SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) – San Francisco police said dozens of Occupy San Francisco San Francisco protesters were arrested at a church-owned building Monday.

After about 24 hours inside the building, where activists said they had plans to create a community center there to serve the homeless, police moved in at the two-story building at 888 Turk St.

Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Andraychak said around 3:45 p.m. that officers entered the building earlier Monday afternoon and were arresting protesters.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

KCBS’ Tim Ryan reported that the total number is between 70 and 80 activists. SFPD claimed that some vandalism was done during the occupation.

Protesters settled into the building, owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, following a late-afternoon rally and march downtown on Sunday. Occupy SF representatives said the structure once housed a mental health clinic.

Occupy SF protesters said in a statement that they want the two-story building to serve as a haven for the city’s homeless, who they say have “become subject to arrest and harassment simply for now existing in these very same streets they were forced into.”

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  1. ray says:

    This is private property you guys are a bunch of losers and crimals maybe the only thing you need to occuppy is a prison cell.

  2. P. says:

    Lesse, invading private property, barricading themselves indoors, makeshift weapons to repel the police all in the name of social justice?
    c’mon, it’s not a movement it’s a violent revolution. Call it what it is.

    I don’t mind the revolution half as much as the weak sophistry and rhetoric they spout about ‘freedom’ when they seem happy to violently take it from others. Same kind of BS that justified socialist revolutions to slaughter in the past.

    So Occupy movement, call yourself a revolution and quit whining when the cops use violence against you when you’re just as violent as they are.

  3. If this is private property, why did the city spend $1 million so far (they have a police car and officer there tonight 3/2/2012-3/3/2012 at taxpayer expense) to evict these people. If a landlord needs to evict a tenant, they have to pay the sheriff to do it. Sacred Heart Prep School and the SF Arch Diocese abandoned these three buildings. One, 868-870 has been empty for 10 years and the last tenants were illegally evicted by St. Paulus Lutheran Church of SF. The catholic school and church and the SFPD had knowingly allowed criminals to hide on the property and non-criminals to camp openly in tents on the property, but without permission, or restroom facilities. Why when Occupy SF moves in is this suddenly the taxpayers problem, and not the landlords?

  4. mk says:

    Want more of this? Vote Obama and these useful idiots will soon be invading your own home claiming that it is not fair that you have a nice house and they don’t. Nevermind that they refuse to work and just want to take things from those who have earned them.
    These people should occupy jail cells IMO.

  5. Refuse to work? What do you know about it? I know someone that worked for free for CBS in SF. They hired him under the guise of an “internship”. It was phony and did not qualify under CA state law. He was not getting school credit for it. He didn’t even know it was illegal. Look at all the unpaid “internships” in the job listings on Craigslist under cinema and digital video production/animation. They are getting highly skilled labor for free because of the economy. Now if they can get people to work for free because people are desperate for experience on their resume, how easy do you think it will be for someone who expects to be paid to get a job? Craigslist profits from these ads and ignores complaints about them. Attorney General Kamala Harris is not doing her job. Craigslist enables this exploitation because companies can put anonymous ads on Craigslist so you don’t know who is posting the illegal internship unless you apply and are the one they ask to come in for an interview. These companies wouldn’t dare put their name on the ad, even though companies posting legitimate ads for paid jobs often do. Craigslist should not allow anonymous job listings, and the law should not allow it. Before the internet, yo had to know who was posting the ad to apply for the job.

  6. Sacred Heat Prep School and the Archdiocese of San Francisco had the SFPD send 100-200 officers in riot gear and 75 people were arrested at taxpayer expense and some were injured. The SFPD refuse to let the paramedics see to their injuries while I was present. The only news people here was KPIX. Why are the taxpayers paying for this? The property owner should have to pay. The were letting people trespass and criminals to hide and non-criminals to camp pot in tents in plain view, and ignored complaints to the city department of building inspection and SFPD. They should have put a fence around these abandoned buildings they plan to tear down. 968-870 Franklin has bee abandoned for over 10 years and the last tenants, a gay couple was illegally evicted by a church. That property was then illegally converted to office from residential use.

  7. Correction should read 868-870 Turk St., not 968-870 Franklin