BERKELEY (KCBS) — California prison officials took down 20,000 bunk beds that were crammed into prison gyms and day rooms to house inmates in illegally overcrowded prisons.

Though the state has a long way in meeting the federal court order that realigns state prisoners to county jails, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation did put out a video trumpeting the end of bunk-beds in common areas.

Attorney Rebekah Evenson from the Prison Law Office in Berkeley, which sued the state to reduce the overpopulation, called the crowded conditions a travesty.

“Prisoners died in those gyms and the guards didn’t even know about it, much less provide emergency care. It was simply too crowded. It was dangerous,” she said.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Evenson said the prisons are still 60 percent over capacity, even with 19,000 inmates realigned, and must cut another 17,000 by June 2013.

“It is certainly a significant step forward, but they have very far to go,” she said.

Evenson doubts the state will meet the federally ordered goal, and that the overcrowding problem is simply being transferred to the local level.

“The county jails were never built to house prisoners for the long term. Under realignment they will be housing prisoners for years now,” she said.

Her office is now suing some of the counties for overcrowding issues.

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  1. claptrap says:

    Coming to a neighborhood near you.

  2. Advocate says:

    Maybe Rebekah would like to have some of these CRIMINALS housed in one of her spare bedrooms in Tahoe? Three strikes your dead.

  3. Dave says:

    Just like the government, To hell with the tax payers, let’s give everthing to everyone that does not deserve it! They are CONVICTED CRIMINALS, therefore they no longer have any rights. They are no longer legal citizens and, again, HAVE NO RIGHTS to anything!

  4. sk says:

    let’s start cleaning up death row. free up some space and cut the budget at the same time…