OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A masked man that entered a CVS store in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood Friday morning left before police officers arrived and surrounded the building for hours, police said.

The masked suspect was possibly armed when he entered the CVS store at 5100 Broadway, according to police. Employees were evacuated and police had surrounded the building by 8 a.m.

Police believed the suspect might have still been in the building and a perimeter was established in the neighborhood.

A SWAT team responded and issued orders to the suspect before entering and clearing the building. He was not found inside, police said.

Police said that surveillance video showed the masked man walking up to a counter in the store, then exiting the rear doors of the building before police arrived.

Normal business at the CVS resumed shortly after the SWAT team cleared the building. The store was scheduled to open at 7 a.m. Friday.

People are advised to avoid the area and police said traffic may be blocked on Broadway during the standoff.

All workers at the store were safely evacuated, according to police.

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  1. Sarah Shadow says:

    The store opens at 6am and closes at 12am. The man entered during store hours, didn’t threaten anyone or pull any weapon and simply asked for the manager. What an over reaction, on the part of the store and police, but also CBS adding “Gunman” to the article when that’s clearly a huge assumption. Shame on you for not being an objective news source.

    If this were a state where self defense was actually accepted as a right, the store employees would have just shooed out this nut. However, since we are not able to be armed and defend ourselves, people act scared over the smallest of things. If this man turns out not to have a gun which i’m suspecting, then this will be a total case of abuse on the part of the store and the police.

    You have a legal right to conceal your identity. When was the last time you heard of a robber who walked with a ski-mask and no gun and hung around asking for the manager. This is a shame on our state, and another case to add to a gigantic mound of cases that never would have been cases if we honored the 2nd amendment here. Shame on us.

  2. media + police = ? says:

    Far be it from me to defend CBS, but they did not add the ‘gunman’ designation. At 7:51am today, OPD Tweeted the following: “Police presence and perimeter – 5100 Broadway. Broadway traffic may be blocked. Please avoid area. Possible gunman inside nearby store.”

    It was OPD that goosed everything up to red alert, and it’s definitely in their best interest to keep the people frightened and compliant. CBS is just playing along because, well first of all, what did you expect? And second, I’m sure OPD wanted them there. The scene was starting to get a media-circus feeling; I know because I drove by there a couple times.

    I wonder how much tax money was spent on this caper…multiple unmarked vans and trucks, a big black armored police vehicle, SWAT team…? All for a guy that got away hours ago? Is OPD trying to protect Oakland citizens, or are they trying to scare them? Are we going to get a ‘fugitive armed and dangerous’ alert now, or is it just going to be buried as the embarrassing waste of resources that it was?

  3. Ann Mason says:

    People can call this an overreaction and criticize the store manager, Oakland Police and the news media, but all parties had to consider the worst scenario and respond accordingly.

    When something like this happens, there are people who are definitely in the wrong, though. Those are the bored and boring individuals who hear about an alleged crisis and then rush to the scene to try to get as close as possible. They contribute to traffic congestion and risk arrest.. There’s a reason the police create perimeters, and that shouldn’t be challenged by anyone.

    1. Sarah Shadow says:

      “consider the worst scenario and respond accordingly.”
      Its one thing to consider all possibilities, its another entirely to assume the worst, which they did by calling in the swat. As far as I know, nobody even asked the guy to leave! They just assumed right from the start, and continued assuming till it ended up as a big joke on them.

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