OAKLAND (KCBS) — Oakland police are gearing up for another busy weekend as Occupy protesters have vowed to take to the streets Saturday night.

The group is holding a “FTP March Against Police Brutality” at 7 p.m. at Frank Ogawa Plaza in which participants are encouraged to wear black.

A note about the event on the Occupy Oakland website reads:

“If you identify as peaceful and are likely to interfere with the actions of your fellow protestors in any way (including telling them to stop performing a particular action, grappling, assaulting or holding them for arrest), you may not want to attend this march. It is a militant action. It attracts anti-capitalists, anti-fascists and other comrades of a revolutionary bent. It is not a march intended for people who are not fully comfortable with diversity of tactics.”

KCBS and Chronicle Insider Reports:

KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier recalled what happened last weekend when protesters attempted to occupy the vacant Kaiser convention center.

“All hell broke loose Saturday night”, he said referring to the arrest of 409 people for violations including trespassing and unlawful assembly.

“The cops really don’t know what they’re getting into this week. They don’t know if there’s going to be a big turnout if the weather’s good,” he said.

Matier also said there could be reaction to last week’s arrests. He noted that hundreds of police officers will have their weekends cancelled and that they must report for work at 6 p.m.

As far as Mayor Jean Quan’s attempt this past week to reach out to the Occupy Movement to differentiate the peaceful protesters from anarchists, Matier said it was a failed attempt and that the movement doesn’t have a national-scale leader.

“Occupy isn’t just a movement and a message. It’s about getting attention. The more police react, the more attention it receives.”

Matier said the system is overwhelmed especially with all the arrests that are occurring and that the police and sheriffs are at their wits end.

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Comments (5)
  1. Guapi says:

    The police and sherrif don’t get paid enough to handle these nasty hooligans. Meanwhile, Oaklanders are getting robbed, raped and murdered because there are not enough police available to protect the city.

    This is LIBERALISM run amok. It just goes to show you get what you vote for.

  2. Vaccine Conspiracy says:

    Please. If you believe in true democracy you would not denounce the burning of an american flag. It is the ultimate form of any real democracy left in this country, to be able to have the freedom to burn the U.S. flag. People have died to give us this right. No other country can do this without repression from the government. Of course teabaggers wouldn’t burn the flag, but you wouldn’t see occupy protesters able to take their weapons to protests like those right wing bigots! I guess it pays to be rich, white and know the right people in this country, eh? Now, if the police hadn’t abused their positions of power, using excessive force on peaceful protesters in the beginning, the problem wouldn’t have escalated to the violent levels they now face. Who’s fault is that, that the dominant culture and people in power would rather hospitalize us and suffocate our voice than give us the freedom to denounce corporate corruption and social inequalities. Educate yourselves, ignorant fools. Learn the real history, not just what they feed you. These people are fighting for your rights, because you don’t have the balls to go out and do it yourselves. So stop your right-wing whining and do something about it. Republicans gave us the current deficit, built on 2 costly wars and tax cuts for the rich. Americans have had enough of all your rhetoric.

  3. Kaweah Partisan says:

    this is a win win for Freedom and our Holy Cause of Liberty…..Communists protestors fighting Tyrannical Police who work for the NWO makes for good intel. Watch what both side do, soon we will be fighting both of them. This is staged to prepare them both for attacking us……you get that right?

  4. PLW says:

    If your comments do not agree with the Liberal Mainstream Media, they will not be printed in the Comment Section…………..