CONCORD (KCBS/CBS SF) — A 17-year-old male driver has been arrested on manslaughter charges in the death of 2 bicyclists in Concord.

The teen was driving a sports utility vehicle when it struck a fire hydrant and then ran into a family of cyclists, killing two, and injuring another.

According to Contra Costa County Fire Marshal Louis Brochard, the cyclists were a man, his 9-year-old daughter, and her 12-year-old sister.

41-year old Solaiman Nuri was pronounced dead at the scene.  “The nine-year-old female was in CPR at the scene, but was later pronounced dead at the hospital,” Brochard said.

KCBS’ Bob Butler Reports:

Concord Police Lt. Bill Roche said the 9-year-old daughter, Hadessa was taken to John Muir Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. The 12-year-old daughter was taken to the same hospital with minor injuries.

The 17-year-old driver was also transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  He is facing vehicular manslaughter charges.  Police say the teen made an unsafe lane change and was speeding.

The accident happened around 9:30 a.m. at the intersection of Treat Boulevard and Oak Grove Road, near the Ygnacio Valley Shopping Center.

The white Cadillac Escalade was traveling westbound, struck the fire hydrant, hit the cyclists, and crashed into a single-story building.

Police closed the area while authorities investigated the crash.

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Comments (45)
  1. Mom2boys says:

    Sad day for all concerned. My prayers go out to the surviving victim and her family and, to the family of the 17-yr old driver. Who among them thought it was a good idea to let their immature teenager have the keys to their Cadillac Escalade, much less obtain a driver’s license? They and their child have to remember being responsible for the deaths of this father and daughter for the rest of their lives…and they should. Sad and sickening…could have been prevented by common sense.

  2. O-Blobbo says:

    They ought to file charges on the parents of this driver for letting him drive

  3. Steve says:

    Teenagers should not be allowed to drive SUVs. This tragedy could easily have been avoided.

    1. alan says:

      dont be ignorant.just because he cant drive, doesnt mean other teenagers cant drive

  4. Susi Helen says:

    100% agreeded. SUV’s are NOT for 17 years old boys. Where are his parents?

  5. Mike says:

    I came across the scene a little over an hour after it happened. The body of the father was still lying on the sidewalk with a yellow tarp over it, and a hand sticking out from underneath. The bicycles were twisted and mangled on the sidewalk, and the SUV had taken out a huge chunk of the brick masonery that made up the wall of the medical/dental office building that the 17 year old kid plowed into. The impact into the office building was so severe, it’s easily indicative that he was traveling at a very high rate of speed. Just horrible. My heart and prayers go out to the surviving daugher and her Mom and extended family.

  6. NRA Life Member says:

    So let’s do away with SUV’s? Like, only if he was driving a Prius they would still be alive?

    Sure, an Escalade is larger and more powerful but the facts are that an inexperienced driver was speeding and driving recklessly. He could have done that with any vehicle; even a motorcycle or another bicycle. No, I would never have given a 17 year old keys to an Escalade but, that’s a secondary issue.

    An automobile, like any other machine, does only what it’s operator makes it do. They can be beneficial or disasterous.

    1. just sayin' says:

      Right on. Some idiot bike rider ran over and killed some pedestrians in SF. Do away with bicycles? Yeah, I thought so.

    2. Anne says:

      I know people who drive SUV’s and legitly need them–legitly need the all-terrain feature, legitly need to seat like 8 people at a time. but you can’t deny they’re more dangerous to drive and control than a prius or a bicycle.

      it’s just the unfortunate wannabe-gangster culture that worships souped-up SUVs–the DRIVERS are already reckless, you’re not going to find a soccer mom driving a souped-up Escalade.

  7. Clyde says:

    This is so much like the bicycle murder in SF. Just reverse and more deceased people. Why didnt they arrest the bicycle rider in SF??

    1. just sayin' says:

      Depends on the jurisdiction’s district attorney’ office. Some will prosecute while others will slap the defendant’s wrists.

  8. No Sympathy for Punks says:

    Too bad it was the innocent family that paid the price for the 17-yr old SUV driver’s recklessness. It should have been HIM – alone – that died.

  9. Lee Anne says:

    The 17 year old punk will be at it again unless he serves some time in prison not YGC.

    1. Anne says:

      kid had numerous speeding violations on his record. he WAS at it again, and killed people. shows you that a couple of tickets aren’t going to change bad behavior.

  10. Anon says:

    The mother of the girl works at the same hospital she was sent to as a trauma nurse and she was there at the hospital when it happened. I know more details of the extent of the injuries than I want to know. =( Sadly, this poor little girl never had a chance. I think it was instantaneous for both her and her dad. They were both hit at a high rate of speed. This just really has broken my heart. I feel so much for the mother tonight. Just want to give her a hug. I don’t even want to start on the driver.

    1. alex's mommy says:

      OMG !!! As if this accident wasn’t bad enough for her !! I couldn’t imagine having any of my family memebers coming into the trauma unit that I worked at 🙁 I really feel for her what a nightmare she’s going through all because some kid got behind the wheel of a vehicle that they weren’t mature enough to Drive !!! I remember getting hit on 680 by a 16 yr old that just got his first car and he hit me totalled out my new car that i only had made 5 payments on and his mom called called me after getting my number off the police report and told me that I ruined his life now he has an accident on his record but i was the one that was clipped and was spinning out of control on 680 after he son not lonly hit me but left the scene of an accident !!! he didn’t even stick around to make sure I was ok … I don’t think parent should let their kids drive unless they are mature enough what a sad sad day

    2. Anne says:

      the 9-year-old sister wasn’t dead on the site, but I think she was unconscious. she died in the ambulance or something.

  11. Jeff says:

    I got hit by an illegal alien on 242 who was drunk. He left the scene before the police arrived. When CHP finally found the car abandoned a few miles away, they went to the registered owner (a mexican) who told officers he sold it 2 months prior and didn’t know the owner. The CHP couldn’t even interview the guy at first because they didn’t have a spanish speaking officer at the time. Driver was never found and my insurance had to pay for the damage to my car.

    1. Bws says:

      If he was never found and left the scene, how do you know he was an illegal alien and moreover how do you know he was drunk?

    2. Anne says:

      one of my friend’s relatives is an immigrant. as soon as the driver found out that the pedestrian didn’t speak english well, she realized she had a lucky pass and drove the heck off.

  12. gna says:

    IDIOT parents of the driver. . . . say goodby to a life time of your hard earned money.

    1. Jezzy says:

      Hahaha – as if the parents are responsible for every stupid thing their children do!! At some point, there’s a harsh reality to face in life….everyone is responsible for their own actions as well as the consequences of these actions.

      1. alan says:

        agree 100%

      2. BWD says:

        But who paid for the car? Who pays his insurance? I don’t know. But if it was the parents, they may have to share the civil liability for the damages. If they gave him the keys, knowing he was reckless because of prior traffic tickets, it’s negligence for entrusting him with the car.

  13. mark says:

    unless a teen driver is going directly to and from school or to and from work, they have no business even being allowed to drive. period. teens driving around are just accidents about to happen. The parents should be charged for raising suck a workthless POS kid. Why does a 17 year old have an Escalade anyway? drugs im sure. Those vehicles are the number 1 drug dealer vehicle, so much so that regular working people don’t buy them anymore due to the sterotype.

    1. Anne says:

      why do you think he got that car to begin with? have you seen pics of him? wannabe gangster trash who thinks he’s the ****

  14. Carl Hutchins says:

    Negligent manslaughter wpouild be the charge if he were an adult. Nope, he’ll spend a bit at Juvenile Hall.

    As to the Escalade, not the issue. he cpuld have wreaked just as much havoc with a little Toyota.

    iI idrove at age 16, my T Ford and the family 38 Dodge. I ddi bend a couple of fenders on the Dodge. OP insurance paid it.

    In this case, it’s gonna cost a ton of insurance bucks. But, no way compensate the mom for the loss of her family.

    The kid will live the rest of his life with this on his conscience.

    1. Anne says:

      you don’t even know that. he was already a ****head to begin with, there’s probably not much room in his skull for remorse or guilt. I’m sure he’ll forgive himself.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s most worried about his own fate than anything else. Or the fate of his souped-up car he adored.

  15. Anne says:

    His friends on fb support him. One threatened to kill others, saying ‘*bad word* DEAD PEOPLE, IMMA MAKE YOU ONE OF THEM’ to someone who said it was reckless driving.

  16. Zia says:

    This Idiot should be prosecuted to the fulllest extent of the law and his parents should pay for all damages for letting their “gangsta” wanna be son drive…….especially since he had a history of speeding……………
    My heart goes out to the poor family.
    As a parent, I can only imagine the pain and suffering…………….

    Its heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Juan says:

    Let the cops finish the investigation. As for the driver, I hope he should be charged to the fullest extent under the law. I don’t believe in conscience or anything here. Those aholds have no conscience, only themselves. 17 years old speeding while texting with a 400 Hp car is a perfect mixture. The only way to stop them is to send them in jail.

  18. alan says:

    its not the parents fault. i know david and hes pretty much an adult. let the coart finish him off

  19. alan says:

    his name is david rosen if you didnt know

  20. LL says:

    Has there been a trust/ scholarship fund set up for the surviving daughter?
    This family lost not only a husband/father and daughter/sister but also a breadwinner. . .