OAKLAND (CBS 5 / KCBS) — Seven people were killed and three others wounded in a shooting rampage Monday at an Asian religious vocational school in east Oakland; police later detained the suspected gunman.

At a news conference Monday night, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan identified the suspect is 43-year-old One Goh.

Authorities received a 911 call around 10:30 a.m. reporting the multiple shootings at the Oikos University building at 7850 Edgewater Drive, which is located in a large industrial park near the Oakland Coliseum and Oakland International Airport.

According to authorities, Goh is a Korean national and Oakland resident who was a former student at the school.

Goh allegedly shot 10 adults at the university, killing seven, Jordan said at a news conference at police headquarters Monday evening.

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“Today’s unprecedented tragedy was shocking and senseless,” Jordan said.

Police responded to the private Christian vocational school after the first report was called in at 10:33 a.m., and found “an extremely chaotic scene,” Jordan said.

Five shooting victims were pronounced dead at the scene while another two victims died at a hospital, according to police.

Three other victims who were injured in the shooting were taken to a hospital and are expected to survive, Jordan said.

Police believe Goh used a handgun, and a weapon was recovered at the scene, he said.

Roughly 35 people were in or near the building when the crime occurred, and officers extracted 13 people from the facility, Jordan said.

Mayor Jean Quan, who also spoke at the news conference, said an officer was injured when he broke a window to get into the building.

Following the shootings, Chopper 5 video showed heavily armed SWAT officers swarming into the building and bloodied victims being carried out on stretchers and loaded into ambulances. Police also evacuated nearby businesses, and agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms arrived at the scene to assist OPD.

Bob Aiello, who works as a union representative at the Teamsters Local 70 facility nearby, said he watched authorities bring several bodies out of the school and cover them in sheets as they laid on a patch of grass.

“They carried a bunch of bodies out – couldn’t tell if they were alive or dead,” observed Rex Waggener, who also works nearby.

An injured victim told some witnesses that the shooter was a man in her nursing class who got up and shot one person at point-blank range in the chest before spraying the room with bullets.

“One of the people who was inside the building, she was saying there is a crazy guy inside,” said witness Brian Snow, who was quoted by the Associated Press. “She did say someone got shot in the chest right next to her before she got taken off in an ambulance.”

Angie Johnson, another witness quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle, indicated that the injured woman said the gunman “looked crazy all the time, but they never knew how far he would go.”

Goh had fled the scene before the officers arrived, according to Jordan.

Goh took one of the victim’s cars and drove to a Safeway at 2227 South Shore Center in Alameda, Jordan said.

Shortly after 11:15 a.m., police received reports of a suspicious man near the Safeway who wanted to talk to police.

Jordan said Goh surrendered to Alameda police and is in Oakland police custody Monday night.

He said he could not immediately confirm the names or nationalities of the victims.

Pastor Jong Kim, who founded Oikos University a decade ago, confirmed to the Oakland Tribune that the shooter was a nursing student who was no longer enrolled — but he did not know whether the man had dropped out or was expelled. From his office, Kim said he heard about 30 gunshots fired from the nearby classroom.

Instructor Lucas Garcia, who was teaching an English class at the time of the shootings, told CBS News that he and his students heard numerous gunshots from a nearby nursing classroom as well as a person yell, “He’s got a gun.” Garcia briefly went out into the hallway and got a glimpse of the chaotic scene.

“I went back into the classroom and evacuated the classroom. And as we were leaving, we heard more gunshots,” he said.

According to its website, Oikos University is a private Christian school offering studies in Asian medicine, theology, music and nursing. Garcia said many of the school’s students are Korean.

“We need to pull together to support the Korean community,” Quan said. “We need to put our arms around these people and do our best to bring peace back to the city.”

Representatives of the Korean Methodist Church in Oakland who attended the news conference said a memorial service has been planned for Tuesday evening.

The service is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. at the church, located at 303 Hudson St.

The location may change to accommodate a larger group, Quan said.

“This is the kind of incident that hurts the entire community,” Quan said. “We won’t understand the situation immediately, and the community will ask questions about it for a long time.”

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  1. tn says:

    It’s Oakland. Jean Quan is pulling out her hair again… Ron Dellums is collecting his checks. Life goes on.

  2. Laurie B. says:

    You are an idiot. What would prompt you to say this is racially motivated. You are just trying to stir up trouble. You statement is completely unfounded.

    1. carl says:

      His comment is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Trayvon Martin shooting, which is all hype. Trayvon Martin was shot by a Latino male, but news media has been doing everything it can to refer to the shooter as a “white-Hispanic.”

      I think I’ll play the game too…our president is a white-African and will likely not make a reference to any of the executed people in the medical school looking like “a child he never had.”

      1. Joe says:


  3. Laurie B. says:

    Or were you being sarcastic?

    1. Jay says:

      I think you got it!

  4. Kathy T says:

    All you people are ignorant! lives were lost here black, white, Hispanic, Asian…ORANGE! PURPLE, GREEN etc… I think that race means nothing to the Moms and Dads that will not have their children home during spring/Easter break… Sham on all of you! May God heal the hearts of the family’s that lost children in this tragic incident…

    1. dm says:

      You are so right Kathy, all ethnicities commit crimes and all ethnicities have victims as well. Really tragic.

  5. God Stuff says:

    Six people were killed and three others wounded in a shooting Monday at a religious school

    The “cloud wizard” is only testing their faith. Then again according an evangelical like Rev. Pat Robertson and the recent tornadoes maybe the school students and staff didn’t pray enough. Only more proof of the insanity.

    Praise Jesus and Allah Akbar

    1. Robert Hickinsaw says:

      It was discovered recently that this child recently fell out of faith and was an Atheist at the time of the shooting.

  6. LEVI says:


  7. NRA Life Member says:

    Another “victory” for the “Gun Free School Zones”. All of the law abiding school attendees complied with this mis-guided law and became helpless victims

    One capable, armed person could have stopped this nut and saved many lives. But, the Californastan politicians aren’t concerned with the safety of it’s citizens. The more crime there is, the more politicians we need, right? Who does that benefit? Wake up people! They’re using you.

    1. jake says:

      NRA Life Member – you are the fool and you are the one being used.

      1. NRA Life Member says:

        A very compelling argument, “jake”. Are you in the third grade? Where are your facts?

      2. Arthur Kinney says:

        Jake history tells us your the fool and only slaves and conquered peoples are denied the right of arms to defend themselves. Are you a slave? Have you been conquered? I’m not and I haven’t, therefore I hold on to my right to arm myself and not be helpless and not be a victim

      3. Paul says:

        And when your butt is in the proverbial crack jake and you find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun in the hands of whatever nut job happens on the scene, I want you to be sure and yell real loud at the gun toter “you are the fool and the one being used” then calmly reach for your cell phone, call 911 and wait patiently for the police to arrive. Oh, they will eventually get there as they did in this case only to carry your bullet riddled lifeless body outside and lay it on the grass covered with a sheet. You won’t be calling anyone a fool then will you jake? No, you won’t be calling anyone anything for eternity.

        You passivist lefties are quick to condemn the use of firearms by honest law abiding people for self defense, that is until you are faced with your own personal demise by a criminal element, then you can’t get your hands on one fast enough. Firearms will always without exception find their way into the hands of criminals no matter how many laws are added to the books prohibiting their use and all of them are confiscated. That’s when a bloodbath wave of violent crime will wash over the land for sure.

        If all guns had been banned in the city of Oakland, SFO, etc. do you seriously think that would have prevented this deranged killer from acquiring one or a bomb or whatever other destructive device he could find to carry out his murderous deed? What’s that? You do think it would have prevented this tragedy. Well then I have these words of incredible wisdom for you jake: “you are the fool and you are the one being used.”

    2. DABlaire says:

      NRA man here makes a good point. Though we don’t know if this gunman had this in mind, It’s an easy conclusion to make that all of the persons in and near to the classroom were not armed. He couldn’t be resisted with force, because nobody had a weapon except him. It didn’t have to be that way, and maybe next time, it won’t be that way. Citizens and lawmakers alike need to understand this, and act to protect the future from people like this.

      1. ytuisiroew840 says:

        Can we stop killing each other? The choice to me just seems so easy!!!!

        SUCH a tragedy. My heart goes out to their loved ones. Their lives will never be the same, and some people just don’t care. So VERY VERY sad what this has come to.

      2. Sitty Tillidye says:

        It’s not that it is easy. It is that there are very bad people out there with the intent to hurt you. As much as I am a peaceful person the fact remains that there are people who do not adhere to the same ethics and morals as I do, and they will not bat an eye at killing those closest to me. In that situation it might be nice to have someone with firepower there to take care of things. It might not be you but it might be someone else in the room.

    3. trent1280 says:

      Thank God for the NRA and its policy of “all guns, all the time”.

      Without such easy availability of guns (540 million guns in a country of 330 million people), this murderer might have had to use his bare hands, or throw pumpkins.

      His victims will rest easy, knowing that anyone can get a gun, anytime.

      Our problem with gun maniacs is only made worse by the fact that it is so easy to carry firearms across state borders. Some states have sensible gun control. Others have policies set by gun fetishists.

      We need national gun control, in order that loons find it equally difficult in every jurisdiction.

      Until then, it is open season on innocent Christian theology students — none of whom is likely to want to carry concealed weapons, by the way.

      That would rather go against the Holy Message of Christ, don’t you think?

      1. Arthur Kinney says:

        No amount of gun control will ever stop violence you moron. Look at China and all the mass knifing incidences over there where its nearly impossible to get a gun. Your argument is ridiculous and completely contrary to the evidence. A disarmed population is an enslaved population, It takes brass balls to live free and I understand some of you don’t have the spine for it. But there are other countries you can go to that will cater to your need to be controled and kept safe, you don’t have to make America into one of them.

      2. DaPoPoMan says:

        If you had just one legally armed student with a concealed weapon permit, he or she might have been able to stop this idiot. Also, I believe he was a nursing student. I don’t think he blasted the theology student because they were christian. He was upset and butt-hurt and anyone in his path would have become a target. Also Trent you seem to one of the deluded people who believes that Christians have to be non-violent, not true. So just go back to your little life there’s nothing to see here. Rely on calling 9-1-1 and hope people will show up and save you. Believe it or not the authors of the Constitution gave it a lot of thought and debate and there is a reason they made the right of the individual to bear arms the 2nd Amendment, right behind the right to freedom of assembly and free speech.

  8. John Battle says:

    My heart goes out to these people and their families and friends. I teach in a theological school in the Pacific Northwest, and we have a number of dedicated Korean students. Many of these have studied hard and have sacrificed to further their studies in the US. This is a real tragedy for the Korean community in Oakland and for fellow Christians and fellow Americans. May the Lord comfort and bless their families and the survivors.

  9. This isn't racist says:

    It is only racist if it’s a crime against a black person, don’t you all know that?

  10. Lexie says:

    So sad. May God comfort and bless their families.

  11. Beverly Hills says:

    To use this forum to be disgusting…is idsgusting. Let’s stick to the facts. People’s lives were lost.

  12. geneL says:

    How much are we paying those cops to go in and check things out? If you think they are overpaid etc. call Mayor Quan’s office and volunteer for her
    “peace posse” for future incidents.

    1. Rose says:

      Today’s tragedy was very sad. What is a real shame is OPD put out a call for assistance from surrounding cities (San Leandro and Hayward) including Oakland school security/officers & Bart. Bart. That is shameful. That’s why crime in Oakland is so rampant and out of hand. Who was keeping an eye on the rest of the city?? Not enough cops, in my opinion. I don’t appreciate my city’s cops constantly assisting OPD because they don’t have enough of their own due to their poor management. Oakland is a shame, especially with those inept mayors who don’t pay their bills and idiot council members, especially Reid who just found out today of the university’s existence and that it’s located in his district. The everyday crime there sickens me. That city sickens me.

  13. Louie Sanchez says:

    For all you dimwits complaining about gun laws and wanting guns BANNED, well guess what. If you do ban guns, you ought to ban kitchen knives, baseball bats, anything else that can kill as well. Ban cars too.

  14. Louie Sanchez says:

    For all you *snip* complaining about gun laws and wanting guns BANNED, well guess what. If you do ban guns, you ought to ban kitchen knives, baseball bats, anything else that can kill as well. Ban cars too.

  15. Marisa G. says:

    Me and my friends from high school all lost someone today in this shooting. If your really into Gun & Safety laws, and preventing mass murder, do your part to prevent bullying, and vote to get the proper laws in!

    RIP G.K. with her infectious smile and laughter. She will forever be missed, and loved.

  16. NRA Life Member says:

    The Vietnamese illegal that killed five in Ban Francisco a few weeks ago used “a blunt instrument”. Shall we ban blunt instruments? How many thousands of items would that be?

    It doesn’t matter WHAT was used, it matters THAT it was used to commit a crime.

  17. Jack says:

    The truth is that California gun laws, for all their good intentions, protected no-one. The shooter broke several of them before he shot those people. If he couldnt get a gun he would have used something else.

  18. Duane says:

    It was a religious school….why not call this a religious crime? It was religiously motivated.