SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Undercover San Francisco police officers will be dressed in New York Giants Gear at Sunday’s 49ers game at Candlestick Park.

According to SFPD Sgt. Mike Andraychak, authorities want to make sure Giants fans are not harassed or threatened at the NFC Championship game.

Andraychak said the enhanced security measures came at the request of the NFL after several complaints by New Orleans Saints fans at last Saturday’s playoffs game.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

“They asked for additional staffing at the game, also for additional officers in plain clothes so they could be in the stands, where Giants fans are seated,” he said.

Andraychak said the undercover cops would serve as observers and in tune for any problems that might arise.

If necessary, he said the ones undercover would call in uniformed officers to take action.

“The first step would be ejection. If you’re threatening, intimidating or using profanity, you should expect to be ejected from either the parking lot or if you’re inside the game.”

The police sergeant said plain-clothed officers have worn opposing team and 49ers jerseys in the past to better blend in with the crowd.

In addition to the added police force, more security cameras will be on hand to keep an eye out for abusive fans.

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Comments (113)
  1. Pride before prejudice says:

    Good!!! We used to have a bit of class. Now, some are just degenerates! I applaud the effort being put forth for this game and hope it isn’t only for one game.

    1. rwm says:

      Wearing Giants jerseys? Now that’s clever.

      1. occupy giant says:

        Now I know who to defecate on. Thanks, from the bottom of my rectum.

    2. Deniserene Richards says:

      San Francisco police should be supporting the 49ers. It’s an insult to both the 49er fans and the Giant fans. I’m sure Giant fans can take care of themselves.

      1. Jeff McCabe says:

        You’re under the impression that they will be wearing Giant gear to support the NY team? Really? Wow.

  2. BigBoa says:

    So much for laws against entrapment. No doubt they’ll be antagonizing as well……

    1. jeff3545 says:

      one can hope, it would weed out the bad actors early on so everyone else can enjoy the game. Of course for that to work Candlestick would need to offer all you can drink free beer in the parking lot before the game.

    2. AquiamCalvi says:

      Welcome to the de facto capitol of the Socialistic Republic of California.

      1. Tickyul Horrific says:

        Yeah right…..tell that to the poor person who got a beatdon because they rooted for their team.

    3. LEL says:

      entrapment ? You’re kidding, right? antagonizing? big boys & girl know how to DEAL with one who antagonizes.

    4. LEL says:

      If you’re doing something you wouldn’t do in front of a cop big enough to straighten your a$$ out, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

    5. rreactor says:

      You’re just the type that creates the problem in the first place.

    6. FusterCluck says:

      Entrapment my arse. Act like a hooligan, get treated like a hooligan. Act reasonably and go home having had a great time (and without having tainted somebody else’s day).

      Maybe if this was practiced on a regular basis at all major sporting events, Brian Stowe would never have been beaten near to death in front of his kid at the LA Dodgers opener last year, or that person wouldn’t have gotten shot in Candlestick’s parking lot at the beginning of the season.

      It would please me greatly to know that they were taking these morons out back and giving them a good tune up before they eject them.

      1. ImaHippyBurning says:

        You are absolutely correct. I love and play sports my entire life but never acted like and idiot at an event or on the field. It is usually the fat out of shape jerks who freak out and harass someone just because they like or are on a different team. Grow up already and realize you woulda, shoulda, coulda, but never became what you see on the field. I for one refuse to support Pro sports anymore due to these idiots in the stands and the convicts who are now on the field… Funny how in this situation the 99%er’s idolize the 1%er’s!!! Simple minded drunks!

    7. Homey D Clown says:

      They are pulling your leg on this one; the cops are REALLY wearing the Giants uniforms in honor of Joe Bite-me for being the fool he is, suggesting the “Giants” would win the Super Bowl

    8. Rebecca C says:

      @Bigboa You clearly have no idea what entrapment actually means.

    9. Ron Smith says:

      Oh great now everyone can pretend to be LEO’s just bring your cuffs and pick someone to harass ….

    10. Thetimehascome says:

      I’ll be right behind the little piggy’s yelling at the top of my lungs, “F@#$ the Giants!” As long as there aren’t any children around and the cops don’t count. 1st amendment, use it or lose it and if the cops try and stop me, I will sue them civilly for not protecting my freedom. Go 9er’s!!!

      1. Matt Hamlin says:

        why? seriously…why? Are you telling everyone that you do not have one intelligent thing to say and cannot just cheer and have fun at the gaem without being a punk? You….yes you are what is wrong with sports now and if I was to put money on it it would be proven that you actually never played the game at any reasonable level… are on sad small little person.
        Go Niners

    11. Don says:

      Thats not entrapment einstein.

    12. Jeff McCabe says:

      In what universe is this remotely considered entrapment?

    13. 9ersfan29 says:

      It’s not entrapment. entrapment requires solicitation on the part of the officer.

  3. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    I LOVE Creative Entrapment.

    Dress like the Sortoros, then we’ll talk.

  4. Tony says:

    So you announce it to the entire world…BRILLIANT!

    1. SF4Gens says:

      The idea is to prevent the bad behavior, not maxmize arrests.

      1. BlownfuelCoupe says:

        Hey SF4Gens, We’ve seen what you’ve done, and NOTHING could have Prevented Your “Bad Behavior”.

      2. Dude says:

        I think probably more like the idea is for the cops to get to watch the game for free without having to do any work.

    2. Joseph says:

      What maroons!!! How idiotic is it to tell everyone! ONLY IN San Fran Freako!

      48er Fan!

    3. Sam M says:

      I think it’s a great idea and announcing is it mandated by law, then it removes all second guessing the entrapment issues. Same as a DUI check point, they advertise them in the paper so that all aspects of the law are covered.

    4. Rodney says:

      Idk. If I was a 49ers fan going to the game I would think twice about harassing visiting fans if there is a chance they could be an officer. Pretty smart tactic in my opinion.

      1. Lou Bator says:

        You would think twice about harassing visiting fans because the subject of your derision might be a cop? What thought process are you using? Why harass anyone, unless you are a total moron? Do us all a favor and stay home from public sporting events. Something tells me that it is best for all.

  5. Tracy Diaz says:

    .. Now you can’t curse??? You get thrown out for cursing?? Hello Police State..

    1. jeff3545 says:

      It’s an entertainment event not a protest march. I’m pretty sure your free speech rights are still intact even though acting like a a$$hat at the game will not be permitted.

    2. rreactor says:

      Typical. It may be a foreign concept to you, but there are civilized people who don’t need profanity to express themselves. You might try it….

      1. SIPA says:

        You should try tolerance. I can hear you yelling “load them in the gas chamber next”.

    3. Lou Bator says:

      Do you curse and swear in front of your parents? If yes, we don’t need to go any further. If no, then why would you curse and swear in front of anyone else? Civil and polite society frowns upon such behavior. Think about it, and grow up.

  6. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Everyone knows San Francisco is Filled with Effeminate Gays, try this in Detroit you Cowards.

    1. Matt says:

      I don’t think San Francisco police have jurisdiction in Detroit.

      1. Mike says:

        I’m not sure anyone has jurisdiction in Detroit….

        That said, no one would take this seriously in Det or Cleveland.

    2. jeff3545 says:

      well it’s not like Detroit can be used as a role model for anything else…

  7. ISeeDumbPeople says:

    Entrapment? Whatever. Here’s a hint: Don’t be an @$$hole to fans of the other team, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

    It’s a game, people.

  8. Hugh G. Rection says:

    If you see some people there dressed like the Village People beware……They are TSA agents 🙂

  9. joe says:

    They used to call us the wine and cheese crowd. Now they are worse than the Raider fans. Can;t even have tallgate parties becase someonr shot a fan at a preseason game. Thats wht I moved from the Bay aerea you people just suck.. Go Niners and yes I said Niners

    1. Whodat says:

      Worse than the Raider’s fans is saying something! The Bay area has become just another haven for ingrates! They should be castrated so that their DNA doesn’t contaminate the rest!

  10. Andrew I. says:

    The new generation of 49ers fans are passionate. I actually love the idea of having teams fear coming to the stick. I have been a fanatic since January, 1982, and always wished our crowd was a bit more rowdy, like those in the east. The more boisterous the crowd, the more advantage the home team has. Just look at New Orleans. If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Don’t come into our house and root for the opposing team. GO NINERS!!!

    1. rreactor says:

      Passion if great but stupid, inconsiderate behavior is becoming the norm in what used to be one of the great cities of the world. This is what happens when people believe they are “entitled”. When the concept of “sportsmanship” dies we might as well just bring back the blood sports of the Roman Empire and all become barbarians again.

    2. Don Carson says:

      In New Orleans we don’t threaten the opposing team’s fans. We welcome them and thank them for spending their money in New Orleans. I have been to both football and basketball games in NOLA and the opposing fans are always welcomed.

    3. El Duderamo says:

      Dude, you couldn’t have the game without the other team. I guess your idea of a perfect Sunday would be to sit around with your friends and play with yourselves.

    4. Eric Zoolander says:

      who the hell do you think you are to tell someone who paid $ to see a football game they cant root for whoever the F they want…real fans travel and follow their team…u say u been a fan since 82? how many road games u been too huh that were not in oakland where ton of niners fan go as well…u dont know what you are talking about and seriosuly i wish more fawks like u get arrested tomorrow…

    5. jeff3545 says:

      the point is to have *the other team* come to the Stick, not fans.

      Andrew, if you think hooliganism is a positive attribute you might consider getting some help. I’m not being sarcastic either, mob behaviors are a very troubling thing that have plagued societies since the dawn of society. You really have to keep in perspective that professional sports is a form of entertainment, it serves no higher or lower purpose other than to provide a spectacle that fans engage in.

      The recent surge in team affiliations is a created phenomena that professional sports marketers stimulated as a reaction to the decline of franchise affiliation in the age of free agency where players (in all sports) move from team to team with increasing frequency. 49ers fans are only more passionate, your word, because they are reacting to marketing messages and merchandising strategies designed to create an emotional response to something that is ultimately about commerce… butts in seats and logo’ed merchandise sales.

      1. jeff3545 says:

        btw, I wrote:
        “the point is to have *the other team* come to the Stick, not fans.”

        but I intended to write:
        “the point is to have *the other team* fear coming to the Stick, not fans.”

        pretty big difference in meaning.

  11. AquiamCalvi says:

    Anyone that supports these actions by the SFPD should examine their motivations closely. The police are becoming provocateurs; for their strategy to work they have to antagonize a citizen into violent action. If the SFPD were more concerned with public safety and less with making arrests they would assign uniformed officers to patrol the stands and parking lot.

    1. says:

      AquiamCalvi – Your an A$$hat. Just wearing a jersey from another team isn’t antagonizing someone to act like an ignorant fool. You sound like someone that thinks the first amendment allows you to harass others just cause you don’t like the choice of teams. What an idiot. Grow up and move out of your parents basement.

    2. Don Carson says:

      Saints fans came back from the San Francisco play off game and said they were spit on and threatened. Some said the took off their Saints jersey because they were afraid of being attacked. They rated San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia, in that order as the worst for fan violence.

  12. jude says:

    you guys don’t know what entrapment is, your ignorance is the real enabler of lost freedom

  13. DeputyMarshal says:

    With ignorant a$sHatS like Andrew, who think its their right to intimidate FANS, the time will come when the teams will play to empty stadiums and you’ll have to IM your cheers into an 800 niumber like American Idol. You sir are clearly TOO Effin stupid to be allowed out without adult supervision. What a TOOL

  14. John Villanueva says:

    I would think with all that good weed in No. Cal. you guys would be a lot friendlier.

  15. gary says:

    yeah but most cops have a below 80 IQ so they will probably show up with SF giants gear

    1. george says:

      If they were listening to Biden they’ll have no other choice.

    2. Don Carson says:

      I think you must be referring to the fans with below 80 IQ.

  16. Gibbs Bentley says:

    This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. ~ Plato


  17. smartiest says:

    More great ideas for spending up all that free tax money. Always thinking.

  18. Michael D says:

    You’d think the SF fans would be more aware of, and less likely to commit, harrassment and intimidation against opposing fans after Bryan Stow (a SF Giants fan) was almost killed by Dodgers fan in the stadium parking lot less than a year ago. Then we had the incident in Philly two weeks ago where the Rangers fan almost got his head taken off by a bunch of idiotic Flyers fans in the street. Add on top of that the likelihood it would be caught on someones camera phone. These fools need to take a deep breath.

    1. Phil Mckracken says:

      Michael D- Did you know that the Rangers’ fan that got beaten was a NY cop?

  19. poop chute says:

    immigrants cause all the problems. just look for brown people. they’re probably illegal anyway.

    1. Carlos Morales says:

      Your being sarcastic I presume? Because if not, LOOK IN THE MIRROR! You cause the problems and minorities are left to deal with the consequences after your entitled, intelectually inferior butt is done pitching a fit!

  20. Jeff R. says:

    Entrapment would be if the undercover Giants fan threw a beer on someone and then when the SF fan punches the cop they arrest the dupe. That’s entrapment.

    1. george says:

      Thank you for clarifying that rather significant point. By the same reasoning, the procedures they use on “Bait Car” are not entrapment either.

  21. RonnyFromTheGrave says:

    Unfortunately, the police won’t be able to completely erradicate the half-breed, twice-baked degenerates that pollute that state.
    Its full of central american turd-4-brains that have gangs for families.

    We should just carpet bomb them all at 1/2 time.

    1. Carlos Morales says:

      Check your census forms! Those “central american”s are now considered white! LMAO! You couldn’t stand being a minority, so you re-classifed us as: race= white, ethnicity= hispanic.
      Truth is, since 1972 you’ve been on a collision course with obscurity!

  22. New York says:

    Philadelphia cops- Heads up.
    Your fans are the worst.

  23. HEAT says:

    This is a good strategy by SFPD becuase it, in essence, makes every fan dressed in Giant gear a potential undercover cop, and may give the morons pause for thought (if that’s possible). Go Giants. Let’s just see a good game where all assault takes place on the field.

    1. truther says:

      lol, no they are too dumb to have a first though much less pause to wait the decades it will take for a second to come floating by…

  24. Phil Mckracken says:

    I wish that police would dress in the visiting team’s garb at every sports event – Maybe then more families would attend and less a-holes.
    Great idea!

    1. yeesh says:

      wife still having psychic nightmares, Phil?

  25. TexasForever says:

    Why not put the cops in dresses?
    That would make more sense to me afterall it is San Francsicko!

  26. BigBoa says:

    What a bunch of f-in dopes.


    Total morons. Wearing the jerseys isn’t entrapment, but the mighty Boa says you can bet that they’ll be doing other stuff to instigate trouble and then arrest people.

    YOU are the same morons that surrender to the TSA and anything else the O’Bozo regime tells you to.

    What a bunch of clowns this country has become.

    1. Crickey! says:

      “What a bunch of clowns this country has become.”

      Aye mate. And what chapter do you belong to?

  27. truther says:

    good, this was needed oh 15 years ago, as an avid chiefs fan and having been to many raiders games class doesn’t exist for most sports fans out there. if i didn’t have my ccw and a gun on me 99.99% of the time i would have been terrified to be there.

  28. Apocalypto says:

    Unfortunately it’s come to this because you morons won’t police yourselves. Clean up your house SF or we’ll treat you like Philly and Chicago the crime infested shyt hole capitals of the U.S. A little “surge” or “shock n awe” will do the trick I’m sure.

  29. Craig Williams says:

    SF cops have already done this kind of thing at occupy rallys. The cops themselves do their best to incite violence and when they succeed, their jobs are seen by the public as being of greater need than they really are. More cops are then hired and the agent provocateurs all get promotion and the cycle of entrapment of people who otherwise wouldn’t be a problem continues at greater taxpayer expense.

    1. John_B says:

      You have to incite violence at a OWS rally? I guess walking through in uniform (of any kind) or a suit is considered incitement to you.

  30. Mark Matis says:


    This will REALLY get entertaining when it is some of their Brothers in Blue who attack them…

  31. George Grape says:

    Football: men’s soap opera!

    Football: substitute combat for the mentally confused!

    Football: chewing gum for the brain of those who crave drama!

    1. Joe says:

      spot on, mate. corporate sports are exactly that. a corporate sport.

    2. sailordude says:

      Yes, well it’s more interesting then jerking off to porn all day like you.

  32. Two Sheds says:

    Attention one and all! “Undercover San Francisco police officers will be dressed in New York Giants Gear.” Oh well, so much for undercover.

    1. george says:

      If you don’t see the badge, they’re undercover.

    2. Dave says:

      I believe the object of this is to prevent bad behaviour, not to arrest as many as possible. . . . .Secondly, I believe there are statutes requiring this to be announced similar to a DUI checkpoint. 2 very good reason to do this.

  33. Duke says:

    This could turn out well NOT. Boozed up fans gaurentee a confrontation with undercover officers, will see how season ticket holders react to police reverse-sting operation and how management responds to ticket holders.

    1. Joe says:

      This is not a reverse-sting, you fool. You can yell at anyone and they can’t arrest you. This is set up to deter people who go into these games and bully any opposing interference from a visitor’s fan. The operation is very similar to having Air Marshals on a plane.

      Theoretically, the police cannot arrest anyone who is intoxicated at the game since the stadium is privately owned. But within that time and space, they can arrest anyone who commits crimes such as assault, battery, felony threat, etc., which by the way is a rampant problem in CA. Hopefully people will take notice and refrain from their primitive urges. And if the undercover police were to incite anyone, than enough people would be present to say so on record. If you are drunk in that situation, then you are doomed from the start.

      But all that doesn’t matter. Knowing SF I doubt anyone there would stand up for someone else’s rights, unless of course that someone else was a dolphin or some obscure toad.

      1. tom says:

        do you have a very small pe…?
        are you a total cretin?
        did you bring the teacher an apple each day?
        do you know what freedom is?

  34. Todd P. says:

    It’s ABOUT TIME that cops did this in stadiums that are having BULLYING problems!! Should have thought of this a long time ago………..

  35. loving it says:

    Um, I think this is the toughest duty ever given to SF cops. Not only dress as Giants fans, but also have to ACT like them throughout the course of the game. Oh, fellas, that’s brutal. Don’t you get silly now and jump up and down when the Niners do something good. No, no.

    1. Dave says:

      Good point. . .these guys have to disciplined!

  36. Bill Kohler says:

    I thought this kind of stuff only happens in Philadelphia.

  37. AMisEnemigos says:

    @Andrew I. What an idiotic statement, so you think you and your obtuse fanatics should be able to assault people cheering for the opposing team? That’s right, paint your city as a bunch of neanderthal, inbred degenerates who lack the mental capacity for impulse control? You need to up your meds and learn some manners! There should be grace, even between adversaries! Try acting like civilized human beings rather than lower order animals!

  38. Greg says:

    If they are announcing it through the media then they don’t have enough undercover to prevent anything. My guess is less than 5 officers will be wearing GMen jerseys. If they had 100 of them, we wouldn’t be reading about it before the game.

  39. peetah says:

    So how many cops will be working overtime for this

  40. Steve says:

    The definition of entrapment is when a police officer entices someone to commit an offense. It is not entrapment when one merely presents the opportunity. So, if a SF cop tells a fan “hey, you should beat up that Giants fan over there” and then arrests the fan when he does, then that’s entrapment. Wearing a Giants jersey and waiting to see who assaults you is no less entrapment than a bait car.

  41. sailordude says:

    Why is the older blond news babe out in the street while the hotter younger brunette news babe’s at the studio? Seems like she leapfrogged the old hag.

    BTW Go Giants!

  42. Htos1 says:

    A great way to get killed.Hope it works out for everyone.

  43. tod says:

    this is police state carry on plain and simple park what party you are or what religion ,creed etc…dammit your an American not a north korean.this is deeply troubling,oh yea it will prevent violence?at what price? liberty?this is not what America is about a ninny, micro managed ,hypersensitive ,reactive ,controlled orwellian state …………or is it is this what we really want?
    Oh it will stop violence so would shooting chrildren crossing the highway prevent them from being hit by a car.Anyone see where this leads or how horrible and ridiculous it is?

  44. SandyLester says:

    Why do they just get it over with and wear brown shirt and carry night sticks.

    1. SandyLester says:

      Why DON’T they just get it over with and wear brown shirt and carry night sticks.

    2. tod says:

      sad comment on modern America you are totally correct

    3. t says:

      you are totally correct

  45. mia 73 says:

    If the undesirables that attend today’s sporting events could be categorized:

    They’d be the over 40, male, decent wage earner, who is trying to relive his past drunken college glories by binge drinking, insulting everyone around him, peeing in the parking lot, then driving home in a drunken stupor, then realizing the next morning he’s not 19 years old anymore. More annoying than dangerous (aside from the driving), but truly pathetic.

    Or: Then there’s the flat out criminal element who can steal a few hundred bucks for parking, tickets, and beer every weekend, then use the game as a platform to commit crimes such as disorderly conduct, assault, theft, public nudity, public intoxication, drunk driving, etc…basically putting their thug life on full display for innocent bystanders. All the while, their child support, court fines, and rent, goes unpaid.

  46. randy says:

    how do you deal with an unruly 49rs fan??? slab a Dallas Cowboys bumper sticker on their car and see if they make it home aslive

  47. Gary 1206 says:

    The public has always been told you Bay people are non-judgmental, inclusive and tolerant. A shining example of how all of us should be. Why the need for the cops’ operation then?

  48. Evan says:

    After being pretty seriously harassed at the Dodger’s Home Opener against the Giants this year (the same one that put Bryan Stow into a coma), I fully support this. I’m a hardcore SF sports fan, but harassment and abuse at that level should not be tolerated, period. I’m more than happy to jibe and joke with an opposing fan, but if they clearly don’t want to engage/joke around, you cannot just start abusing them and ruining their experience.