OAKLAND (CBS News) — We’re learning more about a former student accused in Monday’s campus massacre in Oakland. Six women and one man were killed; three people were wounded. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone spoke with one of the survivors.

With an underwater robot and help from divers, Oakland police searched near a shoreline park for the gun used to kill seven people.

At the small campus of Oikos University, investigators continued working the crime scene in rooms riddled with bullet holes.

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Police radio calls show the suspected gunman was quickly identified, as said by a dispatcher: “Shooter is going to be a male Korean, about 40 years old, five-foot-five, heavy build.”

The suspect is 43-year-old One Goh, an American citizen born in Korea. He was expelled from the university in January for behavioral problems. Police say he told them other students made fun of him because of his poor English. Last year, he lost two family members — his mother and a brother.

Investigators say he’s being cooperative, but has not shown remorse.

Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said there’s evidence the shooting was planned in advance.

“When the gunman entered the school, he did take a hostage,” she said. “He was looking for a specific administrator who was not there. When he entered the classroom, he directed the students to line up against the wall. Before they had a chance to do that, he started shooting the students.”

In another classroom, Dechen Yangzom hid with other nursing students.

“It’s pretty much like what I hear in the movies,” she said. “‘Bang, bang!'”

“That’s pretty frightening to hear right outside the door,” asked Blackstone.

“So frightening,” said Yangzom.

She jumped up, locked the door and turned out the lights just before the gunman reached their classroom.

“Did the bullets come through the door?” asked Blackstone.

“Yeah it did,” said Yangzom. “Three times. I can say three times it came in our class.”

“Three bullets came through the door?”

“Yeah, because the glass was all scattered in the glass.”

“But you saved everyone,” Blackstone pointed out.

“Just small things,” said Yangzom, “like locking the door really saved all of us. Otherwise I think he might kill all of us.”

Dechen Yangzom is being called a hero Tuesday, but said she may find it difficult to return to the small campus of Oikos University. Meanwhile, the suspected shooter is due to be arraigned in Oakland Wednesday.

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