BRENTWOOD (KCBS) — More than two-dozen high school seniors at Heritage High School in Brentwood were suspended for a prank the principal says “crossed the line.”

The mass suspension includes barring students from walking with their graduating class at commencement in addition to not being able to take their final exams. At least 25 students have been identified so far, but the investigation continues. Some students said they need to take finals in order to earn their diploma.

“We knew we’d get in a little bit of trouble, we didn’t think we’d get suspended for five days and not walk,” said senior Marcos Sanchez, who was on hand Thursday night with about 100 other Heritage High School seniors. Their intention was to leave washable paint footprints on the walkways and plastic-wrap some objects on campus.

“We also removed the cement benches and we stacked them. They’re really heavy and we stacked them on top of each other and then we Saran-wrapped it shut,” said  Sanchez. “It was pretty funny.”

First-year principal Larry Oshodi said not only was paint splattered “everywhere on campus,” but students relocated a 500-pound concrete bench and tied a lamb in chains to a pole. Banners and signs were also removed from structures on campus.

“What happened however was not just a little bit of washable paint…or some harmless prank with an animal,” said Oshodi.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Some students and parents were in tears as they spoke to local media, but Oshodi maintained that this was the hand that he was dealt and that there has to be consequences.

A Brentwood campus police officer escorted principal Oshodi as he walked through campus Monday. Oshodi said he has also had several supportive messages from parents, but plans to meet with individuals who are upset about the punishment.

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