SUNNYVALE (KCBS) – Thieves who may be dressed as utility workers have broken into a number of underground vaults beneath street light poles in Sunnyvale in order to make off with large amounts of valuable copper wire, according to police.

Since Nov. 1, more than 16,000 feet of wire valued at $21,000 has been stolen from street light poles in different parts of town, said Capt. Dave Verbrugge, spokesman for the Sunnyvale Dept. of Public Safety.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

He said the thieves disconnect the street lights, then pull the wire out “long strands at a time” or in some cases chop up chunks of copper yanked from individual lights.

Verbrugge said the thieves may be wearing official-looking attire and driving what seems to look like a public works vehicle.

He said public works crews do not generally work on light poles after dark, and advised anyone who notices what might appear to be workmen at a light pole overnight to call 911.

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behind a series of copper thefts in commercial areas of the city

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  1. macbayne says:

    They need to crack down on the people who buy this stuff as well!

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