SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Ashton Eaton set a new world record in the decathlon at the Olympic trials in Eugene over the weekend, finishing with his best time ever in the 1500 meters. At the end of the race when it became clear Eaton had set the record and won the 10-event competition, fellow competitor Curtis Beach slowed to a jog to let Eaton run by him and finish the 1500 first.

“I thought it was right for Ashton to win the race when he set the world record,” Beach said. John Madden told the KCBS morning crew he disagrees.

“I still don’t under any circumstances like anyone letting anyone else win,” John said. “I just don’t think you let anyone else win anything. I think they have to earn it by beating you.”

Venus Williams, still battling an auto-immune disease, was eliminated in her first round of play at Wimbledon by 79th-ranked Elena Vesnina.

“I didn’t see (Williams) play and I knew she lost, but she looked awfully flat in the interview,” Madden said. Williams didn’t want to discuss her health when asked about it afterward by reporters.

“I think she was bristling at the fact that they thought, because she played so poorly, that maybe that would be her last Wimbledon and she would be retiring or at least never play there again. And she didn’t want to hear any of that talk.” (6:15)

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