that threshold is reached, fast and complete change will ocuur.

  34. RogerCraigLovesBillWalsh says:

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy; the list goes on for the the democrats in the 1% club who have no accountability for their actions and hide behind the force field that they and they alone represent the “little” people. Shameful.

    1. george says:

      Wasn’t it Ted Kennedy who coined the phrase “get away with murder”?

  35. John Moser says:

    A brain tumor is no excuse. Every politician in SF has one of those.

  36. Moose says:

    Well, if she was impaired, then clearly she is also impaired of being a city council woman.

    And if not, it tells something about the other council people as well.

    Politicians are thiefes.

  37. Bob Lippert says:

    I always find it most intereting that dims/libs never ever committ a crime. The laws never apply to that group—she is guilty but do to her being a dim/lib and her husband being a judge, she will not serve one day or pay any fine–

  38. Slipp Wilson says:

    I just had to comment on this. Just when I thought I had seen it all… This just goes to show you that our Government and Legal System is corrupted beyond repair.

    How do these “people in charge” get away with it?? Boggles my mind …….

    1. george says:

      They (1) write the laws, and (2) appoint the judges.

  39. jnsesq says:

    Lawyers have made liars, blamers and quick-buck seekers of an entire nation. We are the weaker because of their scheming and their greed.

  40. jnsesq says:

    Oh, and you know what? She’ll be re-elected.

  41. Casual Observer says:

    Had to be a Democrat. Democrats never pay their bills.

    1. Haler says:

      That lil ‘ol tumor will heal up right quick if her punishment is to go thru Obamacare’s red-tape system as it’s first ‘victim’.

  42. george says:

    “[T]he assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities.” Fair enough. Her decision to shoplift is excused — and yet she still considers herself capable of making sound decisions affecting her constituents at the political level? Well, why not? I’m sure her lock-step voters will re-elect her in a landslide at the next opportunity. Maybe she’ll even run successfully for governor or president.

  43. Gman66219 says:

    THe Assembly woman seems to have poor judgement and is a criminal, but what of the court? The judge whers the over sight on this ruling, are we the people so stupid we can’t see the truth? THis system has us so folled in believing we can do nothing about this.We are to just throw up are hands ansd say what are we going to do in apathy. We have seem what power we have as the people by blogging how we have brought some corporations to listen to the people. Start writing about it posts it send it the assembly wrie your congress. Lets get this corruption under control this woman and court both need to go for the people.

    1. gkubina says:

      Gman — you are spot on. We can all be upset with Hayashi but it was Judge Gerardo Sandoval who delivered the ruling. Both he and District Attorney George Gascon are the individuals who’s judgement and motivation we should question. They indicate the reason for their decision was she was a first time offender. IMHO, shouldn’t we hold wealthy leaders to a higher standard? If the offender had been a poor indigent, then sure… show some mercy by reducing to a misdemeanor. But a wealthy political leader ? Moreover. there was a blurb in one of the early reports that Neiman Marcus had Hayashi on their ‘watch list’ even before this arrest, meaning they had suspected her of shoplifting on pervious occassions. Must have not factored into the ruling. ? Last thought…… life’s not fair. Just try to do right in your sphere of control and move on. It’s a better way to expend energy than by just being angry. 🙂

      1. tn says:

        Political markers are being redeemed and paid forward for the absolution of this situation…

  44. AnneP says:

    With democrats, there’s always an excuse. I’m surprised she didn’t blame Bush.

  45. pitter43 says:

    She’s a liberal, of course she has something wrong with her brain.

  46. Jim in Houston says:

    DimoCrat justice.

  47. John Barnett says:

    I suspect that tumor was Nancy Pelosi

  48. John Barnett says:

    I’ve lived there, if a foreign country declared war on us, it would be the first place to drop a nuke.

  49. Boomer says:

    It’s mildly interesting that the media is fairly critical of their fellow lib…they must have someone even more incompetent, more corrupt waiting in the wings.

  50. Susan Gate says:

    She’s another stealing lying Dem.. what’s new.

  51. TXMAN says:

    There is justice for Democrats and Republicans. This is an example of justice for DemocRATS.

  52. Mark_Town says:

    I’m getting one of those bags and I’m switch-en to Democrat! They got a thing with the judges and I want it too!

  53. Beck says:

    Did not Biden use this same excuse when he plagerized?

  54. Honest Joe says:

    My father died of a brain tumor and not once prior to his death did he shoplift. This woman is a thief and liar, plain and simple. When this first appeared in the news I told my wife she would get away with stealing as she is married to a Judge. And what about Judge Sandoval who oversaw the case, he’s just as bad. He’s probably having dinner with them both tonight (on the taxpayer’s dollar). Kick them all out of office and start over! I’m disgusted with our justice system or should I say lack of justice.

  55. wildbill6996 says:

    The DOG ate her Homework !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. AnneP says:

      No, her animal companion ate her homework.

      1. wildbill6996 says:

        My fault, i’m not completely up on my POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

  56. bserius says:

    Blago gets 14 years for talking stupid and this liberal gets probation for stealing over $2400.00 ,,,,,,More than most make in a month

  57. Soquel Creek says:

    What a crock! I would hope that the good people of her district recall her or at a minimum, NOT RE-ELECT HER.

    According to California penal defines her “shoplifting” as “grand theft,” as the merchandise she “allegedly” stole cost more than $950. The punishment for her “alleged” crime would be far more severe if she were one of us mere mortals.

  58. skibum624 says:

    It has NOTHING to do with the tumor. STOP making excuses, this is so typical of democrats today, blaming everyone and everything but themselves for their own mistakes. Take responsibility without making lame excuses. My grandmother had a brain tumor and she did not go stealing or breaking a bunch of laws. You should be ashamed of your actions and excuses.

  59. GordonsBabyArm says:

    She’s hot, I’ll give her that.

    1. DocChuck says:

      HOT? I would have to respectfully disagree. Maybe in China she would be hot, but definitely to me.

      1. DocChuck says:

        ….. definitely NOT to me. (never could type very well)

      2. GordonsBabyArm says:

        Not so much in the picture, but in her cheetah-print high heels, I would.

  60. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    I asked Arnold Schwarzenegger about this and he said It’s not a tumor.

  61. John Sheridan says:

    In San Fran, Stealing $2,500 is a crime while their representative to congress, Ms Pelosi profits millions with insider trading and spends billions in favor of crony capitalist supporters and its just business as usual.

  62. Steven Ball says:

    Democrats do not have benign brain tumors. They have malignant brain tumors. cf. Barney Frank for example.

  63. Martin Weiss says:

    So do all Democratic lawmakers have brain tumors ? That would explain a lot.

  64. John Poland says:

    This is what being an Elected Dem is ALL About in San Francisco !! Being held to a Different Standart than Regular People !!! And Every Dem Official Signs off on it to TRY to make it look More legit !

  65. Rob says:

    If the Assemblywoman is claiming that a brain tumor is affecting her judgement, shouldn’t she resign from her post as a legislator until her condition is cured? Don’t you need decent judgement to pass laws?

  66. Snarf says:

    “Hayashi, who was wearing a pair of cheetah-print high heels, a green jacket and black slacks and had a black Chanel purse slung over her shoulder, declined to speak to reporters following the hearing.”

    This is what we like to call Japanese Classy.

  67. Snarf says:

    “Hayashi’s defense attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that the assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities.”

    I wonder if Obama or Pelosi or one of the other wackadoo Dems can use the “braing tumor” defense?

  68. Derek Marlowe says:

    Maybe we found the cause of Liberalism?

    Take the tumors out and you have normal rational people.

    1. george says:

      If only it were that simple.

  69. BigBoa says:

    Rob, pay attention. After serving its purpose, the tumor magically stopped making her shoplift…….

    Just incredible…..

  70. Nobody says:

    Typical Democrat…blame it on something other than ones own personal actions… We The People are sick of the corruption she needs to be treated like any other Citizen had they been caught committing this crime and not as a royalty who was Voted into that position… Nothing will happen as we all know Democrats/Liberal/Leftist take care of each other in the Court system…

  71. Richard_Iowa says:

    Of course it is not her fault. Democrats are not responsible for their own actions. It is always something else. I am surprised that she did not blame Bush and Rove.

  72. Cabinetguy says:

    A benign tumor? OMG! It’s a good thing she only shoplifted! Imagine how much crime she would have committed if she had full blown cancer!!

    1. Haler says:

      Nice to know a politician whose job is biz budgets ‘forgot’ she had 2-grand among her bags…um, I mean has a selectively-dormant tumor…um, I mean is just corrupt.

  73. Jack Brooks says:

    Correction: The lawyer said Hayashi stole the jewelry because she really wanted “two more”, and the judge misunderstood.

  74. tngilmer says:

    She is a disgrace to the human race. She and her low life lawyer should both be put in jail. But, then again, what do you expect from a liberal Democrat in California?

  75. judgejewdi says:

    The goods were really only worth 225.00 take it from Lindsay Lohan.
    Shoplifting is a compulsive disorder from depression and anxiety. Lying and making up reaons why you did it is the sick part…

  76. Mark Hillyard says:

    What a nut house SF is. I used to live on the SF Peninsula and avoided the place as much as possible. Just me!
    On the thieving side. It should be that if you steal something you should, at the least, have to pay twice the amount you stole back to the owner. Maybe more and no prison, costs to much. Probation ok so as to monitor the pay back if the person doesn’t have the cash to pay. Maybe make the thief work it off with the owner but most wouldn’t want the bother of having to watch for future thefts.

  77. Ed says:

    “Hayashi’s defense attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that the assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities.”

    So that’s what’s going on with the California Assembly. There’s an epidemic of benign brain tumors that have impacted their decision-making abilities. Explains everything and it’s nobody’s fault.

  78. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    I notice that tumor didn’t cause her to shoplift at a Dollar General…….

    1. george says:

      Yeah, well. Ted Kennedy didn’t drive his car off a curb either. Democrats believe in doing it up big.

  79. Thief in Chief says:

    Kleptomania is an essential qualification for a career in politics.

  80. george says:

    None of this comes as a surprise if you understand San Francisco politics. For example, the District Attorney, George Gascon, is a firm supporter of S.F.’s status as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. “He has described the use of officers to enforce immigration laws as a waste of resources.” So, it would seem that, in San Francisco, illegality per se is no justifiable reason to prosecute anybody for anything, if the political agenda dictates otherwise.

  81. Jim Vertein says:

    If her attorney is correct then she shouldn’t be allowed to hold office if her decision making is being effected

    1. JK says:

      Oh no…her attorney “Rappaport said the tumor is curable and treatable and “is no longer affecting her concentration or her judgment.” She is now cured…so she can keep on stealling our tax dollars. This is so disgusting…Demorcat criminal consistanly getting off..”prosecutors felt that there was clear evidence to treat the crime as a felony, he added, “the way that we begin a case is not always the way that the case ends, and that is also part of the process.” This is not Equal TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW!!!

  82. Jimmy Sparklenuts says:

    A politician and a thief? Impossible.

  83. Jim Vertein says:

    Also if cancer cause one to commit crimes, i wonder why it isn’t more of an epidemic , what a weak excuse, and a insult to all those that battle cancer, she should be forced to step down, not only is she a thief, but obviously has no remorse at all

  84. David Rodden says:

    Thank God, The Tumor didn’t make her shoplift at Target or Wallmart…

  85. brad says:

    She is a liberal, Japanese and a woman so she can do whatever she wants. Party trumps crime as far as Democrats are concerned. If she was a Republican, she would have been hanged.

  86. Paolo says:

    I suggest it is the rampart corruption at the top that these politicians are fully aware of that create this cynical attitude. They see corporations bribing other politicians. They see political sweetheart deals and insider trading going on. Instead of reporting it, they feel they are entitled to steal as well. It must be very dirty at the top for a wife of a judge to lack such moral judgement.

  87. Paolo Caruso says:

    I suggest it is the rampart corruption at the top that these politicians are fully aware of that create this cynical attitude. They see corporations bribing other politicians. They see political sweetheart deals and insider trading going on. Instead of reporting it, they feel they are entitled to steal as well. It must be very dirty at the top for a wife of a judge to lack such moral judgement.

    1. george says:

      Birds of a feather . . .

  88. FormerStoreDetective says:

    I’ve worked as a store detective, and although this was the 1st time she was caught, given her age, statistically she has more than likely shoplifted before.

    My money is on that she’ll do it again, she’ll get caught, and then she’ll get slammed for the 2nd offense.

    Hopefully she’ll still be in public office when she gets caught so we’ll hear about it…

    1. george says:

      Oh, but I’m sure the tumor will have kicked back in.

  89. J.V. says:

    Obviously, the taxpayers of California are not paying this women who earns $150K+/yr. plus benefits & her husband who is also a government official at $150K+/yr. + benefits) not enough to serve the people of California. So, why not just allow or remove any laws preventing any government worker from going into any store or into your home and just take whatever they need and/or want. However, all non-government people may continue to exercise their right under the 2nd Amendment to protect ones property. No fussing with the courts nor wasting time in Sacremento for them to worry how to write new laws to increase their pay each year through tax increases we taxpayers must pay these wonderful, hard-working, dedicated & law-abidding public officials & workers. This could be “The Solution” to underpaid government workers. . .which all of them (2.5M just in California) consider themselves to be.

  90. Joe E in the IE says:

    Tumor, my alabaster gluteal orbs.

  91. D.C. al Fine says:

    How Democratic of her! What she did is not her responsibility.

  92. TEDDY BEAR says:

    Maybe she ate too many twinkies

  93. DocChuck says:

    Can this thieving bit** be deported to Japan, either legally or by other means?

  94. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Someone alert the White House. He has run through Bush, the earthquake, the Tsunami, Congress, Limbaugh, Wall Street and lord knows what and who else.

    A brain tumor may serve as Obama’s default posotion if all else fails.

  95. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Obama suffers from permanent expenditure arousal.


  96. Societal Victim says:

    It’s not my fault.

    Would you believe it was an accident?

    I have no idea how someone else’ property forced its way into my possession without my knowledge.

    It’s Bush’ fault.

  97. Jason says:

    Stupid petulant liberals. They can’t even own up their own FAILURES in society. How wretchedly pathetic.

  98. candidviews says:

    The battle with our government is on IMHO. This level of open, bold face corruption is absolutely transparent and undeniable. What a crock of you know what. This thief is one of our legislators and married to a judge. Special rules for special people. We need to understand these people are trying to disarm us as they do more and more outrageous things to see how much we can handle. Done deftly and slowly enough, you don’t realize what is missing until you wake up one day and find yourself empty handed and totally subservient to the govenrment. That day is nearer than you think.

  99. Democrate Shame says:

    Democratc Motto “The laws for thee but not for me”

  100. Had Enough says:

    “Tumor to blame”…and now its all better?? Where are the medical records? she is cured and she shows up in court wearing designer shoes and hand bag, but no evidence of brain surgery? The ruling class can spout any rediculous lies they want and the propaganda media soakes it up without question. All the questions and staements on this comment section are from average people…but our colledge traind “journalests” don’t even raise one question?

  101. keith wren says:

    Always support your local judge… just in case, as a liberal, you get caught up in a felony and will need a judge of the same political persuasion to whitewash you!

  102. TheDerelictDirector says:

    It’s not a Toomah!

    Did she also have adulterous sex with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Blame it on being pregnant with his kid. Then have an abortion to gain more sympathy from her Democrat voting base.


    Someone beat me too it im sure… ITS NOT A TUMAH!

    What baffles me the most is that we continue to display such acts for and against one another. Such great examples of leadership we provide for our future. Vote against coporate and insitutional greed. We are the freaking people. Speak.

    1. BIGFLOPPYGUY says:

      institutional* my aplogies.

      1. BIGFLOPPYKID says:


  104. Ruff ruff says:

    She has a brain tumor? Okay, have a brain surgeon operate and take it out. Or take SOMETHING out! Maybe there’s a tumor in all Democrat brains? Is that why they don’t get the mess their adolescent emotions are (have) taking us?

  105. Crabjuice says:

    I wish I were a democrat. Then I would always have someone/something else to blame for my actions, too.

  106. joe bob briggs says:

    well, i’ve got a bug up my ass; what kind of mayhem am i allowed to legally perpetrate?

  107. Brent Bach says:

    POS beyotch.

  108. Brent Bach says:

    A frontal lobotomy will fix what is wrong with all the politicians.

  109. Joeey says:

    So if you live in San Fracisco and you say you are crazy it’s OK. That explains Nancy….

  110. Justin Case says:

    Normal Kalifornia Dem behavior

  111. walter12 says:

    Just another hard core leftist wacko with the good sense to live in the Marxist/Socialist State of California, for her own sake.

  112. tn says:

    Somewhere within this story, now Superior Judge Hayashi is finally getting the goods once again from Mary…

  113. jiminycrickets! says:

    So is she still a congresswoman? Because I am pretty sure that a tumor that would damage one’s moral judgments would definitely effect one’s ablilty to do their job adequately as well.

  114. LizardLips says:

    It would stand to reason then that she’s incapable of serving as a representative due to her diminished capacity and should resign or, failing that, be forced from office.

  115. Obamaroid Ointment says:

    Mama always said, “Democrat is as Democrat does”.

  116. Charles U. Farley says:

    Tumor, schmumor. Dems can NEVER take personal responsibility for ANYTHING. It’s always someone (thing) else’s fault.

  117. Steve3 says:

    She’s a democrat, of course she has a brain tumor. All democrats and liberals do!

  118. Hal McCombs says:

    I think brain tumors may be responsible for the entire Democrat Party we have today. They make wrong seem right.

  119. James Benoit says:

    Liberal DEMOCRAT CRONY “justice.”

    Nothing to see here, just “bid’ness” as usual for the PARTY of CORRUPTION – the National Socialist Democrat Unions Party

  120. finnegan says:

    So the tumor affects her judgement and makes her steal money. I guess all politicians must have similar brain tumors. Perfectly acceptable for these people to be running our government with their judgement within acceptably questionable levels.

    Ridiculous nonsense, all of it.

  121. rosietheterrorist says:

    Ha ha, what now, crony tumorism? You wackjobs in California deserve every jagov that you elect, from Peloser, who was directly responsible for the loss of 63 Liberal Democratic House members (lol), to Jerry Brownstain who recently enacted $7 billion more in taxes, ha ha. California will never survive just keep sinking further into debt, and wait until the BIG ONE hits in 2012, that’s right, the big earthquake which will be centered at Peloser’s house and stretch all the way to swallow up all the liars, drug users, dope addicts, thieves and h omosexuals in Holyweird!

  122. RLABruce says:

    Was the cause of her theft “tumor”, or “two more”? If she was drinking it could have been the latter, but then that would not get her case dismissed. Shoot, I’ve had a tumor myself but it never drove me to shoplifting!

  123. malcom says:

    true justice will be if she dies from cancer

  124. giveitawaynow says:

    Odd they would allow the misprint of the headline. It should read, “Democrat Congresswoman Caught Shoplifting”. God knows it would be FRONT PAGE if it was a Republican and you know what? IT SHOULD BE. These people get into politics for power and money and for getting away with crimes. Always amuses me that libs NEVER have anything bad to say about Democrat criminals.

  125. sailordude says:

    She’ll stay in office? The Democrats will leave Congresswomen who are brain damaged and Assemblywomen with brain tumors in their heads and shoplift? They have no class whatsoever!

    1. Olden Atwoody says:

      Of course! And when she retires on that nice State penion, she’ll file for tax-free work-related disability!

  126. Chicago Nick says:

    I had and lived through a MALIGNANT brain tumor in my right temporal lobe in 1987 yet I didn’t go around shoplifting and stealing as a result of the lemon sized tumor I was lucky enough to have had removed although now 20 years later I’ve developed MS and my left side has become paralyzed which I BELIEVE isn’t the MS but the surgery in 87 catching up to me 🙁

    So having said that, …….

    What a lame azzzed convenient excuse and frankly now hearing it I”m questioning why her judgment in her work isn’t called into question as a result of this ‘defense’ thanks to her plea and statement as such:

    “Hayashi’s defense attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that the assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities.”

    Then she should resign immediately. Otherwise face the music and admit you’re a klepto lady and just got caught luckily for YOU for only the first time. I’d bet her home is filled with klepto’d (sic) items…

  127. HattoriHanza says:

    She isn’t the only Democrat with a Brain Tumor that affects their judgement. In fact there are lots of them including one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  128. Chas says:

    Obviously she spotted some homeless women and decided that, like robin hood, she should steal from the unworthy rich and give to the productive poor!

  129. pleasetoexplainit says:

    If she has a tumor that makes her shoplift, why is she voting on how to spend the people’s money?

  130. Bill Jones says:

    She had to use the Tumor excuse. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder excuse was all used up.

    1. jsquyres says:

      Couldn’t use the torn rectume defense either. The assemblymen had already used that up.

  131. Jeff says:

    My tumor made me do it! What an interesting defense. I’m tired of liberals using excuses for their illegal activity. Take some responsibility for your actions for a change!

  132. kellyj says:

    If the tumor causes her to make poor decisions she should resign/retire from Office at once.

  133. unionprof says:

    If you read the original story at the time the crime happened, then you knew something like this would be the result. It was obviously a cut and dried case since the accused was an elected Democrat.

  134. Prof.Helen says:

    A tumor? Really ? Really.The legislator has been ripping off the tax payer for years so why not a private store ? They can better afford it.
    Bet she gets re-elected because the average IQ of Ca;ifornia voters must be -10.
    Seriously how do these people get elected. Barbara Boxer . Really?

  135. Moronica Stooge says:

    Its called 2 tier justice. Sad world we live in.

  136. Numb Half Digger says:

    She must be half black.

    1. Kimchi Old Hole says:

      She is worst than a nigga…

    2. Unfair says:

      Awe come on… really that’s not fair. If she were black, or even half black, she would have been charged with a felony. Instead, she’s allowed to be in the legislature, and get paid with taxpayer money.

      Her ridiculous free pass on this, actually makes me feel more sympathetic to blacks and Hispanics.

  137. jsquyres says:

    I shoplifted a bottle of brandy one time. Claimed that I had a case of the blue balls. Still charged me with a class 2 felony.

  138. nosemore says:

    Someone in my family got arrested for shoplifting and claimed it was because her eyes had been dilated from an eye exam. Still got convicted, though. Those who don’t admit fault and blame it on something else are habitual liars and thieves. Watch out for them. Sooner or later, their lying, larcenous methods will be used against you.

  139. Just Say'n says:

    It is a cancer that caused the theft. The cancer of Liberalism. Liberal pols believe themselves “virtuous” and those who oppose them “evil”. By their logic they can never do anything wrong and any who oppose them are evil.
    It is Ted Kennedy liberalism

  140. JustAGuy says:

    If she stripped off all of her clothes as she walked out of the store and said it was performance art, all charges would have been dismissed.

    1. george says:

      The damned near were dismissed as it was.

    2. tn says:

      @ JustAGuy- lol; TOO much information! Now I cannot get the vision out of my mind, of a nekked Mary Hayashi walking out of NM, looking like a beige Sharpei. “Margaret Thatcher on a cold night! Margaret Thatcher on a cold night!”

  141. haddeenuff says:

    Did anyone mention she is married to a judge?

  142. Dave says:

    If she’d been a conservative, she’d be in jail now. Amazing how liberals have one set of laws for themselves and another for “normal” people.

    1. george says:

      In jail and summarily tossed out of public office.

  143. gordon says:

    this must be what is wrong with all of ca democrats and liberals nancy pelosi must have several of these tumors

  144. MaggieLyn says:

    “Rappaport said the tumor is curable and treatable and “is no longer affecting her concentration or her judgment.”

    He said, “according to (medical) experts,” the tumor has likely impacted her behavior.”

    What a bunch of doubletalk BS! Only of the “left coast”!

  145. Publius says:

    I think the dog ate the tumor and the judge accepted that.

  146. gordon says:

    how could she have a brain trumor for that to happen when she dosent have a brain kind of like nancy pelosi and the rest of ca liberals

  147. Jeff Applebaum says:

    It’s interesting that these “pathologies” never make the subject to throw $2,400 out the window.

  148. A total disgrace to the Asian Community says:


  149. Peoples Republic of California says:

    Another Democrat lawmaker cruising through life without the pesky burden of morality. 100 bucks the San Fran morons re-elect this idiot because she represents them perfectly.

  150. Drag says:

    Benign tumor beats the Twinkie defense.

  151. Hookey Walker says:

    In further news, Hayashi’s fork was blamed for making her fat, her pencil was blamed for her misspellings, and her car was held responsible for her last speeding ticket.

  152. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, …

    I can hear Ms. Hayashi as she oink all the way home.

    Do you think that she will be banned for life from the store?

  153. Tony Passa says:

    Democrat brain tumor = she has a pimple on her ass.

  154. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    I would like know what were the ‘items’ stolen?

    If they were panties or other under garments, I would suspect that the woman is having an affair.

    Stealing of these types of things often indicate that an affair is going on.

    1. Olden Atwoody says:

      Robert Marvin Smith:

      $2500 of anything is too much, but she took a blouse, skirt and leather pants.

      Do you own a $600 shirt? $1200 pants?

  155. bertie says:

    What did her husband, the judge, promise the prosecuter in return? That’s what I want to know.

  156. Diseased says:

    Wondering why “benign brain tumors” don’t instead make people want to give all their stuff away, or be acutely honest? Why are we to casually assume a “benign brain tumor” makes you shoplift $2500 in merchandise…. and then compels you to LIE? Fascianting disease.

  157. Unfair says:

    Good thing she wasn’t some unknown African-American or Hispanic from Oakland! Things would have been dramatically different…..

    1. Hope&ChangeUnderObama says:

      Yes, in that case the offender would actually be paid for having their civil right to wealth redistribution violated!

  158. Cory says:

    So, If she has a tumor that impairs her ability to make sound decisions, should she not be removed from her job making decisions that affect many peoples lives?

    1. bertie says:

      Ahhh… yeah! Not only that, with “impaired” decision-making, she should also have her driver’s license taken as well!! Poor lady…. she can’t function in the world, according to her lawyer.

  159. Cindy Crues says:

    FIRE HER AZZ – we receive her BS mail every week – RETURN TO SENDER

  160. Lucita says:

    Her constituents are the laughing stock of America if they don’t vote her out of office or recall her.

  161. Hawkdriver1961 says:

    Well that settles it…All Democrats need a CAT scan STAT! It is said liberalism is a mental disorder and it seems brain tumors are the cause of liberalism after all. Democrats, especially in San Francisco, have all of her symptoms. They have impairment of their decision making capabilities and walk off with our hard earned money everyday….

  162. Ghostsouls says:

    So what’s news here? Liberals have been stealing from Americans their entire lives, how is this any different. The rich neiman marcus needs to just let people walk in and take what they want…you know occupy neiman marcus…

  163. trajan long says:

    Another whacko lib. She probably just got confused about her entitlements.

    1. bro hamah says:

      Get to the tumah!

  164. Olden Atwoody says:

    Mary, if you’d would risk jail for $2,500, what would you do for a weekend in Vegas?

    Let me know, I’m interested.

  165. Olden Atwoody says:

    Are the x-rays of her head a public record?

    1. bro hamah says:

      Sincerely, yes, we do need to know the prescribed, over-the-counter, and street drugs this “decider” is using.

  166. Xandax says:

    Typical liberal garbage. Commit a crime, and skirt responsibility.

  167. JasonR says:

    She should be jailed just for wearing ‘cheetah-print high heels’.

    Will she be steeping down as an assembly woman because her tumour might impact her decision making? Or is that only when she gets caught?

    An Asian politician, a Jewish defence lawyer, a Jewish spokesman and a Hospanic judge. Nice little crowd.

    1. jolazopa says:

      ha ha ha !!good one fason,sad thing is your right!!!!!

  168. DirtyDave777 says:

    A Commiefornia Democrook caught stealing ………………….
    Why is this news its just Business as usual.

  169. Big Jack says:

    It’s the store’s fault for having such tempting merchandise in the first place. How can anyone be held responsible for stealing when presented with such attractive things? This explains rape, extortion, check kiting, you name it.

  170. thunderbolt says:

    Her brain tumor caused her to be a Democrat.

  171. Alba_Skeandubh says:

    if the tumor makes her steal she needs to step down from job

  172. David B says:

    Democrats are a brain tumor on the USA and the US Constitution AND MUST BE REMOVED!

  173. Spike says:

    Bet she tool the time to try everything on to make sure it was the right size and all. Bet she also never had this brain tumor, which don’t just go away

  174. lancaster says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland.This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    If DoJ and DoD employees where more concerned with doing their jobs than enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes, then there might have been more a chance that 9/11 had never happened.
    Worse might be the fact that elements within the U.S. Intellignece agencies with intent create their own terrorists by carefully choosing suspects and through many 10’s of years of psycological and physical abuse create their own terrorists. Why, to prop up defense spending.
    My dog was poisoned to death, a stolen car was run into the front of my house, gang members are harrassing me, I get death threats, BB guns are being shot at my car when I drive, my car is being tampered with, money and jewelry has been stolen out of my house, very long term sleep deprivation, etc….

  175. Texasbil says:

    Typical liberal will not take responsibility and they think they are above the law. The law only applies to everyone else not them.

  176. Steve Roberts says:

    not only should sh not be punished, she should be praised as, with all things Dems do, the shoplifting was undoubtedly ‘for the children.’ Can’t people see what a selfless, compassionate public servant she is?

  177. Jimmy not that Jimmy says:

    Too bad she was inflicted by the more expensive Neiman Marcus version of the tumor, rather than a Dollar General, TJ Maxx or Marshalls discount chain tumor. Then it might not have started as felony grand theft. One wonders by what other physical malady the cheetah-print high heels, green jacket, black slacks black Chanel purse were obtained.

  178. Ron Burgandy says:

    From the article: Hayashi’s defense attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that the assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities”

    So the tumor DOESN”T affect any of he other decision making abilities, like her job? Only a Democrat in California….

  179. Annnie Robins says:

    Aaahhhh…..a warm glowing turd on a winter’s morning. I will hire her to do my Christmas shopping next year. Save me some money.

    1. Kimberly Clements says:

      Great idea! I didn’t go into our NM during the Christmas season…the people I give a gift to would be thrilled (and probably suspicious)!

  180. Kevin Stowell says:

    If the tumor has impaired her judgement that much, it must be time to remove her from the state assembly. After all, we want fully functional people making the command decisions in our lives, right? See also crackhead prez.

  181. sam g says:

    why are you all surprised? i mean really is there a difference from stealing from the general population via codes, laws or other specific targeted levies to feed the SF coffers. The only difference this time is that she went non-sanctioned by her peers since they were left out of the spoils. california/SF politicians=morally and legal corruption

  182. Satch says:

    “The benigh tumor “may” have effected her decision making abilities.” Until it’s proven such,jail time is in order. But of course this is Kalifornia and the Lefty/Liberals will probably throw party in her favor to collect money to pay her fine. And the”Occupy” croud will camp out in front of NM to protest her Arrest.

  183. Jeff R. says:

    San Francisco has a brain tumor, it’s called liberaliism.

  184. George Washington says:

    If you are going to steal big-time, be sure you are a liberal Democrat in San Fiasco. That way, you will have to suffer no consequences!

  185. Art Martin says:

    If she is impaired enough to make this bad decision how could she make good decisions for the people she represents?
    You can’t have it bith ways!
    She eneds to go.

  186. Patrick Klocek says:

    Oh, right — she has a brain tumor that impairs her judgement. That would explain the “D” next to her name. Maybe the entire assembly should get slid into the MRI to see how big their tumos ares!

  187. fib says:

    “Hayashi’s defense attorney Douglas Rappaport said outside of court that the assemblywoman has a benign brain tumor that may have impacted her decision-making abilities” – Well, if that’s the case, then she needs to immediately step down from being part of law making decisions as well…the whole thing is disgusting.

  188. Hank says:

    Massive evidence of the REAL class system that needs to be abolished. If it was a non-connected democrat official she would be in jail. If she is that impaired why is she in a position of responsibility? If it was my representative I would file charges of fraud and incompetance.

  189. James says:

    She’s probably a big lib and Barry O. supporter. Somebody made a quick phone call, and presto, probation.

  190. terry rohan says:

    “benign tumor impacted her behavior” so she’s not fit for duty.

  191. John says:


  192. Jim Harrington Sr says:

    Prior to editing, this sentence read)

    It is amazing what happens when you stand in front a Team Judge. I would say the Judge is guilty of corruption now as well.

  193. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    There’s only one way to stop this idiocy, people (well, two, if you include November). Get judges on the bench who will answer ridiculous “insanity” defenses and the like with things like, “Oops, I think I’m going temporarily insane– you’re sentenced to death. Next!”

  194. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Bush and Halliburton made me do it!

  195. bobby says:

    Good for Callyfornicatia. They get what they elect. Cheers

  196. stop2think says:

    Tumor must have good taste. Wonder why she didn’t steal a 50 cents pack of gum?

  197. AZ Schumi says:

    If she has a tumor affecting her “judgement” then she shouldn’t be in govenment

  198. Carlos says:

    Wait a minute! This is supposed to be Bush’s fault! I am going to the authorities with this. Democrats are supposed to blame everything on Bush. Something is just not right here. Where is her tin foil hat anyway?

  199. Bilford Rielly says:

    …………and the Lib/Commie/Dem/Thieves continue thier Insanity hold on the IDIOTS of California.
    Where I come from it is called GRAND THEFT and you do time for.
    But in Californacation it is called ‘playing Robin Hood. And anytime you steal from the Rich you get a raise and a promotion.
    Any bets this will be the next California Govenor?
    Brain Tumor my ass – it is just being a typical Lib/Commie/Dem.

  200. James Woods says:

    Yep let the average taxpayer do the same thing and watch what happens. I remember this judges name from something.

    Stating that she was a first time offender and linking that into a brain tumor just goes to show how the deck was stacked. If they are going to let a brain tumor in as the defense how would the number of previous offenses also play into it?

    Not to mention what the libs would be doing if this brain tumor worked as something for a prosecution they would be screaming patient privacy but boy when it works for them it’s all fine and dandy.

  201. keithbo61 says:

    Being a democrat from san fran should tell you everything you need to know about her decision making capabilities.

  202. george says:

    Please consider how firmly the deck was stacked in this perp’s favor, and you’ll understand why there could be no other result. She was (1) female, (2) Asian, (3) a Democrat, (4) disabled (she assures us), and (5) married to a judge. Not just a two-fer, but a five-fer. That’s a remarkable pedigree.

  203. sold2u says:

    What I suspected all along – democrats really do have a license to steal..

  204. Jedediah says:

    Her problem is a condition known as “acute dishonesty”

  205. Kathy says:

    First offense? First time she got caught. What the heck is wrong with these lying stealing politicians? Brain tumor my a##. I would bet she has been stealing for a long time. First time the store prosecuted her. What a PIG. S.F. can close her Golden Gate because I will never go back for a visit.

  206. Kimberly Clements says:

    This whole story is an insult to all of us. We seem to be expected to read this article, shrug our shoulders, and click ahead to the NEXT story! Just keep clicking, folks,
    nothing to see here!

  207. Robert says:

    The Real corruption is from the prosecutor (unnamed) and Judge (Sandoval), for letting one of their own off the hook. Our Judicial system has become a political game where influence and affluence tip the Scales. Personal accountability, to include loss of Pensions and Jail time (on par with the general public) must be in the formula for all elected officials caught….being corrupt.

  208. Rob says:

    Not only will she not resign, the Bay Area morons will re-elect her. We’re all doomed in this state.

  209. bob says:

    $180 fine ??? I was stopped for speeding on friday on my way home in Wisconsin. I was nailed doing 8 MPH over the limit, the fine is $100 and 4 points. This broad steals thousands and gets a $180 fine?

    waht is wrong with this picture ???

  210. Rod Anders says:

    Must be a LOT of brain tumors out there. Think of all the people that voted for Osama Obama.

  211. Whitey Ford says:

    Typical San Fran commie hypocrite. Her judgement was affected when stealing but not for continuing in elective office. She is a felon. Period. And what is a stinking socialist doing at Neiman Marcus in the first place???? Slope.

  212. Hollywood Hick says:

    “The brain tumor impacted her judgement when she was committing a felony – but now that it’s just a misdemeanor, her judgement is miraculously repaired.” Who in the hell believes this load of pigeon dung? Oh, democrats.

  213. Em Spearing says:

    A tumor? The only tumor she has IS her brain. But it’s okay; she’s a lib so sycophants in the lib-fawning press will become Service Magic specialists and wash it away … like it never even happened.

  214. ItTakesFaith says:

    Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, is NOT a first-time amateur thief… by her actions, she is most definitely a PRO (that is why she was charged with a felony in the first place)! According to reports, Hayashi entered the Neiman Marcus store with a NM bag of items to “return” (which she never did, I might add!). The clothing she intended to STEAL, could easily be co-mingled in the bag & covered with a coat. Her penchant for high-priced fashion proved to be even more than her $150,000 Assembly salary, & judge husband (not for long, as he has served her with divorce papers!) could afford. It leaves me rather sad and sorry, not for her pretentious greedy self, but for her constituents; they deserve better (if only they’d have the good sense to send her packing)!

    1. gobuyitalready says:

      I was right with you until the “her constituents deserved better” part. Actually, they deserved exactly this. Sorry.

    2. george says:

      The judge-husband has served her with divorce papers? You mean there is SOME sanity in the family?

  215. John Adams says:

    Got to say that that’s the most convenient damn brain tumor I’ve ever heard of. Hope I get one someday.

  216. Phil says:

    The only people with brain tumors affecting their judgement in this case are the idiots in Hayward who keep electing her.

  217. TheRealKingMax says:

    I don’t get it.

    Why would she blame another liberal for shoplifting?

  218. Tom says:

    All items she voted on should be recounted using this defense. Her vote should not count since her decision making was flawed by a Tumor

  219. koczani says:

    This is a logical conclusion of the Occupy Wall Street Movement; Just Take What You Want.

    This is also the know version of the Flip Wilson Geraldine Line “The Devil Made Me Do It”.

    If the “benign” Brain tumor did ths, then it is clouding her judgement and she should be removed from office, who knows whatever lapses in judgement she has made.

    Personally, I think she should be brought to trial, and, if convicted, the thrown in jail like the rest of the “little people”.

  220. KLEC says:

    Blame it on a brain tumor if you like. Personally, I think it was caused by the high prices at NM.

    1. george says:

      If you didn’t have liberal politicians shoplifting willy-nilly at Neiman-Marcus, the prices might not be as high.

  221. exbobbie says:

    This is no big surprise, this is La La Land, the land of the world famous ‘twinky defense’, remember, a man kills another man and his defense is that he ate too many twinky’s as a kid and it affected his reasoning. Come on folk’s this is California not the real world, it’s San Francisco the weirdest city on the planet, what else did you expect, the fact that she is a Liberal Democrat is just icing on the cake.

  222. Thom says:

    Female, Asian, Democrat, California. No way will any liberal look at what actually happened. She is pure.

    1. george says:

      Don’t forget “disabled.” That was her defense. She was disabled before she became un-disabled.

  223. MTB says:

    Cut the bull. She walked because she’s a liberal minority!

  224. Joemama says:

    It’s once again prove that “Some animals are more equal than others”.
    She is of course still fit to legislate. The rest of the Sacramento assembly may want to get a brain scan. Maybe that’s all that’s wrong with California. We are not in deed ruled by looney lefties but conservatives with tumors that cloud their judgements. I was getting worried there for a while.

  225. Brad says:

    A Democrat did this? I am so surprised! NOT!!! Now they are blaming tumors for their crimes? PUHLEEEEASE!

    1. george says:

      Not just any tumor, but a “benign” tumor that comes and goes whenever convenient.

  226. gobuyitalready says:

    Yet another fine Democrat! Have you heard the rest of the country LAUGHING AT YOU yet, California?

  227. gobuyitalready says:


    1. Haler says:

      I finally got the joke … cheetah-print high heels … Cheater-print high heels.

  228. Mark says:

    Liberalism is a tumor.
    It causes one to ignore their morals and abandon any sense of right and wrong.

  229. Real American says:

    typical democrat/liberal criminal……………………….always expecting someone else to pay their bills

  230. Nancy Pelosi says:


  231. Haler says:

    Search Warrant her closet.

  232. deedee says:

    Nice to know her TUMOR has excellent taste when it comes to shoplifting..and what Stores to hit and not to. Hmmmm
    Only in SAN FRAN…

  233. deedee says:

    The fact that she has a (D) after her name speaks volumes …

    1. Superman says:

      Yeah, right. You must live in a cave if you think the republicans don’t commit crimes! Hypocrite!

  234. tn says:

    I’d love to find out if she has a purchase receipt for the Chanel purse and those cheetah (cheater) print shoes…

    1. george says:

      This could become a profitable new sub-industry for the folks who churn out fake green cards and SS cards for illegal aliens. Produce fake purchase receipts for privileged Democrats who are charged with shoplifting. “No, Johnny — I mean Your Honor. I didn’t steal all those clothes and jewels. Here are my receipts. Case dismissed, right? Right?”

  235. Pooran Barman says:

    The least she should do is resign from her position . She is as stupid as her Judge and her Attorney. They did not fool anyone and all people who read the story said ” Oh Ya, Sure you are a democrat are you not ” Is it a lesson for the Kids.

  236. Albert says:

    Folks need to write their legislator in Sacramento demanding her resignation. We can’t do too much if we simply write how we feel here. And those who live in her district should either call/write expressing their outrage or show up at her office and protest.

  237. Superman says:

    A “brain tumor” that magically disappears after she cops to a plea bargain? Sounds more like she sold her soul to the Illuminati one-percent establishment.