OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Twelve people charged with crimes in connection with Occupy Oakland protests have been ordered to stay away from Frank Ogawa Plaza and the Oakland Convention Center, Oakland officials said Friday.

The 12 defendants were all charged in connection with Saturday’s protests, when a crowd estimated by police at around 500 people attempted to break in to the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. The group had stated that it planned to take over a vacant building in order to create a community center and headquarters for the Occupy movement.

More than 400 people were arrested in connection with Saturday’s protests, which also resulted in a break-in and vandalism at City Hall.

(Clockwise from left) Joseph Briones, Joseph Hoover, Mario Casillas, Michael Lubin, Robert Ovetz (Oakland Police Department)

Of the twelve defendants arraigned Thursday in Alameda County Superior Court, eight were charged with misdemeanor offenses and four with violent felonies, according to prosecutors.

Officials released the names and photos of 11 of the 12 people who received stay-away orders.

They are Adam Weathers, charged with possession of a controlled substance, criminal threats, remaining at the scene of a riot, and felony resisting arrest or obstructing an officer; Joseph Briones, charged with battery and remaining at the scene of a riot; Chloe Heather Watlington, charged with vandalism and resisting arrest; Joanne Warwick, charged with blocking the sidewalk and resisting arrest; Robert Ovetz, charged with resisting arrest; Geoffrey Weiss, charged with resisting arrest, blocking the sidewalk and remaining at the scene of a riot; Michael Lubin, charged with felony assault; Joseph Hoover, charged with resisting arrest and blocking the sidewalk; Jason Ozolins, charged with resisting arrest and conspiracy; Ahimsa Winthunder, charged with assault and felony conspiracy and Mario Casillas, charged with felony assault.

City officials say Occupy protestors have stated their intention to hold weekly marches that call for non-peaceful participants to take part in militant actions.

“This type of destructive and aggressive behavior is not welcome in our city,” Police Chief Howard Jordan said in a statement. “Anyone who engages in criminal activity or assaults against officers or community members will be arrested.”

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Comments (15)
  1. tp says:

    Wouldn’t the cost of this better go to school books, pothole repair, street lighting, youth activities, parks and recreation, and other USEFUL activities?

  2. RLH100 says:

    Well yes there are much better things to spend the money on. Please tell the demonstrators about this.
    The Oakland protesters are doing the Occupy Wallstreet a world of harm. They are a recruiting drive for the Republican right wing to paint the movement as irresponsible and un-American. Romney and the Republicans could not have asked for a better photo op and sound bite than burning the American flag in City Hall. That is so 1960’s. I hope we have matured a bit so that we do not play into the 1%’s hand and give them images they can use to paint us as wild eyed extremists.
    I would also be interested in the addresses of the people told to stay away. Are they local to the Oakland area or are they from out of the area?

    1. Jason Ozolins says:

      This article is full of errors. FIrst of all, I know for a fact that several of these people did not recieve stay away orders. I am listed as recieving one, and did not. Also, the charges listed are not correct in some cases. My charges are obstructing and wearing a mask, not conspiracy as listed.
      This is likely an attempt to make things sound more serious to prejudice potential jurors. Sad thing is, most Americans just accept what themedia says as absolute truth instead of critically thinking about what they are told, and possibly educating themselves on what really happens.

  3. JaneQPublic says:

    I can see some legitimacy in banning most of those named (with terrible mug shots, by the way) – but BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK???? The ‘resisting arrest’ charge is almost laughable – I can’t take that seriously at all since cops everywhere use that when they want any excuse to arrest someone….

    1. David Legnosky says:

      Maybe that’s because they have the authority and the LEGAL right, given to them by LAW, to tell you to leave an area and to stop what you are doing. If you don’t obey them, you ARE BREAKING THE LAW and are subject to arrest! They may not always be right in what they tell you, but, that does not give you the right to disobey them!

  4. ptown says:

    So, this is a typicall cross section of an occupy participant…nice. Im impressed any of these rocket scientists found thier way to Oakland….the sparkly lights must’ve guided them.
    Walll Streeters are shsking in thier shoes.

  5. stayaway says:

    It is about time Oakland took a stand to stop mob violence, and vigilante attitudes that has ruled and rioted in the streets for years.

    My only gripe is that the stay away order should of been not limited to certain spots in Oakland but the entire City.

    oldfart stinkingpolitics . com

  6. tn says:

    Now that these criminals have cost the rest of us taxpayers some dough we don’t have, here’s a reality check question to ask yourself, 99% or 1%: If you owned a company or were in charge of some employees, would YOU hire any of these photographed hooligans to work for you?

  7. tn says:

    Or if your young adult son or daughter came home one night with one of these individuals and said, “Mom, dad, this is such-and-such. We met at a civic and social group function.” Would you break bread with them?

  8. tn says:

    And why is there only one black dude? Just asking.

  9. OaklandTaxpayer says:

    Mayor Quan and City Council, will a restraining order really work? I would suspect some “occupiers” don’t reside in Oakland, panhandle during the day to occupy at nite. This is costing our city BIG! Draining resources we don’t have. The occupiers control our city. Our mayor and council are powerless. Our police are handcuffed because I suspect some occupiers are bent on provoking to sue our city. We lose twice. I’m pleading as a homeowner/resident/voter/shopper in Oakland for the mayor and council to seek a higher authority. Yes I know the occupiers have rights, but they’ve had it there way, way too long. Time to put Oakland attractions (which I’ve listed many times here on KPIX’s comments) first to attract tourists and visitors, not occupiers! Any body at city hall listening?

  10. jaguarpress says:

    Who do I call when an officer is assaulting someone?

  11. jaguarpress says:

    The decision to “waste taxpayer money” is made by the Police and Jean Quan, not Occupier. What if the cops left Occupy alone and went after the real criminals hurting our citizens? A lot of people commenting seem to think that beating a hippy is a better use of Police time than stopping the cocaine trade that has killed thousands of people? What is worse, a corrupt politician or a kid in the street? Some people lose their perspective as soon as the media flashes something shiny in their eyes.