SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Crime scene investigators were back on the scene of last week’s mass murder in San Francisco’s Ingleside District, collecting evidence on Friday.

Two men and three women were found dead at the home on Howth Street near City College of San Francisco on March 23. The men killed have been identified as 65-year-old Hua Shun Lei and 32-year-old Vincent Lei. The women who died have been identified as 62-year-old Wan Yi Xu, 30-year-old Chia Huei Chu and 37-year-old Ying Xue Lei.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

35-year-old Binh Thai Luc is in custody in connection with the grisly killings.

On Friday, along with the investigators, members of the Chinese community prayed outside the home. There is also a growing shrine on the sidewalk outside, with flowers, incense, rice and fruit. Leon, a leader of the local Buddhist community, prayed to mark one week since the murders.

“Traditionally (in the Chinese community), seven days is where the spirits are seeking for guardians,” he said. “We’ll actually guide the disruptive souls to heaven.”

He said there is all sorts of speculation in the community about why the suspect committed the murders, including gambling, greed and robbery, but no one is jumping to conclusions.

“People are just waiting,” he said. “The community, particularly the Chinese community, really trusts law enforcement.”

Luc’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 5.

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  2. unknown says:

    They were not innocent victims by no means the police would do well to investigate the dead and only then will they have their evidence