OAKLAND (KCBS) – There are new calls from officials in Oakland to do something about the proliferation of guns on the street following Monday’s shootings at Oikos University.

The last time the Bay Area saw a similar massacre – the 101 California St. shootings in San Francisco in 1993 – it led to a national ban on assault weapons.

City Council President Larry Reid doubts the Oikos University rampage will have the same impact as the 101 California St. shootings, but he’s at a loss on how to stop this sort of mass killing without better controls on who can buy a gun.

“How do you stop a homicide? If someone has a gun in their hands, I don’t know how you prevent a homicide when someone is dead set on taking the life of another person,” Reid said.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

He noted there were three people shot over the weekend in Oakland and that those incidents were considered routine. It was the third shooting in his district in three days.

“No murder”, he said, “should ever be shrugged off. Society has to do something or we’ll be back at these shooting scenes, over and over again.”

Reid commented that it’s insane how many guns are on the streets of Oakland in the hands of people not afraid to use them.

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Comments (18)
  1. DaPoPoMan says:

    Really? The gun control debate? How about California has some of the most restrictive gun control in the nation and it has had zero effect on crime. Ask the criminals themselves, they would rather face a cop than an armed citizen. If you actually were hard on crime then maybe criminals would be worried about the consequences of their actions. As it is now, they do not care one bit. Going to jail or prison for them is like a family reunion. They get to see all their old friends but no, the US Supreme Court has said our prisons are crowded so we are going to release tens of thousands of predators. If you want to make California safer then you should make it a shall issue state for concealed weapon permits. There was all kinds of talk before this happened in other states, “Oh if we do that it’ll be the wild west. There will be shoot outs with all the trigger happy people.” Has that happened? No, it has not. The number of CCW permits that are revoked annually are quite small, why? Because we are talking about people who obey the law in the first place. They do not want to lose their permit by doing something really stupid. Now any moron who wants to carry a gun can do just that, but since they’re already doing it illegally they really don’t care if they take the next step and start waving it around or even shooting people. If you have legally armed citizens, they oftentimes are able to take the steps necessary to stop the bad guy from continuing their carnage. As a law enforcement officer I do not fear armed law-abiding citizens because they can take care of themselves and will even help me if I need help.

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. And thank you for your service.

      The Vietnamese illegal that killed five in Ban Francisco a few weeks ago used “a blunt instrument”. Shall we ban blunt instruments? How many thousands of items would that be?

      It doesn’t matter WHAT was used, it matters THAT it was used to commit a crime.

  2. Roger Craig says:

    the other way is to remove all guns from society…..

    1. scottlac says:

      That cannot be done. Unless of course, you WANT to ask permission live under totalitarian oppression.

      Criminals will always disobey gun laws. They are criminals.

      Removing all guns from society always has unintended (but not unforeseen) consequences.

      It is already illegal to bring a gun into the area.
      It is already illegal to shoot people
      It is already illegal to murder people

      California already heavily regulates gun ownership. How’s it working out for you? Maybe you need to open up some and join America where we recognize the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

    2. sf says:

      don’t be stupid do you really think criminals wont have guns? arm the law abiding citizens and they will look out for each other and themselves. it is proven all over the country conceal carry deters violence.

  3. NRA Life Member says:

    Consider this:

    There are 100 people in a room and they are all armed. 10% of them are criminals.

    Now, you ban guns….

    There are 100 people in a room. 10% of them are criminals. 100% of the criminals are armed. 90% of the total are helpless against 100% of the criminals.


  4. Happy2BAlive says:

    When this grandmother was a young woman and a business owner, a man with a knife tried to rob me while locking -up. Although I suffered five stab wounds and cut my hands while wrestling away the knife.
    Today, I am still here and he is still in jail.
    Take away all guns, if thieves only carried knives, they would think twice before trying anything, if we could save one life by keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable, it would be worth it.

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      People have been killing people for untold millennia. Rocks, sticks, spears, fire, knives, cars, guns, bombs, poison, strangling, ad infinitum. They will use whatever tool is necessary and available, including bare hands.

      This nut could have killed just as many with a glass bottle, 25 cents worth of gasoline, a rag and a match. There are no laws against any of those items.

      How about a martial arts expert? He can easily kill with no weapon but his body. Is he a danger to society just because he exists? Neither is a firearm.

    2. bandofotters says:

      It didn’t sound like your attacker thought twice. So what could you possibly base your assumption on? (Glad you survived).

  5. Clyde says:

    Yes yes yes
    I bet 95 percent of the bay area would agree that Oakland should have a
    antigun policy like New York.

    Yes no more guns in Oakland

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      Sure, Clyde.

      By my count, this nut job broke at least 15 laws in this rampage. So, if only that 16th law was in place, this wouldn’t have happened. Right?

      You should get back to the “home” now. It’s time for your basket weaving class.