SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple may announce upgrades to its cloud-storage service at their worldwide developer conference next month.

I think we’ll be seeing big improvements to their photo and video services. Right now you can store photos on iCloud, but you can’t share them. Really it’s just a big hard-drive in the cloud.

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I think Apple is looking at Facebook as well as Instagram, the app for iPhones and Android devices they just acquired for $1 billion, and are thinking of becoming more social.

Amazon and Google are two other web giants who offer cloud-based services.

iCloud will become a place where you can share and comment on people’s photos. It might look a little like the other photo-sharing services, but knowing Apple, it will have a lot of unique features and of course it’s all tied in with the storage service that they already offer.

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KCBS Tech Reports:

The industry is definitely into cloud computing and storage, but the reality is most people aren’t knowingly using cloud storage or thinking too much about it.

If you have a Gmail account, Hotmail or Yahoo email account, then you’re essentially storing your email and computing in the cloud, but people are worried about security and rightfully so. There are actually companies that won’t allow their employees to store data in the cloud.

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