MARIN (CBS SF) — People who live in Marin County will be the first to test out a new program that would help connect first responders to a patient’s vital information during an emergency.

The program is called Lifesquare. Users are given stickers to put on everyday items that are easily accessible. Emergency crews are then able to use their cell phones to scan the sticker to retrieve the patient’s name, age, contact person and any preexisting medical conditions.

“One of the biggest problems in health care is that information is not shared between hospitals,” said Ray Choi who developed Lifesquare while he was a medical student at Stanford.

Marin County Battalion Chief Mike Giannini says that the program has the potential to save lives. During an emergency, crews often spend precious time trying to figure out essential information about a patient and Lifesquare allows them to start delivering the appropriate kind of care immediately.

Joan Levison of Tam Valley is the mother of two teenage boys. She said Lifesquare gives her peace of mind if one of her kids were in an emergency. “I don’t know I could give my own phone number if my child is hurt…there is no way you can focus on anything but taking care of that child,” she said.

Lifesquare is doing a pilot program in Marin County and is free to all residents. The company plans to expand throughout the Bay Area.

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