SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The 49ers say rookie linebacker Aldon Smith is “recovering comfortably” from stab wounds suffered in a fight at a party near San Jose Saturday night that also resulted in gunshot wounds to two other men.

In January, Smith was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. Are the 49ers doing enough to keep their young players out of trouble?

“At some point it’s up to them,” John Madden told the KCBS morning crew. “We can say ‘the club ought to do this, the coaches ought to do this…’ We’re always trying to lay it off on someone else. You can counsel them and give them as much guidance as you can. But they have to accept it and they have to be responsible, and not go back and blame the college and blame the high school and where they grew up.”

San Jose’s Jeneba Tarmoh decided against a 100 meter runoff to break a third place tie in the Olympic trials, and conceded the race to training partner Allyson Felix.

“I think it’s like her mother said, ‘do what you feel,'” John said. “You poured it all into the one time and then you have to get a re-do. We don’t all have re-dos in us.”

Tarmoh will still go to the Olympics as an alternate.

Madden is hopping on the Madden Cruiser for a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the 4th of July birthday of the late Al Davis with 300 Davis family and friends.

“Al used to always go to Las Vegas for his birthday,” the former coach said. “We kind of need that because when Al passed away during the season there was a funeral, but there really wasn’t anything else… It’s going to be great to go through all these things with all the people that had been a big part of Al Davis’ life.” (8:15)

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