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Adam Lambert Discusses His Fans And Music: ‘It’s Feel Good’

Adam Lambert (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/96.5 Tic) – To say Adam Lambert‘s fans love him is a bit of an understatement. With a huge following, both live and online, Glamily has just gotten bigger and bigger, and also more varied. Lambert’s fans range from little kids to grandmothers, and that’s one of the coolest parts about being a rock star for the American Idol vet.

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Before Lambert takes the stage at Hellman Hollow in Golden Gate Park at Alice @ 97.3’s Summerthing concert, he talked with 96.5 Tic/Hartford backstage at Spring Fling and discussed his new album Trespassing and the varying ages of his fans.

“It’s one of the coolest parts of the fan base. It’s kind of a family affair. We keep seeing three generations; grandmas, moms and daughters. And occasional son and uncle and brother thrown in there too. It’s cool,” he said. “I think everybody can relate to this stuff. It’s feel good.”

As with any die-hard fan base, sometimes things can get pretty strange but Adam wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’m kind of strange,” he admitted, validating the fervor of his fans. “As long as it’s strange with a smile. Not creepy strange,” he joked.

Lambert’s new album Trespassing was a very personal project for him. He was involved with every facet of the album, from co-writing the material, to executive producing, and he even got involved with the artwork. Some of the collaborations were hand-selected by Adam, and he was actively involved in booking the artists he wanted for his new material.

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“It’s my stamp, creatively, all over it,” he said.

He intentionally split the album in two, the first half complete with upbeat, dance songs filled with a fun sense of attitude, while the album’s end gets much more serious.

“I just wanted to slow it down for a minute and really be a little more vulnerable with the songwriting. If I’m going to get up there and do a fun, disco-funk dance tune why can’t I at the end of the album show you my heart?”

Don’t miss Adam Lambert headline Alice @ 97.3’s Summerthing concert on Sunday, June 24. Located at Hellman Hollow (Formerly Sharon Meadow) in side Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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