SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Half of Californians who watched Tuesday evening’s State of the Union speech by President Barack Obama believed the tone was “just right” and think he will be re-elected in November, according to a KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll.

The poll found 50% of Californians contacted immediately after Obama concluded his address said the speech was “just right,” compared to 29% who thought the speech was too ambitious and 9% who thought it was too timid. By a 2-1 margin, those who watched the speech said Obama would be re-elected.

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According to the poll results, 57% felt Obama has the right plan for American energy independence; 22% said he has the wrong plan and 13% said Obama has no real plan.

Of all Californians surveyed – not just those who watched the speech – 34% indicated the nation is headed in the right direction, while 59% felt the country is headed in the wrong direction.

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The poll found 33% of Californians believed the U.S. is better off than it was a year ago at the last State of the Union address, but 38% concluded the nation is worse off. Of those surveyed, 28% said they personally were better off than a year ago, while 34% said they were worse off.

The CBS 5 poll of 800 adults across the state was conducted Tuesday night by the firm SurveyUSA. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.

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Comments (2)
  1. PLW says:

    That is why California is bankrupt and failing just like the Anoited One’s America.,.. California deserves to go down, too bad many good citizens will fail just like the State of California. What a waste and sad joke this country has become……………………………….

  2. LC says:

    Of course they liked it. The speech was intended for the democrat sheep.
    No mention of the Keystone pipeline fiasco, no mention of the record national debt, no mention of high unemployment, inflation, loss of AAA credit rating. All is well in the land of liberal sheep.

    Are you seriously better off now than you were 3 years ago?? Perhaps we should poll the folks who are no longer counted as unemployed because their 99 weeks of unemployment assistance have ended…

    California – the Greece state.

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