HERCULES (CBS 5) – An East Bay dad claims a game of tag on the playground resulted in his 6-year-old son being accused of sexual assault – a decision he said was an overreaction by school officials.

The parent, who asked only to be identified as Oswin, said his son was accused of brushing his best friend’s leg or groin while the two were playing on the playground at Lupine Hills Elementary in Hercules two months ago.

Oswin said his child was kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed. He was suspended, and a sexual battery charge was placed on his permanent school record.

“To me, I think it’s an overreaction,” said Marilyn Cheeks, a Lupine Hills Elementary parent

Legally, there’s no such thing as sexual assault for a six year-old in California.

It wasn’t until Oswin and his wife got a lawyer that the school backed off. District officials declined to discuss specifics. They did confirm that an investigation was conducted, and that the child could not be charged with sexual battery. The claim was removed from the boy’s record.

Oswin’s son is attending another school now. He said he only hopes no one else will have to go through what his family did.

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  1. Robert Santiago says:

    School was way outline with this. The reason there are no sexual assault laws for children this age is that children this age are not mentally capable of forming intent. I am afraid for the other kids at this school. Apparently the educators here have no clue about basic issues in child development. One wonders what else they are doing wrong.

    1. richard says:

      The boy hasn’t physically developed sexually yet. The maniacs running this school must be right wing fundie Christians because it takes a special weirdness to charge a small child with something like this. SICK.

      1. Bw00ds says:

        No, Richard, you are incorrect! “Right wing fundie Christians” would NOT have reacted this way in the least. It is only bent-out-of-shape, PC, typically over-reactive liberals that react and behave this way. It is SICK, I agree.

      2. TIBERIOUS says:


      3. Kevin says:

        Hey religious bigot… the school is a secular school in the Bay Area… yeah I’m sure it’s “right wing Christians”.

      4. Forest says:

        You don’t the definition of ‘secular’ do you?

      5. Forest says:

        You don’t know the definition of ‘secular’ do you?

      6. Mynameiscommonsense says:

        There must be something in the water in San Francisco to create such distorted thought in the teachers at this school and in the voters who keep electing Nancy “botox” Pelosi to Congress

      7. GotMullet? says:

        Doubt it.

      8. rbcintexas says:

        No right wing Christians would NOT react like this because they realize that these were just kids and do not even comprehend the act like the PC idiots do.

        A child goes through phases from a baby to toddler to preschooler to child to pre-teen to teen to college to adult. These idiots think that children go from baby to adults with the critical thinking of an adult.

      9. New York Nick says:

        “go from baby to adults with the critical thinking of an adult.”

        Funny thing (sad) is that that PC/ Leftist crowd will NEVER grow up and never reach critical, adult thinking, and in fact act worse than children most of the time. Liberalism at it’s worse is arrested development combined with often out and out mental illness. (See the Savage New York Times bestseller ‘Liberalism IS a mental disorder’)

      10. Viking says:

        Thank you for further solidifying my case for a national movement to expel California from the Union. Give them the autonomy and sovereignty to create the cultural dystopia they so desperately try to pack down the rest of America’s throat. I guarantee it’ll attract the rest of the continent’s defectives like a Bowery drunk to a bottle of Night Train. Think of it: truly restoring the United States of America and all that it was and stood for, simply by initiating a reverse revolution.

      11. Scotty says:

        So can we do the same for the likes of Mississippi and others for still living with pre civil rights mentalities? Fair is fair.

      12. Jack Gist says:

        Did I read this correctly, it was a California school?

      13. Jack Gist says:

        California is truly messed up, agreed!

      14. Ed Stark says:

        Total garbage, it takes a left-wingnut of unparalleled PC devotion and complete lack of common sense… wait I could have just said ‘liberal,’ sorry for the redundancy- to not understand the basics of human development.

        It’s CA, Richard. What do you think the chances are of conservative educators in a CA school? Let me back that up- what do you think the chances are of conservative educators being the majority in ANY school in this entire nation?

        No, this has liberal written all over it. Man up for once in your life and own your mistakes Richard. You people are mentally deranged.

      15. bigboy says:

        oh you’re so wrong any rules are results of bitter rejects from the left who were losers in the childhood realm and now will legislate what behaviors they’ll allow!

      16. JT says:

        Hey, it’s child abuse to put your kid in public school, and subject them to a) this kind of treatment from the establishment, b) the lowest common denominators of human behavior, c) all the typical liberal anti-Christ attitudes and instruction, d) the government mentality that all the children are theirs to raise as they see fit.

      17. phil says:

        Sorry Chump, it’s a well known fact that Women dominate the teaching ranks, not to mention the fact that in K-6, the teachers are 95% women! Wanna no why Americans are so stupid compared with other countries, ask the Dumb women who are merely rectors over these students. You can thank Womens Lib, Men /Haters for this feminization of very, young men!, That cannot even handle a 6 year old!

      18. n says:

        I love how one comment showing distaste for a political view gets bombarded by several other comments deriding another political view and naming supporters of that view “immature”. Everyone should just grow up here, really.

      19. Linda Falke says:

        Richard: I am a, “right wing fundie Christian,” and I oppose what the school did to this little boy. What they did was not only ridiculous and mind-numbingly stupid, but it was also out of line! Maybe you should THINK before you type the first IDIOTIC, ignorant thought that pops into that small mind of yours.

        But hey! Why should an ignorant, small-minded man like you care about facts?

      20. Robert says:

        There are no right wing conservatives in San Francisco, you have to move over to the valley to find some of those types.

    2. F. Y. Information says:

      Robert, it is “out of line” not “outline”

      1. Forest says:

        FYI — we really don’t appreciate grammar nazis either

      2. Kile says:

        Forrest, that isn’t a grammar problem. That is a outright misuse of the word. “Out of line” and “outline” are to completely different things.

      3. ron says:

        Robert probably went to a California school. Blame the teachers’ union.

      4. bumpkin says:

        F.Y. In…, ?-you are a grammar teacher, and feel compelled to correct another’s speech? Over-reaction from you- just like the school faculty’s over-reaction to child’s play. Compulsion isn’t the problem at the receiving end- rather, it is a problem with the reacting/compelled end. Now, we ALL know if the accused kid screamed “I AM GAAAAY!! !” before he tagged the other kid, there would NOT have been a word said! Not ONE word! If I were on their school Board, there would be some SERIOUS changes made pronto in that school! Hateful jerks! War against heterosexuals. I submit some of these morons are working overtime to try to traumatize kids to the point that they can possibly alter their ‘normal’ development, by using strong-armed intimidation techniques. There ought to be a lawsuit against those involved in the emotional harm to this tender 6 year old and his self-esteem.

      5. Jeff says:

        No, there should be a good old fashioned foot in ASS!

      6. bumpkin says:

        Oh, and BTW, FYI, some people do not hear well, and still they do their very best to comply to your need for perfect grammar. However, I doubt that Robert cares one whit about your personal needs, in expressing his own opinion on this story. picky-picky…

      7. Grog Make Smash says:

        Why are people always automatically angry at being corrected? I love being corrected. I find it generally makes for improvement.

        This board does seem pretty ripe with people who resist correction. At first I thought it might be a prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but then I realized it’s just the people who cannot stand to be corrected. Basting themselves in the bathwater of their own stagnant sense of the world around them.

        Grunt, umph. Grog no need metal. Rock smash. Grog keep smash. No tomorrow. Grog no believe evolution.

        By the way, did you catch the iron knee?

      8. yarply says:

        Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

      9. yarply says:

        The above was in response to Grog Make Smash question; Why are people always automatically angry at being corrected?

        As usual this site placed the reply at the end of the comments.

        Why are people always automatically angry at being corrected? I love being corrected. I find it generally makes for improvement.

      10. yarply says:

        Grog no believe evolution.

        Call me Grog.

      11. yarply says:

        I’ll try one more time.


        Just plain regardless would have worked better. The double negative connotation and its nonstandard usage tends to confuse us Grog’s.

      12. Doug Hanson says:

        bumpkin, that should be “comply with.” You also could use “conform to.” 🙂

      13. Doug Hanson says:

        Grog, I think mean *rife* with people who resist correction?

        You’re welcome.


      14. Doug Hanson says:

        And I meant “I think *you* mean…” Ugh.

        Grog, how much are you asking for the “basting in the bathwater” line? I may want to use that one some time.

      15. Grog Make Smash says:

        Irregardless, the lady and myself feel the board is ripe for iron knees.

      16. Mac says:

        You sound like an idiot. Buy a dictionary.

      17. Herman Vogel says:

        Whatever you do, DON’T listen to the message,,, Kill the messenger,,,moron! You must be on the school board.

      18. hillcoguy says:

        And YOU sound like a NIY PICKER! 😉

      19. dee says:

        ‘irregardless’ is not a word. ‘myself’ can only be used following and referring to a personal pronoun.

        regardless, the lady and i feel the board…………

        (you need to study a grammar book since you cannot manage one simple sentence coherently. if you can read, you do not have to be illiterate.)

      20. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Well, you say you like being corrected…no such word as “irregardless”…. 🙂

    3. anonymous says:

      On the flip side of this, at the high school where my sister teaches, a 10th grade boy intentionally grabbed a teacher’s breast (the teacher is in her 20s.) She had previously given him a write up for his behavior and he had a grudge. He grabbed her to humiliate her in front of the other students. AND THE ADMINISTRATION DID NOTHING.

      The world has gone crazy.

      1. Kile says:

        Why didn’t she report him to the police?

      2. no more political correctness says:

        Why didn’t she report him to the police?…..well he was black and you know she would be raped if she told….that s how those people are

      3. kmrod says:

        she could have (and SHOULD have) called the police IMMEDIATELY.

      4. ditchdigger2 says:

        My whole family are teachers, two generations, this was not a 10th. grader, he was a 6yr. old, there is a lot of difference, The teachers are the freeks, bay area. This was motavited by an agenda, Will destroy this child, because he is normal, Get your kids out of the puplic school system, better yet, out of Ca.

      5. Fake Name says:

        Youre comparing the actions of a 6 year old to that of a 15 year old? The world has gone crazy both you and the teacher in this school have zero understanding of how to put things in perspective.

    4. James D says:

      When I was about that age, there was a kid I knew who used to sit down next to me at the lunch table, stick his hands between my legs, squeeze as hard as he could, and refer to it as a “wienie test.” It hurt like hell, but even in this case of obvious bullying (it was intended to hurt; he thought it was funny) I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was sexual assault. There was no sexual intent, as there can never be where there is no sexual awareness.

      In this, more recent, case, there is clearly no reasonable case to be made that it was sexual assault–even less so than in the case from the example from my youth. The idea that school officials would even consider making this claim against a 6 year-old is patently absurd. The adults making this call are fools who should be horse-whipped in the public square, then tarred and feathered.

      1. bumpkin says:

        Oh, James. How sad for you as a kid! And, how sad for the tormentor. “Always remember whats taught is whats known…the memories of children are written in stone.” (KD Lang lyrics) Your tormentor had to undergo that treatment as well- had to learn it somewhere. -Makes me very sad. I like your horse-whipped and tarred and feathered . Sounds perfectly logical to me! Or, stood in the stocks in the public square- say, on the courthouse lawn, with a box of overripe tomatoes nearby, and a sign that says ‘hit me’ painted on the stocks. know, hole for head and hands, cant sit, public embarrassment… It is NO less humane that for them to mortify and shame the child, which will last as long as his eternal soul will last. THAT abuse of a child should be a crime! Talk about bullying!

      2. Bill Strain says:

        Could the idiot that charged this six-year-old be the same idiot that used to give you “the wienie test”?

      3. ditchdigger2 says:

        They whip each other other, It’s a sense of understanding, cold tar and feathers, naked in the streets of San Fran, could be a badge of honor? Let them minipulate your children, thats your choice.

      4. mirted says:

        This is what PC Nazis are. I have to wonder about the primary gender of the school decision and policy makers. Where do they get their ideas from? Many times, PC policy is simply a way of avoiding responsibility for what would have been their job 60 years ago. This goes way beyond that. . “Charging” a six year old with what is simple childhood sexual experimentation? Does anyone remember “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” in kindergarden?

        These folks have to be perverted themselves to think like this. They should be charged with child abuse for putting this child through this, then fired.

      5. Asa says:

        I’m guessing the kid giving you the weenie test was most likely a victim of sexual abuse himself. He probably learned the weenie test from his uncle, or step-dad or the old man next door.

      6. Michael McSpick says:


      7. Fred Stein says:

        I read the article and shook my head in disgust…political correctness has run amuk – in the days when I was an LEO we would have explained to the school officials that there was no crime – that if they considered it to be a discipline problem, then to handle it internally. In reality though, what are our schools doing charging the kids, and having them leave school with records? Won’t it be hard enough for kids to get ahead without unnecessary stains on their records or their psyche? The weenie test story made me laugh… of course boys learn when roughhousing that to get hit there hurts…all the more reason to try to hit there! I thank God I went though school at a time and place where our educators applied common sense (not to mention “the paddle”) to handle situations occuring in the school!

      8. Ar Amytas says:

        ..and how many teeth did this “wienie tester” lose,James ??

      9. Z2 says:

        Its more of the same stuff going on today. Its pretty crazy for sure


      10. The Reaper says:

        Talk about inconsistency, charging a 6 year old with a crime on this but yet it is ok to have naked critical mass bike rallies at a matter of free speech/expression.

        In most communities if you are caught for indecent exposure and children are present, that is a real crime that should required registration for life under Meagan’s law.

        The disconnect in reason in the SF mentality is astounding.

      11. Jerry says:

        Reminds me of a time I was visiting a man and his family I had just met. The man was showing me around the house when his 6 year-old reached up the leg of my shorts and squeezed me. The father never noticed, so I squeezed the hand with my thighs until he withdrew it. I wondered where he had learned that behavior until I saw an uncle grabbing the little boy and doing the same thing. They seemed to think it was a playful game. Perhaps your tormentor had the same experiences. I also remember the game “squirrel” in grade school which was painful and delivered no sexual satisfaction at all. Such activity would be deemed “gay” in these days.

      12. MadBag says:

        You reap what you sow. If the school hadn’t done something, who says the parents of the other child wouldn’t have been down at the school, possibly with an attorney demanding that the school accept respoonsibility for their child being sexually assaulted. Would they have had a problem finding an attorney to take their case to the tort court? I think not. Frankly, I find it ridiculous that the school did what it did, but can certainly understand them wanting to err on the side of reduced financial responsibility.

    5. haffne says:

      this the results of the teachers taking control of the schools and school boards through their unionization. Thank heavens we now have Govenor Scott Walker do what needed to be done 30 years ago.

      1. kmrod says:

        “this the results of the teachers taking control of the schools and school boards through their unionization. ……………..”

        you’re an idiot.

      2. Japes Macfarland says:

        The teachers unions are synonymous with the Left in general and all of the Left’s values. The user below (haffne) who said you are an idiot, is the idiot for not knowing this. The Department of Ed has been educating our kids for 40+ years now, since Carter, and things have gotten exponentially worse exactly along with how much more and more they spend of other people’s earnings per student. The Left have decimated education in our great country, the evidence is glaringly obvious, and they still won’t admit. That, is idiocy.

      3. Japes Macfarland says:

        Oops, I meant to say that the idiot who called you an idiot is kmrod!! 🙂

      4. Helene Selwood Ahern says:

        Don’t listen to kmrod . He’s a name calling idiot.

      5. MarktheTwain says:

        He’s dead on. The teachers union lets teachers and administrators get away with this moronic attitude with no repercussion. Unions do not equal accountability.

    6. yogiman says:

      A whole lot, Robert… too damn much.

    7. ditchdigger2 says:

      They have full knowlege of child development, Think they can rerout it, to suit their own appetite. They do this to small boys, imagine what subtle subversion they are inflicting on the young girls?

    8. Gibbs Bentley says:

      “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


    9. Jim Dea says:

      no need to wonder. The are doing EVERYTHING wrong!

    10. bambam0099 says:

      My God, our country is so fu##’ed up. Political correctness run amuck.

    11. Progressive Suxx says:

      These same dried-up drips (aka ‘progressives’) who found this kid ‘guilty’ would have no problem with two little boys of that age sleeping together, or even more an adult man sleeping with them.

      Weird, aren’t they?

      Perverted, aren’t they?

      1. JByrd42 says:

        You naled it. SF is full of sick pc liberals. Ban tag, dodgeball and king of the hill, but two boys sleeping together? That’s just fine.

    12. Jim says:

      I believe this was a case where the establishment attacked the child because maybe the parents were vocal in the school and trying them to improve the academics. As with all Stalinist regimes, you need to use fear and intimidation to keep people from questioning authority. The favorite tactic of the Left is to attack and discredit their opponents, since they can argue the merits of the argument. Clearly the Principal was using this incident to embarrass and silence the parents. The goal was to create an atmosphere where the other parents would say “don’t listen to Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so, their kid is a sexual predator”. Welcome to the new America where our internet is taped, our skies have drones to watch us,

    13. FedUp101 says:

      This has gone on long enough. The Administrator that prompted this action needs to be arrested on violation of the childs’ civil rights. If we had any prosecutors in this country with brain one this would have happened long ago and we wouldn’t have to put up with this bs!

    14. O2BNTEXAS says:

      Just finished reading an article about a 7 year old who thinks he’s a “Transgender” child…someone please explain to me how in the hell a 7 year old child knows anything about transgender anything?

      1. Paul in FL says:

        You’re kidding, right? A child’s very first thoughts and the earliest memories for most people are about the difference between the sexes, realizing which one you are, and wondering about the differences. This starts to take place around the age of 2 or 3, or even earlier.

    15. Damian Housman says:

      In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.

      Mark Twain

    16. freddie mason says:

      Its the school officials who should be checked. If children cant even play tag anymore. They are children. Babies. Officials should stay out of some things children are innocent at 6 and dont even know about sexual things. Your the ones who need the help.

    17. jimmy says:

      i bet the Principe was the one touching the kids.He framing the 6 year old.

    18. Constitution says:

      Just another case of a total police state. CPS will probably try to kidnap the child now and sell him to a foster home or to a group that particpates in sex trade.

  2. rudebutcool1 says:

    these are the people who we trust with our children…school administrators have become PC idiots

    1. carl says:

      teachers are smart and educated; adminstrators even more so. In fact, they are smarter than you and more educated. they are probably parents too

      so the, why do these smart, educated people over react time and again?

      maybe, because they feel they have to protect themselves from parents who sue the district over mundane issues; something that is more frequent in the past 20 years than ever before.

      these teachers are are reacting to society folks; blame them or blame ourselves.

      1. Robert Nagel says:

        Speak for yourself, but I highly doubt that the average teacher or administrator is smarter than I. That said we are not talking about intelligence we are talking about common sense and on that point I would state that they are in the lowest quadrant of America.

      2. GotMullet? says:

        I am with you guys, Robert and Carl. You should use common sense, but there are also big time Lefties in SFO. You can’t do nothing right no matter what.

        There is no refuge. Hey you home schoolers! Coming to a theater near you…

        It is already a crime in Germany to home school your own children, even with severe abilities. You say not here? Whenever Europe sneezes, America catches cold. And it always starts in SFO.

      3. RM says:

        Smart and educated, with NO COMMON SENSE. That escaped your attention, Carl.

      4. vanyali says:

        That is not the real story. The real story is that schools use tactics like this to scare people into leaving the school, as a way of controlling their school population (and therefore their school’s testing pool and test scores). The public school in my neighborhood in Montgomery Co. Maryland used these same tactics to push out any poor black or Hispanic kids who found their way into the school.

      5. proudnot2bliberal says:

        ok sure the same LIEberal BS we have been told for decades Mr Marx

  3. john says:

    Only in California? no I guess not.

    1. FritzK3 says:

      NO! ONLY IN AMERICA – or at least what was America!

      1. Tim Holt says:

        You both missed it. L I B E R A L S and liberalism.

      2. Clem Close says:

        Just another reason to get your children out of the government mind control camps. — http://911essentials.com

    2. Fred in Boise says:

      This is one time I hope the family gets a starving savant lawyer and sues the district and the individuals for a horrendous amount of money. the incompetent morons. These people are stupid to the point of perversion. The poor kid will carry the demons of the experience for the rest of his life.

      1. laffin'atcha says:

        Maybe he can learn from the experience too. Like as soon as he’s old enough, get the HELL out of California…

      2. Kate says:

        Yet there are probably sodomites working at the school, but that is alrightl

      3. Plubius says:

        You lost me with the sodomites working at the school being alright. And, I can’t find any other comment regarding sodomites.
        I guess one could use what is aparantly your line of thougth and ask….there are probably smokers working at the school, but that is alrgiht!

      4. Plubius says:

        This reply was ment for Kate’s comment regarding sodomites working at the school being OK.

      5. CC Coleman says:

        Well, if it is Kalifornia… and it is in the Bay Area… do the math. Equating smokers to sodomites? McFly, I think we have another Kalifornia nut here!

      6. JamesAt17 says:

        Kalifornia and Amerika. Are those intended misspelling or just stupid people that cannot spell California and America as is the correct spelling?

      7. Aji says:

        It’s intentional.

      8. Frank Houston says:

        This is correct if you are an Obama kool-aid drinker.

      9. Plubius says:

        Is that how you defend pedophiles? I won’t ask your occupation.

      10. hiway280z says:

        No common sense. They need to worry about adult teachers having real sex with the kids. That happens all the time but they seem to usually over look that. I hope he sue’s them for a LOT of money then he can be home schooled

      11. JustAGuy says:

        Let all the sane people flee California before it’s too late.

        The LAPD and the FBI are already practicing their black helicopter manuvers to keep the sheeple in their place.

        Oh yea, Obama 2012 if you want more of this!

      12. lethalenoki says:

        To JustAGuy: How in the hell have you possibly made a connection between the absurdity of a 6-year-old being charged with sexual assault for playing tag and the policies of Barack Obama? What the hell sort of brain do you have in that presumably abnormally thick skull? Please don’t reproduce.

      13. Braden says:

        To lethalenoki: How the hell do you possibly make a connection to the absurdity of a six year old being charged with sexual assault to the policies of President Obama? Let me show you the ways. First of all this took place in San Francisco, California. A very liberal city in a very liberal state that voted overwhelmingly for Obama and votes overwhelmingly for liberals and liberal policies. Secondly, the decision to charge a six year old for playing a game of tag was passed down by teachers in the public education system. A system that is controlled by the National Teachers Federation. A union, that like practically all unions, is a left-leaning organization where practically all of it’s members, i.e, teachers, follow their political mantra to a capital T. Now, do you still fail to see the connection between Obama’s policies and the absurdity of a six year old being charged with sexual harassment? If you don’t, then perhaps you should take your own advice and not reproduce. We have enough people who possess brains with abnormally thick skulls. We sure don’t need anymore now do we?

      14. Moderation says:

        Forget the lawsuit – fire anyone involved in pushing the “investigation” and save the taxpayers some money.

      15. fulredy says:

        California and its liberal demagoguery continues to make a mockery of human behavior and plain old common sense.

    3. Normal In NH says:

      Only in regions where they elect people like Pelosi…

    4. NooYawkah says:

      Who amongst us has never punched their best friend in the nuts in the name of horseplay? No one? Methinks not. Who here would like to punch me in the nuts for using amongst and methinks in the same comment?

      1. Vermonster says:

        To Noo Yawka: Shakespeare you ain’t. Yoo nuts ain’t worth the handscrubbing such a sucka punch would ensue. Now back on your bahstool and rinse your
        mouth/mind out (again)

      2. Nu Yawk says:

        Not a nut punch, but maybe an Indian Burn, though that is probably prohibited as racist.

      3. WillieRedChief says:

        Never did that to my friends,,,,!!! Kicked a few guys that I didn’t really care for. Never got kicked by a friend either.

      4. Jeff says:

        Gave a good wedgie once.

      5. meh says:

        to be quite honnest, i have never done that

      6. desert says:

        you too have a major problem!

    5. Grizzled Gringo says:

      In California sexual battery is only when you touch someone to get off, not tag. Its a school thing here but they can’t over ride state law. My kid went to an assembly in middle school recently they were told even accidental toughing of bathing suit areas was sexual assault. They are out of their mind. I’m going to bring it up at a school board meeting. This guy should be commended for standing up to these idiots. I’m seriously considering home school next year.

      1. Don says:

        I agree about home schooling or Christian school. They would think twice if most everyone left public schools. They would lose money.

    6. Edzo says:

      The Niners better be careful next year when they play in S.F. They all could end up in BIG trouble lol

      1. David says:

        ALL football teams playing in CA better be careful or they’ll wake up one day and be bombarded with sexual assault cases. Better yet, maybe NFL should just boycott Pelosi Land.

    7. Chris W says:

      Enough is enough. Grab the principal and castrate him

    8. Christopher F Cheney says:

      john not to you though you welcome to read it. the school knew they were wrong from the start and how can you make a 6 year old admit something when he playing tag i don’t even think he knows anyhting nor do i think the girl had any issues. beyond ridlious they should sue the school

    9. Plubius says:

      What kind of people become public school teachers? What adult would accuse a six year old of sexual anything? I can answer my own question a pervert. It is reasonable to assume that an adult who finds children sexually attractive would seek jobs where those children are in numbers. I am not saying all teachers are pedophiles; what I am saying is those who are pedophiles would chose teaching. The hiring practices in America go to extremes to protect the privacy of people to the point of allowing the fox in the chicken house.

  4. Mace says:

    Just another unfortunate example of the cowardly and foolish people we have running our schools. Six year olds are not just incapble of forming intent, they wouldn’t know what intent to form because they have no sex drive. Oh, I’m sure some feminist would say sexual assault isn’t about sex, it’s about power and they’d be right. It’s about the power of stupidity to charge a six year old for something the kid is incapable of. The school needs to be charged with assault on the six year old and the parents need to sue.

    1. cadgbd says:

      How about charging the school with false imprisonment, kidnapping, and torture, for holding the kid in detention whilst coercing a “confession”.

      this is nineteeneightyfour

      1. C. Andrews says:

        Clearly, they’re just following the example set by the jackboots in our government. It’s all in the name of protecting our freedoms.

      2. beazr says:

        I like that and anyone can be killed legally for unlawful arrest which is kidnapping. Lucky he wasn’t my son….they would already be dead. 1776 trumps 1984. Trade liberty for security and have neither. Nor do you deserve either.
        Amerika is 1984, TSA = Brownshirts and SS, The 2nd amendment protects the rest of your amendments and rights. Corporation aren’t people. People run corporations. Remove the people and the Corp. dies

      3. phocus says:

        Where are the grownups? Sounds like the school is being run by morons…or liberals.

      4. Wayne says:

        I want to know this as well. Are principal’s members of the legal system and/or law enforcement system? You don’t “confess” things to a principal.

      5. SA says:

        Really. These nuts must be stopped. They are causing serious harm and there are no laws out there preventing this kind of hysterical and ridiculous behavior. Who are these people running the schools? No wonder kids are turning out so badly these days. The people who did this are worse than bonkers, they’re criminals.

      6. Tom says:


        Moron, liberal—You are redundant.

    2. John Green says:

      I have to agree he was playing tag, The school Adminastrator and the board should all be fired…This 6 year old will have this on his mind for the rest of his life…ONLY IN CALIFORINA

      1. Jerrel says:

        Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. ONLY in San Francisco. The major cities bring down the rest of the state.

    3. Claudia Pieroni says:

      Stupid comment, but funny nevertheless.

    4. Bonzo says:

      Hercules is not even close to SFO , it’s on the east side of the bay which is whole different planet than SF, but still the leftists who run the state and public schools makes this story no surprise whatsoever. And these idiots who run the schools are the same power-hungry idiots who later run for public office.

    5. Control Burn 2012 says:

      It would be important to know who saw him do this, and who reported him. If it’s a teacher or administrator, there are some serious issues there. If it’s the child that was ‘brushed’ we may have another problem. What are our kids being taught and why would they assume they are being sexual assaulted from a simple child’s game with a classmate?

    6. George says:

      You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. osint says:

      Clearhead, accidentally clicked REPORT COMMENT…meant to click REPLY. My bad. LOL.

      Good point on the ‘pedophiliac baggage’! 🙂

    8. jack_433 says:

      This is your Federal Department of Education at work, folks. Abolish the Department of Education

  5. David Kenady says:

    Why is it when I read news out of California and particularly the Bay Area, it is always complete insanity?? What has happened to that state? You would think school officials would know how to handle a 6 year old student. Apparently not.

    1. Marian says:

      David, I could not agree more. I’m not sure what brought these educators to lose their common sense. Perhaps it’s this litigious society and administrators and teachers are afraid of having to defend themselves in a court. When I was in the second grade, two boys like to chase me during recess and try to kiss me. LOL. Never thought of suing them but my mother’s advice was to smack one of them; i did and they didn’t chase me anymore. All in all it was just children being children.

      1. JByrd42 says:

        Marian, we grew up in a different time. Where we had a little bit of sanity. I live in California, and can tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. My son will be attending a private school next year. The public school system is just sick!

      2. Gary says:

        the educators are products of the same dumb them down system they now work in!

      3. Pete says:


        Same thing happened to me. My mother said it was because we lived in SF.

    2. McSorley says:

      Any sane person has their kid in private school in California especially conservative families. Because they have generally abandoned the public school system there is really very little opposition to the teachers unions, liberals and special interest groups that are now just completely out of control without anyone to slow them down.

    3. Allan Szast says:

      Always refered to California as the land of fruits and nuts

      1. SAR2012tcg25 says:

        You missed “flakes and illegals” – between the four categories, it explains all of the problems with The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. If the 40% or so of the population who are normal & American could move inland fifty miles, we could trigger the fault lines and sink the remaining two-legged toxic waste into the Pacific. Sharks gotta eat, too. Even better if we could add the fruits, nuts, flakes and Illegals from the rest of the nation first. Granted, that would leave Chicago a ghost town & much of the East Coast equally underpopulated, but “what a wonderful thing it would be!”

      2. sketch says:

        SAR2012tcg25 has been polishing up on his Hitler attitude.

      3. JByrd42 says:

        sketch- You are either a moron or an illegal. Either way, do us all a favor and go play on the freeway!

      4. UpChuck Liberals says:

        And here I thought it was Sparkly Unicorns and Moonbeams and energy that just magically appeared out of the wall plug.

      5. george says:

        Some sure are touchy tonight, they need to lghten up a little. I agree with you thiugh except Nancy P. she is a special catagory.

      6. cactus02 says:

        Fruits , nuts , and flakes all rolled together

    4. steve tanton says:

      “Those who go into education in general are the ones who score lowest on their college entrance exams.” – Thomas Sowell

    5. john says:

      “What happened to that state?”


    6. ummm says:

      perhaps one reason that you so often hear negative stories about the san francisco area is that it has been appropriated as a symbol of the poltical opposition by the Vast Right-Wing Propaganda Complex. or did you not know that the drudgereport is gop kool-aid?

      1. jerry says:

        A symbol of the political opposition by the Vast Right Wing Propaganda Complex… What? SF is what SF is, a cesspool of liberal, gay lovin’ freaks that pours their own kool aid, and then tries to tell everyone it is something else. So, perhaps your idea of one reason for the negative stories is just a ruse.

      2. Geno says:

        Drudge … this story is by SanFran CBS affiliate.

      3. Jim Vertein says:

        Yep you busted us, we have a team of right wingers that just report hundreds of bad stories about the liberal bastion known as SF, sorry guys we got busted time to fold up shop and head to another city

    7. Dee Zee says:

      Don’t blame all of us…..Those of us in San Diego are still normal….

  6. Bill Meyer says:

    Reason number 4,328,572 why if you love your children, get them out of government school. Better yet, use something besides government curriculum. It’s all about inculcating agendas, and producing a docile, non-thinking drone workforce. This school’s administration is a perfect product of such thinking.

    1. Pensieve says:

      You are perfectly correct. I cannot believe people take the very real risk of subjecting their kids to moral monsters, like this principal in the story. I home schooled – and it was worth the sacrifice.

    2. michael says:

      yes they produce a drone workforce for a society with a shortage of jobs and then they call the unemployed deadbeats, brilliant

      1. Robert Nagel says:

        This country does not have a shortage of jobs. This country has a shortage of jobs for self absorbed and incompetent products of the public educational system. If they were to get a skill, a real skill, they would find jobs aplenty.

      2. Rocco says:

        Robert — no, there’s a real shortage of “real” jobs. There are tons of people with good private-sector educations and practical degrees (engineering and so forth) or experience in skilled blue-collar trades, who are reduced to low-paying jobs not suitable for their level of experience or skill or education.

        We’re in an outright depression and decline, brought about by too many ruling-class bureaucrats and too many shortsighted and exploitative multinational corporations bleeding this nation dry — we now have a full-fledged class of apathetic, dependent rabble, plenty of salesman and warehouse clerks to sell and inventory Chinese-made products, and very little real productivity.

        As for the public schools and stories like this — this kind of “administration” is beyond sinful and beyond grotesque. Apparently the “administrators” at this hellhole masquerading as a “school” are warped and depraved to the point of being demonic.

    3. g bluff says:

      Sadly, too many parents are brainwashed too. They watch tv and would never question the status Quo. I feel bad for these parents currently. The destruction of the human intellect begins in kindergarten * thanks for the word Prussian school of the mind* Pavlov would be proud.

      Charlotte Iserbyt’s book on the” Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” is free on line… But, what does she know… She was just undersecretary of education under Reagan.

      1. James says:

        At the same time, the old maxim “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten” still holds true.

        I live in South Africa – where we have a truly appalling school system – and I see the basics I learned as a child in the US completely overlooked here, even simple knowledge regarding safety.

    4. sui winn says:

      as a former Master teacher, I quit ! Public school policies are nuts. Zero common sense. They spend more time on silly “feel good” group think than they do teaching the subjects. If parents cared they would take their children out of public schools .

      1. GotMullet? says:

        The only problem is to look East for the example. You can be jailed for home schooling your own children, and they can be taken away. That is law in Germany, and look at this case coming before the Swedish courts.


        As they say, whenever Europe sneezes, America catches cold. And it starts in California.

  7. one one says:

    Send an Email. I did. I am sure they would love to hear from you about how they have made a laughing stock out of our school system.

    Charles Ramsey, President Email: charamsey@comcast.net
    Madeline Kronenberg, Clerk Email: mkronen@aol.com
    Antonio Medrano Email: amedrano3@sbcglobal.net
    Elaine R. Merriweather Email: elainemerriweather@gmail.com
    Tony Thurmond Email: tony@tonythurmond.com

  8. Michael says:

    This is what the left has done to our schools and our children. Shameful, the left is simply shameful

    1. Ratt says:

      Michael, you must rise above the left vs. right thing, it keeps you trapped in limbo which is the plan. It’s right vs. wrong. always has been always will be. There’s plenty of wrong to go around on the right. Please watch Conspiracy of Silence and balance your thinking.

      1. pjz says:

        The right has 0 control of our schools. PC rules and parents who complain are considered toublemakers.

      2. Jonsie says:

        Yeah, but the Left nearly always are wrong!

      3. Sammy says:

        And you believe everthing you read and watch on TV. The progressive movement controls alot of the Media.

      4. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        The right isn’t always right, but the left IS always, repeat, always, wrong.

      5. proudpollyanna says:

        You’re right Ratt…. the plan to keep us busy with the whole ‘I hope my team wins’ mentality. The team should be called love. All of humanity should be on the same side. There are those who walk in darkness, coming from all creeds, cultures, and colors. These people are so brainwashed by the current propaganda, they are convinced they should never look up and ask, “stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look whats going down”. If you believe in prayer, pray for these wayward souls, other wise just send up the good vibe. Only Love will conquer the ills of this world.

  9. Al Phresceaux says:

    Another example of what happens when the schools are run by educators instead of teachers.

  10. Andy Del Tor says:

    Lawyers are the vilest people on earth, school administrators are the stupidest. When the stupidest are afraid of the vilest, this is what we get.

    1. valleygreaser says:

      Did you read the story? The school didn’t back down untill the boy’s lawyer showed up. Lawters are rescuing citizens every day from crazed bureaucrats. If not for lawyers our right would be trampled into oblivion.

      1. Anonymike says:

        If you can afford one. Or you are part of that group that gets one for free. If you are in the middle, forget you. But be sympathetic. A lifetime of torment for you is a lifetime of vacations, tuition and boat payments for them.

      2. valleygreaser says:

        Stereotypes about lawyers is probably one of the reasons some people don’t go get their help when it is needed. Obviously, the rich can afford to pay them and the poor have Legal Aid services available. The middle class, however, also has options. Legal fees can be far less than people imagine, lawters will work with people to make their services available and there are groups that take cases pro bono when religious liberty is violated. Students being punished for exersizing their right to free religious expression are often represented by such groups. In the final analysis I’d rather make a boat payment for a lawyer than have my child’s rights trampled like the kid in this case. This kid could have been scarred for life by this stupid school. Instead, he’ll aways remember with pride that his folks stood up for him, even if it meant they had to pony up a legal fee in his behalf.

    2. Robert Nagel says:

      Imagine what we get when they mate.

  11. Ralph Online says:

    You could not pay me enough money to move to Cali, and I try my darndest to not buy products or services originating in Cali. Let them suffocate on their own foolishness.

    1. Ex-California says:

      In its day, California was not so bad. I lived there and graduated from the California state college system when I got out of the Army in the 60s. Since those days, however, it has turned into a bedlam of sorts. As usual, people get the system they deserve.

  12. Joe P. Fritzbocker says:

    Maybe the school administrators should be tested for mental acuity and placed in the nearest school for morons.

  13. Don Atkinson says:

    Before I opened this article, my first guess was California. Oh gee, I was right.

  14. Sara Bellum says:

    No, This is about Smashing any and every individual, natural expression at the earliest possible age so that by the time they reach teenage hood, they will know how to Fall In Line and Behave like the State Expects us to. Or else we will brand you with some charge and institutionalize you.

    Wake Up Peeps! Especially you folks on the Leftist Coast!

    1. scotty432 says:

      Curious if the principal or other persons present are pedophiles. One of the traits of a pedophile is the projection of sexual thoughts, desires and intent upon children.

      I hope there is a civil suit, full discovery, and an open hearing with testimony to lock these fools on the record, for their actions.

  15. Bill Jones says:

    The end is near! Rome is collapsing.

  16. Self Tot says:

    The Dept of Education is the home of the craziest “just following orders” drones in the top-heavy anti-productive social control bureaucracy called DC. The Dept of Miseducation needs to be closed down. Let’s get it closed by the first week of January 2013.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Actually the best we can possibly hope for is the beginning of the fourth week.

  17. USN036 says:

    And the Kid was kept against his will untill he confessed to this crime…SIEG HEIL my Principle.

    1. LEL MN says:

      I wonder how long it takes a six-year-old to get hungry and bored? The little pervert held out for two hours resisting the giant interrogator, he’s obviously not easily intimidated.

  18. Mike G says:

    Well folks, is this the type of Hope and Change you were expecting from Obama and his fellow travelers in the Teacher’s unions?

    1. David Christensen says:

      And was anyone listening to the SOTU and the dungheap of praise for teachers? I know many people who home school their children. These kids are the most well-adjusted socially, most knowledgeable, and most successful.

  19. linda says:

    would you pahleesee, this is as bad as saying children have the maturity to decide what sex they want to be….ridiculous

  20. IVillageIdiot says:

    The sad part of this problem is, that the problem was not solved and that its ONLY the “tip of the iceberg”. All of these schools have the problem, they are managed by politically susceptible, fiscally vulnerable, socially indoctrinated group of pseudo-intellectuals that are trapped in a rat cage between a Union that uses them lake so many batteries, a public that is dubious of their motives and methods, and State apparatchiks that need them to finish the mission of converting these tikes into good little Maoist that vote the party line, particularly bond measures for schools!

    And then we expect good outcomes? Wha…?

    SOLUTION: Ubiquitous Computer-Aided Home-schooling.


    1. george says:

      Sure wish there was a “Like” button for this comment thread.

  21. fish says:

    Sometimes court is the wrong place to settle matters. The parents should just walk into the principal’s office, drag him outside, and beat the liberal senseless to learn him what assault is. America needs to get back to kicking the sh** of of lliberals who try to force their distorted view of the world on the rest of us.

    1. baboy says:

      Exactly what I was thinking, Fish. Had that been my kid, I would have given the school district and principal a courtesy call to give them 24 hours for the ‘educator’ to either resign immediately, or be fired effective immediately. The next day I’d go in and if this educator was still there, I would beat them for terrorizing and bullying my child. Bad enough when other children are bullies; now they have to put up with it from educators?

  22. Clete Torres says:

    Only in San Fran sicko:

    The gays are allowed to roam the streets groping each other, and 6-year olds are sexual criminals.

    This is a liberal’s wet-dream come true.

  23. cRAIG says:

    Did the one kid grab the other kid’s dooey?

  24. Tim Kelly says:

    It is not what the kid did
    It is what the pervert thought

    If they have a dirty mind in thought
    Image what dirty deeds they do

  25. Tim Kelly says:

    So who has the dirty mind ?

    The child or the teacher ?

    Someone had to think like this

    what kind of person would jump to that kind of conclusion ?

    Think it might be time for background checks

  26. Winston Whitesong says:

    Stupidity such as this is exactly why my child is being home-schooled.

    1. Pensieve says:

      A very good choice!

  27. bab says:

    Being SF, there’s no mention of the gender of the boy’s “best friend.”

    1. george says:

      The town of Hercules, where this incident occurred, is located at the northern end of the East Bay, well away from San Francisco and even out of the reach of Berkeley. It’s still pretty sane around there, but you never know. In any event, if the poor kid is only six years old and, as we’re told, had no capacity to form a sexually-based intent, the best friend’s gender is probably not important. For what it’s worth, I would guess that the friend was probably male. All I can say is that when I was six years old, girls were just plain icky.

      1. Blue Louie says:

        Sane if you mean pick up trucks and skinheads around every street corner.

  28. versionthirteen says:

    In first grade I pulled down a girl’s panties and bit her butt on the playground. 10 years later lo! and behold I ran into her and she not only remembered it – we laughed about it! Kids are weird. The aura of human distrust that permeates the liberal mind set, with its ugly and vapid dogmas is the real danger to us. All alone the human urge is giving way to the inhuman. Liberals beware! You are the new authoritarian monsters!

  29. Bob says:

    Has anyone filled these morons in on that little known fact where a person must be of at least 7 years of age to be charged with a crime…? Some little group called the US Supreme court came up with this one…Some people need common sense!

  30. A. Delaney says:

    “To me, I think it’s an overreaction,”

    Ya think?

  31. Jeff says:

    I didn’t they still allowed kids to play tag at school anymore. I thought they were worried about a kid being “it” all the time and feeling bad about it.

  32. Jer... says:

    i bet these school officials are just fine with what the group NAMBLA is all about though…

  33. david5300 says:

    I figured this happened in the U.K. They must be use to this by now, but for this to happen here…
    I agree that the real perp here is the teacher and procutor whos perverted and sick imagination started this mess. I hope they can be sued.
    For a crime to be committed there must be intent, I would like to know how that legal requirement will be satisfied .

    1. Forest says:

      A crime can be committed w/o intent. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

      1. White Rabbit says:

        Lack of intent to commit the act is not the same thing as ignorance of the law. Not even close.

      2. Robert Nagel says:

        Lack of intent is when I hit you in the nose when I reach for something. Ignorance of the law is when I hit you in the nose and didn’t know there was a law against it. Willful ignorance is no defense. Lack of intent is. You can’t be convicted without intending to do something. Would you have it wtherwise?

      3. Michael W Sloat says:

        A six year old child has no intent on being aroused while horsing around in the play ground. I just don’t see that as being possible. So no there is no intent on sexual harassment.

  34. Some Guy says:

    Parents, whatever you do, keep your kids out of these insane asylums that our governments are passing off as schools. Not only are they run by blithering idiots who are far too stupid to have anything to teach to a child, your child’s physical safety is in jeopardy.

    1. Pensieve says:

      Sadly, most parents have made a god out of convenience. They soothe their consciences by telling themselves it won’t happen to their child. It’s easy to talk about love – not so easy to take on the sacrifice of homeschooling.

  35. yiddishlion says:

    I agree…..but people have lost the guts to take such logical action these days.

  36. DigitalBob says:

    He accidentally brushed against someone on his way to gay history class where he was going to pick up his condoms. Welcome to California.

  37. borderflies says:

    6 year olds do not think about sex or sexual harassment. However, the adults seem to have too much sex on their minds. They see only what they are concentrating on. Very scary.

  38. Fr0thing says:

    Memo to all non-liberals stuck in California: FLEE THE STATE NOW!! It’s been overrun with insane communist-statist-leftists that seek to destroy you and your family! Vote with your feet!

  39. Eleanor Ronaldo says:

    What is it about elementary school administrators? There’s way too many of these kinds of incidents to be just random aberrations.

    Any semblance of perspective, reasonability, discernment, and common sense shrivels up and turns into wildly reactionary dried prunes. A little boy draws a picture of a gun, which he sees on TV as being very cool, and God help that poor child cope with all the sick adults in authority who freak out.

    Why does this kind of stuff happen so often in our nations’ public schools? It ain’t the kids who need treatment. It’s the scary people teaching them.

  40. resident says:

    Yep, I just checked. Female administrator of this school. Why is it every time I read some ridiculous story like this in which a child is charged with a sex crime or a child is charged with bringing a weapon to school and it’s a plastic knife to spread butter, or a child is charged with a drug infraction for bringing his inhaler it is ALWAYS a female principle, always! No man would be this foolish, nor most women, but when it does happen, it is never a man and always a woman.

    1. george says:

      Affirmative action is blind . . . blind to any need for actual job qualifications.

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      True. And 6 or 7 years from now she’ll be schtupping him too.

  41. Sal says:

    This is more nonsense from our schools today. Years ago, the principal
    in my kid’s elementary school tried to establish sexual harrassment codes after the Anita Hill nonsense. The Parents stepped in and halted her politically
    motivated idea. What kind of idiocy runs our schools?

  42. Gene Zippy says:

    If we do not make those pushing this agenda step on the brakes and make a U turn? We are going to hit a wall called “Insanity.” They are divorced from reality And, with no child support.

  43. Jeremy Cuthair says:

    I’m not a Micheal Savage person nor someone who listens to him, but I agree with one of his sayings…I believe some liberalism is a mental disorder.

  44. Suzanne Ferguson says:

    Those sick, sick, sickos got NO BUSINESS in the same ROOM with 6-year-olds, let alone being in a position of authority over them.

  45. Doc says:

    That’s why this teacher’s kids know to ask for their atty. when they are being “inquisinated” by the educational establishment and feel that they may be in trouble. The Constitution protects them if they ask for an atty., but the ‘educrats” do not have to call the parents even if the child asks for them. Ask any D.A., they want the “gestapo” to extract as much info. from the person before the call to a lawyer.

  46. Snod says:

    Leave California if you care about your family! The state is and has been run by Liberal freaks for years and will only get worse! Just look who you voted in as governor! Moon Beam!

  47. Diego Roswell says:

    Kids playing physical games are not allowed but teaching explicit gay sexual practices is perfectly alright with these sick twisted freaks.It is time for California to break off and sink into the Pacific.

  48. DougO says:

    Please, lets all meet at the San Andreas fault line this summer and together just push California into the ocean along with all its idiots aboard!

  49. Doug Hanson says:

    While confined for the sexual assault, the six year drew a picture of a gun and held administrators hostage for two hours until SWAT arrived.

  50. Steve Hollar says:

    Stupid liberal trash running, and ruining our schools. Come on the kid is only six years old.

  51. Nobody says:

    Thats what happens when you deal with Government Instructors… go Private!

  52. oldfolky says:

    Who are these people and how can we get them banned from ever having anything to do with children’s education?

  53. enoughAlready911 says:

    When you follow the PC liberal doctrine eventually EVERYONE is guilty.
    You got what you voted for.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  54. Ivan says:

    my guess: dad is molesting kid – kid acts out (6 yr old can only act out, no intent there) dad comes to kids defense to protect himself. See if it doesn’t play out that way…

  55. ivan says:

    seriously grog – you come back from the ripe thing with irregardless?

  56. wafer says:

    When you sexualize children then children can committ sex crimes. Kinsey made the “observation” that children were sexual(as he sexually abused them during his “studies”). If you think, as do libs, that all children are sexual, it’s easy to come up with these accusations. For me, as a parent, this is nonsense.

  57. Jewfromhell says:

    Should have given the other kid a BJ, then he would have gotten a gold star in Frisco!

  58. Mrs. Fudd says:

    Reason number 4,598 to home school your kids. California schools are so out of line. The leftist liberals have the public school system in a choke hold and it is destroying our children.

  59. IGetItAlready says:

    A “normal” kid bags someone while playing tag or a 7 year old boy kisses a girl on the cheek or a little kid is overheard saying he thinks the substitute is pretty and it’s “sexual assault”

    A mass killing waiting to happen who has been psychologically abused by his “parents” and likes to dress like a girl and use the girl’s restroom at age 10, and untold manhours and resources are spent trying to accomadate the freak.

    Had we learned anything between 1932 and 1945, social engineering would be a crime punishable by death.

  60. ditchdigger2 says:

    total perverted adult insanity, where can any culture find freeks that make this kind of judgment on a child, unless they are in competition, This is sick and corrupt to the core, with a political agenda,

  61. Lancaster says:

    Government Union public schools are filthy, dangerous places to send your children. The mentality of the people who manage these failed schools is about what you’d expect…. so this incident didn’t shock me. What does shock me is that so many of you still use public schools despite the fact that they consistently fail to educate.

  62. Ted Kay says:

    Just wait a few months then corner the guy in the parking garage with a plunger. Lube optional.

    He’ll never be confused as to what constitutes a sexual assault ever again.

  63. Paul says:

    They didn’t call the SWAT team???

  64. freedom rings says:


    The Drudge Militia is out in force this evening.


  65. Lawrence N Melissa Evans says:

    And the fact that this child was “kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed.”… this is classic coercion to the most degraded degree. BE ASHAMED MADAM. PRINCIPAL… Live by the code you yourself posted on your school’s website: “Example has more followers than reason.” … work on making your heart as “green” as your environment.

  66. jidcat says:

    If you want the educational community to lose its aura of authority really fast, simply require that teacher and administrator SAT test scores and college curricula and grades be public records. You’ll be shocked.

  67. Bilford Rielly says:

    All Lib/Commie/Dems are pedophiles. This is the perfect example of just how they view children – everything is sex oriented. They want to teach kids sex ed before they can walk. The only person who should be arrested for sexual assult are is the principal and teacher for thier sexual thoughts and actions toward this child. Just remember All Lib/Commie Dems think there is no innocents in children. With them it is OK to have sex with them because children know what they are doing.
    Be very care of these preditors when they are alone with your children.
    Pedophilia is being moved toward lawful and supported by The Democrat party for a subcultures rights. They want to molest YOUR children.
    JUst think about your child being sent to the principle when in trouble and, instead of getting a spanking your kid gets buggered.
    Time to wake up – this is thier plan…………..

  68. free at last from lunacy says:

    Asa high school teacher with forty years in the trenches in California I can verify beyond all doubt that the schools both public & private have been usurped by feminazis completely lacking in brains, reality, and common sense. In the female pc tyrannies of elementary schoolscomplete moronic lunacy prevails.
    I taught at the high where 90% of the kids arrived reading at less than fourth grade level. More than 80% could not do 4th grade level basic math, nor could thiey locate the US or California on a map.

  69. Heather says:

    Same thing happened to my kid in Fla. He was 7 and was accused of “Innappropriate Touching” on the plaground, despite the fact that no adult saw what happened. One vague complaint from one other child got my little guy suspended for two days and a referral in his permanant record. To this day he stilll doesn’t understand why he got in so much trouble.

  70. Herman Vogel says:

    We have TEACHERS sleeping with kids and the media and the schools don’t go after them this bad. This schools need a PTA that is made up of PARENTS and not just Teachers. They are way out of control here and it’s the Parent’s fault,,,they allowed it. This little kid will be scarred for life,,,the idiot that charged him with this should be sued. This is PC to the 9th degree,,,and it needs to stop!!

  71. phillysmart says:

    As a father of kids (teenagers and young adults now) I know a year old is incapable of sexual harrassment….we have truly gone mad. When we were young we use to wrestle and touch each other in the course of play its not anythng sexual but kids being kids…the problem is adults who see everything from a perverted view

  72. AZ Dave says:

    This happened in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia … such a surprise

  73. Craig Williams says:

    Private School. I really can’t afford it but I send my kids to private school anyway. It’s been worth every dime. I may never retire but I don’t think I’ll ever regret sending my kids to private school.

  74. D says:

    As a child at recess in grade school, i recall we played a game called “bag tag”. It was a voluntary game of tag. Only boys could play. Do you get the picture? Sometimes little boys do punch and kick each other in the groin while playing. This is normal.

  75. ramrod says:

    this has to do with the WAR against BOYs in todays loonie Left wing Public EDucation Boys are considered BAD,violent,sexist etc. You know they need to be FIXED act more like GIRLs

  76. d.w.hudson says:

    On average, funding for teaching a child runs to about what, 7,000 to 8,000 or more per year each? How about spending that money by hiring thousands more teachers, paying them to teach 10-15 students on a per-student basis with allowances for facilities, books and supplies, part of the funds going for the larger areas such as sports, band, etc? Parents would soon learn which teachers they would want for their children, more teachers would be hired, teachers would have smaller classrooms, overhead would be kept to a minimum, etc.

  77. Eileen Pressler says:

    I kno the idea of homeschoolings is scary to some ut, it is the only way your kids will be safe. I homeschooled my son, my last child rom 6th grade through H>S> I am nota teacher at all. He could read and was intelligent so I gave him his materials and he came to me if hehad problems. We worked throough it together. He did exeptionaly welll on his SATs. PLUS–he got to listen to Dr. Laua and Rush every day.

  78. Miguel says:

    These school officials will need to be arrested, and tried for officially-hyped child abuse. These people are criminals, a big part of why our California school systems have deteriorated so seriously during that last 25 years, but, of course, have simultaneously become massively more expensive, giving all of it’s excess pay money to my former party of thieves and criminals, the democrats.

  79. weew says:

    $10 says the person who leveled the charges was a woman.

  80. MIkeMcK says:

    Do Californians have any idea at all what idiots they look like to us “little people” in flyover country precisely because of things like this?

    Honestly, is there anybody in California who isn’t a tofu-eating idiot?

  81. lgccac says:

    Just one more reason not to live in California.

  82. Ruralhack says:

    Children are fine until adults get a hold of them.

  83. Denise says:

    The school board may have backed down but the emotional damage is done. This is the usual case with so called political correctness or acts committed in its name. What will it do later in life to the thoughts of this young boy? I am a Christian and I have seen so many things like this. Our culture in general is in a state of decline. To the parents I would like to say the School Board may have dropped it but you should’nt. I’m notnsaying you should sue them just make them publish a formal apology in the newspaper or other venue to admit they took political correctness once again, too far.

  84. Ray says:

    This is just one more example of witch-hunting males as shown in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube. http://tinyurl.com/65dpzwu

  85. Chucky77 says:

    We are drowning in social engineering, aka brainwashing. The kid finally confessed after two terrifying hours in confinement. Was he given water to drink? Rubbers hoses? Whips and chains? Threats to call the police? Whatever, the kid was subjected to mental torture. Find a lawyer who likes to champion causes and sue the principal and the school system. If nothing more, make the principal give a deposition… a form of torture. That kid is a little hero. Most would have caved in 10 minutes. I feel sorry for the so-called victim, too. They were the best of friends. California is a hell-hole.

  86. Fluidizer says:

    Six year old children have no concept of sex, but deviant adult Principals do. Clearly this non event hit a nerve with the perverted adult, who obviously views children children in a sexual manner. This individual,, whether it is a man, woman, or something in between should be fired forthwith, but of course that will never happen.
    If you have children in this school after this event you are negligent as a parent, and if you continue to vote such abhorrent people into office you are complicit.

    1. Rick Jones says:

      The principal is a women, Cynthia Taylor. Give her a call. Her phone number is 510 231 1411. She must be some hopeless p.c. advocate.

  87. Cathy says:

    The insane liberals. When does the insanity stop.

    1. mike says:

      when u morons in califorina stop electing them

  88. malcom says:

    this is just another reason why liberals need not to be around children or to be running schools. White liberals are the shame of America. If you are dumb enough to live with and around liberals then you deserve your punishment.

  89. Rick Jones says:

    This principal must be some p.c. nervous femi-nazi who is off her meds. It is curious his or her name was not mentioned. Covering up for the guilty but politically correct .

  90. pitter43 says:

    Whenever something incredibly stupid that it strains belief that even really happened, you know 100% of the time that a liberal was behind it.

  91. denver bill says:

    Only in the SF Bay area would a six-year-old be considered a sexual being.

  92. DannyN says:

    Fools in schools – go figure.

  93. Judy Pierson says:

    The over-reaction of the school officials have traumatized this child, as well as rendering him unwilling to trust in the judgement of what should be roll model adults. This in and of itself is a violation of child abuse laws for which that principal should be charged.

  94. Rick Jones says:

    According to the website of Lupine Elementary the principal is Cynthia Taylor. The schools phone number is 510 231 1411. I think that the good citizens of Hercules ought to give her a call to give her a piece of their mind or support whatever the case may be. She is after all paid by the taxpayers.

  95. Jason says:

    whoa! give the school a break…if the story was about a 6 year old being “touched” in a game of tag and the school did nothing about it, some commentators would be thinking, what is going on in that school that children get to touch each other inappropriately. What about the parents of the child that got touched and the school did nothing, brushing it off as kids being kids. The parents would be screaming about what kind of perverted school is their child going to. This is the day we live in, where the school felt compelled to over react to avoid a Joe Paterno event. I do agree that the school went way overboard in putting a sexual assault in the child’s permanent record.

  96. Todd Marcantel says:

    Of course this happened in the “Land of Liberalism” How crazy can they get out there?

  97. Bob Burley says:

    If the people of California are still wondering why the rest of the country is laughing at you, this is just another example of the insanity the reigns supreme. Just read another article where the air pollution Nazis decree mandatory sales number of 1.5 million electric/hybrid cars within the next few years and mandated 1 in 7 in the state must own them. Have fun in the future, drones.

  98. Feech LaManna says:

    Ten bucks says the principal is a liberal.

  99. The Bobs ter says:

    If the perp was a ni q let, I can believe the charge. Muh di kking starts early with them, no me sane?

  100. Vlad says:

    Where are all the sexual assault charges on all the little girls kicking boys in the groin?

  101. Lets Go Green says:

    Maybe “Oswin” needs to take his whole lettuce picking family back to where they came from.

  102. For free America says:

    “He said he only hopes no one else will have to go through what his family did.” Wishful thinking. Folks, get used to this because it’s going to be the norm when you have insane politically correct people in charge. I would hate to have to raise kids today in America. America has become a hostage to the politically correct.

  103. paul ford says:

    liberalism run amok.

    vote right & white in 2012

  104. Keith G says:

    If this girl was assaulted, she was assaulted. It doesn’t matter how old the perpetrator was. It’s amazing how women and girls are always made out to be trivialized when they are sexually assaulted. This boy should be expelled. Whether it was “sexual” assault or not, it was still assault, and he still has to learn that this type of behavior is unacceptable and carries serious consequences.

  105. Lavinia says:

    Kid has his pathetic father to blame for not teaching boundaries. Now the little monster is everyone’s problem.

  106. Nancy says:

    People of the left leaning States, You need to vote out the Pelosi, Reid, Shummers…. All of the Left Wing Nuts are the problem with America today!

  107. waitforflash says:

    San Fransisco… LOL… Naked restraunts, gay parades, and now they charge 6 year olds for touching.

  108. Gary says:

    This principal has to go! This is insane

  109. Kaptain Kanada says:

    Meanwhile, at the airports, the real perverts are sexually molesting our children in the name of “security”…

  110. Banderman says:

    One thing we can say about the loony tune left wing, post modern liberals, they are raving mad, foaming at the mouth hypocrites.

  111. yarply says:


    Just plain regardless would have worked better. The double negative connotation and its nonstandard usage tends to confuse us Grog’s.

  112. yarply says:


    Just plain regardless would have worked better. The double negative connotation and its nonstandard usage tends to confuse us Grog’s.

  113. yarply says:

    I can’t figure this site out. You post a reply and it puts your comment at the end of the comments, but if you write one in the comment section at the end of the article it places your comment towards the middle.

  114. George says:

    Home Schooling or private schools are the answer. We,as a society, need to do an end run around the entrenched goverment indoctrination camps.

  115. carl says:

    “kept for 2 hours until he confessed?”
    that is simple COERCION.

  116. Earl P. Holt III says:

    In all candor:

    The dumbest and most incompetent people in the world are teaching your kids, if they are enrolled in the public schools of this nation…

    1. sui says:

      no, but the school sytem get rid of those who will not march step with everyone must teach the same and be all alike. Quit when told I must NOT answer any questions from children but had to read the booklet word for word & not make any changes. Voided my 3 degrees. Now, all teachers need to do is read the prepared script & take data. No degree needed for that.

  117. jeff says:

    I could go for a good tittie twister right about now!

  118. Steven Browning says:

    The principal was seeing things that weren’t there because of his burning desire to do and frustration at no being able to do that of which he accused this poor child. He needs nothing so much as a good a**-kicking.

  119. Lo says:

    And this from a state that teaches grade school children B J’s are ok – go figure!!

  120. CopperheadCSA says:

    No surprise here. This is the city that has foisted Nancy Piglosi on America for how long now?

  121. kcsparky says:

    A game of tag is now akin to a crime just below rape. Blind, deaf, stupid, dropped on the head at birth or a combination of any or all of the above. Ultra-left, progressive. socialist academicians and there unions have ruined schools by instituting their brand of Utopian societal law that borders between draconian and bazaar. The absurdities continue to pour from the most freakish state in America and the Bay Area in particular. All involved with this idiotic debacle from the principle down to the teacher on the playground should be immediately fired for endangering a child with their incredible poor judgement. Hearing things like this coming out of elementary schools just turns my stomach.

  122. Bella says:

    This country has become over the top crazy. A similar incident happened with my granddaughter when she was about 6 years old. The result of that and other ridiculous school policies led my daughter to having her daughters finish their school years on independent studies. That is a sad state affairs, in my view.

  123. ds17701 says:

    These school people are a$$holes. “… child was kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed.” To the heinous crime of brushing against his friend in a game of tag. These kind of idiots who are so afraid of their own shadows shouldn’t be in charge of a lemonade stand let alone a school with real children in it.
    This whole country is well on it’s way to oblivion guided by a bunch of pantywaist do-gooders that really don’t know their right from their left. What a disgrace these so-called educators have become.

  124. Peter Griffin says:

    More proof that the “one size fits all – Zero Tolerance” school policies are out of control. At six years old a child is incapable of having any criminal intent, anyone too stupid to understand that has no business handling kids. Whoever was involved with the principal on this needs to join him or her on the unemployment line and a it should be put into their permanent record(s) “too stupid to be allowed to administrate school and/or teach children.”

  125. Harry says:

    This tells me there are people in the San francisco Bay area who are confused about what constitutes sex. Good tip.

  126. Bigpeeler says:

    This is the America that so many of you have clamored for. Sit back and enjoy.

    1. Mynameiscommonsense says:

      Indeed – this is “hope and change” – how’s it feel now?
      Oh – and do yourselves a favor and quit using Facebook and Twitter – they have become tools of Big Brother

  127. Pouteria says:

    And its about time they started charging sexual assault on kids for playing doctor and nurse. Bloody little perverts…the lot of them!

  128. HMichaelH says:

    Insanity! Pure, and simple. The inmates (school officials) have taken over the asylum (the school.) Home school your kids if you can. Use private schools. The public school system has completely lost it’s mind and any sense of reality.

  129. Gordon says:

    The School officials who charged this INNOCENT little 6-year-old boy are all New World Order mental-case cone-heads! They are Federal PUPPETS who will obey any innocuos federally-spawned command for the sake of their own livelihood and $$$$. This whole scenario is BEYOND common sensibilities of social etiquette. Little children playing together, like these were, are BOUND to “hit up against one-another”, but, with THEM, it’s all platonic. Like another person commented above, kids do not know or have sexual feelings at that age. (Unless some PERVERT teaches them!) These people in this School leadership should not be allowed to work in a School since they do not know how to handle children PROPERLY. The parents did the right, but, difficult thing by transferring to another School. Best wishes to them, too!

  130. Ken Long says:

    educational malpractice. you get what you pay for, and you dont even get to opt out

  131. josetoyou says:

    Inmates are running the asylum in California…especially San Francisco!

  132. dave says:

    wow that school administrator needs to be fired – how does a 6 yr old know any better. They are playing a game that schoolchildren have played for decades and now suddenly it is a crime because kids touched each other without even realizing what it was they did? What happens when kids start ‘exploring’ each other and see a school girl chum of their naked in the girls closet….people overreact FAR too much these days on stupid things….

  133. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    No amount of Obviscasion changes the Simple Fact, “You’re IT!”

  134. Frustrated says:

    This is simply more evidence that our public schools have their priorities in the wrong places. They will get their panties in a wad over something like this, but they couldn’t seem to care less about the academic side of things. I see it every week in a kids’ group at my church (50-70 kids each week). It’s split about 50-50 between public school kids and private school/home-schooled kids. Time and time again, the private/home-schooled kids are far ahead of the public school kids in both maturity and academics. Just one example: Last week, I asked a group of 5-6th graders to write down how many continents there are. (We were doing a lesson on missionaries.) Not a SINGLE public school kid knew. Several of them didn’t even recognize the word “continent.” However, every private/home-schooled kid knew. I could provide you with scores of examples just like this from previous years. So, I now expect the public school kids to be “behind.” Over the years, I have found that public school kids are well-trained in the concepts of recycling, “global warming,” and other liberal pet causes, but they are consistently lacking in the basics of math, grammar, spelling, geography, etc.

    1. Dave says:

      And that is why my wife and I home school our two children. It is a huge sacrifice of our time and especially our income but we know it is the right thing to do.

  135. Disgusted in America says:

    When California begins teaching every child all about sex acts of very kind there will be more of this sort of injustice taking place. The irony will be that children won’t be able to say they didn’t’ know and their lawyer well be helpless in that regard as well.

    California is a cess pool – get out now while you still can, humans can not live in cess pools, the environment is toxic to your mental health. Besides, the state of California does not deserve decent people so leave them with the kind of people they represent.

  136. ordman says:

    Just another case of California progressives over reacting, over reaching and just plain being stupid, I guess that when these teachers and school administrators went to collage than all of them were taught that a normal six year old has the full mental and physiological make up to fully understand what a sexual assault is much less sexuality in and of itself. Well that’s just the kind of stuff the children in the state of California public school systems can expect when those teacher there children care more about P.C. than they do teaching kids math and how to read and write.

  137. Mynameiscommonsense says:

    A six year old does not even know what sex is for crying out loud!!!! These school officials should be hauled off to the looney bin for thinking this way. Makes one wonder if it is THEIR minds which have sexualized 6 year olds hmmm?

  138. Al B says:

    Sounds like the educators and administrators of this school are guilty of projection! Just because they are child molesters doesn’t mean this kid is. Of course, I wasn’t there so I don’t know anything other than $120,000/year and lifetime pension to bring charges against a 6 year seem way too much money. Anyone could do their job for $5.

  139. jeff says:

    Some day. real soon our children are going to be as stupid and morally corrupt as our school “administrators”

    1. Candy says:

      My question is why would anyone allow their child to attend a public school in CA? If you ask me….that’s the definition of crazy, when you know how these schools are run and you expose your children to it!

  140. James says:

    This, and many other stories in the news in the past few years goes to show you that our educational system, the public sector, anyway, is going to hell very quickly. What with all the teacher/predators, incompetent, over bearing administrators, and a pleathora of stupid ideas coming down the chain everyday, this nation will soon be the dumbest on the planet to include all the third world nations too.

  141. Mynameiscommonsense says:

    What this school has done to this 6 year old is reprehensible. They have taught him to feel shame without any basis whatsoever. I guarantee that he will end up in counseling when he matures because shame is a scarring event for kids – it forms their impression of the world. This school and the teacher who started it are evil to the core.

  142. Andrew Z Hanson says:

    Maybe it’s already been commented on but re: “kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed.” What next; waterboarding to get the answer you want from child.

  143. Nathan Mattingly Denney says:

    This is California, enough said. This furthers my belief that most of the demise of the US originates in California.

  144. Miguel Saavadera says:

    I hope he retrieved both legal and his time fees from the school… if not he needs to sue to do so.

  145. furdburfull@gmail.com says:

    Good luck in having it removed from record. Ifit was in fact written into the record it most likely is in 100 databases by now. It may be removed in the one that is shown to you, if you even get that courtasy; but if you pull the childs records in a month it will be there as big as life. Good luck on this
    ashhats abound in the bastion of liberality.

  146. Captain Obvious says:

    I think this story is great! Yet another kid has learned to hate so-called “teachers” and other left-wing shills!

  147. CalM. says:

    Solution? Tag needs to be outlawed! In fact, no more gym class. God forbid one child accidentally touches another- it would be grounds for suspension.

  148. Apocalypto says:

    You pathetic public school/Lib morons. Which is the worst of the two: Philly or SF? They both suck and should go the way of Sendai.

  149. tonysprout says:

    Most, if not all, of these so-called educators are products of women’s studies at colleges.Women’s studies teaches that all males are rapists and sexual predators.

  150. James A says:

    Frivolous Lawsuits, Political Correctness and weak Human beings Who would not have survived 75 years ago are what is driving this insanity.

  151. Boycott California says:

    SF is a vile, perverted town full of sick people. Please boycott all products from California. Don’t travel there and be vocal about why. I have been buying most excellent Chilean wine since CA started boycotting AZ over immigration law – hundreds of dollars NOT going to a state full of sick liberals who pray to their false God, Barry.

  152. Lebek Johnson says:

    And so the descent continues…

  153. beentothecountyfair says:

    Well, ok then. These school officials can now not only charge a 6 year old for a crime that does not exist in California law, but can also hold him against his will until he “confesses?” They wanted to put in the child’s official school record that he is a sex pervert? Yet these same intelligentsia back down when threatened by real action by adults? Sounds like a classic case of bullying to me. Oh, but what do I know? I only grew up when school officials used brains and commonsense. How have I survived over a half century without such much more advanced educated minds guiding my way? Or, maybe they are just idiots? I choose option 2.

  154. 5thcommjarhead says:

    Time for vouchers. Let parents decide which schools pass or fail.

  155. Joe Noone says:

    This didn’t make any sense till I realized this took place in San Fransicko, Californicate…..

  156. Joe Noone says:

    buy the way this comment blog SUCKS! Should have known it would. I’ll NEVER read another article from the morons that run this joke of a site…

  157. Jaquizz says:

    If you support political correctness, then you support the abuse of this poor kid.

  158. David says:

    By the way, you can get a six-year-old to confess to ANYTHING if you pressure him for a couple of hours. Great police work!

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Yes. Clearly we’re dealing with crackerjack crime fighters here. What cop actually took this report?

      1. CC Coleman says:

        NO! What DA followed through? Obviously some left wing nut sack of a DA!

  159. omstrat says:

    I bet anyone on here $1000 that those idiot educators who were responsible were
    Obama voters
    Liberal a holes
    Global Warming Believers

  160. Tom Menino says:

    The people being churned out by our schools of “education” are mostly the dumbest and least-capable college-bound students. Is it any wonder they are incapable of coordinating playground recess without turning it into an overblown melodrama? Liberals + Stupidity = THIS.

  161. Kevin says:

    Insane. Sue them for unlawful detainment and mental abuse of a minor for keeping him in the principals office 2 hours. Sue them for defamation of character for charging him with sexual assault and putting it in his record. Have the principal fired for mental cruelty and abuse.

  162. Jan says:

    If you go to college then you are only educated in the area of your career choice, this doesn’t mean you have life skills of common walking around sense. Academics can’t fix general stupidity. That said, sue the bums.

  163. jaline says:

    Sue the school and the principal…period.

  164. Tubby says:

    This kind of dereliction will continue as long as the media continues to under-report the school officials who make stupid decisions. It is in the public interest to know the name of those who recommended this action, who made the decision, and their past histories. Instead, the media habitually allow those unfit for careers in school administration to continue on, under a cloak of anonymity.

  165. This kinda stuff is what happens after 45 Years of Feminist Domestic Violence Industry Evil Lies


    Forty Five Years of Domestic Violence Industry and Feminism Lies
    That Women are Good and Men are Bad
    That All Men are Violent, That All Men are Rapists
    Resulting in an Epidemic of False Accusations

    We all have to Admit that here in the US and the Western World today we truly live in Misandric Society — Biased Against Men.

    Every Day Men are Falsely Accused as a way for the Woman to Gain Advantage in a Divorce, or as a part of an Immigration Fraud Scheme ( Google: VAWA False Accusations ), or for pure Vengeance…

    I started researching the issue and I found out that there is a ( Google this: ) VAWA Immigration Loop-hole …

    The next surprise I got was that I learned that VAWA is completely Unconstitutional in that it is Gender Biased.

    The next surprise I got was that the reason for this are the Marxist Feminists in OVW (a part of the DOJ) and the Domestic Violence Industry, which receives $1 Billion a year as VAWA grants from the Federal Government.

    The next surprise I got was that I learned that Family Courts and Police practices are also gender biased and that because of the Marxist Feminist in OVW/DOJ due process is not followed, and that the (falsely) accused man is assumed guilty even when there is no evidence against him.

    Then I was told that Men’s lives are being and have been destroyed because of the False Accusations Epidemic of Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and Rape we have in the US (and the rest of the Western World).

    This Song is me, Summarizing the Consequences of 45 years of “Feminist” Domestic Violence Industry Evil Indoctrination that is now Indoctrinated into Politics, the Government, Courts, Police and General Public, Encouraging an Epidemic of False Accusations of Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and Rape, that:

    – Women are Good, All Men are Violent and Rapists!
    – Women are helpless Victims, Men are Perpetrators!
    – Women need Help and Protection, Men must be Restrained, Prosecuted and Jailed!

  166. Tom Davidson says:

    The schools have become breeding grounds for totalitarians – in the staff.

  167. Jayman says:

    Just another example of the assault on childhood, and particularly the assault on male childhood. Boys in particular get the short end of the stick in today’s society.

  168. Mark T says:

    I would be willing to bet the kid was white. In Mexifornia, “minorities” are deemed victims and cannot possibly be guilty of anything.
    Meanwhile, if you ventured to a Bay Area middle or high school (and even some elementary) you would see a doctri-natonal terror-scape where the local gangs rule and the worst kind of bullying goes on unrestrained, alll iunder the umbrella of “diversity”. In particular, a viciously misogynistic linguistic culture of “b-word” and “h-word” is permitted to go on. BTW this comes from people who calll each other the “n-word”–but who would beat you senseless if you said it.

  169. Daniel Morgan says:

    He was probably trying out some of that stuff he learned from gay history and “I Have 2 Daddies.”

  170. King and Queen Hussein Obama says:

    Welcome to King Barack Hussein Obama’s USSA – where children are Bullies & Sexual Abusers and Queen Michelle Antoinette decides what they eat for lunch….

    Drink up the Kool-Aid and enjoy the Hope & Change!

  171. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Cynthia Taylor is the principal and Bruce Harter is the district superintendent. Everyone should direct their complaints and comments to them.

  172. Obama's United Socialist States of America says:

    Nothing new here – just Obama’s United Socialist States of America.
    So how’s that Hopey Changey mantra working out for you????.

  173. Teachers Unions Love Obama says:

    If the 6 year old declared he was gay and just expressing his love of other boys he’d have been safe and in the clear because his parents could have sued the school for discrimination of their gay son’s freedom of expression. Obama would have got involved and ordered AG Eric Holder to assign a Federal Lawyer to the case to defend the gay child. .

  174. warbaby says:

    This happened a couple of times in Brockton Mass. It is clear why so many children are not making it in school. These morons who are put in charge of educating the kids have no more common sense than the parents they constantly berate. They are the most class conscious narrow minded anal retentive stoops that probably almost flunked out of college. Charles Silberman wrote a book ” Crisis in The Classroom” which he wanted to title Murder in The Classroom. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how school is murdering our kids.

  175. It's Called the Left Coast for a good reason says:

    School Principle is more than likely a 60 y.o. woman that lhas boycut grey hair and lives alone, and drives a Prius with a KQED and Obama2012 bumper sticker…

  176. Pawwsumm says:

    At 1:56 the reporter calls the principal “the school’s pimp …” then quickly corrects herself to say “principal.” Classic.

  177. Lena says:

    Idoits in charge here are lacking basic commone sense.

  178. Em Spearing says:

    Well, thank God Almighty that nobody claimed NEA gulag wardens and administrators were discerning or even intelligent. The Führerprinzip of PC decorum must at all costs be maintained. Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!

  179. Tommy says:

    So is anyone surprised this happens in SF?

  180. no reason needed says:

    NO, the public schools are a total mess. They change with the wind of PC.
    I quit when told I had to read a script WITHOUT any changes & do not answer children’s questions.
    School voided my educational degrees (3) since all I could do was read their script & take data. No education needed, just be able to read.

  181. sensible american says:

    Public schools have become places where perverts and morons can exert their powers over the helpless and innocent children and be supported and protected by the teachers union.

  182. Barbara Burns says:

    How ridiculous!!! It is the perverted adults that take these kind of things too far! What idiots!!!

  183. michaelp says:


  184. There is no doubt that all this misery is the result of 45 Years of Feminist Domestic Violence Industry Evil Lies…


    We all have to Admit that here in the US and the Western World today we truly live in Misandric Society — Biased Against Men.

    Every Day Men are Falsely Accused as a way for the Woman to Gain Advantage in a Divorce, or as a part of an Immigration Fraud Scheme ( Google: VAWA False Accusations ), or for pure Vengeance…

    I started researching the issue and I found out that there is a ( Google this: ) VAWA Immigration Loop-hole …

    The next surprise I got was that I learned that VAWA is completely Unconstitutional in that it is Gender Biased.

    The next surprise I got was that the reason for this are the Marxist Feminists in OVW (a part of the DOJ) and the Domestic Violence Industry, which receives $1 Billion a year as VAWA grants from the Federal Government.

    The next surprise I got was that I learned that Family Courts and Police practices are also gender biased and that because of the Marxist Feminist in OVW/DOJ due process is not followed, and that the (falsely) accused man is assumed guilty even when there is no evidence against him.

    Then I was told that Men’s lives are being and have been destroyed because of the False Accusations Epidemic of Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and Rape we have in the US (and the rest of the Western World).

    This Song is me, Summarizing the Consequences of 45 years of “Feminist” Domestic Violence Industry Evil Indoctrination that is now Indoctrinated into Politics, the Government, Courts, Police and General Public, Encouraging an Epidemic of False Accusations of Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and Rape, that:

    – Women are Good, All Men are Violent and Rapists!
    – Women are helpless Victims, Men are Perpetrators!
    – Women need Help and Protection, Men must be Restrained, Prosecuted and Jailed!

  185. Godsaveus says:

    These people have a problem with a six year old brushing up against someone’s leg but buggery on a mass scale in San Francisco is completely fine. Something ought to be done with these sickos.

  186. David Rodden says:

    Another Frivolous suit…Sad thing is that the district will probably settle…

  187. Don says:

    Kid probably didn’t even have any idea.

    And now! the school taught the kid something he shouldn’t know about, till he got much older, involving the matter of sex.

  188. Doug Piranha says:

    There’s nothing wrong with San Francisco that a good earthquake can’t fix. A 10.2 or so oughtta do it.

  189. rufus levin says:

    Kinda makes you understand about the kid at Columbine that had enough of the school BS doesn’t it….

  190. Jay Beutner says:

    How did I know this was going to be in San Francisco? What the hell is wrong with people in California???

  191. Chicago Nick says:

    ““To me, I think it’s an overreaction,” said Marilyn Cheeks, a Lupine Hills Elementary parent:

    THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL PC and fear of vulture like bloodsucking lawyers.

  192. Capn Jack says:

    I would suggest that the principal needs to be paid a visit and taught a lesson. No doubt he’s another useless union thug.

  193. Rick O'Shay says:

    Anyone liviiing in Kalifornia during the last fifty years deserve what they get yet the is the model for Obammy and cronies.

  194. Twelve Point Nine says:

    Come on, San Andreas Fault, do your thing and finally rid the USA of that communist sodomite stain called the Bay Area. What are you waiting for?

  195. Rick O'Shay says:

    The principal needs to wake up in a local hospital and wonder why he or she can’t open their eyes to see.

  196. MissouriJack says:

    Wow, they got a six year old boy to confess. Why didn’t these cowards call his parents before they started working on him? The answer is obvious. The principal deserves some of his own medicine.

  197. Kim Baliey says:

    Is he a Knee grow?
    If so he’s a copulating beast from Africa

  198. Don Snow says:

    Fruits and nuts. Some things never change.

  199. Bart says:

    An interesting example of a situation in our country where leaders, supervisors, managers, etc. have lost the ability or desire to use common sense. This principal is either a coward, an idiot, or a politically-correct sycophant. Or all of the above. In any case he should be fired or demoted. It is time for REASON and common sense to re-take this country.

  200. Brian Edwards says:

    it’s difficult to believe what happens in california until you’ve lived there…..i lived there for six years and charging a 6-year old with a crime is perfectly normal for california…..i moved to arizona two years ago – it’s good to be in america again.

  201. LiberalsAreIdiots says:

    Of course it’s Cali, and of course it’s San Fran.. Nancy Pelosi represents these nutjobs!

  202. Pat says:

    Our tax dollars at work,,, thought we paid for background checks for our school employees .. who ever reported this is probably the pervert upset because he didn’t get the feel instead of the six year old..

  203. Donald Welch says:

    and some actually wonder why boys grow up and don’t trust women anymore. some people are ignorant. others are just plain rock stump stupid.

  204. Jimmie Meehan says:

    No…that schools administration is ….just dumb….they need to be replaced…you cannot do that stuff to children…and they KNOW that they can’ but did anyway….dumb…..

  205. deweyweber says:

    Is there any doubt our public school system has be infested with
    superintendents and principals who are idiots?

    Where…do these people come from?

  206. annoyedman says:

    You get the government you elect. California is bleeding residents, particularly to Texas where I live now….after having left California in 2006. There is a reason for this. The sate sucks. It’s government sucks. Why do you guys continue to allow yourselves to be bullied by socialist thugs like your teachers unions?

  207. Paul Mason says:

    The Principal is incompetent, or deranged, and should be fired. Instead of suing the School District, which would burden the taxpayers, the aggrieved parents should sue the Principal PERSONALLY for unlawful imprisonment of their son and for defamation, and bankrupt that crazy principal. May the so-called principal live in a cardboard box on the street!

  208. John McGraw says:

    Just shows how ignorant a rising number of school administrators and teachers have become. This lack of common sense is a disgrace to all who are associated with education.

  209. Il Bui says:

    More evidence that liberals need to be gathered up and shipped to North Korea.

  210. dave says:

    Education colleges are turning out more idiots as administrators every year. Most of the time thee are people that can’t even handle a classroom of kids.

  211. tim says:

    This is the world liberlas built. Now they get to live in it.

  212. Bill N. says:

    I have family living currently in Calif. Several have buisnesses. Guess what, they are all getting the hell out this year. Some are in LA and the others Santa Barbara. Taxes going up, high crime; cost of living through the roof. No solutions only pay more taxes. They and others in the buisness community have had enough. Wait till you see the mass exodus the next 2 years, who is going to pay the schools, law enforcement, and pension funds then? Ha!

  213. BobCuvens says:

    If this were an adult female teacher attacking a male student, she would have gotten away with a slap on the wrist and a tv special.

  214. DJmore says:

    I said it before, and Ill say it again, the world is getting nuttier and nuttier by the day..


  215. Dukke says:

    I have to leave a comment for tis because I was actually amazed at what I read…we used to play tag all the time and play fight as well, we threw snow balls at each other from behind our snow forts, not once did ou rparents scream assult..todays world is hout of hand, if you exhibit stupidity then you get stupidity, when you tell a little boy he sexually assulted someone then he grows up confused and messed up. they should learn to allow kids to be kids for the first ten years of their lives, they are innocent souls who do not have a sexual bone “pun intended`in their body. they understand more when they are ten and up. sheesh i would sue this district big time not because I need th emoney but because they are stupid!! I think the principal was the one who had the sexual intent no tthe child.

  216. GotMullet? says:

    Well, soon we can even forget about home schooling. As they say, when Europe sneezes, America catches cold.

    In Germany, if you are caught home schooling you own children, even with severe disabilities, you children can be taken away from you, and you can be sentenced to jail.

    Look at this case now before the Swedish courts:


    And when it gets here, it will start first in California.

  217. Shelly Stow says:

    If anything should scare parents to death, it is situations like this. Things very much like this have occurred all over the U.S. in the past few months. It could happen to anybody, any child, any teen, anytime. Parents, stand up and demand of your legislators that this sex offender hysteria be brought under control. The youngest child ever actually put on a sex offender registry was nine. There have been ten year olds registered in several states. How long will it be before they go to age eight, then seven, then six. If something isn’t done soon, it will be too late.

  218. Italics Mine says:

    I presume then that the schools have banned wrestling and other sports activities?

  219. joe show says:

    Anytime you have dealings with academia, law or government you get the same result, AAAAHH !!

  220. James says:

    “I am with you guys, Robert and Carl. You should use common sense, but there are also big time Lefties in SFO. You can’t do nothing right no matter what.”

    You mean big time Fascist Commies, right? Of course Libs are proud of wearing that badge of honor since Liberalism WAS spawned from Commuism.
    Dangerous people…

  221. Climp Jones says:

    So whats the penalty if one tags one self?

  222. GreyGeek says:

    In the future folks of normal intelligence will look at the folder and see the “Sexual Assult” tag and check the age of the boy at the time of the “offense”. Their first thought will be “what kind of fools were running that school?” Their second thought will be “well, ignoring that nonsense, he qualifications for this job are what we are looking for…”

  223. Enrico Derfi says:

    This is just another perfect example of how the education system in this country is completely out of control. It has been taken over by psuedo intellectuals who have less sense than a brick. It’s time to drain the swamp!

  224. lethalenoki says:

    Oh my god. Everyone who is turning this into anything political, a critique against California, an attack on Obama, or support for your own stupid candidate, has absolutely no common sense or ability to use logical thought. How the hell does the absurdity of a 6 year old being charged with sexual assault by, most probably, 3 school officials who are terrified of being sued have anything to do with politics AT ALL? I wonder how people such as Newt Gingrich gain any prominence in national races, but now I understand. The average American is absolutely brainless. Seriously. You all, I am not completely certain, simply do not have any significant brain matter beyond the Brussels sprout sized ganglion that confers you the ability to regurgitate talking points from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. I’m disgusted.

    1. Braden says:

      How the hell does the absurdity of a 6 year old being charged with sexual assualt by, most probably, 3 school officials who are terrified of being sued have anything to do with politics? Let me show you the ways. First of all this took place in San Francisco, California. A very liberal city in a very liberal state that voted overwhelmingly for Obama and votes overwhelmingly for liberals and liberal policies. Secondly, those 3 school officials are apart of the National Teachers Federation. A left wing, liberal union. Now anyone with common sense or ability to use logical thought would be able to connect the dots and realize that these 3 school officials are as liberal as they come. Only someone who is brainless would not be able to see that. Now, do you finally understand how the charging of a six year old with sexual assault is tied to politics? Or does you Brussels sprout sized ganglion brain matter have difficulty processing the whole situation? I’m disgusted.

      1. Plubius says:

        Thank you.

  225. Q says:

    I think I have heard it all and then I read this. Yet the TSA can allows adults to not only touch adults but children in a much more invasive manner

  226. onewhosepaid all his life says:

    If the young boy was kept in the principal’s office against his will, that is technically called kidnapping and the principal should be charged with a crime by the local prosecutor. Perhaps he should testify about such horrendous behavior and held in a cell with sexual perverts until he confesses. OH! sorry, that would be immoral. Or would it!

  227. Jasonn says:

    Wouldn’t mind being on THAT jury. The school district is completely out of control and needs to be spanked.

  228. George Tirebiter says:

    I wonder if they waterboarded the boy before he confessed.

  229. American Heretic says:

    I was in a phone store last night. The salesman was a young man who had graduated from high school in Redding California. I mentioned that my wife and I were on our way to see the movie “Iron Lady.” He asked, “What’s it about.” I told him that it was about Margaret Thatcher. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he asked, “Who is Margaret Thatcher?” This is an example of what you can expect of a graduate from a state that consistently ranks dead last in scholastic testing. Of course they are going to charge a six-year old with sexual assault. It’s more fun than teaching.

  230. zombierocket says:

    Six year old? Sexual battery for playing tag? The principal needs taken out back and horse whipped.

  231. zombierocket says:

    Aren’t you folks getting tired of political correctness yet? Time to declare war on Political Correctness.

  232. whereuat says:

    Yeah, I had moles in front yard. They just tore it up. I had to kill them. It’s a lot better now, but still have to wait for the grass to grow back.

    I wouldn’t want to live in California either. I think that’s where Pelosi is from.

    Good luck to this family.

    1. Frank Peach says:

      Wow, how did you kill them? Did you shoot them?

      1. west coast hippie says:

        You can’t shoot moles. They can’t even see! You have to trap them. Look it up.

  233. vanyali says:

    This tactic is not unique to California. What went on was that school wanted that kid out, so they made up an outrageous accusation to make the parents pull the kid out and find another school. And it worked, as it always does. I have seen this happen time and again in Maryland. It’s a common practice in public schools now it seems.

  234. dee says:

    a state with beautiful natural scenery, on the pacific ocean, and liberals and crazies were allowed to destroy the living conditions while the normal citizens were working and rearing their children. surely it is not too late to regain your state from the vile wackos. good luck.

  235. Braden says:

    When I was six years old, we used to play a game called kissing tag for crying out loud. I guess if I had of played that game in San Francisco I would be put on the registered sex offenders list.

  236. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Six year old children are not thinking about sex until they go to the government training centers that teach them about sex.

  237. Shana Cattles says:

    You fine folks in california deserve this type treatment…keep voting for the pelosis, boxers, etc,,,,,all the way down to your many local officials, all of the same ilk as the two mentioned.

  238. LLeone says:

    Subjecting a 6 year old to a 2 hour interrogation in order to break him and coax a confession out of him? That principal needs to be fired forthwith. Who appointed him to be the school’;s Kojak?

    Even a minor child should have a right to a parent or their lawyer present under such heavyhanded and intimidating conditions. This just reeks with abuse of authority.

  239. ts says:

    Wait a minute….shouldn’t the school administration have known that a six year old could not be charged with a sexual assault by the laws in their own state?! Just another example of the problems with education in this country.

  240. Shelly Stow says:

    If anything should scare parents to death, it is situations like this. Things very much like this have occurred all over the U.S. in the past few months. It could happen to anybody, any child, any teen, anytime. Parents, stand up and demand of your legislators that this sex offender hysteria be brought under control. The youngest child ever actually put on a sex offender registry was nine. There have been ten year olds registered in several states. How long will it be before they go to age eight, then seven, then six. If something isn’t done soon, it will be too late.

  241. Ramrod says:

    this is all about the Left Wing Social engineers in School who follow the Feminist BS that all BOYs are capable of RAPE,Sexual violence,too aggressive & need to be FIXED Christina Hoff Summers is right. The WAR against BOYs happening everyday in Public Schools

  242. jimbo0625 says:

    About 10 years ago, the same thing happened to us with our son who has Cerebral Palsy. He can walk and run but it’s akward. They were playing tag and he was running after a girl and tagged her on her breast (do 7 year old girls have breasts?) She said something to her mother about our son touching her and her mother threw a fit. Police were called and we had to go to both the YMCA office and the police office. Now, in the end, they (the police) and the YMCA all felt this lady was way off base, especially given my son’s disability. However, there are some very insecure people in this world.

  243. Brian Benson says:

    In a related story, school officials are now descending into the flames of hell

  244. Doug says:

    why do these “school officials” still have jobs. Clearly they have issues that would indicate they cannot be trusted by the public. If I were the parent, I’d have the school officials in court and have their licenses permanently suspended.

  245. newjerseybt says:

    I remember in the late 50s and early 60s a day called petticoat day on May 1st in which gradeschool boys (and girls?) on our playground flipped the edge of of a girls skirt to expose their petticoats. Might be a NJ thing. Imagine that happening in Kalifornia.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Commiefornia would give you life in the gulag for that today, especially during the Depressioncrat Left’s “High Holy Week”, i.e. the time of year from Lenin’s birthday– oops, I mean, uh, “Earth Day”– on April 22nd until May Day, the holiest day on the Depressioncrat Left’s calendar, on May 1st.

  246. mike says:

    they detained the child for two hours? I would likely be kickin that principal’s butt in front of the entire school…

  247. YankeeI says:

    California- the scourge of the West. Public education- the terminal disease of America!

  248. anon says:

    Why don’t they release the names of the administrators that make ridiculous decisions like this? They should not be protected by the press.

  249. Shawn says:

    2 words: Home School online. Love it!!

  250. 4th generation californian says:

    two hours to get a confession. outrageous! time for inservice training in waterboarding

  251. Paul Thode says:

    guess a lot of us were real perverts back in the day

    how many of you remember ‘right ball, left ball” “who is the monkey in the middle”

    the politically correct are a bunch of morons

  252. dino says:

    seeing this only makes me think f the horse play we did when i was in school….I would have probably got the electric chair…

  253. Ed says:

    I went to all Catholic schools, and in grade school, if you did not get kneed or whacked in the nuts once a week, you were a real nerd.

  254. P=IE says:

    Another case of over reaction. It seems we do it better in this country than anywhere on the planet.

  255. MidWestMike says:

    The only acceptable result is the termination of the school teachers and principles involved in this idiotic behavior. They are obviously incompetent and have no place in education

  256. Patricia says:

    What did he confess to?! Did they do the good cop/bad cop rouitine?
    Thanks – I needed a laugh today!

  257. Always Independent says:

    Just think of the field day this group of educational idiots can have at a football game or HS wrestling match.

  258. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    All the more reason, during this epic depression, to home school if you can’t afford private school. That way, once your child reaches the age of 6 or 7 he can bring home a few extra bucks from tutoring publik hye skool valedictorians.

  259. CC Coleman says:

    Time to invest in some ski masks and Louisville Sluggers for a little wintertime baseball. Only way to teach a liberal is to put fear into it.

  260. 1776blues says:

    Scary thought when one considers these people run the schools. I say fire all them and brand them as a moron with the comment hire at your own risk in their permanent record

  261. Steve Turi says:

    Pretty soon, the Liberal loonies will be charging the unborn babies for their own murders through abortion. Doesn’t make sense? Of course not. Very little of what these mentally challenged people do actually makes sense in a human way.

  262. Really? says:


    Where are the grownups? Sounds like the school is being run by morons…or liberals.

    Your so ignorant!!!

  263. Steve Turi says:

    Sounds like the ‘teachers’ are imputing their sexual fantasies and desires into the innocent mind of a six-year old. This is child abuse, pure and simple. And their statuses as ‘teachers’ makes no difference. They should be fired and brought up on charges of abuse and child endangerment. Nothing like a Liberal loony to steal a child’s innocent childhood.

  264. proudnot2bliberal says:

    just checked schools website Pricipal is Cynthia Taylor Ill bet she to the left of obama. If this boy grab another boys privates & claimed he was leading an alternative life style (aka said he was gay) he would be praised & made student of the year.

    California the fruitcake stae full of nuts & fruits ( hey Im talking walnut & oranges)

  265. Warstorm Trading says:

    Time to home school or private school. The public “government” run schools are rife with corruption, rules, and regulations that strip parents of any ability to “police” their own kids or to “doctor” their own kids. No child left behind is just the last in a long line of government over-reaches that attempt to control how, what, when, and why your children think like they do.

    This is how things started in many of the countries that moved into either fascism or communism.

  266. What the hell? says:

    The kid is 6. What the hell? most 6 year olds don’t really have that kind of mentality, unless they grew up in a foster home. I think the school took it too far. Apparently they can’t deal with it themselves. If I remember correctly if the kid did something wrong you scold them yourself and address the parents if the kid was playing to rough with the other kids. I mean this is a 6 year old, who the hell calls the police on a 6 year old?

  267. vanman2010 says:

    Still too many gueers in SF.Thin the herd.

  268. hebgb says:

    After reading yet again another story of a face plant by the Nified School System in California, I have to believe in what I have heard before. That being – if God were to get a choice of where to stick an enema in the nation, He would have a difficult choice between New York and California.

  269. tankette says:

    CRAZY LIBS!!!!!!

  270. JamesCC says:

    You have seriously got to be kidding me, is this nation SERIOUSLY becoming THIS insane??

    Seems every time I turn on the news some new idiocy like this is happening. I found this after listening to an article on two US judges found guilty of SELLING children to a private prison facility.

    What in the hell is going on, are we all just slowly slipping into constant insanity?!?! I have seriously lost all faith in America…..

  271. TheSouthShallRiseAgain says:

    This is why this country needs to be split into two separate countries now. The Lefties can have the northern states and the Righties can take the southern states. Then if you don’t like the conservative ideas of your community, your city, or your neighborhood just pack your bags and move up north with those who think like you. Yes, there will be issues to be worked out. But overall I think the Southern United States of America would be the best place to raise our children.

  272. Mahakala says:

    Please let the Principal know how you feel:


  273. Greg C says:

    Give me 2 hours with that priincipal.

  274. Fred Lopez says:

    If all of the liberals were dead, logic would prevail

  275. Bill says:

    A lot of sane comments in the face of such insanity.

  276. Frank Houston says:

    Now you know why, those of us who are descendants of those who have lived in this Nation as native Americans and as settlers in the New World in the 1670’s, have left Kalifonication to those who have smited it. You have destroyed a once beautiful state with a conservative constitutional focused government into a mis-state of statist and socialists with nothing but power on their minds. How can you re-elect the governor who destroyed kalifornia into office again. How, by not paying attention….by not know history…by wanting everything you can get from the government. President Kennedy said we should not look at what we can get from our nation, but what we can give it. All that remains in Kalifornia are takers and those few who love it so much they refuse to leave, but give everything. You are broke. It is time to grow up!

  277. dhr says:

    It appears to me this overreaction reveals an obsession with sexual thoughts. It could be guilt for thoughts kept in deep denial by the accusers, it could be sexual frustration crying for release… Who knows? Clinical evaluation of the accusers is needed to develop any concept of what has driven them over the edge.

  278. Joe Hawke says:

    We are living in a world run by pinheads. This is especially true in the educational system. Where do they find these people that punish kids for doing kid things. Only a perverted mind could interpret a kid playing tag as committing a sexual assault. It’s like the “educators” that suspend a kid for drawing a picture of a “gasp” handgun. These people should be pilloried and pelted with rotten tomatoes.

  279. Scott says:

    Those that are good – DO
    Those that aren’t – Teach

  280. RHO says:

    Meanwhile it is possible to see men having sex together in public in San Francisco. Families are fleeing the city because they don’t want their children exposed to public perversion. Can it get an freaking stranger in this country. Surely we are near the end. No society can survive such an onslaught of idiocy.

  281. na says:

    He was used as a tool to get money into the coffers of the law society. The number of real criminals has dropped to such a low number that they have no choice but to go after children now. Ridiculous and pathetic!

  282. Shelly Stow says:

    It is such a shame that people will turn anything into an indictment of political leanings, various and sundry ethnic groups, geopolitics, and anything else they can think of to avoid a serious discussion about a serious subject. The entire US is in the grips of “sex offender” mania that will bury us if common sense doesn’t soon assert itself.
    A 7 yo was investigated for sexual harassment for hitting another boy in the groin during a fight in Mass.
    In Wisconsin, a DA says a 6 year old is a sex offender for “playing doctor.”
    In Missouri, two pre-school boys were investigated by authorities for looking at and touching each other in the bathroom at their nursery school.
    Mass. again, a nine year old is suspended for saying a teacher was cute.
    And there are more equally silly and horrifying. It isn’t California; it isn’t Obama; it is everywhere, and it will soon be everyone.

  283. Whiteknight says:

    Criminilization of normal childhood play pathetic and potenially damaging long term to the children involved….

  284. Shelly Stow says:

    It is such a shame that people will turn anything into an indictment of political leanings, various and sundry ethnic groups, geopolitics, and anything else they can think of to avoid a serious discussion about a serious subject. The entire US is in the grips of “sex offender” mania that will bury us if common sense doesn’t soon assert itself.
    A 7 yo was investigated for sexual harassment for hitting another boy in the groin during a fight in Mass.

    In Wisconsin, a DA says a 6 year old is a sex offender for “playing doctor.”

    In Missouri, two pre-school boys, ages three and four, were investigated by authorities for looking at and touching each other in the bathroom at their nursery school.

    Mass. again, a nine year old is suspended for saying a teacher was cute.

    And there are more equally silly and horrifying. It isn’t California; it isn’t Obama; it is everywhere, and it will soon be everyone.

  285. A Watcher says:

    Why can so many many of you who live there have the time to comment on so many things butt, not take the time to actually do something about this?


  286. Ted says:

    An idiot teacher or principal took a bad decision. Why would it matter if he or she is a liberal or a conservative. If we look at the percentage of liberal teacher we can assume it was a liberal. But to the contrary of what some might think it has nothing to do with an agenda from the liberal or the gay.Simply put if you look at all the survey that were done on the subject. Liberal tend to be more educated than conservative. Therefore there is more teacher that are liberal.

    One thing is for sure it was not a religious or they would have hide it like they did in the catholic church.

  287. bobx says:

    Dudes your country is getting more messed up by the day , u have my pity

  288. Yo-Nick says:

    Now Class,
    If one child is accused, of a silly crime, in fact if one school needs to examine their policies-that means all Thirty Million California Residents are Libs, left wingers and gay, and hippies——Those who put California in a negative way, are obviously not secure in their selves or home-state. After living in NJ,PA,NY. se FL, ,, I can honestly say, California is over all, a kinder and fine place to live and raise kids. When you have 30-000,000 residents, thats large. When the state respects the will of the people, that is where its at. Excuse me while I do a legal MJ consumption:) Respect>-Yo -Nick~

  289. Sex Offender Issues says:

    This is not the only one. See the following link for kids as young as 3 being labeled sex offenders.


  290. Sick of this says:

    This 6 year old boy gets life without parole and murderers run wild in our streets……great job principal

  291. Keith says:

    Now you can dress your boy in a pink dress but if a boy touches a girl, there’s a problem.

  292. Clark says:

    Like father, like son…..

  293. Szold says:

    All things put aside it was a game of tag! 6 year olds. Come on get over it! Tag, remember we played it. What is next? You tell me. This country is getting so pathetic. I got paddled in 4th grade for hitting a girl with a snow ball in the face I understood it was a bad idea to do it as soon as the snow ball hit her. I would be charged with assault if I did that today in 4th grade. We as a nation are in a downhill spiral in many ways.

  294. Google says:

    […]very couple of internet websites that take place to be detailed below, from our point of view are undoubtedly nicely worth checking out[…]

  295. capmotion says:

    The pedantic authoritarianism of the public schools has always been a problem to me, and it seems to be getting utterly out of control. This incident is outrageous and should disqualify that principal from ever working in the schools again!