SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Drivers in San Francisco may soon have to feed meters on Sunday.

The Municipal Transportation Agency’s proposed budget—released on Thursday—calls for an end to free Sunday meters. Instead, meters would be enforced from noon to 6 p.m. that day.

The proposed budget also calls for up to 1,000 new parking meters and a $5 increase in the cost of parking tickets.

It comes as the MTA is facing multi-million-dollar budget deficits. The additional revenue would help fund free Muni rides for low-income youth and increase the amount the agency spends on maintenance.


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Comments (9)
  1. NN says:

    it’s shame to see that the SF MTA officials act like ruthless emperor who only knows to take $$$ from its citizens. Why cant they think of some other way to generate more revenue. They get pay very high but lazy to think.

    1. Tony says:

      I totaly agree!!!!

  2. potrero says:

    The SFMTA is spending $60 million in overtime. Why not fix that?

  3. Ken Howard says:

    Awww poor privileged drivers. I don’t own a car, so I don’t care.

  4. Rich Mon Dist says:

    That’s all we are to these elitists – their very own ATM machine. Why don’t they get it that they’re sucking us dry? Ken Howard – you better care. They soon hit you with something you really depend on like Muni, since you don’t have a car. Or property taxes. Or sales tax on food. Or tax increase on owning a bike, Or tax increase on too much garbage in your can. Or a tax on using more water than they think you should be using. Or a tax on too much gas you use to heat up your apt. Or a tax on walking down the street. Get it?

  5. soleman50 says:

    That is the problem people like Ken don’t care. Just exactly what our local Leaders & Union exes want it. Makes there money tree endless. For some reason peolple like Ken thinks it doesn’t affect them. Unless they don’t pay taxes it does. IWhen one well runs dry, they will turn on the I don’t cares too!!!

  6. Ray S says:

    I’m predicting a drop in Sunday business in the city.

  7. Sensitivity Trainer says:

    This is what happens when democrats run a city. There’s not even a balance of power! But the liberals here would rather fund every feel good program that comes along and are not interested in a different way. Or even a better way.
    Yeah, I can move to a city that is not run by democrats but you democrats that live here… we should not hear a single complaint out of you. You reap what you sow.

  8. Ken Howard says:

    Let’s see. I don’t drive a car. I walk to work (which makes me greener than you all). I only ride MUNI when absolutely necessary. I do not own property. I do not own a bicycle. My building takes care of my utilities including garbage. I have rent control.

    With the money I am saving I can handle increased food prices. Any other reasons why I should care if you people who are stupid enough to drive a car in this parking-lacking town have to pay more to park? Didn’t think so.