DALY CITY (KCBS) — A proposed medical marijuana ordinance will be taken up by the City Council in Daly City this week as public comments will be heard on possibly banning dispensaries in the city.

Many cities throughout California have already implemented bans on medical marijuana dispensaries and now Daly City will be deciding if it will follow suit.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

City Councilmember David Canepa supports a ban and said he’s not convinced the dispensaries are economic generators and in fact, argues that they’re a strain on public safety personnel.

“These medical marijuana dispensaries have been places where they’ve been robbed, communities where they’re in blighted areas,” Canepa said. “So for Daly City, I just don’t see a need for those medical marijuana dispensaries to be located.”

Canepa said he’s also concerned about secondary illegal markets created when dispensary members turn around and sell the marijuana for a profit.

And there’s also the continuing clash with the federal government, which has cracked down on cities with large numbers of dispensaries.

“That’s why you have Los Angeles County in particular which has sort of let it run rampant,” Canepa said. “Now they are looking at a medical marijuana ban. So it’s not just Daly City.”

Daly City currently has a temporary moratorium on dispensaries in place. The city council is set to take up the issue on Monday night.

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Comments (7)
  1. Doug says:

    We don’t need any weed dispensaries in Daly City.
    A big NO! to that idea, we already have enough crime in the city.

    1. Steve says:

      What is the deal with people who have it in for dispensaries? If it’s not in a dispensary it’s not taxed and people are just selling it to each other. If it’s in a dispensary it is available for those people who need it and does not increase crime.

      1. massvocals says:

        its only deem a crime due to the position of the law and its campaign for prohibition which is really a plan which has 2 messages one keep it illegal 2 its employment for law enforcement so nothing true matters

    2. massvocals says:

      what are you a cop

  2. massvocals says:

    you should be signing your death warrant City Councilmember David Canepa Fact is this makes it regulatory system when you want to re define it back to prohibition your ideal are old and out dated and you need to step down form the city duty after all the voting and all you want to ignore the facts its very sad and your issue are not founded in any arrest or crime there your scare tactics and for that you should be removed

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      This is your brain on drugs….

  3. Keys Allen says:

    But where are the brains of the NRA?