SAN FRANCSICO (KCBS) – On Tuesday, San Francisco hosted the biggest Occupy protest on either side of the bay since encampments were shut down last year.

Many activists at the “Occupy Wells Fargo” action called it a reemergence of local Occupy Wall Street efforts. David Meyer is a UC Irvine Sociology professor, and expert in social movements.

“Once the occupations ended, activists diversified and picked up a whole bunch of different campaigns,” said Meyer.

For weeks, a broad coalition of organizations has been working to promote a non-violent action campaign being called the ’99 Percent Spring.’ Meyer said the challenge will be branding all the messages as having to do in some way with inequality.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Sally Baack, a professor of management at San Francisco State specializing in corporate ethics, said that that’s the message that continues to resonate.

“Issues of fairness, and issues of distribution of income wealth, issues of Wall Street behavior in general and excess – those are all the right message,” said Baack. “The question is, is this the right venue?”

The next major Occupy event is a general strike called for May 1st.

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