SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The speculation continues over details on Apple’s next generation iPhone and what it will feature. There is a rumor the new device may scale down their connector from 30 pins to 19. While this gives Apple an edge with a leaner device, older phones would require an adaptor.

This means all the old iPhone adaptors out there would have to be replaced. For instance, I have a stereo system that I connect my iPhone and a clock radio that does the same thing. I would probably need some sort of adaptor to connect to these types of devices if the rumors are true.

Reuters is reporting that one change could leave a lot of the smartphone’s users less than pleased.

KCBS Tech Report:

The iPhone’s current connector is relatively wide considering almost all Android devices use a standard connector that’s extremely narrow compared to Apple’s.

Making the connector smaller gives the company a lot more options. Smaller is better. It’s also rumored that they may put a headphone jack on the bottom which could lead to a thinner device or that they could put a bigger battery in.

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